Anita and Deepa’s Incest Treasures – Part 7

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This series is a sequel to ‘Anita’s Family Incest Treasures.’

Renu’s emotions were mixed. She was upset that her hubby, who was always faithful, was enjoying with another woman, albeit with Renu’s consent. Renu was also excited when the images of Subbu and Pratyusha’s fucking flashed in her mind. Her pussy oozed juices.

Renu was puzzled why Sunil was not pensive or sad. He was very happy, in fact, jubilant. Sunil was singing and cracking jokes while driving. Sunil and Sushma were in the front seats, and Renu was in the back seat. Renu tried to converse normally but she found it to be difficult.

She watched the scenery from the window and suddenly froze in shock. From the corner of her eye, she saw Sushma pat Sunil on his thigh. He shifted his hand between his legs and cupped his hard-on. Renu almost gasped when she saw Sunil’s hand move to Sushma’s thighs.

Sushma was not upset or angry, but she giggled like a schoolgirl. Sunil caught Renu’s eye in the rearview mirror and quickly removed his hand. He whispered to Sushma to take out her hand. Renu was in a state of shock when they reached Sushma’s estate.

After that incident in the car, Sunil and Sushma were careful. Sushma took Renu around her estate. When Sushma got down of the car to talk to the manager and workers, Renu asked Sunil, “Can I ask you something?” Sunil turned back and said, “Sure.”

Renu asked, “You seem to be happy and relaxed. Why the fact that your wife is enjoying with your daughter-in-law’s father is not disturbing you?”

Sunil smiled and said, “I am happy and relaxed because she is enjoying with Subbu. Subbu is safe. He won’t spill the beans.”

Renu asked impatiently, “Even with Subbu, she is enjoying with a third person.”

Sunil said, “So what? How is it different from my wife enjoying a dinner with her best male friend?”

Renu stared in disbelief and asked, “Enjoying dinner and fucking… enjoying with another man in bed are the same?”

Sunil said, “Yes. It will be awful if my wife elopes and leaves me. It won’t happen with Subbu.”

Renu was too stunned to talk.

Sunil said.” Moreover, I get super excited when the images of Subbu-Pratyusha fun play in my mind. Don’t you also get excited?”

Renu shook her head. But she felt guilty as her very wet panty reminded her that she was also very excited. Sunil asked, “Are you sure? Your conscious mind will deny it, but you should check little Renu.”

Renu blushed crimson when she realized that he was calling her pussy ‘Little Renu.’ When Renu was about to retort angrily, Sushma came back and sat beside her in the car. Sushma said, “I am very hungry. Let us go to a hotel.”
Sunil stopped at a good hotel, and they ordered food.

When they were waiting, Sunil went to the lobby to answer a call on his mobile.

Renu asked, “Akka, can I ask you something?”

Sushma said, “Sure.”

Renu hesitated and asked, “I have seen you and Sunil touching each other intimately. Are you doing it? Does Pratyusha know?”

Sushma laughed. Renu expected her to be angry, upset or deny. Sushma laughed, shaking her boobs and said, “Great Renu, you have eyes on the back of your head also. I have to be careful. I thought you didn’t see.”

Renu asked, “Are you…?”

Sushma said, “Fucking? No. Not yet. Pratyusha asked me to check with Sunil. She feels Sunil is not fucking her much because he is not excited. A new woman may arouse him.”

Renu asked, “Does he get excited?”

Sushma said, “Yes, instantly, and he has a massive tool.”

Renu asked, “Then, why are you not fucking?” Renu blushed when she realized she said the foul word. Sushma said, “I started flirting, but I am undecided.”

Before Renu could ask anything, Sunil came back and food was served. Renu was confused and excited, and a wave of thrill passed over her.

They had lunch and drove back home. When they reached, Sushma and Renu got down. Sunil sat in the car only. Renu asked, “Bhava, why are you still in the car?”

Sunil said, “Renu, I will go to the city and come after two days. I know Subbu will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable if I am around. Let them enjoy,” and drove away.

Sushma stopped Renu when she was about to press the bell. Sushma said, “They must be fucking. I will call and tell them we will be there in 15 minutes. It will give them time to complete fucking and get dressed up.”

Renu laughed and said, “Akka, Subbu is not a teenager. His quota is 2,3 times a week, not in a day.”

Sushma smiled and said, “Let us have a bet. If they are fucking, I win. If they are not, you win.”

Renu laughed and said, “Haha. What are the stakes?”

Sushma asked, “What do you want if you win?”

Renu said, “Biryani like you made the other day. If you win, what do you want?”

Sushma said, “I will take a rain check. I will tell you when the time comes.”

Sushma called Pratyusha and put it on speaker. She picked up after ten rings.
Pratyusha asked, “What is it?”

Sushma said, “We will be home in 15 minutes. I wanted to inform you. Are you in action?”

Pratyusha giggled like a girl and said, “What do you think? My voice is breaking. You can’t make out? I am riding him.” They could hear Subbu’s moans in the background.

Renu was in a daze as she collapsed in a garden chair. Sushma sat next to her, patted her hand, and said,” Don’t blame yourself or Subbu. After decades of marriage, fucking will become a routine chore like dishwashing. Pratyusha was like spicy food to him.”

Renu sighed and said, “I hope he will not stop loving me.”

Sushma laughed and said,” He will love you and fuck you better than ever. Pratyusha must have taught him new tricks.”

Subbu was in heaven. He was so happy. It felt like he was a teenager again. Pratyusha was so horny, lusty and fun-loving that he could not leave her for a minute. He always thought such horny, lusty women existed in men’s fantasies, sex stories, porn movies and whore houses.

Pratyusha took the lead and took him on an amazing, wild fucking trip. Subbu enjoyed fucking with Renu, but not like this. Renu sucked him but closed her eyes and was always scared he would cum in her mouth.

Pratyusha looked into his eyes and, smiling when she sucked, gulped his cum and licked his cock clean later. When he licked her pussy, she moaned and writhed and arched her hips. She pumped juices into his mouth and did not push him away like Renu did.

Renu would say that she could not continue after orgasm. Pratyusha made him lick for a long time and kept pumping juices. Fucking? It was unbelievable. She would smile, talk seductively, purr and change positions when she sensed he would cum. She rode cock like a professional horse rider.

Pratyusha’s jumping boobs, hair and moans were so exciting that he thought he would faint with pleasure. Pratyusha also enjoyed it immensely, he was like a horny teenager. Squeezing, sucking tits all the time or licking, fingering or fucking her pussy.

Subbu did not leave her a minute. When she went to the bathroom to clean pussy after he filled cum, he followed her. He cleaned her pussy and licked. He refused to go out when she wanted to pee. He told her that he would close his eyes and listen to the force of the jet.

Pratyusha was in the kitchen to prepare lunch. He clung to her like a Siamese twin, squeezing her tits, poking cock in her buttocks and fingering. Pratyusha was also aroused. He fucked her doggy style when she was cooking in the kitchen.

After lunch, they were relaxing on the bed. Pratyusha said, as she ran her fingers through his hair as he was sucking her tit, “It is wonderful, thank you. I will cherish it always.”

Subbu stopped sucking and looked at her, “Attige dear, is this our first and last meeting?”

Pratyusha smiled and said, “Sunil was generous, but how can I continue like this?”

Subbu was dejected and said, “True, Anna was very kind. But he won’t mind if we meet once in a while, I think.”
Pratyusha said, “I would love it, but my conscious won’t allow it. It is like I am enjoying a 6-course meal when he stays hungry.”

Subbu sighed and said, “True, but he is losing interest.”

Pratyusha got up, pushed a tit in his mouth and said excitedly, “I have an idea. If Renu and Sunil also do it, then we won’t feel guilty. We can continue forever. Think about it.”

Subbu thought as he sucked and mauled her other tit. His cock became rigid. Pratyusha smiled. The images of Sunil and Renu fucking must be playing in his mind. Pratyusha laughed and said,” You need not answer. Your cock answered.”

She pushed him back, strode him, pushed his cock in her wet pussy and started riding him. When she was riding him fast, Sushma’s call came, and she answered. Pratyusha said, “Sushma says they will be here in 15 minutes. We have to finish fast and get dressed up.”

She rode even faster, Subbu gave powerful thrusts from down, and he pumped hot cum in her pussy. They rushed to the bathroom, cleaned up, washed their faces, combed their hair and dressed. They sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. Two minutes later, the doorbell buzzed.

Pratyusha opened the door, welcoming beaming Sushma and a little pensive Renu.

Sushma winked and asked, “How did you enjoy it?”

Pratyusha said innocently, “We played carroms, watched movies and had fun.”

Subbu asked,” Where is Sunil Anna?”

Renu said, “He went to the city. He said you will be embarrassed and uncomfortable. He will return after two days.”

Subbu groaned and clutched his head in his hands and moaned,” Oh, why? Please call him back, Sushma ji. We will go home; it is not fair.”

Sushma laughed and said, “Subbu, enjoy. He wants Pratyusha and you to enjoy and feel comfortable.”

Subbu got up and pulled Renu by hand, took her into the bedroom and closed the door. He hugged Renu and said, “Dear, don’t get angry or upset. Listen to me patiently and reply.” Renu nodded.

Subbu said, “Sunil Anna is so generous and kind. He left to make me feel comfortable. Don’t you think we should thank him?”

Renu said, “Sure, we will thank him.”

Subbu said,” Hmm, not by words but by gesture.”

Renu looked at him curiously and asked, “How?”

Subbu said haltingly, “Renu darling. Don’t get angry, please agree to sleep with Anna.”

Renu pushed him away and shouted angrily. “Are you out of your mind? How can we even think about it? How shameless you are to offer your wife to another man?”

Subbu pleaded,” Darling when he is so liberal and considerate, why can’t you be? He sacrificed for his wife’s happiness. Why can’t you help me enjoy?”

Renu looked at him with suspicion and asked,” Are you both playing a game? Is it Sunil’s idea?”

Subbu said,” No. I haven’t even talked to him. Wait here, I will ask Sushma her opinion. I will send her to talk to you if she feels it is a good idea. If she scolds me, we will go back.”

Within a minute, Sushma rushed in, hugged her and shouted,” Renu darling, I am so happy. Subbu asked me to talk to you. Sunil and you are going to sleep together?”

Renu’s face flushed with anger. She said, “Subbu told you that? I fired him when he suggested that, and I am going home.”

Sushma held her hand and asked,” What is the problem? Subbu, Pratyusha gave green signal.”

Renu glared at her, “Akka, I respect you, and I will do anything for you. But this? How can I touch any man other than hubby? If you were in my place, what would you do?”

Sushma laughed and said, “I would have jumped in joy. My hubby would have shot any man who dared to suggest, and he would have thrashed me also. You are so lucky. Subbu and Pratyusha are encouraging you.”

Renu didn’t reply. Sushma sighed and said, “Renu, you lost the bet, and you asked me what I wanted. I want you to sleep with Sunil.”

Renu shook her head and said, “No way. Sorry. Ask anything else.”

Sushma thought for a while and said, “OK, here is the deal. Sunil and you sleep in a room and the same bed but without doing anything. Subbu and Pratyusha won’t know that and enjoy without the guilty feeling.”

Renu laughed bitterly, “Akka, do you really believe any man can resist?”

Sushma said, “I don’t know about other men. Sunil is a thorough gentleman, he will behave, and he will wait for your invitation. What do you say?”

Renu thought for a while and nodded. Renu was confident that Sunil would never get a green signal from her. Sushma dragged Renu by hand, took her into the hall and excitedly broke the news. Subbu ran to Renu, hugged and kissed her and thanked her.

Pratyusha also hugged Renu and thanked her. Sushma called Sunil. Sunil parked the car under a tree, and was waiting for the call. Sushma said,” Sunil. I managed to convince Renu to sleep with you and you will behave. You have to seduce her patiently. She may panic if you can’t control her.”

Sunil laughed and said, “It is a new challenge. Let us see.” Sunil waited for some time and drove back to Sushma’s house. He was received warmly. Subbu hugged him and said,” Anna, I am so happy you are back. I was very sad and would have gone back. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

Sunil smiled and said, “I knew you would be embarrassed if I stayed back.”

Sushma smiled and said,” Subbu and Sunil. You should thank Renu for her generosity. You can thank her by offering sweets.” Sunil took Renu’s hand in his hands, kissed her hand, and said,” Renu, I thank you for your understanding. I feel honoured.”

Renu blushed. She felt an electric shock pass through her body. It was the first time another man touched her. Sushma told him to offer her sweets. When Sunil offered Mysore Pak, which Sushma prepared, Pratyusha laughed and said, ” You should offer like this,” she hugged Subbu tight.

She held sweet between her teeth and Subbu bit pieces. Finally, he kissed her and licked all the crumbs from her mouth. Renu was shocked and said, “Cheee.”

Sunil said, “Don’t worry, you bite pieces, I won’t touch you.”

Sunil bent forward, and Renu bit a piece of sweet and moved away. Renu’s big boobs pressed on Sunil’s chest for a few seconds, it was unavoidable. Subbu and Pratyusha were not aware of the understanding between Sushma, Renu and Sunil. They were trying to push Renu and Sunil closer.

Subbu was getting bolder. He was kissing and squeezing Pratyusha’s boobs in front of Sunil and Renu. Sunil smiled and said, “Subbu, you are treating her like a flower. She loves it rough.” Pratyusha glared at her hubby and said in mock  anger,” Don’t give him ideas.”

They all laughed, except Renu. She was quite embarrassed and escaped to the kitchen on the pretext of helping Sushma in preparing dinner. She could hear Subbu tell Sunil, ”Anna, I am not boasting. Renu’s pussy juice is like nectar. You can’t leave it until you lick it dry.”

Sunil said, ”Is it? You are so lucky.”

Subbu said,” I think you are also a very lucky man Attige is very passionate, Renu is shy and is not so bold.” Pratyusha laughed and said,” Wait until she comes out of the shell; I think she is much hotter and more passionate than I.”

Renu wondered if it could be true, she was embarrassed by the juice flow when her boobs pressed into Sunil’s chest. Sushma asked, “Why are you here? Be with them, I don’t need your help in preparing dinner.”

Renu said,” I never expected this of Subbu. He is shamelessly groping, squeezing Pratyusha in front of her hubby. They are behaving indecently, like horny teenagers. So, I left.”

Sushma laughed and said,” I thought you would enjoy the show. Why don’t you chat with Raj?”

Renu thought it was a good idea. She can freely talk to Raj. Anonymity gave her courage. She pinged Raj.

Raj: Hi Darling.

Renu: Hi Raj, this is Renu.

Raj: Oh, sorry. I thought it was Sushma.

Renu: You call her Darling?

Raj: All my friends are darlings.

Renu told him what all happened, and when he completed, Raj said, “Wow. Amazing”

Renu: Amazing? It is disgusting. Now, they want me to sleep with Sunil Bhava.

Raj: What is the problem? Your hubby, Pratyusha and her hubby have no objection. What is your problem?

Renu: Are you mad? How can I sleep with another man in the same bed?

Raj: Why not? Sunil promised you that he would not proceed until you gave the green signal. So, don’t give the green signal.

Renu: He is a gentleman, so I agreed.

Raj: Poor man, what a punishment for him? Sleeping in the same bed with a sexy woman, and he has to behave.

Renu: Hahaha, at least Subbu Pratyusha won’t feel guilty.

Raj: I think you should give Sunil certain liberties, like playing with your boobs above dress, hugs and squeezes. Don’t allow him to fuck. But you can have a little fun.

Renu: I don’t think there is a need to tell him. He will take liberties while sleeping in the same bed.

Raj: No, he won’t. I will tell Sushma to tell Sunil that he has limited access.

Renu: Raj, I am scared. I don’t know where it will lead to.

Raj: Don’t worry, it leads to heaven. Enjoy. How many couples have such a chance to enjoy? Can you give it to Sushma?

Renu gave the mobile to Sushma and went to the hall. She was shocked to see Pratyusha in a very sexy, transparent, short nighty. She sat in Subbu’s lap and kissed him. Subbu was squeezing her tits, and in between, he was talking to Sunil, who was watching cricket on TV.

As Renu and Sushma arranged food items on the dining table, Pratyusha said, “Renu, you feed dinner to Sunil. Later, he will feed you. Subbu and I will feed each other.” Sushma pushed Renu and said, “Come on, you can feed Sunil without touching him.”

Renu was stunned to see Pratusha pressing her boobs on Subbu’s face as she started giving food to Subbu by hand. Subbu was seated. Pratyusha stood close to him. Renu thought, “I will avoid watching them. It is making me aroused.”
Sunil sat quietly with his hands in his lap.

He was very well-behaved as Renu fed him food. But her boobs were an inch away from Sunil’s face. Sunil was looking at the shape and curves of her boobs. Renu’s breath quickened, and the rise and fall of Renu’s boobs were causing a hard-on in Sunil’s shorts.

Renu could not avoid looking at it while feeding him. Like a magnet attracting iron, Renu involuntarily moved forward and pressed boobs on Sunil’s face and moved away. Sunil’s hands itched to grab her melons. He controlled the urge, but he adjusted his hard-on.

Renu’s thighs rubbed against Sunil’s legs a few times. Sunil pressed Renu’s thigh between his knees for a few seconds and released. Sushma was having food and enjoyed the show. She was joking.

Sushma said, “Subbu, why don’t you scoop juice from her pussy with your fingers and lick? It will add flavour.”

Subbu hesitantly looked at Sunil, who nodded. Pratyusha spread her legs to give him access while continuing to feed him. Subbu pushed his fingers, and when he removed the fingers, juices were dripping. He licked his fingers lovingly.

Renu was shocked beyond words and came into the world when Sushma said, “Now it is the turn of boys to feed girls.” Renu and Pratyusha sat, and Sunil and Subbu stood in front of them with cocks dancing in front of women’s faces.

Sunil fed Renu. Renu was dying of shame, embarrassment and excitement. Pratyusha was playing with Subbu’s cock over his shorts with one hand. She inserted another hand inside his shorts and rubbed his balls. Renu could not close her eyes.

When she looked up, Sunil’s eyes were also alluring. Renu helplessly let her pussy juices flow out and wet her panty. She was relieved that she wore a thick bra. Erection of nipples would not be apparent. Renu heaved a sigh of relief when the ordeal of dinner was finally over.

The desert was Gulab Jamun. Subbu, and Pratyusha had from each other’s mouths and licked juices from mouths. Renu refused and only allowed Sunil to take Jamun, which she kept on her tongue. Sunil carefully picked it with his teeth.

Subbu was quite hard and impatient to fuck.

Subbu said, “Good night, folks, feeling sleepy.”

Sushma laughed and said, “Why this hypocrisy? You can tell you can’t wait any longer to fuck.”

Subbu blushed and looked at Renu guiltily.

Sushma said, “Boys will carry girls to bedrooms.”

When Renu protested, Sushma said that this was within the scope of understanding. Subbu carried Pratyusha and went to their bedroom. Renu covered her face with her hands as Sunil lifted her, hugging her buttocks. His face brushed on her boobs as he lifted her.

They said good night to Sushma and went to the bedroom. When Sunil lowered her slowly, her body rubbed on his. His hot cock scorched as it passed on her pussy, stomach and tits. She pushed him away and lay on one corner of the bed. Sunil lay on his side, facing her on the other corner of the bed.

Sunil asked, smiling, “Are you sleepy?”

Renu said, “Yes, Bhava, I am tired. You also must be tired. Good night.”

Sunil said, “We can talk until we fall asleep.”

Renu said, “OK, you talk, I will listen.”

Sunil said, “In college, we had a friend, Sundar. He used to fuck his aunt.”

Renu laughed and said, “Hahaha, and you believed him? Boys boast a lot.”
Sunil said,” He introduced her to us when we met then in a movie theatre. He would tell us all the details, and we would pump in bathrooms.”

Renu said, “Hmmm.”

Sunil said, “We had code words so that we could talk about his fucking. Tea/ coffee means just a kiss or a hug. Breakfast means everything except fucking. Different terms Idly, vada, does… for squeezing tits, sucking and licking pussy. Banana means cock sucking. Lunch means fucking. Plate meal means quickie, full meal means complete, leisure fucking.”

Renu laughed and laughed, shaking her boobs seductively.

Renu said, “My God, bhava, very funny.”

Sunil smiled and asked, “Renu, what is the menu for tonight? “

To be continued.