Bonding Between Siblings – Part 5

Hi all, pardon me for the delay in writing this part so late. I have been busy with a few things. Also, thanks for all the appreciation. Your appreciation has motivated me to come forth with this part of the bonding between siblings.

Quick recap before we move on to the story. Rajshri had just witnessed a sensuous relationship between her two cousins Pratik and Himani. In the heat of the moment, Rajshri had called her boyfriend and asked him to book a room. She had also texted Pratik to lie for her. What she did not realize was that she had also sent the recording of Pratik fucking his sister Himani before asking him to lie for her.

As Rajshri reached the hotel room, she was still vividly imagining her cousin Pratik’s cock in his own sister Himani’s pussy. A mixture of emotions swirled inside her. At first, she was nauseous. How could they think of performing such a taboo?! The very thought made her angry. She wanted to go out of her frustration and the thought of her young siblings having an incestuous relationship. But, at the same time, the thought of doing something forbidden excited her. It made her very horny and curious.

Rajshri checked her line of thought. What was she thinking? Curious? About her young cousin brother’s cock? He couldn’t be that good, or could he?!

Then she opened the door to the hotel room. Her boyfriend was setting the mood when she barged in.

“Hey, babe,” he began when she cut him and said, “Screw the mood. I feel too horny,” and kissed him full on the lips.

Her boyfriend was shocked, but reciprocated the kiss. Rajshri began undressing as she kissed her boyfriend. Her boyfriend began to massage her thick ass.

“I want you, right now”, Rajshri moaned as her boyfriend began kissing her neck. She pulled down his pants and began inserting his dick in her overflowing pussy.

“Woah… Woah… babe. Wait till I put on the condom,” her boyfriend backed a bit.

“To aaj mujhe pehnane de, or fir mujhe apni raand bana ke chod” (Then, let me help you wear it. Fuck me like your whore today), Rajshri replied as she took the condom in her mouth and put it on his dick while blowing her bf.

“Waah kutiya, ye kaha se seekha” (Wow bitch, where did you learn this move?), her boyfriend asked.

“Tujhe khush karne ke liye hi seekha hai kahi se” (I have learned it from somewhere to please you), Rajshri replied.

Then Rajshri’s boyfriend picked her up and turned her. Soon, they were fucking in the doggy style.

After a few minutes, her boyfriend came. Normally, Rajshri would have been satisfied by then. But that day, she was a bitch in heat. Soon, she was riding her boyfriend as he watched her boobs dance before him.

Meanwhile, Pratik and Himani who were tired because of the continuous fucking had fallen asleep naked in each other’s arms. As Pratik woke up in the evening, he checked his mobile to see two messages from his cousin Rajshri didi.

First, there was a video, which he put to download, and the second was a text asking him to lie for her. Pratik’s eyes popped out of their sockets when he saw that it was the video of him and his sibling Himani fucking the brains out of each other. He remembered the scene from the morning when he was cradling Himani in his arms as he thrust his dick deep into her pussy. The video captured the scene quite vividly.

His first thought was to wake Himani up and tell her about it. But, after giving some thought to the matter, he thought that maybe he could get to enjoy his cousin didi’s pussy too. After all, she was trying to blackmail him but not sell them out.

To test this theory, Pratik made a voice call to Rajshri. He made sure that the call was not on speaker so that Himani didn’t know about this. Rajshri had just finished another session with her boyfriend when she heard her phone vibrate. As soon as she picked up the phone, she heard some rummaging. She crossed her brows, curious as to what this was.

As soon as Rajshri picked up the phone, Pratik kept the phone on the table. He then went near his sister Himani and started rubbing her cunt. Rajshri heard Himani moan, low at first, and then louder.

Then she heard Himani’s sleepy voice saying, “Chote nawab fir daudne ke liye taiyaar hai!?” (Little master is ready to race again!?)

Rajshri couldn’t believe her ears. Rajshri’s initial assumption was that Pratik was forcing himself on Himani, but Himani’s reaction confirmed that the sex was consensual.

Rajshri was now hearing kissing noises over the call. She quickly excused herself and locked herself in the bathroom. Himani was again complaining to Pratik about guys being in love with girls’ boobs. “Wo Avi to sirf mauke ki talaash mein rehta hai mere chooche choone ke. Usse lagta mujhe nahi samajh aata” (That Avi is always looking for a chance to touch my boobs. He thinks I don’t understand anything), Himani was telling Pratik.

“Too me kisi aur ko touch karne diye hai?”(Have you allowed anyone else to touch them?), Pratik was asking.

Himani: Tere alawa? (Other than you?)

Pratik: Hmm-hmm (Yes).

Himani: Main aur Samyak gaye the second base tak (I and Samyak went till second base).

Pratik: I am jealous, but tell me more.

Himani: Arre kuch nahi, hum park mein ghoomne gaye the. Aur ek jagah baithe-baithe hamne ek couple ko kiss karte dekha. Fir there was this moment, aur hamne kiss kiya. Fir main sharma gayi or palat kar jaane lagi. To usne peeche se mere boobs pakad liye. I was not interested, but main garam ho gayi thi. To maine usko dabane diye. Fir usne shirt ke andar hath dala, aur nipples kheenchne laga. Aahh behanchod, tu bhi kyun kheench raha?

(Nothing happened. We went to a park and saw a couple kissing. Then there was this moment so we kissed. I was coy and pulled away, but he caught me off guard from behind and started pressing my boobs. I was not interested in going any further, but I began feeling horny, so I allowed him to do it. He inserted his hand in my shirt and started pinching my nipples. Aahh sister-fucker, why are you pinching my nipples?)

Pratik: Teri saza hai. Ab se ye choochiyan sirf meri hai (This is your punishment. From henceforth, these boobs belong to only me).

Himani: Behan ki chut faad di, par fir bhi choochiyon pe atka hai. Buddhu (You have torn your sister’s pussy, yet you are stuck on her boobies, idiot).

Pratik: Fir kya hua tha? (What happened then?)

Himani: Fir kuch nahi, wo chut ko sehlane laga. But mujhe thodi public mein chudna tha. To maine mana kar diya. Agle din sorry-sorry kar raha tha. But maine kuch nahi bola. (Then he started touching my pussy. But I was not going to fuck him in public. So I declined and escaped from there. He came to me the next day apologizing. But I didn’t say anything.)

Pratik: To ab chudegi usse? (Will you let him fuck you now?)

Himani: Tu chudne dega kisi or se? (Will you let me get fucked by anyone else?) (smooch)

Pratik: Tera bhai hu, tera khayaal to mujhe hi rakhna hai (I am your brother, I must take care of you) (smooch).

Himani: Filhaal tu meri pyaas bujha. Baaki main dekh loongi. Tu fikar mat kar (For now take care of my thirst. Rest, I will handle. Don’t worry about it).

Rajshri was listening to this conversation mutely as she understood that the sibling Pratik and Himani were getting ready to fuck again. She listened to the choking sound of Himani as she sucked Pratik’s cock. She listened to the rhythm thap thap of their colliding bodies as Pratik’s dick entered his sister’s vagina. And she listened as Himani moaned and gasped and begged Pratik to fuck her again and again.

By the time Rajshri was ready to disconnect, all she wanted to do was watch them fuck and join them in their sexcapade!

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