Bachelor son’s sweet anal obsession – Part 3

In the following hours, I immersed myself in taking dance classes with my students. I used to put my dancing churidar before taking classes. But today, I stayed in a saree. I wanted to sweat and stink.

As I danced, I felt beads of sweat dripping through my breasts. I felt the drops sliding through my waist, trickling down my navel, and going down further. I felt my armpits get drenched and my neck gleaming in sweat. And there inside my petticoat, inside my panties, I could feel the overwhelming lingering pungent sliminess in the anal crevice.

Will he smell me even when I am this much sweaty and dirty? What am I doing? Am I preparing my body for my son to smell and lick? Gosh!

In the evening as I boarded the return bus, my eyes searched for him. I could not find him in the crowd. I wanted to call him over the phone and tell him to come eat me. But I was a sanskari. Besides, the whole purpose of this pact was for him to get me out of his head. I was to be available for him to get over his fetish. But did my son realize that his nose and tongue in my sweating ass had become my fetish?

I waited for his call or message or anything. But minutes just passed by in silence. As I was about to keep away the phone, I felt a hard grab on my ass cheek.

I knew it was him. My heart skipped a beat. I felt his bulky frame behind me. Then I ushered my body like a loyal queen would offer herself to her king. I raised my hand and held the upper pole of the bus for him to see my wet sweat stain on my blouse which he shamelessly inhaled. Then I saw a few men staring at my armpit but the prize of inhaling my musky scent belonged to the man who had smelled and eaten my ass.

As he finished smelling, he looked at me with deep love.

“Did you like the present?” I whispered.

“Yes maa, you smell so yummy”. “But you wouldn’t like it anymore”, I whispered to him slyly.

“Why?” he asked secretly pressing my ass cheeks with his strong sturdy hands.

“Because” I gasped as he continued his perverse groping, “I haven’t changed my panties. I have sweated the whole day and ufff, and my nitamb is drenched in gandhi bekari sweat and slime ” I whispered to him, a hint of lust and challenge on my face as the bus slowed down at our stop.

No sooner have we passed through the entrance of our gate, Deva lifted me and entered the home in a jiffy. He rushed to his room and threw me on his bed. I was taken aback by his strength. Our hearts raced in shuddering rapidity. As he removed his shoes, I threw away sandals and lunged at him.

“How dare you lift me and throw me like that?” I pushed him to the wall.

He replied by grabbing my ass and pulling me close to his muscular torso. I felt his throbbing hard-on brush against my stomach. Then I surrendered to his squeezing and gasped in pleasure and pain. Regaining my wits, I pushed him back and undid his shirt. In retaliation, he removed my saree and I found myself clad in a blouse and petticoat.

As I tried to run away, he grabbed me by my waist and drew me close. I rested my hands on his chest. His hands cupped my cheeks and gave me a hard squeeze. I gasped and moaned with every squeeze and pinch he gave till his hands tired. As the rush subsided, I gazed at him.

“Feel me”, I whispered.

We did not break eye contact as his fingers lingered on the back of my waist or when I loosened the strings of my petticoat for him. We did not break eye contact when he slid his finger into my slimy anal canal. He rested his hand there for some time before pulling out and smelling it.

We did not break contact as he extended his finger covered in my slime towards my nostrils. I smelled it or when he put the finger into my mouth which I sucked without batting an eyelid.

Where did my sense of civility go? How could I let this happen? I knew nothing except the fact that I was embarrassed as well as being aroused by what he was doing. Then I slipped down my panties and lay on the bed, ass facing the ceiling.

I allowed him to eat and suck my ass cheeks. After that, I felt him split my cheeks to the side and smell my anal crevice. I allowed him to run his tongue through my crevices and relish my butt hole to his heart’s content. My body relaxed as his tongue began teasing my orifice. He spit on my crack and made it well-lubricated.

Slowly and steadily, I felt his tongue entering my tight hole. Pleasurable sensations pulsated through my body as he enjoyed me first with his tongue, and then with his fingers. We lost track of time until we heard the doorbell ring. We knew it was Ravi. But my son showed no sign of stopping. I wiggled my ass away from his hungry mouth and looked at him in silence.

“I love you”, he smirked as I feigned anger.

Suddenly, my phone began to vibrate.

“Must be your father”, I said as I got up to get the phone from Dev’s table.

“Hi dear! Running late today?” Ravi asked.

As I was wondering what to say, my son split my cheeks and wedged his face inside, pinching my ass cheeks.

“Uff, Ravi, I am co-correcting some papers, and mmm, will be late.”

“You okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just that I’m tired, mmm, see you”

“Goosh, you hungry brat!” I chided as I disconnected the call and leaned on the table exposing my ass further.  Then he split my butthole with his fingers and probed his tongue into my tight canal once again, fucking my hole with his warm tongue. I couldn’t believe that my husband was just a few meters away in the same house not knowing that his wife was letting their son eat and smell her butthole! Then I spasmed to my son’s tongue-play and let him have me again.

As he got up after relishing me, I glanced at his sweaty hunk of body and the bulging hard-on concealed in his jeans. I terribly missed my son’s monster cock sliding in and out of my crevice the way he did in the morning and wanted more of it, but I could not ask. How could I? I was Sanskari after all!

“You are staring at my lund?” Dev asked teasingly.

“Maybe” I flushed.

“You want to feel him- haa ya naa?” he asked.

“Naa” I replied much to his dismay. His face fell like a kid who was expecting a centum but failed.

I couldn’t stop laughing seeing his confused expression. Then he pinched my ass in anger while I slid down his jeans. Just then we heard footsteps approaching.

“Shit! It’s Papa!”

Ravi was climbing the stairs humming his favorite carnatic music, unaware that his wife was there with his son. He slid open the door and entered the room. I lay there on the floor in pin-drop silence, half-naked entwined. Deva hugged me tight from behind spooning me close. The space was low and we had to cram in.

We both watched Ravi’s footsteps as he walked to the wall. He promptly took the badminton bat, still humming his ragas and merrily walked out of the room and sped away in his car.

“That was close”, I whispered. But Dev was too busy to reply. He was enjoying my scent.

It was minutes past Ravi left, but my son did not let go of me. Neither did I pull away from him. We lay there entwined. In the silent dark evening, the only sound was the sound of our beating hearts which went on for some time, till it was interrupted by the sound of my moving bangles as I reached out and grabbed my son’s thick fat cock and wedged it between my waiting aching ass crack.

I enjoyed the sensation of my son’s thick cock sliding up and down my crevice. As he pushed his cock on my crack, I pulled my ass towards him and my fleshy cheeks engulfed and locked his cock like a hotdog. Soon he began to slide between my buttery cheeks.

“Ohhhh maa, you feel so soft. You feel so good.”

The sensations got wild, and the rubbing got intense. His hips flexed back and forth vigorously while I arched and flexed my back in response. In the wild moment, he clasped and squeezed my boobs while thrusting across me rapidly until I felt his cock spasm and ropes and eruptions of his warm ejaculate splashed on my back.

We lay there for some time panting before I took my clothes and walked out of his room.

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