An Intimate Family Affair – Part 2

Hi readers! I am Aman, a 26-year-old guy from Delhi. This story is a continuation of my previous story. So, if you haven’t read that, I suggest you read that first!

I am overwhelmed with the responses I got on my story and I have tried to inculcate all the feedback I got!

To get to the story, after the first round with my niece Vaishali, we both were lying naked on my bed breathing heavily. We had had an intense session, but feeling her naked body on mine was again making me a bit horny. My dick started getting hard again.

Her face was on my chest as she was lying half on top of me and my right arm was below her. As I got horny again, I took my arm and started massaging her right side boob. She understood what that meant and started slowly kissing and licking my chest hair. This made me more horny and I started pressing her right boob now.

She took her hand to my dick and started massaging it as it grew harder and bigger. She looked up at me as she massaged my dick and started slowly kissing me. In no time, we were again having a deep kiss with our tongues fighting.

Then she got on top of me and we continued kissing. My dick was saluting her pussy while being as hard as it could be. At this moment, my dick could be used as a hammer! My niece started grinding her pussy in my dick as I started feeling her getting wet. This made me bite her lower lip to get her a bit aggressive.

She increased the speed of grinding her pussy on my dick. Then she took my dick below her pussy to make it wet from below as well. At this time, all I could do was just kiss her madly and fondle her delicious melons.

Vaishali then did the most unexpected thing of the night. She got up a bit as she started kissing me harder and took my dick inside her pussy in just half a second. I could not say anything due to her tasty lips being in my mouth and her tongue discovering the deepest places in my mouth.

She broke the kiss to moan a little as I asked her, “Do you realize what you’re doing?” She just replied, “Shhh! Just enjoy the moment!”

My niece started jumping on my dick as I started enjoying the moment. She was just so horny at that time that she had both her hands running in her hair.

(Her riding on me is one image stuck in my mind and I will never forget it. I am reliving it as I write this story for you guys!)

She was moaning, “Aahhhh aahh.. yes fuck me!” This made me more horny and I wanted to just become brutal with her. After a few minutes of her riding me for the second time that night, I asked her to switch positions, I asked her for doggy style and she said yes.

I got down from the bed and she got on her fours. I got a wild idea so I first inserted my dick in her pussy after I rubbed it on her pussy. I then took all her hair and pulled it as I fucked her from behind. My niece’s ass was bouncing in waves each time I was ramming her pussy.

She was moaning loudly so I pushed her face onto the bed to suppress her loud moans. As I kept her face down, I started massaging her asshole with my thumb. Then I slowly inserted my thumb in her asshole and her moans got hot and louder. She was trying to say no for her asshole, but I didn’t listen to her. She had a very tight asshole so I understood she was a virgin for her asshole.

I continued to ram her pussy and thumb fuck her asshole for a while till she got comfortable. As she got comfortable, I took my dick out of her pussy and lightened my grip on her back to ask her if she would want to try anal. (It’s always good to ask for permission guys!)

She very hesitantly agreed to it. As I knew this was her first anal fuck, I got a coconut oil bottle from the bathroom and poured some oil on her asshole to make it wet. I also applied some oil on my dick to make it greasy, even though it was wet with her love juices.

I then placed the tip of my dick on her asshole and confirmed with her about it. She was still on her fours, but since it was her first anal fuck, I asked her to keep a pillow below her mouth and if she feels like screaming in pain, she should do that in the pillow. I didn’t want to wake my parents at that time and while we were having sex.

Vaishali kept a pillow below her mouth and gave me a nod to go ahead. I pushed my dick into her asshole while pushing it in using my hand for access. She instantly took her face to the pillow. Seeing this, I stopped for a second and then tried inserting again. This time, half of my dicks tip went in. I just pushed my pelvis forward to insert my dick in my niece’s asshole. I then again poured some oil on her asshole and my dick to make it greasy.

She was screaming loudly into the pillow. I caught hold of her hair and pulled back to pull her while I pushed my dick inside her ass. She had tears dropping on the pillow due to the pain, but now finally my dick was all in her ass.

I paused for a few seconds and then slowly started fucking her asshole. Her screams started getting low indicating she was getting comfortable. I then slowly increased my pace and she started swaying her ass with my rhythm.

As she started moaning, I started going harder on her ass. She was now enjoying her ass getting drilled. I took out my dick twice while fucking her ass and each time she asked me to put it back in.

I fucked my niece’s ass for about 5-7 minutes and then asked her to ride me. She inserted my dick in her super wet pussy now and started jumping up and down. Her bouncing boobs made me crazy again.

I pulled her down and started kissing her while spanking her ass. We kissed without a break as she rode me for 5 minutes and then she started giving me a tight kiss indicating she orgasmed. She then fell on me with my dick still in her. I held her back with a hug and started ramming her from down under. Her cum was coming out with my dick each time I rammed her pussy.

My niece just moaned and kissed my neck as I fucked her. She gave me multiple love bites on my neck and my chest this time, while I returned the favor with a few on her shoulder and neck.

I was now about to cum but since I was not wearing a condom, I didn’t want to give her a creampie. I asked her to get on her knees and stood in front of her. She took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I held her head and started brutally fucking her mouth.

She was gagging with my dick as I released my cum in her mouth. I kept my dick in her mouth so that she swallows my cum. She had no other choice so she gulped down my cum.

I then took out my dick from her mouth and fell on the bed. She got up and lay down next to me as she kissed my chest. We both were sweating with our sessions, so we lay there for a while hugging each other. I then checked my phone and saw the time was 5 am. My parents usually wake up at 6:30, so we both got dressed, kissed each other for a few minutes and slept off.

The next morning when I woke up, she was not there on the bed. I asked my mom about her, so got to know she left for her college around 10 am. I saw my phone and saw a message from her which said “I had a great time! Enjoyed the party last night! (wink)” Reading this I had a smile on my face and got busy during the day.

In the evening, I messaged her “I hope you are fine!” to which she replied “Yes, I’m all good! Missed two lectures and am hell-sleepy, but it was worth it! If possible, plan a trip so we can enjoy ourselves freely! (heart)”

Now I’m looking to open a trip with my niece, our honeymoon! I am hoping it happens soon!

I hope you guys liked my story. For any feedback, you can drop a mail to [email protected]