Bangalore Hostel life – The First years

I won’t say the college’s name. But it’s an engineering college, and it’s not one of the best. Somehow, due to my score, I could get into this college’s Electrical Engineering department, which we will call SIT.

After filling out all the forms for admission and a hefty fee, I moved into the boys’ hostel, room 414. This hostel was located on the outskirts of the campus. Nothing was around it for at least a mile. Also, I had to share a room with two others.

Luckily for me, they were from my department, Kunal and Abhishek. I went with my new friends to roam around the hostel and see who else was from our department. Obviously, looking only for first years cause we don’t want any trouble before the first day.

We met Ajay, Chris, and Ashish from room 403 and Abbas and Fredrick from room 404.  There are four floors in the hostel, the 1st floor for fourth years to the 4th floor for First years. Also, we have a security guard on each floor, so no senior can come and rag us. At least, that’s what the warden said.

After dinner in a mess, we went to our rooms. We were chatting until we heard a knock on our door. The warden said they would take attendance every night to see if we were in our room or not. Outside, four people were standing. One security guard and three students, I assumed as they looked around my age.

These three big bulky men looked like goons. They entered the room and closed the door bumping me inside the room. Abhishek asked who they were, and the tallest one replied, “Your seniors.” I asked, “Yes? What is it?” I was scared we were going to get ragged.

Now, these three said they were third-years. One sat on the table, the other next to Kunal on his bed, and the leader (the tallest one) sat with me on my bed. Abhishek was on the top of the bunk bed he and Kunal shared. We looked at each other. With my heart beating loudly, I asked, “What do you want, sir?”

“Sir? Hahaha!” said the leader laughing while telling something in Kannada to his friends. “See, Chotu. We don’t want to rag you. But we have to, or our ‘sir’ will beat us. Understand?” He said to me, mocking my height and slim body. I replied, “Please don’t rag us,” while almost crying and body shaking.

He said, “Then will you do as we say? I guarantee we…no…nobody will rag you as long as we are in this college.” I said, “What do you want us to do?” While saying this, he smirked. He first made us three sit on my bed together, and then each stood in front of us.

Then, they came closer, and my face was very close to his crotch. I tried going back, but the leader pulled my head front, and my nose was on his groin. I could feel something hard and very smelly in front of me. Now I knew what they wanted.

I squeaked and said, “Sir? What are you doing? This isn’t what you want…right?” He licked his lips. He pulled his shorts down, showing off his thick 7 inch brown cock fully hard. I pushed him away and tried to run, but he caught me easily because they were too big.

I tried screaming, and he laughed, saying, “Can’t you hear? Those screams?” My heart stopped, and finally, I could hear screams of pain, anger and laughter. My friends, Kunal and Abhishek, couldn’t move.

Then he turned my face towards him. “This is what we do here. Why do you want to stay in the hostel? Save money, ah? ” Every day, we will come to enjoy you,” he said while smiling gleefully. I still had hope. I said, “The warden is my father’s friend. I’ll tell him tomorrow if you do something to me. Please leave.”

He looked at me, puzzled, then called the security guy standing outside. “Where’s the warden?” He asked. The guard replied, “Downstairs. Sucking him. As always.” While he was saying this, the leader showed me a picture of the warden sucking some guy.

I assumed he was the one these two were under. The guard left, locking the door behind him. I, at this moment, still had not given up. I said, “Still, I can complain to the principal or headmaster, and you will be finished.”

Listening to how obstinate I was at not realizing my situation, he said, “Look at your friends.” While I was engaging in this conversation, my friends were already being used. Kunal was naked, sucking a 5-inch cock while he was groping his ass.

Abhishek was pinned down and face fucked hard by a thick 6-inch cock, again and again. I could see he could not breathe. I tried pushing the senior away from him. But the leader pulled me back and threw me on the other bed.

He said, “Go da. Go tell the principal. But we will leak these videos as well. We may get only suspended due to ‘ragging.’ But what about you? You would get thrown out of college da. The whole of Bangalore will know how you and your friends are. Che che che.”

I finally realized there was no escape. I fell on the floor on my knees, with no hope left. At this same time, the leader put his cock in front of my face and said, “It’s ok. I will treat you well.” I stopped thinking. The disgusting smell of his meaty cock still lingers in my mind.

I accepted my fate and said “ok” while I kissed the tip in servitude. My memory is still muddy. The only thing I remember after that is taking his cock deep in my throat. It was hard, and it made me gag so many times. Every time I gagged, he stopped, gave me a second to breathe, and then again.

This continued for 20 minutes till I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth. I quickly came to my senses for a moment and took it out. He angrily asked, “What? Why are you stopping me?” I replied, “Not in mouth, please.” He then said, “Then? In your asshole?”

I quickly said, “Face. Just face, not in the mouth, please,” desperately. He smiled and said, “Then ask me properly.” I said, “Please cum on my face.”

“Sir. Forgot ah? Say it again,” he replied angrily. I said, “Please cum on my face, sir.” He happily jerks it in front of my face and cums a huge load on my face. It was so hot, smelly and sticky. I was humiliated badly. He took a video of his facial and said, “See you tomorrow.” And left.

I first went and washed my face. Looking in the mirror and crying about how I was used as a sissy bitch. When I came out, my friends were already lost. Kunal had some cum spilling in his mouth, and he had cum as well. Abhishek’s pants had a huge stain. Probably he had pissed due to not being able to breathe.

Both had passed out on my bed. I turned the lights off and went to sleep.

The next day, at 6 am, Abhishek woke me up. He said, “Are you ok?” I replied, “I don’t know.” Kunal had come out from the bathroom and asked me the same question. “I don’t want to remember it, but it’s still in my mind. I’m never going to forget it now.” Kunal said.

“What to do now? I don’t want to do this. I didn’t come all the way to do this,” said Abhishek sadly. I replied, “First, let’s find out who all went through ragging.”

“ Calm down. It’s ok. We are still together. We can do something together,” said Abhishek.

But what? What can we do? Hostel manager? Probably like warden only, no use. Police? What if they have connections? I don’t want to fall into more trouble. Teachers? Can they help? I don’t know. Parents? But then my pictures will be leaked.

These thoughts went through my mind until our friends came to our room. All had dead, red eyes. Probably cried themselves to sleep or couldn’t sleep. They each told us what had happened to them. Ajay had to twerk on his senior’s dick and give a lap dance.

Chris had to drink all his senior’s ‘Hindu muth’ to become a superior male. Ashish was the only one groped and spanked since he had the biggest ass. Abbas was humiliated for being a Muslim. He had to forcefully suck his ‘Hindu master’s cock and say how Hindus are superior.

Fredrick had the worst one. He was chatting with his mom, and they had entered. They saw his mother’s picture and made him lick his senior’s cum.

We told our side, and they were shocked. I only remember us saying we should stay together from now on and try hiding on some other floor. Then after class, Abbas said he would stay at his friend’s house. Kunal and Abhishek would try to hide in college all night. Chris and Fredrick were with me.

We decided to hide in an empty room. So after dinner, we went around the fourth floor but couldn’t find an empty room. We only had 30 minutes before “attendance” started. So then we went to the third floor, the second-year floor. Surprisingly, all rooms were locked and no light inside.

We again couldn’t find an open room. We decided to hide behind the water cooler if we didn’t find any. Now, second floor. The third years’ rooms. We slowly made ourselves non-visible and found an empty room. But before I could enter, someone was running towards us.

Chris and Fredrick had entered already. So I said, “Lock the door! I’ll find somewhere else,” while running down the stairs. This person was fast but not faster than me. I easily fooled him by hiding under the stairs and went up again after he missed me.

But again, I couldn’t go up since he may come back. I took a risk and went to the first floor (ground floor), the fourth-year students’ room. I was very nervous, but no one was around. I softly made my way to the other staircase, but the warden caught me.

“Why are you here? It’s time for attendance.” He said. I said, “What attendance? It’s forcing us to do gay things.” I then pleaded to him to please help me, crying on my knees since I didn’t want to do it again. He patted my head, “Ok, don’t cry. Your father is my friend, so I’ll help you.”

I finally felt all my fears leaving my body. There was no tension. I followed him to the head of the fourth-year’s room. He said something in Kannada that I barely understood. The head, a handsome, smart guy, told me, “Please sit,” with a chair in front of me.

I sat, and he and his friends were around me, smirking. “So you want to be my bitch?” He said, to which I loudly said, “No. I didn’t say that. I want to leave, please. I came by mistake.” The door was locked when the warden left, and one of the seniors was standing in front.

“This is the first time a first year was so open about this,” he said as he came closer to me. “Well, let’s be honest. Aren’t we all gay? Bisexual, to be exact. We watch porn. Do we always watch the girl? No. We watch the cock more. Especially, big cocks. Why? Instinct. We know we are inferior to them. So that means we are gay…sorry bisexual.”

While he was saying this nonsense, I tried to call someone. But they took my phone and pushed me to the wall. “Now let’s see your Chota Bhai. Or has it become bada Bhai yet? Hahahaha.” He said as he pulled my shorts down, then stopped laughing.

I am not bragging or trying to make this up. I was blessed with an 8-inch uncut black cock (when fully hard). At that time was getting hard and was 6 inches right now. Everyone was staring at it. “Are you mixed? African father or mother?” the head asked me. I said, “No. Why?”

He said, “Then how do you have a BBC? Where are you from.” I said I was from Chennai, and they all looked at each other and laughed. “Of course, da. Chennai, Kerala people have cocks like this,” they told each other. I pulled my pants back up.

The senior boldly said, “ You interested In being the first-year leader?” Some were saying something in Kannada. He said something, and they all left. It was just him and me. “First-year leader? What?” I said.

He said, “ Every year has a leader in this hostel. I’m the fourth year and head of all the leaders. Abhinav, if you didn’t know. Then, Kiran was the third-year leader. The second-year leader elected by us was Suraj. The first-year leader is selected by the third year and the second year by us, the fourth years.”

“Why is that?” I said. “ It’s basically because the third years want revenge for being treated the same way they were first years. So do the same for their juniors, and we seniors want respect, so second years are our slaves.” I did not understand why this was all happening in the first place.

He said, “Ok. Come with me.” I wanted to run but felt safe around him, so I followed him. He took me to the third floor first. As I first saw, all the rooms were locked, but this time all the rooms had lights on. Abhinav knocked on the room next to the stairs.

A guy peeled out and said, “Oh sir? Welcome. You also want to, huh,” he said as we entered. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Second years, I’m assuming, we’re sucking their seniors. These seniors were playing PUBG on their phones. “Oh, Anna. What happened?”

They said as they stood up to say hi to him. “Nothing da just seeing how you all are handling them. Carry on,” he said as we left. “Saw? That’s your job next year. Cum and piss drinking. Depending on the mood of your seniors, but it will happen,” he said.

“I still don’t understand why you all do this,” I said while being respectful. He looked at me and said, “Are you stupid? They want this themselves. It starts as a force, but now they can’t live without it. Can’t get hard without it, hahaha. Also, this helps them a lot more, you know that?”

“How? How does this help them?” I said while we were going downstairs. “First, stress relief. No exam tension, family tension. Bindass can study and play properly,” he said. I sighed at this stupid reasoning and said, “The second one?”

“Second, it makes your cock grow bigger. Having good sperm, I mean,” he said as we reached the first floor. “What? That’s not true,” I said as I couldn’t believe what he said. “Oh, macha. Let me show you a proof.” He took me to his room. He turned on his laptop and opened a folder called ‘4th-year kings.’

He showed me two pics, one was a small 4-inch penis approx, and the other was 6 inches. He said, “Before and after.” I said, “No way. This makes no sense. Probably he just grew.”

“It makes a lot of sense. First, sperm is half a person. It has DNA, RNA and protein. It has more nutrients than the daily food we eat. Have you not seen women with small breasts whose boob size increases after marriage? Why? They drink sperm every day, that’s why.”

At first, I was stunned at this nonsense, but he made a good point. “But it won’t work for everyone, right? I mean….”

“Yes, it won’t. I have a feeling, like a small feeling. I know how it works for us.” I asked, “How?”

“If the guy giving sperm has a bigger cock than the guy drinking. The drinker’s body knows it’s a superior seed, and our brain programs itself to ‘take superior seed’, which makes us ‘superior’, meaning bigger, since bigger is better. Hence proved.” I….could not even reply.

I said, “Ok.” He said, “Now, the main reason. If you become a first-year leader, the first-year handling is yours. Means you can order first years to do as you say and even nominate which first years can the third years use.”

“I don’t want to….”

“Wait, let me finish,” he said as he interrupted me. “Also, you get other benefits. Which you may like.”


“Wait, I’ll call them.”

After around 15 minutes, the warden, lunch head and lady and cleaner head came to the room. They were standing while we were sitting. “He’s the new head of first years this time,” Abhinav said while making me stand up.

They looked, and I said, “ I didn’t….”

“Tell me what you will do for him,” he interrupted me again. The warden said, “You can leave and enter the hostel anytime. Also, security guards won’t say anything to you if you want to do ‘something’,” smiling at me.

“From our side, we will give extra chicken or mutton on non-veg days for you,” the lunch uncle said. The cleaner lady said, “We will send a maid for you specifically. Don’t treat her badly if we will throw you out, ok?”

She said, looking at me with her eyes fully open. I said, “Why? What? What are you saying? Stop this”

“We can’t. He has dirty stuff on us doing things. We don’t want to lose our jobs,” the warden said, looking at Abhinav. “Yup. And now you will have the dirty stuff on them as well. Use them well,” he said.

And they left. I was still processing what had happened. “Don’t worry. You will get used to it,” he said as he pulled my shorts down again. “What are you doing?”

“Making you the head. I have to normally make you kiss my cock and pledge obedience, but yours makes me horny. I’ll pledge obedience to you instead. In return, I’ll help you till I’m at this university. No one will touch you, ok? So what do you say?”

“I….” He interrupts me, saying, “ You will be the actual head of the hostel, sir,” and then kisses my head.

“Congrats on being the new Malik of our hostel, Daddy.”