Bhabhi and the exercise – Part 2

So I thought to write the second part soon because I didn’t want all the ladies and gentlemen reading my story to wait.

Hello guys, it is me again ladies. I am a 25-year-old male and I am into mature females as well. So, in case if you are interested, then please leave a comment. I will continue with my story from here.

So, there was a spark between me and my bhabhi which probably initiated the workout. When we both sat in the car again to return home, that awkward silence was enough to illustrate the same. Then I dropped her home and said bye and left for home. Even I became a little unsure if she was into it.

Later that night, she texted me, “It was fun working out with you, see you tomorrow!” And a wink emoji with it. So I understood that she was still in. Then I got ready the next day and I could see her wearing a tight top and tracks. I could see that it was new. She was looking damn gorgeous in it. Her boobs were popping out and her curves were quite visible. I saw her my dick was getting hard in my shorts. I thought she saw it when she was getting into the car.

As she sat in I said, “You look hot today bhabhi (in a fun way)”. She was like, “Really, am I? Lol!”

Then again we took a walk. I could see bhabhi’s boobs bounce and the other guys in the park noticing as well. So I told her, “See, you look hot, that’s why everyone is looking at you today!”

She was like, “It doesn’t matter to me about other guys, I already got my compliments”. And she smiled looking at me.

The fire was turning up and I thought just a little more spark and we were through. Then, as we went inside the park for the exercise, we started jumping. That day the bounce was amazing, even though she was looking at me smiling. As she was jumping up, her melons were going up and the cleavage popping out.

Then bhabhi started bending forward, and I could see the deep valley. I was getting hard and even I think she knew it.

She said, “What are you doing? Come behind me and help.” And she gave me that wild smile.

As I went behind her, I kept my hand on her back and helped her to bend. As she bent forward, I pushed my groin against her ass. I was sure she could feel my hard dick between her ass crack. Even she pushed herself on it and started standing straight. Then, as she stood up, my dick got caught up between her ass. Trust me it felt so good.

Bhabhi then laid on the mat and said, “Help me with crunches.”

I placed my hand on the upper abs region. When she moved up, my hand was touching her breast. I looked into her eyes. She was ready to give in, so I just moved my hand up and touched her breasts.

As we were in the park, it was getting dark, and we knew we should move. So we held each other’s hand and moved toward the car. When we sat in, we looked into each other’s eyes. Bhabhi came close to me and we started making out!

Her lips were so soft and beautiful. I could smell strawberry flavor lip balm on it. After a few minutes, we stopped and looked at each other. She said, “I like you so much.”.

I leaned in again and started sucking her lower lip. She gave me way and in and our tongues were playing with each other. Slowly, I moved my hand toward her right breast and fondled it slowly. She let out a soft moan. I slowly moved my hand inside her tees and while kissing her, I was also playing with bhabhi’s melon. It felt so soft and big, that it could barely fit the whole of my palm.

As we were in the car and that too in public, we couldn’t do much there. We decided to move from there. While driving back, my dick was damn hard. I could see my bhabhi’s hard nipples through her tees.

I told her, “Damn, it was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” And she was like, “Well, you’re in for a treat.”

Saying this, she moved her hand on my dick, slowly touching it and said, “Mmmmm ye to khada ho gaya poora” (Mmmm, it has got erect). Then she smiled and I was like, “Haa, aapke liye taiyaar hai ek-dum” (Yes, it is absolutely ready for you).

She said, “I am also ready”.

Suddenly, it came to my mind and I asked her, “But what about the kids?”

She said, “Yes, you have to go and drop them off. My mother and her cousins are there, so I planned their night stay over there.”

I asked, “So, you planned all this already?” And she just gave me a wild smile.

As soon as we reached home, she went up and got her kids down. Then I went to drop them off. After I dropped them, I came back again. I got up and rang the bell. Then she opened the door.

Bhabhi’s hair was wet. She was wearing a black blouse and a saree, a cream color-printed saree. I could see through her pallu that her cleavage was popping out. It was so damn good. She had a black bindi on her forehead, lipstick on her lips, and eyeliner in her eyes. She was looking beautiful.

I was mesmerized by her beauty. Then she said, “Ab yahi sab kuch dekh loge ya andar bhi aaoge?” (You’ll watch everything standing here or will you come inside?)

And I was like, “Oh yes, let’s go inside. You’ve made me mad!”

She smiled, took my hand, and started walking toward her bedroom. I could see her ass moving right left, so I kept my hand on her ass and rubbed it. She said, “Wait till we reach the room.”

We sat on the bed and she looked at me and said, “Look, I really like you, but I hope we can keep it a secret forever.”

I said, “Yes”.

She leaned toward me and we started making out. I slipped my hand under her pallu and held those breasts while kissing her. Then I took her pallu off her shoulder and saw those big melons popping out of that blouse. I leaned forward and started kissing her cleavage. I could feel her breath becoming slow. While licking her cleavage, I started unbuttoning her blouse and saw her black bra. It was a wired and padded one and looked amazing.

I told her, “Bhabhi, aap maal lag rahi ho ek-dum” (Bhabhi, you are just looking awesome). She smiled.

I laid her on her back and started fondling her big breast and took out her boobs from the bra. Her nipples were light brown in color with medium-sized areola. Then I started sucking her nipple while fondling the other breast.

She was moaning softly, “Mmm, the other one also..”

I moved my head toward the other nipple and started sucking it hard. I removed her bra and held both the breasts and sucked it real good. Damn, they were so big and I was having the best time of my life. She asked me to move aside and then she asked me to stand up.

We both got up and she started removing my t-shirt. As I removed it, she kissed me on my chest, gave me a little bite on my nipple, and looked up and smiled. Then she sat on the bed and started removing my shorts.

I was wearing undies and my hard dick was dying to come out. She just kept her hand on it and looked at me, and said it looked fat and big. She then removed my undies and as my dick sprang out, she said, “Mmmmmmm bada to hai aur mota bhi” (Mmm, it is fat as well as big). And she winked at me.

Bhabhi then took my dick in her hand and started moving it to and fro really slowly. She slowly leaned in and started licking my dick head with her tongue. She was moving her tongue slowly around my dick head. Slowly, she slid the dick in her mouth and kept it in her mouth and looked at me.

I said, “Bhabhi, aap bahut sexy ho, chooso na ise” (Bhabhi, you are so sexy, please suck it).

She started moving her head real slow and sucking every inch of my dick. She sucked me real good while caressing my balls and her moans were making me feel like heaven.

Now bhabhi was sitting half-naked on the bed, and sucking my dick. I could see that in the mirror on the side of the bed, and it looked amazing.


I will continue this in the third part. Trust me, there is more to this story and I am sure you will love it. Please leave a comment if you like my story.