Consoling My Hot Neighbour Meera Aunty – Part 2

One time we were deep in a discussion on paperwork. We both didn’t realise it’s gotten late. I got a call from Gowri asking me what I would want for dinner. Meera aunty asked me to tell Gowri not to prepare anything and requested me to stay for dinner.

I politely declined, but she insisted. I told Gowri I would have dinner at Meera Aunty’s place.

Meera aunty: I will prepare chilli chicken and chapati, Karim. I know that’s your favourite.

Meera aunty moved to the kitchen swaying her ass and hips, creating a stir inside me. I was wondering how I would be controlling myself. I also followed her to the kitchen to continue the conversation.

Also, I wanted to drink her sexiness as much as possible. Meera aunty was facing the stove, giving me ample view of her side assets. She saw me standing and smiled at me.

Me: How do you know that’s my favourite aunty? Did Vasanthi tell you?

Meera Aunty: Actually, it was Gowri who told me that. We were discussing something one day, and she told me that.

Me: Oh, nice, nice.

Meera aunty: She seems to admire you a lot. Keeps talking about you.

She winked. I was wondering what they discussed. Does Meera aunty know what’s happening between me and Gowri? Did Gowri tell her? I hope not. Anyways I decided to play it safe.

Me: Guess so, aunty. I have tried to give her a comfortable life.

Meera Aunty: Yeah, she is very comfortable and happy.

That’s it. She knows. That very much gave it away. I didn’t expect Gowri would have shared something like this. But I tried to keep my cool.

Meera aunty: I am happy you gave her a good life, Karim. She was down and out when I brought her here. But you both have made her a huge part of your family. I am very happy to see that.

Me: Thanks, aunty. I am genuinely touched by your words.

Meera aunty: Hope it’s not only my words that touch you.

She giggled.

Me: What, aunty?

Meera aunty: I meant the food, Karim. I hope that the taste touches your heart.

She laughed, looking at my face.

Me: I know it will, aunty.

We moved to the dining table with the food. Dinner was a sumptuous affair. We were talking, laughing, and giggling while having dinner.

Meera aunty: How was the food, Karim? Do you like it?

Me: It was very tasty, aunty. This is the best food I have ever had. Please don’t tell Vasanthi and Gowri I said that. They would be livid.

We both laughed out loud. We finished dinner, and I prepared to leave. We moved to the door while continuing to talk.

Me: You are an amazing cook, aunty. Thank you so much for the delicious dinner.

Meera aunty: Thanks, Karim. If you stay back longer, I can also make your dessert.

Me: I have to go, aunty.

Meera aunty: Hmmm, I know double dessert will be waiting for you at home. I know mine can’t match up to those standards.

She winked at me.

Me: I am sure your dessert will also taste great, aunty.

I winked back. We were both looking at each other. We were both feeling the heat. We were in a trance. But in a sudden movement, aunty came forward and kissed me on my lips. There was no hesitation on my side, and I started kissing back. Soon our tongues were into play.

Our kisses continued for a long time. Her hands were roaming in my back. I let my right hand drift down and pinched her hip. She moaned during our kiss. I tugged my finger into her navel button. She was moaning but never dropped out of the kiss. My hand slid upwards and grabbed her left boob.

Wow. It was so firm and plump. My finger circulated her areola, which was completely erect at this point. Meera aunty was enjoying all this. We were kissing for an eternity when Meera aunty slid her finger near our lips and stopped the kiss.

Meera aunty: Karim. I am so sorry. I am a bitch in heat. I shouldn’t have done this.

Me: No, aunty. Don’t say sorry. Even I was kissing back.

Meera aunty: No, Karim. I know I seduced you. You wouldn’t have ended up in this situation had I not seduced you. I am so, so sorry. What would Vasanthi think of me now? She is such a good friend. I am such a bitch.

Me: Aunty, stop this. Don’t talk like that.

Meera aunty: I am sorry, Karim. I have been without sex for nearly 3 years now. Even before that, it was only occasional. It has been very, very hard. I controlled myself for years, confined to my family. But I don’t know what took over me. I have always admired how much you care for Vasanthi and Gowri.

Meera aunty: Hearing from them how you treat them both made me fall for you. Hearing from them how good you are in bed has made me dream about you. But these are no excuses for what I have done now. I am not sure how I will face Vasanthi after this.

She continued blabbering. I moved forward and leaned my forehead on hers.

Me: Aunty. Trust me. Vasanthi won’t say anything. She would want us to do this. She would want her friend to be happy. She united me and Gowri during her pregnancy, so I was not starved for sex. She did that out of love. But she never stopped us even after my boy was born. She knows it makes us happy and hasn’t stood in between. I am sure she would want her friend to be happy as well. Also…

Meera aunty: Also? What?

I giggled.

Meera aunty: Tell me na Karim. What is it?

Me: She once confessed that she wanted me to have multiple partners. Do you think she would stand between us?

Meera aunty: Really?

She asked me wide-eyed. I nodded, and her lips turned into a grin.

Me: Yes, aunty. Now where were we?

I carried her into my arms. We moved to the bedroom. I dropped her onto the bed and jumped onto her. Her fragrance and the heat emanating from her body were driving me crazy. I could feel Meera Aunty’s hot and hard nipples against my chest.

Me: Oh, aunty, I love you.

I moaned.

Meera aunty: I love you too.

She whispered and hugged me even tighter.

Me: From now on, You will never be alone, aunty.

Meera aunty: Oh, Karim… I love you so much.

She gave me a deep kiss on my cheek. I turned my head. Suddenly our lips touched, which sparked an uncontrollable desire inside me. I crushed my mouth onto hers and kissed her very hard. She held my face for a second, stopped our kiss and looked directly into my eye.

The next second she crushed her lips onto mine. We both French kissed ferociously. We both didn’t want this to stop at any moment as we continued kissing each other without a break. My hands found their way to Meera Aunty’s sensuous globes.

I started mauling it as we continued eating each other’s lips. There wasn’t even space for air to pass through between us. Meera aunty bit my upper lips in a moment of passion, and I could feel a bit of blood gushing out.

Me: Oh, aunty.

I gasped as our lips broke and our bodies momentarily parted. Meera aunty saw my bloody lips and giggled. She pulled me to kiss again, this time much slower, sucking my lips and tasting my blood. I was getting turned on more and more. My hands travelled all over Meera Aunty’s body.

I squeezed all her flesh and showed my frenzy to her. Meera aunty was also mesmerised with all my handiwork. Her moans were getting louder.
I removed her saree and squeezed the suffocating globes inside her blouse. I licked it with my tongue.

Both my hands together grabbed those bra-clad boobs and squeezed them. Meera aunty grabbed my head and tightly squashed it on her boobs. I understood what she wanted and took one breast with the bra and bit it. I freed the boobs from Meera Aunty’s bra.

I lifted both her boobs, squeezing one boob and biting the top of the other boob. Meera aunty was ecstatic. I switched to the other boob and took another bite. Every bite kept stirring her with pleasure. I slowly pressed both breasts on either side and bit the nipples together.

Meera Aunty’s body was boiling. I continued sucking, licking and biting her boobs for a long time.

Meera aunty: Aah! Your mouth is doing some magic. Show my boobs the love it deserves.

Meera Aunty’s body wriggled, and her face had a sense of huge satisfaction. I understood she has orgasmed. She grabbed my head, bought my face to her and kissed me hard.

I kept holding her boobs and went to take off her petticoat and panties. They were tied below her beautiful navel. Meera aunty stopped me and said

Meera aunty: Wait, why am I the only one undressing? You also undress your clothes. I want to see the dick I have heard so much about.

She giggled. I was happy to do it and undressed myself. Meera aunty looked at my dick. I could see her mouth going wow. She then took off her panties and lay completely naked before me. I was in a trance, looking at her naked beauty. I dragged my mouth onto her pussy and started licking it.

It made Meera aunty moan even more. She was high on desire and pleasure. She started massaging her boobs while I continued licking her pussy. She was leaking a lot. I inserted my finger to finger fuck her while I sucked with my mouth on her boobs and navel button.

Meera aunty: Aah, Karim, what are you doing to me? You haven’t even started fucking, but you have made me leak so much. You are driving me crazy.

I alternated between finger fucking her and licking her. My continuous licking resulted in her orgasm again. I slowly lifted my head from Meera Aunty’s pussy and looked at her peaking golden face. Aunty opened her eyes, smiled gently and held my thick dick.

Seeing her contented look, I went closer to her face and kissed her cheek affectionately. I turned her over and lay down so she could taste my dick.

To be continued.