Anita’s Family Incest Treasures – Part 17

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Deepa said, her voice breaking with hard pounding by Sunil, her father-in-law, “My brother is just a boy.”

Vani, who came into the room to remind them about lunch and to complete fucking quickly, laughed and said, “Rohit is in the final year of B.Tech. Is he a boy? What about Divya and you, Deepa? You are only a couple of years older. He must be already fucking or masturbating a lot.”

Suddenly a few images flashed in Deepa’s mind, all women bending, naked, and her brother Rohit fucking all the cunts one by one. Deepa was quite excited and whispered in Sunil’s ear, “Uncle, I want to ride you.”

Sunil said, “Sure,” and they turned upside down. Deepa fucked with such force and intensity that Rahul and Pratyusha stopped fucking and watched in awe.

Deepa milked her FIL’s cum from cock and collapsed on him, panting. Deepa shrank in shame as everyone clapped and appreciated.

Later, as all were having tea, Sushma said, “Now, since Deepa is also enthusiastic about her brother Rohit’s inclusion, let us plan.”

Deepa said hurriedly, “No, I never said yes.”

Divya laughed and said, “No, Akka. Your cunt voted for you.”

All laughed, and Vani said, “How to induct Rohit? He is in a hostel in a different town. He has college also.”

Deepa said, “Yes, so let us drop it for the time being. He is in his final year. We should not disturb him.”

Anita said, ” Nonsense, once he starts fucking, his grades will improve. He won’t waste time in the bathroom masturbating.”

Vani said, “Yes, Anita is right. I had a friend in college, a Gold medallist. She used to have 3 cocks fucking her when she prepared for exams. She said her brain worked best when a cock was pounding her cunt.”

Deepa thought of a way to avoid her bro joining the group and said, “OK, but none from our house should initiate the seduction. I can’t face my brother.” She looked at them triumphantly.

Pratyusha said thoughtfully, “She has a point.”

Anita said, “Then, Raj is our option. But he may not agree.”

Sushma asked, “Why?”

Anita said, “Raj doesn’t like to chat with men. He says men talk cheaply about women who enjoy fucking, and he can’t stand it.”

Vani asked, “Anita, why don’t you just ask him and see?”

Anita pinged Raj.

Anita: Hi, Raj.

Raj: Hi, darling. Deepa is enjoying with all?

Anita: Yes, she is in great demand. Men are very excited to fuck a tight cunt.

Raj: Great, congrats.

Anita: Thanks. Now, we want her brother Rohit to join us.

Raj: Wow, it is just a cakewalk for you. You can seduce him like you seduced Rahul.

Anita: Yes, the problem is Deepa doesn’t want anyone from our house to initiate it.

Raj: Then, how do you plan to do it?

Anita: You. You are going to be his chat friend and inspire him.

Raj: I am sorry, you know I can’t do it. First, I don’t chat with men. Second, I respond to fan mail, and so far, I have not sent friend requests to any man.

Anita: Raj, there is a first time for everything. I am giving Rohit’s ID. You chat with him and get him excited.

Raj: Hey, this is not fair. How can I do it?

Anita: I love you, dear. Get going. All the best.

Rohit sighed after he ejaculated in the bathroom after pumping fast. He washed, came out and sat at his table in his room to resume reading. He thought desperately, “How can I get her out of my mind?”

Rohit’s sister Deepa was married recently. All the women on her brother-in-law Rahul’s side were very beautiful and sexy. But Rahul’s cousin sister Anita was drop-dead sexy, and she resembled Deepa. She talked and walked like Deepa.
A few days before marriage, one day.

Rohit hugged Deepa from behind, kissed her neck and said, “Akka, how can we manage without you? I will miss your slaps when you wake me up.”

When Deepa laughed, Rohit jumped in shock. He realized he had hugged Anita and not Deepa. Anita wore Deepa’s saree since coffee spilt on her saree. Rohit panicked and begged Anita not to tell Deepa or his parents. Anita teased him and laughed.

The next day, Rohit’s mom, Renu, went shopping with Anita and dragged Rohit. Rohit’s clothes shopping was planned. Anita parked her car in a side street and told them that an auto would be better for shopping since parking was a big problem.

Renu first entered, and then Rohit. Just before Anita stepped into the auto, her car keys slipped and fell. As Anita bent to pick up, her pallu slipped. Rohit’s eyes were glued to her splendid cleavage. Anita took a little more time to cover her boobs and sat next to Rohit.

Rohit had a massive, painful hard-on and had no way to cover it up. Anita acted as if she didn’t notice. Renu missed this since she was on a video call with Sushma on mobile. She was looking at her screen. The auto ride was a sweet torture for Rohit.

Anita turned to Renu and was talking. Whenever auto drove over a speed breaker or suddenly braked or speeded up, Anita’s soft yet hard and warm tit pressed on Rohit’s arm. This was the first experience for Rohit, and his entire body and cock were on fire.

He stopped breathing and tried to keep his face expressionless. But Anita was her usual, energetic self, joking and talking normally. Rohit’s mom was also enjoying Anita’s company. When the auto ride ended, Rohit was relieved and disappointed at the same time.

When they got down, while paying the auto driver, again Anita’s pallu slipped. The auto driver stared at her cleavage unabashedly. Rohit enjoyed the view, acting as if he didn’t observe. Renu was unaware of Anita’s flirting since Anita’s timing was good. During shopping, Anita teased Rohit a lot.

She would whisper in Rohit’s war, “Shall I tell your mom that you hugged and kissed me?” Rohit would panic and plead,” Akka, please don’t. Amma will kill me.”
Anita would shout, “Aunty, you know what Rohit did?” sending Rohit into panic mode. When Renu asked what it was, Anita gave her chocolate bars and said, “Rohit bought chocolates for us. Isn’t it so sweet of him?” He met Anita many times until marriage was over, but never alone.

Still, Anita managed to flash cleavage, boob side profile and deep, sexy navel.
So, masturbation imagining Anita had become a daily routine for Rohit. He imagined Anita when he read sex stories. His favourite was the Ishika series.

When he switched on his laptop, a new message popped up: a mail from Raj.
He opened it and read, “Hi, I think you are an Ishika fan. I am attaching her latest story. Please ignore and delete if you are not an Ishika fan. Regards, Raj.”

Rohit stared in disbelief. He sent a few emails to Ishika, but she never replied. It didn’t occur to him that he could have sent fan mail to Raj. He sent a reply, thanking him for sending a new story.

He asked if he would chat with him. Raj said sure, only if Rohit would not ask him to recommend him to Ishika.

Raj: Hi, how are you? Did you like Ishika’s stories?

Rohit: Yes, Thanks very much. She is everyman’s dream.

Raj: Are you married?

Rohit: No, I am in my final year of B.E.

Raj: Oh, OK

Rohit: Ishika and other stories are all fiction?

Raj: No, if it is fiction, I will mention it. Ishika made me re-write when I added some spice to one story.

Rohit: Oh, I thought such women existed in men’s dreams and imaginations.

Raj: Shall I tell you a secret? There is Ishika in every woman. The problem is a woman has to experience the real thrill and joy of fucking to unlock her.

Rohit: I don’t believe it. Do you mean all orthodox aunties and akkas can fuck like Ishika?

Raj: Yes. But they live entire lives without experiencing the joy of fucking and hate sex. Are you a virgin?

Rohit: Yes. I want to remain one until I settle into a good job.

Raj: Same mistake many people make, postponing pleasure. By the time you marry when you are in your 30s. You would have missed all the fun. Anyway, do you have any GF?

Rohit: No. I had GF for a short period, but now no one.

Raj: Did you like Ishika’s stories?

Rohit: Yes, awesome.

Raj: The problem with men is that women send many signs to convey they are interested. But men are either scared or do not understand the signals. My advice is, if any woman or girl shows interest, grab the opportunity. Don’t let it pass.

Rohit: No, for me, my career comes first. Also, I want to be a virgin at the time of marriage.

Raj: Hmm. Suppose today a gorgeous girl or woman seduces you. Will you resist?

Rohit: Haha. Fat chance.

Raj: Come on, you are not living in a jungle. Your classmate, neighbour, aunty or a relation must be showing interest in you subtly, like dropping pallu, smiling seductively.

Rohit: My sister got married recently. My brother-in-law’s cousin sister’s pallu slipped a few times accidentally. I don’t think she did it purposely.

Raj: Women are very careful. They pin pallu to the saree with safety pins. They drop it only when they want.

Rohit: I am your fan. I like your stories, but I don’t like the way you talk about my Akka. I respect her a lot. Good night.

Raj: Good night, hypocrite. Sleep and have wet dreams about your Akka. If she flirts, it doesn’t make her a bad person.

Raj pinged Anita.

Anita: Hi. Did you chat with Rohit?

Raj: You little devil, you have already flirted with him, flashed boobs?

Anita: Haha. Harmless flirting.

Raj: I laid the foundation. Where does Rohit go at weekends?

Anita: To his parents’ house, they stay in the same town as Sushma’s.

Raj: Ask Rahul to invite Rohit to spend time with his sister and him this weekend and come over. Rahul, Deepa and Sachin will go out shopping or to the movies, leaving you both alone.

Anita: Good idea, I have a better idea. I will take Rohit for shopping and movies and flirt with him. This week I won’t fuck him.

Raj: Good. Plan accordingly.

Rohit was surprised when Rahul and Deepa called him and asked him to spend a weekend with them. Rohit said that he didn’t want to disturb the newly married couple, and his parents would not agree.

Deepa laughed and said, “I already talked to Appa and Amma, and they said OK, so come over to Anita Akka’s house.”

When he heard Anita Akka’s name, he felt his cock become hard, recalling the feeling of her boobs on his arms and the sight of her voluptuous boobs. A stab of guilt feeling followed this feeling. He pinged Raj.

Rohit: Hi. This weekend, I am going to visit my sister and BIL.

Raj: Great, any chance of meeting your Akka? BIL’s cousin?

Rohit: Yes, I am going to Akka’s house only. Sis and BIL are staying with them.

Raj: Wow. But Akka’s hubby will be there? She has a son also?

Rohit: Akkas’s hubby’s dad passed away, so he is at native to be with her and look after properties. Why do you say, ‘Wow’? Akka is very orthodox. Nothing will happen. I am just going to visit.

Raj: Hmm, in case something happens, grab the opportunity. I am sending you Ankita’s stories. Hope you will enjoy during your travel. Good night.

The next day, Rohit’s feelings were all mixed when he travelled to Akka’s city by train. The ride was 3 hours. Excitement, anxiety, and joy all were mixed up. How wonderful would it be to fuck Anita Akka! To pump cum in her cunt rather than pump with his hand and cum in the bathroom?

His cock became hard at the thought, and again, guilt feeling brought it down. His sister Deepa was recently married. Her marriage could run into a storm if Anita Akka complains or if it backfires.

He remembered Raj sent him a story. He started reading. It was the story of Ankita, a sexy girl who enjoys fucking many cocks. Her brother and his friend look at her through a restaurant glass.

The friend comments that bitch fucks anything that moves. Brother is angry and about to shout at him. The friend says let us follow her and see how she fucks. They follow her to a building under construction and see her fucking. The story goes on: Ankita seduces her brother and parents.

Rohit was so horny that he was tempted to masturbate in the washroom. But train toilets are not very clean. His heart was hammering when he rang the doorbell.  Anita opened the door and smiled broadly, welcoming him with a tight, very tight hug.

He felt her warm, plush tits press hard on his chest, and he was sure Anita must have felt the kick of his cock. Deepa and Rahul welcomed him warmly. Sachin was a friendly kid. He jumped onto Rohit’s lap and told his school stories as if he had known Rohit for a long time.

They had lunch and played carroms and watched cricket for a while. Anita told Deepa that she would take Rohit shopping and to the movies. Rahul assured them that they would look after Sachin and told them to enjoy.

Anita said, “Rohit, Let us go by scooter. We won’t have trouble parking.” Rohit did not answer. He was admiring Anita’s curves. Her lemon-yellow colour saree was trying to hide, and she blushed when everyone laughed.

Deepa joked, “Anita Akka, be careful and bring my bro back safely.”

As Anita drove the scooter, Rohit sat behind her, carefully avoiding touching her. After some time, Anita stopped and asked,” Rohit, do you have a driving license?”

Rohit said, “Yes, Akka, I always carry it in my wallet.”

Anita said, “Good, you drive. I will enjoy the ride.”

Rohit gasped as Anita’s boobs pressed on his back. He slowed down when the scooter went over a ditch or speedbreaker. Anita encircled an arm around Ronit’s waist for support. A few times, her hand slipped and rubbed on his hard-on.

When they arrived at a shopping mall, Anita bought a couple of T-shirts for Rohit and a night dress for Deepa. She asked him,” Do you like it? I think it will fit Deepa. We are of the same size.”

Rohit stared at the sleeveless short nightgown. It was very transparent and would hardly cover the cunt or buttocks.

Rohit said, horrified, “My sister will never wear this.”

Anita laughed and said,” Come on, your sister wears nothing at night, this is better than nothing,”

Then, they went to a movie. Anita booked corner seats in the last row. After half an hour, Anita quietly held his hand in hers and kept it on her thigh. Rohit’s body was on fire. His mouth ran dry as her warm thigh heat was passing through his hand.

With superhuman restraint, he sat quietly and talked to her normally. When they returned, they had dinner, watched a movie on TV and went to sleep. Rohit masturbated in the bathroom and slept fitfully.

The next morning, Anita again tormented him with tight hugs, flashes of cleavage, boob side profiles and navel show. Deepa laughed at Rohit’s embarrassment and said, “Bro, Akka is fun-loving and joyful and plays pranks all the time. She hugs my hubby, too. Relax.”

In the evening, after tea, Rohit left for his hostel, and all gave him a warm send-off. Anita again gave a warm hug and whispered in his ear,” I added you in WhatsApp. Chat with me when you are free.” Rohit felt he was flying in clouds.

Rohit pinged Raj when he went back to the hostel. He told Raj what happened and concluded, “Don’t tell me Anita Akka is sending signals.”

Raj: Are you nuts? What else was doing, hugging, holding hands, pressing boobs on your back on the scooter?

Rohit: She is fun-loving, and she hugs Deepa’s hubby, too.

Raj: OK, will you do one thing to decide if she is sending signals or not?

Rohit: What?

Raj: Ask her, “Akka, can I ask something?” She will say, “What?” You say, ” Akka, recently, my friend gave me erotic stories. I enjoyed reading. Is it wrong?”

Rohit: My God, you are mad. She will kill me.

Raj: That is the point. How will she react? If she gives you a lecture on morals, say sorry. Don’t talk on the phone. Send a WhatsApp message. Are you chatting with her? Do it now.

Rohit: You are going to get me killed. I know. OK. I will ask.

Raj: OK. I will wait.

After ten minutes, Rohit pinged Raj. Raj knew what had transpired, became he was in touch with Anita also.

Rohit: Raj, I can’t believe it. You know what Akka said, “It is natural. It is abnormal if you don’t enjoy it. Everyone reads.”

Raj: See? Now, proceed without any fear. Send her Ishika stories.

Rohit: Hmm, OK. Thanks.

Anita was an expert in seduction. She led Rohit slowly and brought him out of his shell. She has to ensure that he does not think cheaply about her and, at the same time, arouse him.

Anita had already read the stories and talked about the plot. By the time the next weekend arrived, Rohit was fully charged. They were exchanging hugs, kisses, and I love you.

When Rohit was on the train, he remembered Raj and felt guilty for not updating him and pinged.

Rohit: Raj, I am sorry, I was busy.

Raj: No problem. I know how excited you are.

Rohit: Yes, she loved all the stories I sent and asked me more.

Raj: Now, you send her Ankita’s stories and Anita’s story. First part.

Rohit: No way, she will think I am perverted.

Raj: Trust me, send her and ask her to read before you reach.

Rohit: Hmm, I don’t know how she will react.

Rohit started in the afternoon after submitting assignments. It was evening by the time he arrived. When Rohit pressed Buzzer, he heard Anita ask, “Who is it?”

Rohit replied, “It is I, Akka. Rohit.”

Anita asked, “Are you alone?”

He said yes. Anita opened the door. When Rohit entered, Anita quickly closed the door. Rohit’s jaw dropped as his eyes feasted on her awesome cleavage through a transparent layer of light blue saree. She was drop-dead gorgeous.

As she hugged him tight, this time, he did not hesitate and hugged her back and rubbed his cock on her crotch. Suddenly, he remembered about his sister and moved away, “My god. Where is Akka? She will kill me.”

Anita laughed and said, “I sent them to stay with my hubby’s sister’s family along with Sachin. They will come tomorrow evening.” Rohit hugged her tight again and said, “Akka, I love you so much.”

They fooled around for a while, and she said she would change over into something comfortable. Rohit pinged Raj.

Rohit: Hi. Raj, an amazing thing happened. Akka and I are alone.

Raj: Great, I told you. Now you can enjoy it without any doubts.

Rohit: I am nervous. My heart is beating so loudly, I think it will be heard in the next street.

Raj: Relax, praise her beauty, how much you love her and kiss her on the cheeks.

Rohit: She may slap me.

Raj: She won’t. She led you this far. Now you have to take charge.

Rohit: My God, Raj, you know what she is wearing? That short night dress she bought for my sister. Wow, she is almost naked. The dress is so transparent, and only her bra and panty are there. I have not seen so much naked flesh in my life so close.

Raj: Now, enjoy.

Anita came near him, turned around, raised her hands above her head, struck a sexy pose and asked, “Do you like my dress?” Rohit was speechless, quickly recovered, hugged and praised her beauty. Anita felt shy and said thanks and made him sit at the dining table and fed him.

Rohit got bolder by the minute. At dinner, she fed him, standing very close to him. He also fed her. Rohit got bolder by the minute. She stood so close to him. Her boobs were in front of his face. He ran his hands on her legs, thighs, waist, and buttocks.

He was hesitating to touch boobs, though Anita was lightly pressing boobs on his face. He kept repeating, like a parrot, how beautiful and sexy she was and how much he loved her. He also fed her, and when both were feeding ice cream to the other, ice cream was smeared on her lower lip.

Rohit licked and kissed her and said, “Sorry.” Anita smiled and purposely smeared ice cream on his lips, licked, kissed and said, “Sorry.” They played for a while, then stopped all pretences and kissed hard. Anita placed Rohit’s hands on her tits and pressed.

Rohit needed no further encouragement. He removed her dress, and Anita pulled off his shorts and underwear. They went to the bedroom naked without breaking the kiss. Rohit was too excited and was in a hurry to do everything at the same time, sucking, licking and kissing.

Anita understood his confusion, and Rohit ejaculated after a few strokes and spilt cum on her boobs. Rohit was depressed and said, “Sorry, Akka.” Anita hugged, kissed him, gave him confidence and guided him.

Next fuck, he was better, and by morning, he was fucking with confidence, and Anita also was enjoying a lot. The next day morning, Rohit fucked Anita again two times and left before Deepa, Rahul and Sachin returned. Rohit was scared to face his sister.

In the night, Rahul was fucking Deepa and Anita. Anita was sucking Deepa’s boobs as Rahul was pounding Deepa when he said, “I am imagining Rohit fucking you, darling.”

Deepa slapped him and shouted, “How shameless you can be? I won’t allow my brother to touch me.”

Anita laughed and said, “Wait until you see how great your brother fucks. You will spread your legs for him.”

To be continued.