Bisexual Fashion Model Tastes Muslim Friend’s Mother-In-Law

Hello readers, I am Alisha – 5 ft 3 inches, bisexual girl in her mid-20s with a sexy body. With an hourglass model-like figure and 32D-28-32-sized assets, I am constantly a prey for the eyes of men of all ages. I am a tattoo artist cum fashion model.

I am here to share with you a real-life incident. As a part of my work, I had to visit Bandra (Mumbai) for a week. A couple of fashion shows and 1-2 clients for tattooing were scheduled for my visit. I decided to book a hotel nearby and inquired my friend Unzala about some good hotels as she resides in that area. Unzala convinced me to stay in her house.

By the way, Unzala is a married Muslim lady in her late 20s with a size of 34D-32-34, working in a corporate 9 to 5 job in an MNC. She is one of my clients. She had got herself a tattoo of a butterfly on both of her boobs.

I was startled when I made that tattoo on her boobs as they looked like they were precisely made for this beautiful lady. Anyone who would have seen her naked would never allow her to cage those beautiful butterflies under those bras.

As we entered her house, she introduced me to her mother-in-law (the heroine of this story) Zareen, a Muslim lady in her early 40s, having a white milky face and a perfectly toned body. She had a well-maintained figure with a nice pair of boobs and a butt. I was stuck at the moment scanning her beauty.

Coming back to the senses,

Me: You have a great body. Why don’t you try modeling?

Zareen (with a smile): Thank you for your compliments, but I guess it is too late for me to compete with you lovely young girls in the fashion industry now.

I didn’t want to make her more uncomfortable at that moment, so I just exchanged a laugh and headed to the room I was allotted. I got fresh and got to my work.

For the next 2 days, my schedule was packed and hence, I had very few conversations with Unzala and Zareen aunty. But in those 2 days, Zareen auntie’s body had definitely made me lust for her. I wanted her badly!

The third day was Saturday and I had no appointments or work on that day. Unzala and her husband had left for their respective work. So, it was me and my friend’s mother-in-law Zareen aunty alone in the house for the whole day. I sensed this as an opportunity and made a plan to make her mine.

Zareen aunty was watching TV. She wore a nice green deep-neck netted Salwar kameez. Her cleavage was visible in which anyone could get lost. As it was a holiday for me and we were only 2 ladies in the house, I was in an oversized t-shirt and undies without any bra.

As a part of my first move, I went to the kitchen and made 2 glasses of Rooh Afza mixed with some light alcohol. I handed over the glass to Zareen Aunty and sat beside her to watch TV.

Zareen: Thank you for this drink.

Me: The pleasure is mine.

Zareen Aunty drank the whole glass quickly as I watched her gulp with excitement. Even her drinking style was seducing me and making me fall for her. I was drinking it as slowly as I can enjoying those lovely moments when she just licked a drop on her lower lip with her tongue. I could feel my pussy getting wet.

Me: I guess I should not call you ‘Aunty’. You have got such a nice body; you look just a year older than me.

My seduction and flirting along with the alcohol were clearly visible on her face.

Zareen: You are a sexy doll as well. By the way, you can call me Zareen only. It will make me feel like I am much younger.

I pointed my hand towards her boobs trying to compliment them, but the collision with her hand made me pour my glass of Rooh Afza on her boobs.

Me: I am so sorry, let me help you clean it up.

I brought my hand near to her boobs and slowly started circling them. She bit her lips and started sighing heavily. I sensed those moments and started kissing her.

She didn’t resist. She too passionately started smooching my lips like there is no tomorrow. We rolled our tongues into each other and sucked all the juices of our lips. We parted as she was breathing heavily.

Zareen: You are a hell of a nice kisser. I never knew it was too much hot and sexy to kiss a girl.

Me: Let me show you what else I am good at.

Saying this, I slid my hand under her panty and started caressing it. With the other hand, I lifted her salwar up and started kissing her boobs over her bra. She bit her lower lip and started moaning softly.

Me: Let me remove these birds from their cage.

I removed her Salwar and Kameez. She stood in front of me with lust in her eyes in a white floral bra and a nice matching floral panty. A wet patch was visible on her panty near her crotch. I slid one finger into her pussy and made her lick her cum. Zareen sucked my cum-filled finger and kissed me.

Zareen: It tastes so nice. I didn’t know I tasted so delicious!

Zareen leaned forward and removed my t-shirt. Seeing no bra inside, she said –

Zareen: You knew this was going to happen between us today, so you are already not wearing those bras and any shorts. I saw the spark in your eyes from the day Unzala introduced you to me. Anyways, after 2 years of passing of my husband and having no sexual interactions, I couldn’t have wished for better.

I was amazed as she smartly guessed my intentions. Not letting the moment slip, I grabbed her hands and kept them on my naked boobs. A current passed through my body. She stretched my nipples, pinched them and kept on pressing them. She gave me a beautiful love bite on my left boob.

Zareen: This one tattoo from my side to you love!

Her words excited me. I pushed her onto the couch, got on top of her and started kissing her face and neck. I bit her earlobe and started licking the sweat on her armpits. I unbuttoned her bra and started licking and enjoying her beautiful navel.

I rolled my tongue on her navel and she moaned in ecstasy. I slowly went towards her thighs and kept on licking and kissing her inner thighs.

Zareen: Please don’t tease…mmm me more bitch… aah, just remove my panties… ummm and give me the pleasure I am longing for.

I removed her panties, and sniffed the wet patch on her panty like a bitch. Then I gave a gentle kiss on her clit and again kept on sucking her inner thighs. She gazed at me breathing heavily with her boobs swaying nicely with her every sexy breath.

Zareen: This is not done… aah..Bitch, please…aah.. I beg you. I want those lovely lips…mmm to eat me out completely…aah..

She became so restless that she pulled my hair and squeezed my head on her pussy. I started sucking the clitoris with my finger feeling the warmth inside her. I slid my other thumb into her ass.

Now she started moaning wildly and with each moan, she pushed my face deeper into her pussy. After around 5 minutes of intense sucking, her body shivered and let out a huge squirt of cum. From the volume of the squirt, anyone would have easily predicted that she had not been fucked for a long time.

My face was all covered in her cum. We both were breathing heavily. I fell beside her trying to regain my energy. She turned toward me and licked all her cum from my face.

I was ready for another round so we sat in the scissoring sex position and started rubbing our pussies against each other. The fire within us was not exhausted by just one session. We started in slow motion. I was on top of her. Slowly, we increased our pace and rubbed our pussies intensely.

Me: Aaah… mmm… I am …mmm… about …mm… to cum… mmm..

Zareen: Me..aahh…too..mmm..

I got an idea and quickly changed our position to 69 to have more fun before an orgasm. After about 3-4 minutes of licking each other, we both came on each other’s faces. We slept in that position and didn’t know what time it was.

The doorbell rang and we woke up. I hurriedly sent Zareen for a bath and adjusted my clothes. I washed my face and went to open the door to find Unzala there. I pretended to be sleepy. She asked where her mother-in-law Zareen was. I told her she might have gone for a bath.

We again had fun whenever we had time and were alone for those remaining 4 days. She would have orgasmed more than 20-25 times in those 4 days. I guess Unzala would curse me for making her a sex addict, but nevertheless, it was one of the best experiences of my life with her.

I hope you guys like this story. Please comment if you would like to hang up with me for a lovely lesbian session.