Chennai Husband And His Erections – Part 2 (Cuckold Proof)

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The next day morning, we reached home and my wife Gayathri asked what is the thought I had in my mind which gave me a hard boner last night. I said it was actually she and the way she went out to help out my friend.

My wife was thinking for a while about what she had done differently other than helping her friend. Gayathri asked me, “Please, can you help me understand the situation again?”

I said, “You left the room with your blouse unbuttoned from the back and you had not even tied the thread, it was just covered by the saree. It was kind of a daring step you took, not thinking about the implications if something went wrong.”

She asked me, “What would have gone wrong?”

“What will happen if your saree accidentally slips and your back is seen by our friend?” I replied. With this question, Gayathri’s face turned red and said, “You pervert! This is about the cuckold husband story I read over the internet, isn’t it? Knowingly or unknowingly, you became a cuckold too,” she said.

I had no clue what she meant by that.

“Gayathri, please help me understand what a cuckold means,” I asked her.

“Wait, let me show you, but this is the last time I am going to demonstrate it to you,” and saying that, my wife went inside the bedroom, and changed herself into a nighty. It was a light purple color nighty with lace stitching around the neck area and a regular towel acting as chunni. This was normal wear for her and I asked her what was new about this. She said, “Wait, I will prove your cuckold-ness in a moment.”

After a few minutes, the doorbell rang and it was our milkman. Gayathri said, “Now, watch carefully” and lifted her nighty and removed her panty and placed it in my hand. I said, “What is wrong with you?”

She approached the door, turned toward me, threw her towel on me and unbuttoned the first button of her nighty. That would almost show my wife’s cleavage line and if she bends a little, her melons will definitely hang freely. I was not sure if she was wearing a bra at this point because she didn’t turn to my side.

She opened the door and asked the milkman to wait until she brings the milk vessel. The milkman was staring at my wife’s boobs as if he had never seen even his own wife’s boobs. He was not even blinking his eye.

My wife noticed his stare and quickly held the revealing cleavage with her hand and slightly closed the door and came toward me. She placed her hand on my penis. She said, “See, it is already burning hot and raging for my pussy.” She said, “This is what a cuckold means. In layman’s language, exposing or letting your wife or girlfriend be enjoyed by a stranger or friend is a cuckold husband and here you are, a dumb cuckold.”

This time, my wife took her panty from my hand and went inside the kitchen and finished taking the milk from the milkman’s vessel. She came back and gave back the vessel to the milkman and closed the door. She then asked me to come to the bedroom since she was turned on by this incident!

I reached the bedroom and hugged her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. I noticed that my wife’s breasts were soft and pressing to my body strongly while we hugged. I realized that she was not wearing a bra and asked her.

“Did you just answer the milkman’s call without wearing a bra and panty?”

She was blushing and said it was her intention only to prove I was a cuckold and not to expose herself.

We had hard sex early morning and I was impressed and worried by the way my wife explained cuckold-ness to me. And it actually was true that I was a cuckold.

I researched a bit more on the term and found that cuckold was different from what I was experiencing. Cuckolds will only have a boner if their partner was fucked by others. While in my case, I was able to perform sex by just the thought of my wife secretly exposing to strangers.

I clearly explained my issue to my wife along with the videos from the internet about how a cuckold guy will behave. My wife was patient. She listened to everything I said to her and understood my situation. Finally, she asked me how she can help me.

I asked her if she would be my partner in crimes and that too, in any kind of situation so that I could overcome my problem. She said, “I am your wife and you have every right to ask any kind of sexual favors from me that does not cross any boundaries and spoils the prestige of our family. As we are born and bought up in Iyer families, my only request is to not do anything stupid that can cause issues within our families.”

I promised her that I will only ask for some favors just to spice up our sex life. Other than that, we will lead a normal life like others. She said, “Anything for you, baby.”

With those words, I got a tiny boner again and asked her to take time to think through the issues we might face if get caught by any known people. Also, I asked my wife to be proactive in coming up with new ideas.

To be continued.

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