Behind the innocence

Hi, I am Sanjay here. I came with my new experience after the lockdown.

The heroine’s name in this story is Sahana. She is my maternal uncle’s wife. Her age is 40 years (9 years elder than me), her height is 5’1″, and her body stat is 36-32-36.

She has two daughters, which means my cousins. Their name is Hamshika elder one, and Hansika younger one. Both girls are dumb-headed people. Hamshika is 20 years old a 5’5″ in height. Her body stats is 34-30-36. The younger one is 18 and has lean body stats of 32-30-32.

My uncle passed away 10 years ago in an accident. My Aunty looks after their family using 2-acre land in my village.

When my uncle passed away, My aunt’s age was only 30. She married my uncle when she was very young. So, even after my uncle’s death, her sexual desire was not reduced due to her age. I regularly go to her house whenever I go to my hometown.

One fine day I went to my farmland to roam in the evening. I heard the woman moaning from a far distance. Due to curiosity, I follow the direction where the sound comes from. To my surprise, that sound is coming from my aunt’s farmland.

I further checked who was there with mobile camera recording mode on. I knew somebody was having sex. So I went nearby with a camera recording to make a video.

As close I reach, the moaning sound increases along with filthy language. I slowly reached the place and hid behind the Bush, focusing on the couples having sex. Both are involved in their play just 10 meters away from me without noticing my presence.

A woman is taking a cowgirl position with a half saree. She is nude on top, and both her melons are doughing by that man. I am not getting their faces clearly because that woman’s nude back is blocking my view. After a few minutes, that man took a position in doggy style to continue the fuck.

So both couples’ faces are clear to me now. I was shocked to see their faces. That woman was none other than my aunt, and that man was our neighbour. I heard gossip in my village that both were having affairs, but I didn’t believe that. My aunt was so innocent in front of our family members.

But today, what I witnessed changed my mind towards her. I came to my senses by hearing their moaning. His name is Mari. He is fucking my aunt in the doggy style. My aunt’s huge melons are hanging fully, and both melons are shaking vigorously due to the fucking thrust.

My cock is getting hard while watching my aunts’ nude hanging boobs and their fucking scenes. I wanted to fuck my aunt there only after watching that scenes. But I controlled myself and zoomed the camera further to record their face. While fucking he said to my aunt, “You are still sexy from the past 5 years.”

I was shocked to hear that my aunt had been having sex with him for so many days without getting caught. I cursed myself for thinking of her as innocent. After a few minutes, he released the cum in my aunt’s pussy. So I came back silently without getting noticed.

I reached my home back and jerked myself to release my heat. My aunt reached home after 30-40 minutes with the same innocent face. I was waiting for her in my uncle’s house with talking with my cousins. They don’t know their mother’s act.

Even if they know about her, they will forget everything if she buys snacks for them. That many dumb-ass girls they are. Due to this advantage, my aunt has maintained an affair for many years.

She welcomed me and asked when I came from Bangalore. I was confused for a moment. Did I see the same person a few hours ago in that position? What an amazing actor, my aunt. The Oscar-level actor she is.

I planned to stay in their house only that day. I want to fuck my Aunty at any cost after watching her sexy beauty. So, I planned to play a ghost movie on the TV. Both my cousins are fearful of watching ghost movies.

But they are very much eager to watch that type of movie. (Especially English movies, as they think only genius people will watch English movies)

After dinner, we all sat on the sofa in order from the wall, Hansika, Hamshika, me and my aunt at last. I started the movie. While watching the movie, I looked at my cousins. Both are hugging each other and watching the movie due to fear.

I looked at my aunt now. She also enjoyed the movie. Slowly I put my right hand on my aunt’s shoulder and gently rub. My Aunty noticed but went silent as she thought it was my mistake.

But after some time, again, I put my hand on the front side towards her boobs. She jerked, threw my hand away, and stood with an angry look at me. She asked, “What are you doing? Have you any sense?” with an angry voice.

My cousins didn’t hear her voice as they were deeply involved in the movie. I, too, pulled her out from the hall and took her to the backyard where cattle are tied. I pushed her to the wall and tried to kiss her lips.

She slapped, pushed me away, and scolded me loudly, “What are you doing? I’ll inform your parents if you don’t go out now.” She scolded me like anything in a loud voice as I tried to kiss her.

She tried to push me outside. Instead, I pushed her strongly towards the wall, pressed my body, and again tried to kiss her lips. She beat me and slapped me again. I got angry with her. So I closed her mouth strongly and opened my mobile to play the video.

Her resistance slowly decreased while watching her sex video on my mobile. Her face became pale, and she started to cry. I closed her mouth and started to laugh. I told her if she not allowed me to fuck her, I would expose her video everywhere, and as a result, she knew. She left my hand and started to beg.

Sahana: Please, Sanju, don’t do this. I didn’t do this intentionally. Your uncle stopped fucking me after Hansika was born. But my sexual urge didn’t reduce due to my young age. So I was fingering myself till your uncle died. Later that I met our neighbour. Gradually I fell for him, and from that day, it continued.
Please forgive me. I won’t do that again. Please delete that video.

Me: Sorry, Aunty, I can’t delete this without enjoying your delicious body. You have a nice body with the right amount of flesh.

Sahana: Sanju, try to understand me. I can’t fuck you. You are my nephew. I can’t do the same mistake again.

Me: Aunty, I am not here to follow your words. You have to follow my words as you have no other option.

She stopped pleading with me as she knew about my nature. I won’t bend if I stick to anything. She agreed to get fuck me with the condition of deleting the video after that.

I told her again. “Aunty, don’t order me what to do and what not to do. You are my slave from now onwards. You have to follow my words only.” She agreed to me as there was no option.

I told her not to meet her neighbour at any cost from today onwards. She has to have sex with me whenever and wherever I want. And should follow my order whatever it is. She nodded yes. I was happy inside to get such an opportunity.

My cousins were busy in the movie and didn’t know what was happening in the cattle yard. So I took their mom between the cattle. Our cows are good ones. They even won’t harm outsiders. I told her to remove the saree. She started to remove the pallu.

I saw her cleavage sweating due to the fight. She bathed after coming from the farm to get unnoticed her evening sex. I can sense her body smell along with lux perfume. I went near her and pressed her huge melons above the blouse. She didn’t wear a bra at night time.

I removed her blouse and made her boobs free. I started to suck her boobs one by one. She pressed my head towards her boobs tightly. I felt difficulty breathing in between her boobs. I went further down to loosen the skirt knot. It dropped down.

Now she is fully naked in front of me as she didn’t have the habit of wearing a bra and panty during nighttime. My Aunty is standing fully naked in front of me. Her pussy is covered with pubic hair. I think she has trimmed 3-4 days before.

I kneeled and smelled her pussy. It smelled great. I kissed her pussy and touched her pussy lips with my tongue. She jerked her body and held my hair tightly. I started to lick her pussy slowly and inserted my tongue deeply. I am playing with her pussy using my tongue inside.

She started to moan loudly. But her voice is not reaching her children due to the cattle bell sound. She pulled my hair and reached the climax. She squirted all her juices on my face. I stood up and told her to lick her juice from my face. She happily did as I told her.

Then we went to kiss for some time deeply. Now my cock is poking her pussy inside the pant. She held my cock above the pant and started to press. We stopped kissing. She removed my night pant and underwear in one go. My cock sprang out from the undie.

She holds my cock in her hand. I told her to suck. She put her lips above my cock tip with a lusty face. She started to suck my cock deeply. She is a pro at sucking the cock. I closed my eyes, withholding her face against my cock. She sucked my cock deeply. I released my whole cum to make her drunk.

After that, we sat on the floor between the cows. Both are resting on the floor naked. And taking rest for some time. She is jerking my dick in one hand slowly to make it hard. I saw her inner lust while doing that. After some time, I got hard on again. I came over to her and placed my erect cock on the pussy.

Her pussy is loose due to continuous fuck for the past 5 years. Later she told me they had sex at least once every month. I inserted my dick inside her pussy. I started to fuck her, but due to her loosened pussy. I am not getting a kick. So I made her in the doggy style and placed my dick at the entrance of her ass hole.

She denied me as she didn’t have anal sex till that time. So I was happy as I was going to fuck her ass for the first time. I inserted my cock with her resistance of her. She shouted with pain. I rest on her back and hold her boobs from the back side and insert my cock deep inside.

She is moaning with pain now. I started to fuck her ass slowly. After getting the rhythm, I used my pace to fuck her ass. Slowly she adjusted herself, and her pain turned into pleasure. I fucked roughly her ass and filled her asshole with my cum.

We both fell on the floor naked with exhausted bodies. I turned towards her and told her, “Even at this age. You are awesome to fuck. From today onwards, you are my bitch.” She smiled at me and kissed my lips. “I will do whatever you want for this. She placed her hands on my cock,” she said.

I warned her again, don’t try to fool me by having sex with her neighbour. Today onwards, you are my slave and should follow whatever I say. She replied, “Who will go for old dick after getting the young dick?” holding my dick.

I told her, “You are the real bitch I have ever seen,” and put my mouth on her boobs. I will continue the rest of the story of how our sex journey continues and reaches her elder daughter.

Till then, enjoy the story and send feedback to [email protected]