Corporate Sins – Part 12

“Shipra, hurry up and get ready. It’s already 5:00 p.m. Rajveer might be here any moment now.”

“Ritesh, Are you sure about the little skirt and the crop top with the deep v-neck? Wouldn’t it be a little revealing to have your guests see me like this?” Shipra probed her husband. She was feeling uncomfortable wearing a sexy dress in front of Rajveer.

“No, my love, everything is alright. You handle everything so gracefully. I, in fact, want other men to feel jealous of how fortunate I am to have a wife as attractive as you.”

“You seem to have done some cocaine first, that two-piece bikini pic as your status pic and now this dress. Seems like some other guy is disguised as my husband. You were never like this. You were always possessive,” Shipra said with mischief in her voice.

“I don’t want to hold you anymore. The long distance between us and my consequent desire for you have made me value you more than ever.”

Shipra can’t stop herself from staring at him in awe. She grinned and went to take a bath. Ritesh hung down his head on his shoulders when Shipra left. He felt ashamed about what he had done in the day.

His stunning wife—who views her husband as a devoted gentleman—is a dealer. The whole day’s flashback began to move before his eyes. His first thought when he woke up this morning was still the perplexity of last night.

Why had Rajveer suddenly been interested in him? Why had he followed and liked him on social media? In the morning, he texted Rajveer to confirm if he could visit him in the morning to complete some paperwork. Rajveer agreed immediately.

He rushed to Rajveer’s office and found him sitting alone in the office. He was a little taken aback because he typically is accompanied by two stunning young secretaries. Among the business community, he is a well-known womanizer. Greeting him, Rajveer asked to have a seat.

“What then would you wish to have, Ritesh? Whiskey, coffee, or tea?”

“Anything you like, sir. And you are alone today. Where are your beautiful secretaries?” Ritesh teased him.

“Oh, I need some alone time with you so that we can keep this business deal between us confidential.” Smiling, Rajveer stated as he made his way to the bar at work.

Rajveer from yesterday evening leaves Ritesh thinking. He acts dicey now, not like he did before. Rajveer asked him to raise a glass and handed him a drink.
Both finished their whiskey bottoms up.

After lighting his cigar, Rajveer stated, “Look, Ritesh, I’ll go right to the point. In contrast to your estimates of 1 cr of finance against a 20% share, I am willing to invest 3 cr in your company for a 25% stake. I am directly raising the investment as well as the valuation of your company. You can dissolve your entire investment group and turn the company into a partnership.”

Many thanks again, sir. Feeling proud of his business pitch, Ritesh stated.
“Anytime, Ritesh. But against the big offer I am making, I also need something in return.”

“Tell me, sir, what you require from someone like me. I have nothing against you and nothing that you lack. I am simply a nobody. Ritesh questioned incoherently.

“Oh, my friend, you possess something extremely valuable that even I do not have. Your sensual spouse, Shipra.”

What Ritesh had heard had stunned him. His worries had materialized. Since last night, he’d been feeling that Rajveer might have been set off by viewing Shipra’s attractive photos. However, he forced himself not to think that way. But at last, the devil is no longer within the box.

Seeing him stunned, Rajveer added, “Come on, Ritesh. I want to touch her sexy legs, and if she agrees, then a blowjob from those beautiful lips. I promise it will not go beyond that. And that, too, will happen only if she agrees.

At last, Ritesh said, “She won’t go along with this, Rajveer sir. She is a deeply devout and loving woman. And most importantly, how would I ask her the same? She is my wife.”

Ritesh knew that once Rajveer decided, there was no turning back. So, he chose not to contest him directly. Furthermore, he is certain Shipra won’t agree. So, it would be preferable to let Shipra rather than curtail his feelings. Furthermore, he required funding as well.

“Let me handle that. Just follow my instructions. I swear not to pressure her if she refuses. I know how to be respectful of and treat attractive women.”

“Alright. However, what will happen to your offer if she declines?” Ritesh asked.

“Well, that’s not to worry about. If so, I will accept your initial offer of a 20% stake in exchange for a 1 cr investment. We will continue to work together in whatever manner possible. Your wife is merely an opportunity I wanted to investigate.”

Ritesh got out of his chair and responded, “All right, sir.”

Just as he was about to leave, Rajveer called, “Please accept this package as a present from me to your attractive wife. Request that she dress for the event in this black crop top and short skirt. Her gorgeous cleavage and lovely legs intrigue me. I am aware that this is the very least you can do to show your appreciation for my kind business offer.”

When Ritesh heard the doorbell, he snapped out of the flashback. Rajveer has arrived. He proceeded to greet him in the living room by opening the door. To put a stop to his hesitant greeting and anxiety, Rajveer hugged him.

“Rest easy, dear buddy. I promise that she won’t ever find out that we made this arrangement. I want to emphasize that I will never put her under pressure.”

“Thank you, sir. Take a seat, please.”

“Indeed, I will. But could you please call your wife and end my long wait?”

“Alright, sir. Shipra. Please come, my love. The guest is here if you’re ready.”

Ritesh called her while she was in her bedroom. Excited to see Shipra in the sultry outfit he had picked out for her, Rajveer turned to face the bedroom. Shipra emerged from the bedroom with her son’s hand in hers. When Rajveer saw her, he was completely enthralled.

Even he was shocked by how much more attractive and seductive she appeared. She is flaunting her gorgeous collar bones and cleavage in this deep v-neck crop top. Because she had kept her hair tied back, Rajveer could see right down her long neck.

Her well-groomed hair and inviting smile enhance her stunning appearance. As she approached them, Rajveer saw how attractive her bare legs were. Her top thighs are barely covered by the skirt, which is at least one foot above her knees.

His wish to touch their legs grew. He realized that a woman with such beauty is someone he cannot let go of.

“Reyansh, say hi to uncle,” Shipra said when she reached alongside Ritesh and Rajveer.”

“Hey, uncle,” The small child obeyed his mom.

“Hello, champion. You obey just as your father does.” He glanced at Ritesh with a smile.

Ritesh is not able to see either in Rajveer’s eyes or Shipra’s. He looked down, which further raised his disgust as the erected dick. The tent that dick has caused in the white kurta pyjama of Rajveer was clearly visible.

As a welcome gesture, Shipra also stepped up to hug Rajveer. Rajveer, nevertheless, wants more than simply a tender hug. Shipra attempted to give him a side hug, so he leaned in and pressed her breasts. The combination of her shampoo aroma and her body perfume had mesmerized him.

Shipra was uncomfortable by the way he was sniffing her hair. However, she was taken aback when she felt her firm dick pressed up against her waist.
“Shipra, you looked incredibly gorgeous and sexy. It appears that Ritesh is the happiest man alive to have you as his spouse.”

He offered the praise. His remarks made her blush, but she tried to control her feelings. She tried to escape the attention she was receiving by hugging Ritesh, “But I am even more fortunate to have such an understanding guy for a husband.”

“Yes, he is very understanding. I agree with you entirely. Far more than you could have imagined.” His expression was full of mischievous smiles. His remarks had left her bewildered, so she turned to face Ritesh. Ritesh is trying to avoid the situation and is ashamed of the things happening around him.

“Let’s head over to the dining area. You guys get on the table. I will bring food, starting with soup and snacks,” Shipra said.

At the table, Ritesh and Rajveer are seated next to each other, with Rajveer to Ritesh’s right and Shipra’s seat to Rajveer’s right and opposite to Ritesh, respectively. They had a small 4-seater dining table.
“Rajveer ji, I trust the small table won’t bother you. Since my kid and I are the only residents, we haven’t purchased a larger one.” Shipra asked Rajveer as she brought soup and snacks to the table.

“Oh, not at all. In fact, a small table keeps us together physically and emotionally.”

He looked at Ritesh, signalling him something. Ritesh grasped the true meaning of his remarks well. But Shipra was unable to grasp it. Shipra takes a seat on Rajveer’s right and begins serving soups. She was shocked to learn that Rajveer had also begun eating with his left hand.

“Hey, you and my spouse are both southpaws.”

“I did not know about your husband. But I use my left hand for eating, keeping my right hand free for better things.”

As they started eating soup, Shipra could feel Ritesh’s hand rubbing her bare legs, trying to crawl up her thighs. She looked at Ritesh, whose right hand was under the table. She starts feeling excited about being touched by her husband in the presence of someone. She moaned as she got pinched on her thighs.

Shipra’s excitement persisted, though. She could feel the fingers stroking her inner thighs and the hand going inside her skirt. After dragging her panty down, a large finger was stuck within her pussy. She closed her eyes to savour the agony and keep from wriggling in Rajveer’s face.

However, it was not Ritesh, but Rajveer fingering her. Although both males in the room knew this, she did not.

“You know Shipra, Ritesh is such an understanding and mature businessman. He makes personal sacrifices also to make his business grow.” Rajveer said, looking at Ritesh with a smile while penetrating his finger deep inside Shipra’s pussy.

“Oh, I know he is,” She is hardly able to avoid moaning as Rajveer is fucking her pussy so rigorously. Shipra can hardly stop herself from making noise. She looked at Ritesh and requested him to stop fingering.

Shipra was taken aback when Ritesh cast a downward glance. His demeanour belied his actions. Rajveer, however, does not give her much of a chance. He puts more of his second finger within her pussy, making her close her eyes and recline.

She felt as though these two fingers were slapping her G spot and thrashing it, causing her cum on Rajveer’s fingers. When she opened her eyes, Ritesh wasn’t seated in the chair. Rajveer’s fingers were still inside of her, which startled her. She came to understand that Rajveer was finger-fucking her, not Ritesh.

She gave Rajveer a startled, scared look when he withdrew his fingers. She was even more repulsed when he licked his fingers clean and ate all her sperm stuck to them.

“Women with beauty have more taste. I hope you enjoyed my fingers as well.”

She averted her gaze from Rajveer. Being fingered in front of her husband and son was making her feel humiliated. However, she was also aroused by the thought of having been enjoyed in front of her husband and son.