Ashwini’s Caring Boyfriend or Rugged Bestie?

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It’s the story of one of my readers, Ashwini. As I write this story, her age is 27, and this incident was about a few years back. It will narrated from Ashwini’s viewpoint. Please don’t ask for her contact details.

I (Ashwini) grew up in Bangalore. My home was in a standard, sophisticated residential neighborhood with well-settled families. From childhood, I played with only a few friends from my street and the streets around my home.

As I grew, during my teenage they became closest, and we were a strong group. To be precise, our group consisted of 5 people: three girls and two guys. Akash was the chubby guy and favourite to all.

Akash was funny, playful, talkative, and a big prankster. He was the scapegoat for all the teasings. As we grew through high school to college, Akash was the only one who knew all of my life’s secrets.

Akash and I had our regular fights and a lot of happy moments. I had my list of crushes as my life transitioned from high school to college. Akash was the only one to know all my crushes. During college, our core group meets diminished, except for Akash and myself.

Our houses were close, and I being in his room and he being in my room was normal. In my teenage, like all girls, I too was very pretty, with a fair share of lusty stares, group teases, social media stalking, messages from unknown guys, and love proposals.

Unfortunately, I never got any proposals from my crushes. Harsha came into my life during the second year of my graduation. He was my classmate’s elder brother. Like Harsha, even I had butterflies the first time I saw him at my friend’s home. It was love at first sight.

Harsha was crazy for me. He followed/stalked around me for months. I committed myself to Harsha. He made his way to my streets on my birthday, surprising me at midnight with a gift even before we started conversing.

I waited for Harsha to make his first move. Stupid took months to start talking and more than one year to propose to me. I did deny his first proposal to know and confirm how crazily he wanted me. But Harsha came onto me much stronger by continuing to please me.

Frankly, the main reason for liking him was his persistent pleasing and sprinting behind me like a dog. I entered love life with Harsha. I played with his emotions a lot, always testing. Making him wait for me, wait for my messages, get upset/angry for no reason, and make him do what he hates.

I wasn’t completely aware of my wild horny side. I was the one who pushed Harsha for our first intimate moments. I still remember that day in college like it was yesterday. I had no sleep the previous night, planning and simulating about the next day.

I wore my best dress, a maroon churidar. I wore brand-new white lingerie. I watched my tender, juicy lips in the mirror, imagining how Harsha would madly suck them raw and dry. After class hours, as planned, Harsha sneaked onto the terrace.

My friend stood guard as we faced each other alone. He was scared about the plan. He got convinced because he couldn’t say no to me. Like hungry animals, we jumped onto each other. Harsha’s erect warm dick could be felt pressed onto my thighs from his pant.

I wasn’t shy as I locked my lips with him. We both were shivering, breathing like hot blowers, and sweating. My shaved pussy was sticky wet drenched in my panty. His strong hands firmly clasped my hips.

I am dominating with my lips, hungrily sucking his lips and tongue with our noses somersaulting. Like a possessed devil, we kissed each other. My mind was begging Harsha to run his hands over my boobs, over my ass. Most importantly, I wanted his fingers on my hungry pussy.

In the corner of the terrace next to the water tank, our lips were busily eating each other wildly. My hands volunteered to run the length of his cock over the pants. I resisted my urge to unzip and grab hold of the huge erection. My nipples were hard, tearing out of my bra.

My mind is begging Harsha to undo me out of my dress, take me nude into his clutch, and touch every bit of me. Harsha stopped intermittently, leaving me frustratedly disappointed. He did not listen to my mind’s voice. His hands never touched my boob or my ass and never came close to my thighs.

Like a hungry kid provoked by starters before the main meal, I was left raw, wanting more. From that moment on the terrace, I was in heat, and my desires were raw. That was the moment I told my bestie about the first kiss. He laughed with no comments, with his eyes watching some reels.

I wasn’t shy in describing the intimate moments to my bestie Akash. I even asked for suggestions about Oyo. Akash suggested AirBnB instead of Oyo. Harsha was more worried about safety and was totally against the idea. He was too frightened.

I knew Harsha would obey me, but I didn’t push him for the Oyo idea. I didn’t want him to know my needy horny side. I had to control my urges with my wet fingers coming to the rescue.

Now, in my final year of graduation. My best friends Ritika and Rajatha’s stories made me eager to get fucked again. Hearing the first time experience from them, my small nipples hardened. My pussy leaked fluids.

I got warmed up. My breaths irregularly changed whenever I recollect their stories, imagining Harsha fuck me. It’s 2 years of our relationship. All along, except for kisses/hugs/squeezes, Harsha never seduced/requested to fuck me.

This is very sweet and admirable of him but too harsh on me. The heat in me to get fucked was maddening. I started having daydreams of getting fucked. Not only by my boyfriend Harsha but also by the handsome hunks of my class.

I would drift into fantasy, imagining these heavy-built hunks lifting me and pushing their thick nervy cock tearing into me. Losing control, I finally asked Harsha, “Shall we go to AirBnb?” I could read his expression saying No. But he didn’t want to sound girly and said, “We will.”

I excitedly rushed into my bestie’s home and told him of our plan to go to Airbnb for the first time. Akash’s jaw dropped in surprise, “Are you still a virgin? Harsha hasn’t opened you yet. You did ask me about Airbnb a year before?”

I blushed with frustration clouding inside, “No. Akash.” (I could not meet his eyes). Akash laughed and ignored me. As I stood at the bus stop, my nervous, shivering finger typed, “Buy condoms” and sent it to Harsha.

This was my first time. Rather than being scared, I was more excited, eager, and curious to get fucked. I had neatly shaved my pussy for Harsha before night. I waited on the main street few meters away from the Airbnb, waiting for Harsha’s message to walk in.

I wore a V-neck T-shirt and tight skinny jeans. Even with Bangalore’s cool weather, I was sweating badly. The moment the door behind me closed in the single-bedroom Airbnb. Harsha jumped over me, and his lips pressed and ate my lips.

I had to throw my bag, falling to the floor with our noses clashing as the wild kiss progressed. In no time, my pussy was drenched wet. He did fulfil my mind’s voice from the terrace. Harsha’s strong hands were running all over the curves of my body, pressing my boobs, navel, and ass over the dress.

From the moment his lips were sucking me, my hands continued to remain on his erect dick. We walked with our lips, continuing to stick with each other, stepping into the bedroom. Harsha broke the kiss for an instant to cover the window blinds, darkening the room.

Breathing and sweating, my shaky hands started unbuttoning the shirt of Harsha. My lips kissed all over his bony chest. Harsha moaned, “Ah, Ashwini.”I quickly undid his jeans button and pulled his underwear along with his jeans to the floor.

His dick was rock hard. I grabbed it with both of my hands. Harsha, moaning, grabbed my chin and continued to kiss me with his tongue entering my mouth. I waited for this moment for so long, and I want Harsha inside me quickly. I hurriedly undid my T-shirt and jeans.

We were on the bed with my bra and panty still stuck to me. I continued to hug and kiss. I want Harsha to undo my bra and tear my panty. My wait lasted much longer as he did not do both. I yielded by removing my bra and panty for him. I pushed his head into my boobs.

I want him to suck my boobs and nipples. Harsha kissed and sucked my boobs and nipples. I crave for his lips to remain longer on my nipples. I utter without control, “I want you to suck my boobs longer.” He obeys to suck my nipples longer.

But I didn’t feel fulfilled as I kept his head pushed onto my boobs. My other hand rubbing my wet pussy lips. His lips leave my nipples very early, leaving me angry. Angrily, I order him, “Fuck me now.” The room became silent. He tore open the condom, and with difficulty, he slid them over his hard dick.

I could see the precum oozing on his foreskin. I was rubbing my pussy with my long-nailed fingers. The Airbnb was a total disaster. He tried to push his thick hard cock inside me. But on one end, my pussy was much tighter. On the other end, his cock was not a rod to poke through me.

He cum before realising, and his erection left. We hugged and slept nude.

In the next part, how things took a turn between Ashwini and Akash from being a best friend. What created a change of intention in Akash?