Chennai Husband And His Erections – Part 4 (HD Boobs!)

As we reached the party, my wife was reluctant to get down from the car. This was beyond my comfort level and I was tensed, “Please don’t make me do this”, said my wife Gayathri.

I said: Look dear, I understand your problem of back-bitched once someone notices your blouse. Now, carefully watch the guests as they arrive. I will show you to what extent our fellow guests expose.

One couple arrived as we spoke and once they got down from the car, I showed Gayathri a lady with her sleeveless blouse making adjustments to her saree. I asked Gayathri what in the world would this lady do to correct the saree.

Gayathri said she would correct the saree in such a way that it would not show her boobs.

I told her: Not only this lady, but you can also observe some others too. If anyone wearing the sleeveless and transparent saree tries to cover them up appropriately, I will take you home directly without further compulsion.

Me: But if that is not the case, you should get out of the car confidently, not covering your top with a wrapped saree.

She gave it a thought for a bit and agreed to my condition. I was in a tense tone saying to myself in a low voice, “Please please please ladies, please show off your boobs to make my day.”

In this 21st century, modern women are never conservative if they are already into t-shirts, jeans, and sleeveless. All they need is a perfect excuse to attend exclusive parties with same-age group friends.

Today, my luck was bad, I guess. I mean, some were revealing and some were still traditional. But our condition was, all ladies with sleeveless doing did show off their boobd. So I failed. Then in a pleasing tone, I asked her –

Me: Do you feel somewhat confident now? Some are ladies showing off intentionally.

She said, ‘NO’ and said: Listen, dear, all the ladies arriving are wearing revealing sarees and some are not, I understand. And god knows why they are intentionally showing their assets like that. You are not asking the same from me as they do.

She: I would have probably agreed to wear sleeveless or do a milkman’s episode without this much hesitation. But you asked to show my bra from this transparent blouse at a friend’s party. Isn’t that a big ask from you? And which I am not completely comfortable with.

Now I felt sorry for my wife. Probably, I should have taken this a little slowly. But I got an idea since she mentioned about milkman episode.

Me: Dear wife, you should have probably understood by now that I am listening to your excuses even though we had agreements and discussions. Will you be my good wife and at least do me a favor by repeating the milkman’s episode here at the party?

She was shocked to hear this.

I said: I know this is a big ask. But look at the positive side of the new ask. It is simple to execute because you have done it already without any second thoughts to demonstrate my problem. And further, you are allowed to keep yourself covered in a saree all the time. Then we’ll go inside casually and wish the boy and eat some cake and return home.

I could hear only silence in the car. Probably she was giving it a thought. I was not sure at this point what would be her answer. This idea itself was so erotic and I had the boner already. I could have shown it to her. But didn’t want to disturb her thought process.

After 5 minutes, Gayathri spoke with a commanding voice.

She: Krish, I am very concerned about our family prestige. Previously I was worried about someone noticing my slutty blouse. I hated the idea but had to agree with your erections or urges. Since you are liberal on altering the ask even after promises. I am considering your new plan. And listen, don’t even dare to ask anything else at least for a month.

Hurray! Finally, she agreed. It felt like an HR interview with salary negotiations.

Me: Ok Gayathri, please go ahead and remove your floral bra (I said by winking my eye at her).

She said: Hold your horses. I don’t want to remove my bra here and get caught bare-breasted while changing. First, let’s go inside and I will find a washroom to remove the bra.

I said ‘ok’ and we got down from the car. I was on cloud nine, probably most happy person at the moment. As we entered the party from the entrance the hosts received us warmly.

I got a shaking hand from my friend and Gayathri got a tight hug from my friend’s wife. I could notice the anxiety on her face. She was nervous and tightly holding the covered saree even while giving hugs.

As we went down to the hall Gayathri secured a corner spot and we stood there. With one hand she was holding her saree and with the other hand holding my arm tightly.

It was almost cake-cutting time.

I told Gayathri: It is the right time. Everyone is present in the hall and the washrooms area might be empty now. Can you please get rid of your bra (I whispered slowly in her ears)?

She looked into my eyes and her nose was turning red with heavy breaths with a sad surprised expression. I took off my arm and showed her way to the washroom. She kept her head down and stood there moving her torso side to side in tension.

I told her: If you don’t go now, I will deliberately drag your saree at any point without any caution.

Whew! That was rude of me to threaten her. She started walking after my scary pep talk of pantsing threat.

Gayathri missed the cake cutting and it was almost 10 minutes since she left for the washroom. The rest of the couples were taking pictures with the birthday boy and eating cake. I searched for her and knocked on the washroom door.

Me: Hello, Gayathri are you in there?

She replied: Yes.

Me: What is taking you so long? Please open the door.

She: I don’t want to come out. I feel shy as if I am parading for an FTV fashion show.

Shit again! I couldn’t believe my wife was doing this to me. I knew it would take a small push to get started.

Me: It’s ok, don’t be scared. Have you already removed your bra or not?

She: I did and it’s fully transparent now.

Me: Can you let me in for a second?

With that, she opened the washroom door. As I entered inside, I saw the floral bra on the cabinet and the tension on Gayathri’s face.

She was asking: Can we not do this now?

I quickly grabbed the bra, kept it in my pocket, and left the washroom. Now, from the outside of the door, I said –

Me: Dear, you have no choice now, but to come out like that.

Saying that, I walked toward the hall where everyone was busy in various conversations.

I intentionally went to have a chat with a couple of friends and told each one of them that I came here along with my wife Gayathri and she was feeling sick and was in the washroom. A couple of ladies were worried for her and went near the washroom asking Gayathri to open the door so that they could help her feel better.

Finally, she came out. She had to, right? My wife told the ladies that she was fine, and it was just a minor headache that caused nausea and now it was cleared after vomiting.

Ladies were walking toward us and I noticed probably others might notice too that my wife’s beautiful tits were shaking with every step she was taking. And it was a wonderful
motion art to watch!

Now Gayathri suddenly became the center of attraction for men. Everyone was asking if she was feeling well. This was the moment I was waiting for.

Gayathri was in the middle of everyone only wearing a transparent blouse and no bra. Although she was covering her upper body with a saree, I knew she was hiding her melons only in thin material. Just to ease her into her comfort zone, I said to them –

Me: I’ll take care of her from here. If she’ll have dinner, she’ll feel better.

And I took her to the open backyard where the dining tables were arranged.

We were the first to dine and it was a buffet. We had to serve ourselves. Gayathri looked into my eyes and asked if was happy now.

I said: I need more from this wonderful evening. But I amsatisfied to some extent. Can you do something which excites me? Like, a demo?

I asked with a naughty smile on my face. No way she would agree to anything else, but I took my chance to ask.

She said: What else I can do? This itself is an exhilarating experience for me and I am scared to death.

I told her: The backyard has less ambient light to notice your transparency. Can you be my supportive wife and just wear the saree as it should be instead of wrapping around?

She was hesitant for a while and asked me to prove that it was not as transparent as it would be under proper lighting.

I told her: Slide the saree before someone comes out

She quickly took a kneeling position hiding away from people beside table cloth and posed for a picture without flash. For the naked eye, it would not raise any suspicion because I edited the pic such a way as to make it appear as a low-light photo. But I could notice her areolas from the blouse. After Gayathri felt safe in the backyard lighting, she eased off her saree to normal position and smiled at me asking me to enjoy my evening while it lasts.

Guests arrived for dinner from the hall and we were to follow the pack and at this moment, Gayathri had no idea how much show she was putting on for them. She felt it was not that noticeable because I manipulated her with an edited photo.

I could see whoever was standing behind her was taking a good look at her see-through back. We filled our plates with food and settled down to eat. The seating position was in the such way she was feeling confident because no one could notice her side view. I took the first seat right around Gayathri’s seat. All of a sudden, the photographer was taking pictures with a high-end camera. Once he reached our table, I signaled him to come to the other corner and take picture of us as a couple.

He came to the diagonal edge of the table, not giving any caution to get a candid shot. Then he clicked a pic. That flash from the camera would almost show my wife’s side boob clearly to whoever noticed it, they definitely got a view of her naked breasts from the blouse.

My wife tried to adjust the saree to cover her left boob. I quickly held her left hand and her right hand was buried in the food plate. Seizing the opportunity, I asked the photographer to click a couple more. Gayathri was struggling to let her hand go free. While the struggle was happening and during one click, the saree fell and the flash gave a perfect boudoir-style photo.

Some guests noticed my wife’s braless blouse which was too transparent and they were awestruck. They might have enjoyed the view. I realized this was more than what she could take in a day. Then I asked my wife if she was feeling alright.

She quietly said: You idiot, you have done enough, and dared to ask if I am okay as if nothing has happened. Your wife’s private parts are on camera now. Do you realize it? What if they will circulate among others?

She: Go, get them deleted before that photographer leaves the party. If you delete them successfully, I won’t scold you for what you just did or else I will kill you.

Wasting no time, I went looking for the photographer. I found him and told him I would like to take a look at the pics that he clicked. The photographer without any thought said he had left the SD card in his car since it was full already with the pics and video from the party.

He asked: Give him a minute or two so that I can bring it back.

Then he went to his car. A minute later, I went outside to look for him. I was behind his car and could see he was transferring our pics to his laptop and at the same time, he was deleting Gayathri’s inappropriate pics from the SD card. I knew these bastards won’t leave such valuable pics. I would have done the same.

After a moment, he opened the new folder and selected the gorgeous saree drop pictures. He opened and zoomed into it and started touching his crotch. Oh wow, it was visible. Gayathri’s boobs were in HD quality and her face was embarrassed as fuck with a wide open mouth. What the hell!

He started jerking off. I knocked on the car door in the middle of his action. I caught him red-handed.

Then I told him: Hey pervert, what are you doing? Let me call the police.

He was in shock, he kept his cock inside, and was pleading with me not to complain as his reputation would be gone.

He said: Sir, I haven’t seen such a nice pair of boobs in a while, so I couldn’t control myself.

I told him if he didn’t want to be jailed, he had to delete the pic from his laptop.

Me: When I bring my wife here, you should open your laptop, show the pics to my wife, and delete whatever she asks to delete. This way, she will feel relieved that you’ve deleted the photos.

He agreed to my proposal and requested with a pleading voice, “Please understand my situation. My wife is not in town, so I work for myself. Can I finish what I have started?”

I said ‘ok’ because that was a reasonable demand.

He said: Please come within 5 minutes.

By that time, he would be done and cleaned. While I went inside to bring Gayathri, she was already giving goodbyes to the hosts and also enquiring me about the photos while dragging me out.

I said: I’ve taken care of it. You can see it yourself. But we have to wait here at least 5 minutes as the photographer in that car has to attend to an urgent call from his wife.

Gayathri said: Oh no, this can’t be happening. That fellow might save the pics to some other device and he is just buying time for that. Why can’t we wait near his car and check what he is doing?

Then my wife walked in a hurry toward his car and she was surprised to see the photographer was jerking off to her picture with nipples zoomed in. She quickly closed her eyes with one hand and knocked on the car window.

She: Hello mister, what are you doing?! Open the door.

Poor fellow, he was disturbed in the middle of masturbation again. He worriedly looked at me while Gayathri closed her eyes. I gave him a signal like, “Don’t worry, finish what you have started.”

Then Gayathri asked me: Please help me open the door. This fellow is not responding, please do something.

I told Gayathri: Please be patient. Let him finish what he is doing. After all, you gave him quite a show to enjoy.

She came toward me and started hitting my chest and repeatedly saying: It is all because of you. If my photo gives him chills, why can’t you get the same erections?

I laughed and showed my boner to her. She calmed down once I placed my dick in her hand. On one side, my dick was hung out open in Gayathri’s hand and that fellow was jerking hard from his car seat for Gayathri.

Me: This is a memorable moment.

She: OMG, how long this idiot will take to finish?

And my wife again started knocking on the door. But now, she was not closing her eyes. While he was stroking, Gayathri shook the door’s handle which inturn dropped her saree to the side.

Wow, that was epic! My wife’s boobs were displayed right in front of the photographer with only a car window glass separating them and he was enjoying it for sure. What else could I have asked for, this evening?!

With a live boob display for him, he released his cum on my wife’s picture on his laptop screen.

Gayathri was like: Yuck! He cummed on my face! (coming towards me and adjusting her saree).

The photographer cleaned himself and rolled down the window saying: Sorry, it was intense. I never was this hard before. Please take the laptop now and delete the pics as you wish.

Gayathri had no expression on her face. A lot had happened in a short time. Then she went near the door, took the laptop, and gave it to me to delete the pics.

She slapped him saying: You pervert. Go fuck your wife! Why waste your energy on another person’s wife?

She also suggested to him: Use your erections wisely while they last.

Of course, she was preaching to him and scolding me with one statement. Then I deleted her pictures and also made sure they would not recoverable.

I told Gayathri: I’ve done it. Please check once.

My wife took the laptop and broke it in one shot by hitting it hard against the wall. From the broken pieces, the hard disk fell out which she took and flipped in fountain water to make sure nothing could be recovered again. She also asked for the memory card from the cameraman which he gave without saying anything because she might break the camera too.

Gayathri took it and gave it to me. I kept it in my pocket.

Then I asked Gayathri: Shall we go home to put my raging boner to sleep?

My wife scolded me: You dumb fuck! This is all because of you. A stranger has seen my boobs now, not only that he jerked off to them, and some even stared at them at the party. You have to deal with the back bitchings.

She was not ready to face them again ever and asked: Can you give me one good fuck session today? Will you be able to? After all, you might have enjoyed every bit of moment back at the party and things that were unplanned made me horny.

I said: At your service, please get in the car.

While in the car, I gave her bra back to her. I was laughing and she had an angry and horny face which was so sexy.

She said: What will I do with it now? Shove it up in your ass.

It amazed me how openly she was scolding me. Level 2 of exposure was a great success. Then we reached home and had a great fuck twice after a while.

The story will continue.

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