An Affair With My MIL – Part 1

We got married 9 months back. My wife was working in a big MNC company. They asked her to move to the USA for 6 months. I moved to my in-laws’ home since I was the only one staying in our house. Two months had gone without any physical sex. I was longing for my wife’s body to fuck.

One day, I was sitting in the living room watching TV with my in-laws. My mother-in-law was wearing a blue saree with a blue blouse. She was sitting on the floor cutting the vegetables to make dinner. Her blouse was a little bit loose. So, it was showing more of her shoulder.

I got to see more flesh than usual. This got my dick erected. I found it very sexual and looked at my MIL very frequently. I conversed with her, and during the conversation, I saw her almost naked shoulder and her lips.

I wasn’t sure whether my MIL had noticed my sexual intentions.  But she did nothing to tighten her blouse or getaway to the kitchen. My FIL was watching TV without noticing me. After she cut the necessary vegetables, my MIL went to the kitchen.

That night, I was fapping by thinking fucking my 45-year-old MIL. She is slightly older than me, in fact, 20 years older than me. But she looked beautiful even at her age. Her curvy body with big boobs had given a sexy appeal. I know this is wrong to think about your MIL, but nothing is wrong in your mind, right?

My MIL didn’t look 45 years old. Rather, she looked much younger with her beautiful round face and thick, straight black hair. My FIL was working in a company. He leaves home around 7.30 in the morning and returns around 7 in the evening. I was working from home.

One day, I was watching TV. A song was going on in the channel and then I switched to another channel. My MIL said to me, “Why did you change the channel? Keep it.”

“Oh, you were watching it? I will change it now. Do you like this hero?” I asked with a smile.

She replied, “Yes, He is handsome, just like you.”

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my MIL thinks I am handsome. I saw the song with a smile. I saw my MIL, and she was smiling too. That night I masturbated by thinking about fucking my MIL. Now, the sexual intentions about my MIL have grown wild within me.

One day, I was watching a match. I then decided to take a bath as there was a client meeting. I removed all my clothes and wrapped a towel around my lower body. I was about to step into the bathroom when I heard a huge noise coming from the TV. I ran to the living area to check the score.

India had lost two quick wickets and was in trouble. I was waiting for the replays. I saw my MIL sitting on the left corner of the sofa and watching me. We just discussed the match, and then I stood there with just a towel around my hip, waiting for the replay on TV.

I casually looked at my MIL. She was looking at me and then she turned her head immediately to watch TV. She was checking out me. So, I decided to stand there for a few more minutes to see what she was doing. I often looked at her in the corner of my eye.

She twice looked at me from top to bottom, and her eyes stayed at my dick level for more than a few seconds. I was so happy to see this. Part of me thought she liked me and wanted me. Then, another part of me told me that she was being nice to you because you are her son-in-law.

Every MIL treats their every son-in-law nicely and keeps them on a pedestal. One day, it was raining outside, and I wanted bhajji and tea. I went to the kitchen to tell my MIL. But then she was already making raw banana bhajji. I told her I was so lucky to have such a wonderful MIL who knew what I wanted.

She blushed and then asked me to sit in the hall till she prepared bhajji. I was sitting in the hall and thinking about what I just said to her. If she knew I wanted bhajji, does it mean she knew that I wanted her too? I just imagined my MIL holding my dick, just like she was holding a raw banana.

I was horny and went to the kitchen. She was busy slicing the raw banana. I could see her curvy hip, and there were two folds. I wanted to caress and pinch her sexy, curvy hip. I saw the side view of her big boobs too. She caught me looking at her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

I replied, “I just wanted to help you. Do you need any help?” She said no, but then I stayed in the kitchen. I wasn’t going to watch TV when I could see a much better picture in the kitchen. She was mixing the flour. Then she rubbed her nose with her knuckles.

I moved in closer to her, rubbed her nose with my finger, and told her, “See, I could help you.” She laughed so loudly. I wanted to kiss her right then, but then I decided to wait for the right moment. I was thirsty. RO machine was right beside her.

I could have taken the water from the copper pot we kept on the corner of the kitchen countertop to drink water. But I decided to take the water directly from the RO machine. I took a glass and went nearer to her. I was actually standing behind her and opened the RO tap to fill the glass.

As I was doing this, I could see the tension building up in my MIL’s body. She was randomly mixing the flour without any conviction. This gave me more courage. I moved in closer and looked at her boobs from the top view. Her blouse was again loose.

I could see more of her shoulder and the top of her big boobs as her saree was moved slightly to her left. I intentionally slipped the stainless steel glass and made sure that a few drops fell on her shoulders and boobs. I touched her shoulder and wiped those drops.

She let out a gasp, but it sounded like a moan to me. I was very much sure that this was the right moment. I stood behind her and put my erect dick on her bum, and started grinding her ass. She said nothing, but she let out a light moan and put her hands on the kitchen countertop.

She bent her body a little to give me more access. I put my hands on her curvy hip and rubbed my dick in between her butt crack. She opened her beautiful lips and said, “This is wrong. You should not do this. I am your mother-in-law. What would my daughter think of me if she came to know about this?”

She neither pushed me away nor was she angry while saying this. I stopped rubbing her ass and took my hands from her hip.

I moved closer to her right ear and whispered, “I know this is wrong. Shalu won’t like it if she comes to know about this. It’s wrong only if she comes to know about this. You and I want this. Don’t tell me you don’t want to feel my dick in your pussy.”

She pushed me away but said nothing. There was an awkward silence that lingered in the kitchen. I had no idea what to do. I had brought out all my courage to do all this, and I was hesitating to do anything further. She looked at a bulge in my shorts.

There was a slight smile appeared on the left corner of her lips. It gave me all the hope I needed. She turned her back on me and started cleaning her hands. I moved in closer and spanked her ass. She said, “Ouch! Stop this.” I ignored her and grabbed her big boobs from behind and squeezed them.

“Sshh! Kedar, stop this,” said she. I licked her right ear lobe and then kissed her neck. I removed her saree pallu and unhooked her blouse while my dick was rubbing her ass. Then I unhooked her bra and pinched her big dark brown nipple. She let out a huge moan.

I could see goosebumps on her body. I loved it and asked her, “Do you want me to stop now?”

There was no reply, but I knew that she liked it. I circled her nipple with my finger and then squeezed her left boob. I held her curvy hip and then rubbed her ass with my erect dick faster and asked her, “Do you want me to stop now, baby?” Again, there was no reply.

She put her head backwards, giving me access to her beautiful lips. I kissed her lips passionately. We kissed so passionately, and lust in us started to burn brightly in the kitchen. She turned towards me, removed her blouse and bra and threw them to the corner.

She kissed me again with so much fire. Her hands moved all over my body and stopped at the tip of my bulge. She rubbed my dick slowly. I told her, “Suck my dick, honey.” She said, “Don’t call me baby, honey or darling. You can call these names to your wife. Call me Shinchu.”

I loved it, but I had no idea why she wanted me to call that name because her name was Vaani. I just went with the flow and told her, “Shinchu, suck my dick slowly.” She knelt in front of me in the kitchen and lowered my shorts. She then kissed the bulge in my underwear.

She lowered my underwear and saw my fully erected dick. She kissed the tip slowly. She held my dick and started jerking it slowly. My dick was so hard, and I could see the nerves in my dick. She slowly put my dickhead inside her mouth and started sucking it.

The moment she put my dick inside her mouth, I felt a tickling feeling spreading through my body. It was so good, and I wanted it to last for more time. She was slowly sucking my pink dickhead by closing her eyes. I loved it. I saw her big boobs and then her lips moving slowly to and fro.

She took my dick out of her mouth and asked, “Do you want me to stop now?” I smiled as I knew that this question was related to the one I asked. I loved her naughtiness. She rubbed the shaft of my dick slowly and said again with a naughty smile, “Tell me to stop now. I will stop this.”

I wish I had told her to stop right there. I cum so heavily on her face, hands and boobs, and some drops fell on the kitchen floor too. I was embarrassed about this.

I said, “I am so sorry. I got a nice blowjob after a long time. That’s why I couldn’t control myself. In fact, this is the second blowjob I have got after marriage.”

She laughed so loudly and said, “It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s alright. Shalu never gave you a blowjob?”

“She doesn’t like to suck cock. She tried it once but then didn’t like it.”

“Oh, poor boy! My daughter isn’t aware of how much fun she is missing to give it to her husband. Don’t worry, beta. Her mom will take care of this.”

She winked at me and then wiped a tiny cum drop from my dickhead. We cleaned ourselves and got dressed up. In the next part, I will tell you how my MIL and I enjoyed each other’s bodies.

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