Alice In Wonderland – Part 2 (Filling Up Cousin’s Mouth With Cum)

Hello everyone, this is Vipin and it is the second part of the incident on my adventures with my mallu cousin sister. I seduced my slutty cousin and the story continues.

Alice was making out with me and suddenly, her mother called her from downstairs. I stopped fingering my cousin’s asshole and she moved out of bed. We were not able to finish each other off and was really sad about it. She responded to her mother.

“I will come down now. Vipin is in the washroom and I was looking for my old book on the rack and can’t find it.”

Saying this, she left the room, giving me a naughty smile. I wore my dress and went down after a minute so that aunty won’t get suspicious.

After breakfast, I went up to my room. I took out my flaccid cock and the precum still hadn’t dried yet. The incident in the morning was still afresh in my mind and the mere thought made my dick grow. At the same moment, my hot cousin came into my room saying that her mom had gone to the neighbour aunty’s house for her usual gossiping and that we had a small window.

I enquired about her younger sister and she replied that Shilpa was watching a movie downstairs. She was already looking at my boner.

Alice: Somebody got hard just by seeing me!

Me: Everything about you make my dick hard.

My cousin sister blushed a bit. I went near her and without wasting time, I caught her by the back of her hair and smooched her lips and pushed my tongue into her mouth. I was being a bit rough and my cousin liked it. She responded in the same manner and inserted her hand into my shorts. She started stroking my growing boner.

I cupped her soft mallu boobs and inserted my left hand through her top and started pressing and squeezing her tits. I pinched her nipples hard and my cousin started to moan slowly.

My other hand went down to her navel area, circling her belly button and her smooth size zero stomach. I moved my hand toward her crotch area, inside her skirt and started feeling her pussy over her panties. Her panty was already wet and sticky from the morning incident and had not dried up yet.

I moved her panty aside and inserted a finger into her love hole and started fingering her by inserting one finger. Alice was moaning softly and her breathing increased. I took my hand out and licked like her juices. It had an intoxicating taste and smell. I went inside her skirt and continue to finger her while she was shagging me off.

After a few minutes of intense foreplay, I removed my shorts and freed my hard dick. I made my cousin sit on the bed and brought my hard cock near her face and slapped her face slowly with my throbbing dick. She got hold of it and continued to stroke it while smelling my hard cock. I started leaking precum again.

I asked her to lick the tip of my cock and taste my precum. She was hesitant to do it at first but with a little persuasion, she did it and tasted my precum. She made a yucky face and told me it was salty. I asked her to lick my whole dick and put it in her mouth. She replied that she doesn’t like to do it but she will do it once for me. But she made a condition that I shouldn’t ask her again for a blowjob. I agreed to it but I knew that once she does it she will do it again.

I asked her to lick and suck it like a lollipop. Alice took the top of my dick in her mouth and started circling her tongue around the cockhead. I let out a moan since it had been a while since my cock has last been sucked on. My cousin sister continued to suck on my dick and tried to put it inside her mouth. She could only reach halfway, took it, applied saliva on it and made it wet. She then put it in her mouth again and started picking up momentum.

I held her by her hair to control her movements. Her mouth was acting like a vacuum and it was giving me immense pleasure. She started getting better at it and her tongue movements inside the mouth were out of the world. My cousin gradually put more of my penis into her and would gag on it turning it into a sloppy blowjob with a lot of saliva. She would look at my eyes while she worked wonders with her mouth below.

She was really a goddess in action. She would take occasional breaks to catch her breath and continue to blow me hard. She would caress and stimulate my balls. My cousin sister would move her face around my cock to lick its base. Then she took my balls inside her mouth while her hands continued to stroke my sloppy cock. I would occasionally squeeze her boobs and pinch her nipples to pleasure her.

After 7-8 minutes of intense blowing, I could feel my dick building up and I knew that I wouldn’t last any longer. I started moving my cock in and out of her mouth rapidly and she cooperated with it by opening her mouth wide.

I mouthfucked my Kerala cousin furiously for a few more seconds and cummed inside her mouth in an uncontrollable way. I thrust my cock fully into her mouth and spurted loads of thick cum into her mouth in multiple shots. I moaned as I finished and filled her slutty mouth with my cum.

Tears started rolling from her eyes as I took my pulsating cock out of her cum-filled mouth. Alice swallowed a small portion of my jizz and coughed out the rest of my juices. She took a long breath of fresh air after spitting out my cum. My cousin’s face was smothered with my cum and saliva. There was some drooling down her chin to her boobs. She looked like a used-up street whore and it was turning me on again.

Her messy hair and cum stained face were a sight to watch. I made her lie on the bed and slowly parted her leg. I moved her skirt up to her stomach. Then I started kissing her thighs, slowly moving upwards towards her wet pussy. I brought my face near her leaking love hole and took a long sniff. She had a womanly smell which was really intoxicating.

I wasted no time and started to lick my mallu cousin sister’s pussy by parting her wet panties to the side. She started to moan the moment my tongue touched her pussy lips. I was enjoying these moans and continued to eat her pussy.

I inserted a finger inside her cunt and started to finger her while I suck on her clit. She locked her legs around my head pushing my face closer to her pussy. I circled my tongue inside her flaming pussy which made her crazy. My tongue work was showing her heaven which could be seen in her facial expressions.

Alice was lost in a trance and didn’t want this pleasure to end as she kept pushing my face onto her pussy. I would stop for a few seconds when she is nearing her orgasm and reduce the intensity of fingering. I had to give her one of the orgasms and I wanted her to remember this adventure for a long time. The mere thought should make her pussy wet. My tongue twisted and turned inside her fuck hole giving her immense pleasure.

I tongue-fucked her and my hand stimulate her G-spot. After a few seconds, Alice let out a loud moan and her body began to convulse uncontrollably. My cousin had a violent orgasm rolling her eyes in pleasure and her cunt sprayed out jets of squirt on my face and I drank it.

My hand covered her mouth to silence her moans. She slowly recovered from her orgasm and I helped her sit up on the bed. Her face was still messed up with dried-up cum stains. She looked up at me with her puppy face and pulled me down for a kiss. I kissed her back and hugged her tight. She whispered in my ear.

Alice: Thank you for showing me heaven!

Me: I am just returning the favor. By the way, you are really tasty down there!

Alice: Poda, don’t tease me.

She blushed and put her fingers on my dick. She rolled down the foreskin and licked my penis, then again came up and said

Alice: Your cum tastes amazing. At first, I didn’t like it but now I feel different and want to taste it again.

Me: Don’t worry, we still have a lot of days ahead of us. You will be an experienced slut by the time I leave here.

Saying this, I put my hand inside her pussy and scooped out the remaining fluid out of it, licked it, and pulled her in for a romantic kiss. Our tongues meet and she got a taste of her juices. Then I made her remove her cum soaked panty and kept it in the cupboard as a souvenir.

It had been almost half an hour since we started our little adventure and I decided to things slow. So, we freshened up a bit and went downstairs so that her sister wouldn’t get suspicious.

Alice directly went to her room and I sat in the living room with her sister. Within 5 minutes, my aunt came from the neighbour’s place.

Well. I am ending the second part of this incident. In the next part. I will tell more about our flings and how we took things to the next level. Please send your feedback and criticism on [email protected]