Chennai Husband And His Erections – Part 1 (Tragic Sex)

Hi readers, I am Krishna Iyer, married recently to a beautiful Iyer girl Gayathri Devi. I work at an MNC in Chennai. We are financially well-settled. Gayathri is a homemaker and she turned out to be very obedient and faithful. Never she had raised her voice over my silly mistakes.

Till a few months into our marriage, we had great moments during our honeymoon and we didn’t plan kids at that point. As months passed by, I was slowly bothered by my parents to give them a grandchild since they knew me and my college friend Anup got married at the same time and now his wife is 5 months pregnant. I was under a lot of pressure and my wife was not so happy about our sex life for a few weeks.

A day came when she raised her voice to ask what was going on with my weak erections. I said it was the pressure from work. The new role was very demanding and constant pressure from parents to have kids was far pushing.

I asked her if should we consult a doctor. She said it was not necessary since she knew what I was capable of in bed during our early marriage days. Then she asked me was there any requests from me on how she should get ready or what preferences I had so that the erections are strong. I said nothing was on my mind right now but said I will take some time to research how to get back healthy relationship back.

Later that week when my wife was at her mother’s place for the holidays, I started thinking about how can I overcome my problem. I started reading articles on how to have sex urges back to normal.

Most of the stories I come across were stories about men having affairs and sexual relationships with other girls, maids, and neighbors. Which would eventually cause a weak interest in the wife. But I was not into any of those.

In the next article, I saw the title, “Helping my cuckold husband.” I didn’t understand the meaning and ignored it initially. A week passed but nothing was promising. Some articles said seeing porn during intercourse will only help ejaculate but not with erection. I ran out of options and I called Gayathri to say hi. I explained to her what I researched and she was shy to comment on those but was able to understand my pain.

Gayathri came back from the holidays. As usual, I went to the office. I got a call from my wife asking what the password of my personal computer was as she wanted to research a bit more from where I left off. I gave the password, “lovely wife”. She blushed and hung up the phone.

When I reached home, Gayathri welcomed me with a big smile saying that she might have found a solution to our problem. But she was not sure about it. She said that if we try to have sex in some new places, it might help especially with the idea of not being alone while doing sex.

I was confused about what was suggested here. My wife told me if we had sex in some places like motels and relatives’ bedrooms, my conscious mind would only think of getting caught instead of other unnecessary work-related thoughts.

The trick she suggested might work or might not work but listening to it made me a bit hot! To my surprise, we were invited to my friend’s place that night for dinner and Gayathri had her plan to execute the mission of “sex while thinking of getting caught” the same night.

Since there was a plan to have sex at a friend’s place, Gayathri wore a sexy saree. It was a lightweight silk multi-colored floral saree and complimenting dark blue blouse with a medium opening at back with a thread. I don’t remember her wearing this saree from her wardrobe after marriage. My wife looked stunning, maybe because of the weight she gained. The blouse is slightly tight enough to push her bust up a bit.

We reached the friend’s place. Intentionally, Gayathri kept chatting with the friend late at night and finished dinner. This led us to do a sleepover at my friend’s place.

After we left to sleep in the guest bedroom, my wife asked me, “Are you ready for what we discussed this morning?”

I said, “Let’s begin.” But the excitement didn’t last long, my penis was like jello in the middle of the act and I had to give up. Gayathri was upset and I laid back on the bed with covered sheets.

My wife was then adjusting her saree. She had to button up the back of her blouse for which she needed my help. First, I helped with the bra, it was a white floral bra 34DD in size. While I was about to hook her blouse, I suddenly heard someone fall on the floor outside the door.

I was in no proper dress to quickly jump out to see what happened. I stayed back asking Gayathri to check. But before I hooked any of the blouse buttons, Gayathri quickly wrapped her saree around the unhooked blouse and opened the door. It was my friend who stepped on a slippery tile and hurt himself.

His wife and my wife helped him to stand up again. For some reason, I got my erection full on! This might be of only one reason if I am correct. The idea of my wife being partially dressed or say unbuttoned a bit around a friend gave me this erection and to be honest, it was hard and not going away!

When Gayathri returned to the room explaining about the incident, I showed her my erection and quickly, we were on cloud 9 for the next hour enjoying the sex.

Gayathri: What’s the matter? How come your erection lasted long? What changed during my absence from the room for a while? What was going through your mind?

Me: Gayathri, it’s tough to explain. Let me tell you tomorrow.

To be continued.