Ananya Seduces Brother, Dad And Many More! – Part 1

Ananya’s POV –

‘Wake up, Ananya! It’s already 10:30 in the morning!’

As I slowly opened my eyes from my deep sleep, I see Aarav, my younger brother, standing at the head of my bed. I can see beads of sweat on his head. It seems like he has just finished his morning workout session. He is taller than me and has quite an athletic body.

“Please, Aarav! Just 10 more minutes. I went to sleep at 3 in the morning.”

But it seems that he had no intention of waiting, and just pulled my blanket away from my body. Suddenly, his eyes become wide and he takes a step back.

Since the A.C. was not working properly last night, I had taken off my top and shorts and was just sleeping in my black bra and panties. Embarrassed, I pull my knees close to my chest and put my hand over my breasts to cover myself.

My younger brother just stands there with his mouth open. As his sense of shock fades away, he smiles mischievously and tosses the blanket back to me so that I can cover myself. He says that dad is calling me downstairs and I should hurry.

As he turns to go back downstairs, I can clearly see a tent forming in his shorts. I was embarrassed earlier, but the thought that I can get my brother so excited with just a peek really turns me on.

Judging by his smile, it seems he liked what he saw. Well, why wouldn’t he? Even when I am with my friends, I find the guys trying to sneak a peek down my shirt when I am bending forward and always trying to find opportunities to brush against my boobs when they are near me. And honestly, I enjoy the attention that I have been getting.

As I get up and look in the mirror, I start admiring my own body. I got my pale skin color from my mom. My boobs have developed quite nicely and are very perky. One of my nipples has almost slipped out of my bra. It seems Aarav got a pretty nice view. By now I have started thinking of naughty ideas to further tease my brother.

Aarav’s POV –

After waking up my sis, I came downstairs to read the morning paper in our living room. My dad is sitting beside me and my mom is sitting on the opposite sofa, both are watching TV. I am just not able to concentrate on reading the paper. This is the first time I saw Ananya in nothing but her bra and panties. I never imagined that she would look so beautiful. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs, but she covered them with her hands too soon.

Just as I was thinking of how I could get to see my sister in that position again, I see Ananya coming down the stairs. She is wearing a super-thin cotton t-shirt that hangs loosely on her body. Below that, she has put on silky pink shorts which barely cover her petite butt.

As she comes down, I notice her boobs are bouncing a lot, much more than usual. I am thinking, “Is she even wearing a bra?”

Dad: Beta, can you please make us some tea? And please add some ginger as well.

Ananya: Sure, papa! Aarav, can you come and help me a bit with it?

I am quite happy to comply. I anyway could not take my eyes off her body and as she got closer, I could see that the outline of her nipples was very prominently visible. As she turned toward the kitchen, I got up and went after her, staring at her hips which were swaying left to right, right to left.

I was almost in a hypnotic state, my mind had given full control to my dick. I tucked my now erect dick in the elastic band of my shorts and asked her, “So, how can I help you? Don’t tell me you need help making two cups of tea?”. I said this with a sly smile and she responded, “Not really, but we just don’t get to spend any time together nowadays. I miss youu.”

Happy with all the affection my sister was showing me, I was ready to do whatever she asked me to do.

Ananya – “Aarav, can you please crush the ginger while I boil the milk?”

Me – “Sure, just tell me where to find the ginger!”

My sis had come into the kitchen after a long time and didn’t have much idea where anything was kept.

“It must be in the fridge”, said Ananya as she opened the fridge door and crouched down to find the ginger in the bottom drawer. Now her shorts were all bunched up and I could clearly see her two round buns and the line in the middle.

I just could not help myself and started to rub my dick over my shorts as Ananya searched for ginger in the fridge.

“Found it!”

As I heard this, I was very disappointed as my passion had taken over me by now, but even better things were yet to come.

As I got to crushing the ginger, my sister filled a saucepan with milk and set it to boil. She started adding things like sugar and tea leaves. I got finished crushing the ginger and as I turned to give it to her, my hand collided with her hand and the container of tea leaves flew out of her hand.

“God! The tea leaves are all over the floor!” exclaimed Ananya.

I assured her, “Don’t worry, we’ll get it all back in the container within 5 minutes.”

I sat down and started gathering the tea leaves. Ananya didn’t wanna get her shorts dirty so instead of sitting down she just bent forward and started to help me and man, what a view that was! Her t-shirt had a very low neck and as she bent forward, I could very easily see her breasts, hanging and swinging from side to side as she gathered the tea leaves.

Now, I was sure that she was not wearing a bra because nothing was covering her boobs! Till now, I had seen that her boobs were the perfect size to squeeze with my hands, but now I could see that her small and rosy-pink nipples were hard and ready to be licked and sucked!

Eventually, the tea leaves were gathered and we had to return to making tea. After filling two cups with tea, she went to the living room to serve it to our parents. Instead of following her, I stayed in the kitchen and closed the door.

My mind was going bonkers with all of this lust and I had to do something right now! On the counter, I could see a bunch of tissue papers. I quickly grabbed them, pulled my shorts down to the floor and started jerking off right there. After having delivered a huge load into the tissues, I pulled my shorts up with satisfaction and joined everyone in the living room.

Ananya’s dad’s POV –

I browsed through the main pages of the newspaper quickly to get to the entertainment section. Every day, the section had photos of the prettiest new actresses in as few clothes as possible. Be it a sari or a bikini, I looked at every photo and focused on every detail. Sometimes, you could even see some girl’s panties if she is sitting in her skirt!

“Here’s your tea papa, hope you like it!”, I heard Ananya say to me as she bent forward to place the tea cup on my table. Nice, I was waiting eagerly for it. However, as I looked up, instead of the tea, what I found myself looking at was completely different! All the pretty actresses in the newspaper were absolutely nothing compared to what I was seeing right now!!

To be continued.

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