Bonding Between Siblings – Part 7

Hello readers, thanks for all the likes and appreciation for all the previous stories. In the previous part, we have seen that Rajshri had arrived at the scene and was willing to participate in the incestuous affair between Pratik and his sister Himani.

After getting fucked by Pratik, they ordered a pizza. Rajshri and Pratik explained everything that had transpired to Himani. Continuing the story:

After eating the Pizza, Rajshri asked her cousins Himani and Pratik to get dressed. Pratik was a bit confused, but glad at the chance of resting a bit. Due to continuous fucking, he was tired now. Meanwhile, Rajshri brought a water bottle from the kitchen and tossed it toward her cousin brother Pratik saying, “Pee le… tujhe zaroorat hai” (Drink, you need it).

Pratik drank a few sips. He realized he was really thirsty. Soon, he drank the entire bottle.

Pratik was really tired after all the sex. It was his first time and he had been going on like a bunny in heat. Rajshri asked the siblings Himani and Pratik to dress up and sit down with the empty bottle.

“Khali bottle ka kya karenge? Lao main fenk deti hu.” (“What is the use of this empty bottle? Let me throw it away.”) Himani said.

Rajshri replied, “Arre, tu baith. Main sab batati. Pratik tu bhi aa.” (“Arre, You sit. I will explain everything. Pratik, you come as well.”)

Confused, Himani and Pratik sat down on the floor beside Rajshri, forming a closed circle.

Rajshri: Abhi hum khelenge truth or dare, with a twist (Now we will play truth and dare, with a twist).

Pratik: Mujhe pata hai ye game (I know this game).

Rajshri: Offo, sun to le (Offo, listen properly).

Himani: Karna kya hai? (What needs to be done?)

Rajshri: Okay, So main ye bottle ghumaungi, aur jispe bhi ye rukegi usko ek dare complete karna hoga. I call this variation dare or dare. (Okay. So I’ll spin this bottle, and whoever it lands has to perform a dare. I call this variation dare or dare).

Himani: Okay.

Pratik: Okay.

Rajshri: Okay? So, shall we begin?

Himani and Pratik answered affirmatively. Then Rajshri spun the bottle. It landed on Himani. Rajshri flashed her a naughty smile.

Rajshri: Tera aur Pratik ka pehla kiss mere sath karke bata. (Replicate your and Pratik’s first kiss with me).

Himani blushed a bit. However, she went forward to kiss Rajshri on the lips. But Rajshri stopped her and said, “Poora scene” (“The whole incident”).

“Okay”, Himani said. Then she got up and asked Rajshri to pick up her phone and sat on the bed pretending to laugh at some joke.

Rajshri acted as instructed. Himani then told her that when she snatched the phone, Rajshri had to wrestle her to get it back. But since Himani was acting as Pratik, she had to lose. Himani then proceeded to snatch her phone. Both of them wrestled a little and Himani ended up with Rajshri.

Their breathing was a bit heavy. Himani tickled Rajshri a bit. Rajshri laughed. Himani knelt forward, her lips close to Rajshri’s. She placed her lips gently on Rajshri’s lips. Pratik was watching this enactment of his first kiss with Himani. His cock found the energy to get active again.

Meanwhile, Himani and Rajshri were lost in the kiss. Himani was sucking on Rajshri’s upper lip while Rajshri was replicating the same phenomenon on Himani’s lower lip. Then Himani proceeded to insert her tongue into Rajshri’s mouth as her hands began to explore Rajshri’s body.

“Himani..”, Pratik called out, pulling them out of their reverie. Both of them were breathless. Himani mumbled something about their aunt calling Pratik and started getting back to her place.

“That…. was…. nice”, Rajshri exclaimed, out of breath.

“I know, I even masturbated after leaving”, Himani said.

“Sacchi!?”(“Really!?”), a surprised Pratik asked.

“Yup”, Himani confirmed.

“Agar Aunty nahi bulati to main bhi tabhi chod deta tujhe”(“Had Aunty not called, I would have fucked you then itself”), Pratik said.

“Main chud jati” (“I would have allowed it”), Himani answered.

“Woah”, Rajshri exclaimed “Agar itna mast kiss hota, to main bhi chud hi jati, shayad abhi bhi, agar ye kameena Pratik ungli naa karta to”(“If it was a kiss like that, I too would have allowed him to fuck me, might have gotten laid right now had this bastard not meddled”) “Anyway, let’s continue” Himani spun the bottle again.

This time, it landed on Pratik. Himani thought for a while and then said, “Agar aunty nahi bulati to jo hota wo abhi poora karega?” (“The thing that might have happened had aunty not called, want to complete it now?”)

Pratik said, “Wo to main baar-baar karna chahunga”(“I would like to do it again and again”) to which Himani replied, “To fir firse shuruaat se karte hai” (“Then let’s do it again from the beginning”).

Saying so, she picked up the phone, lay down on the bed, and started reading the messages. Pratik again snatched the phone and Himani again tried to get it back. Pratik was ready this time and pinned her down in an instant.

This time, he did not hide his lust behind the tickles and went straight for Himani’s boobs -kneading them over her top. Himani just smiled naughtily as she reveled in the sensation of her brother massaging her boobs. Pratik leaned forward and started kissing Himani.

The kiss was soft at first – just the two of them feeling each other’s lips. Pratik wasted no time and inserted his hand under the top and started playing with Himani’s nipples which were now erect. The kissing became intense. Pratik and Himani separated to take off their t-shirts and got back to smooching each other.

They began to really enjoy their kiss. All of a sudden, Himani grabbed Pratik’s waist and turned him such that Pratik was now under Himani. She gave him a naughty smile and bent towards him to re-capture his lips. She then began to kiss Pratik all over.

First, she kissed his lips, then his cheeks, then his neck. She then went for his nipples and then his navel. Himani then tugged at his pants and took them off. Pratik’s dick was ready. Himani tucked her hair behind her ear and first kissed Pratik’s dick. Then she planted several kisses along his shaft and began sucking it. Himani was trying to give Pratik the best blowjob she could. Pratik too was feeling the surge of ecstasy.

Rajshri was silently watching as Pratik and Himani pleasured each other. She didn’t even realize when she had started pleasuring herself. Her right hand was rubbing her pussy over her pants. Her left hand was massaging her left boob over her T-shirt.

As Himani started blowing Pratik, Rajshri concluded that she could not bear this sexual tension anymore. Then she stripped herself and attacked Pratik’s lips. Pratik too, began kissing her passionately. As they smooched, Pratik kept his left hand on Himani’s head as she sucked him dry and used his right hand to stimulate Rajshri’s pussy. Soon, Pratik gave Himani a taste of his semen as he came into her mouth. Himani gulped it down.

Due to ejaculation, Pratik had reduced his fingering speed and Rajshri was not pleased by that. So she went ahead and almost sat on Pratik’s face. Pratik understood what he had to do. He wasted no time and started lapping Rajshri’s pussy. Rajshri was moaning as her cousin brother inserted his tongue in her pussy and licked it or sucked on her clitoris. She motioned Himani to come closer and began kissing her. Himani also started teasing Pratik’s dick by rubbing it with her pussy. Within no time, Pratik was ready to fuck Himani.

Rajshri’s hands reached Himani’s pussy while exploring her body as they kissed. But when she felt the presence of Pratik’s cock ready to be sheathed in his sister’s vagina, she helped her insert Pratik’s cock and then stepped aside. This was their action, she would get her own in due time.

Pratik and Himani started moving in rhythm. Sounds of their bodies colliding started to emanate throughout the bedroom. As Himani pumped Pratik, her boobs started jiggling in a hypnotic motion. Pratik was awestruck watching those perfect boobs go up and down as if dancing on a melody. Himani watched the dumbfounded expression on her little brother’s face.

She gave him a naughty smile and said, “Ae tharki, sirf dekhega hi? Dabayega nahi?” (“Hey pervert, will you just keep watching? Won’t you press them?”).

As if breaking from a reverie, Pratik immediately started squeezing her boobs. A moan escaped Himani’s mouth and she came.

Her reaction instilled further confidence in Pratik and he increased his pace. Then he placed his hands on her waist and started moving faster. At the same time, Rajshri came from behind and started squeezing her boobs with one hand while stimulating her clit with another.

This resulted in Himani squirting with each thrust from Pratik. After a few strokes, Pratik came inside Himani. They both groaned as Pratik filled her womb with his semen. Then Himani fell beside Pratik, completely drained.

Rajshri quickly cleaned her up to make sure she didn’t become pregnant. All the while, Himani had a dreamy look on her face. Pratik too, seemed like he was on cloud nine. Since Himani was completely drained, Pratik fooled around a bit with Rajshri. They too had a steamy session. But that is a story for another time.

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