Amateur male gigolo fucks beautiful girl in Hyderabad

Hi all, my name is Nani. Kindly excuse me if there are any mistakes. This is my first story. I came to Hyderabad in September 2022, to do a software course.

I had some financial problems and I was searching for part-time jobs online. At that time, I came to know about one job, which was of a male gigolo. Then I researched that job and came to know about what I would have to do, and how I would get money as a side income. I knew it was not an easy task to find clients online, not like cafes or malls which were easy to get clients there if you have higher chances of getting them.

I tried to find clients on websites that are almost all fraud and money looting. No one was genuine there. At that time, I lost some money and then stopped contacting agencies that act genuinely, to take my hard-earned money. I also tried some dating apps which were not fair, as we had to pay money and there was no use ever after doing all that. So I cleared all apps and tried other ways which were genuine to get clients. It was a daunting and time-consuming task.

Then I found one site called Skokka to run ADs to find clients which was free and best compared to other ones. I ran daily ADs on the website. One day, I got a client from Skokka. The real story begins here.

She was staying in Hyderabad, KPHB which was near to her office. She mailed me asking when would I be available and where to meet and the privacy to do this thing.

I said: Only mail me here, no other platform has the privacy for both of us.

After so many emails, we both realized to meet once at any public place to move things further into action. This was good for both of us to meet personally.

Then I met her personally at Kukatpally Nexus mall. We did not speak for some time. After a long pause, I took the initiative and started speaking. She was good and we decided to go shopping to purchase some things. We both went to a restaurant and ordered biryani and had it. We decided to have that pleasurable sex in her flat on the weekend.

I went to her flat on that Saturday night around 10:00 pm. I knocked on the door. Then she softly asked from inside –

She: Who is outside?

Then I said: It’s me, your happy moment.

I finally got a chance to meet lady directly in her flat. She was an above-average girl and looked like a 32-28-32 good figure. After getting into her flat, we chit-chat for some time about some random things.

We both drank 2 pegs of wine. After that, we kissed passionately for around 20 minutes deeply. Then I started to press her boobs and soon, got into the bedroom and started the session. I took her boobs into my mouth and licked like a baby and bit them to tease her. And she was moaning like, “Uffff ummm..” and continued the same.

I kissed her boobs and snatched and squeezed them a lot. After this, she couldn’t control herself. I tried milking her boobs for some time. It gave me a pleasurable feeling to perform. She was rubbing my dick and after some time, she was taking it fully into her mouth. I can’t explain in words, how I was feeling at that time. Then I explored each and every part of her body and licked the entire body. I knew what was where in her entire body to know the exact picture in my mind.

I teased her while putting oil in her body parts. She was moaning and rubbed her part with my finger to lose her nerves freely and for smooth penetration, to do sex easily after doing lubrication.

I started inserting my dick into her. She started shouting, “Fuck me hard’..” I gently increased my speed to keep her calm. My tool is above average so we tried positions where I fucked from behind.

I continued to give strokes to feel it for more and enjoy it. We both did sex in different positions and different angles.

I tried almost all my favorite positions. She enjoyed a lot in the missionary position which was good for having sex while you kiss and squeeze the melons.

After that, I changed to another position called doggy style which was nice to have. We also tried spooning and the 69 position. We both enjoyed the 69 position to have oral sex at a time, the most pleasurable thing I had!

I really liked each and every part of her body and I tried boob sex which she liked the most. I enjoyed it a lot. After 2 hours of foreplay and sex, I cummed on her boobs. She took my cum into her mouth and we exchanged that thing. How sweet it was, I can’t say in words.

After that, she fell on my chest and we both took some rest to start shortly again. She liked the bdsm type, and I also liked to do really well when my partner is dominating me.

We did 2 more sessions in the night and ended it. Then early in the morning while we were freshening up in the shower, we continued doing sex. It’s good to have sex in the shower. I inserted my dick in her from the back side while my hands were on her boobs and pressed them. And she was taking my dick. In between, she was turning back to kiss me. Oh, really, nice to have sex under the shower.

We did it there for 20 minutes and ended the beautiful session that morning. That day of my life I will never forget easily.

I serve the needs of women based on their requirements, whether mental or physical, giving utmost privacy. Mail me if you like it. Mail id is: [email protected]