Alice In Wonderland – Part 1 (Seduced Mallu Cousin Sister)

Hello all, my name is Vipin and this is gonna be a story about a real-life incident that happened to me and my cousin sister during the covid lockdown days. This is my first story on this platform, it will be a bit lengthy, but it will be worth it.

Let me describe myself, I am a 22-year-old typical Malayali boy with an average body, 5 ft 7 in height and a charming personality along with a 6-inch monster under my hood.

So, coming to my story. My village is situated along the hilly areas of Kozhikode and our family owns a huge amount of land in the area. My parents are both working professionals in UAE and our new home is under construction. My dad’s younger brother lives in the same area with his family and my parents arranged my accommodation at their place.

He has 2 daughters, one aged 19 and the other aged 12. Their name was Alice and Shilpa (names changed) respectively. Alice is the heroine of the story and she is 5 ft 3 in with a fair complexion and a bombshell body. She has beautiful long eyes and a dimple which makes her a cutie. The best thing about her is her ass. It is curvy with the right amount of flesh on the ass-cheeks. Her mallu ass would sway sexily while she walked. Her boobs were firm yet soft and beautiful with dark nipples. Her stats were (34-28-32) and it would make any dick rise.

I was doing my undergraduate degree in Bangalore and as soon as the lockdown was announced by the government, I was forced to come back home which is in Kerala. I was feeling really sad about it since I was having an active sex life and I knew it all will come to an unexpected stop.

The initial days after coming to my hometown was really typical with almost nothing to do. I would spend my time watching series or spending time with my cousins.

At first, I didn’t have any sexual feelings toward my mallu cousin sister Alice. But, as the days passed, I started closely watching her beauty and assets. I used to secretly stare at her ass while she walked and her deep cleavage when exposed without her knowledge.

We used to play badminton together almost every evening and her bouncing boobs were a sight to watch. It would wake up my monster. I would make excuses and would use any chance to touch and feel her body. Then I would masturbate wildly thinking about my cousin sister and all the different positions I would fuck her in. This became a regular thing for me.

After a week, one day I woke up with morning wood and was feeling really horny. Soon, I was stroking my fully grown dick, trying to get off. At the same time, Alice walked into my room to call me for breakfast. She clearly saw my cock and what I was doing with it!

I quickly pulled up my shorts and covered my dick. I could see a shocked expression on her face and she ran out of the room without saying anything.

I quickly freshened up and went down for breakfast. I was a little scared that she would tell this to her father or mother but was relieved when she smiled at me at the breakfast table. These gestures from her increased my courage and I became confident that I could nail this bitch.

I started plotting ways to seduce my cousin after this incident. At night while eating dinner, Alice was wearing a skirt that barely covered her knees. We were sitting next to each other at the table.

Suddenly, I kept my left hand on the right thigh and started to caress it over her skirt. My cousin was startled by that move and gave me a glare with her long eyes. I slowly pulled up her skirt to her tight and started touching her bare skin below the dress.

I slowly moved my hand upward toward her pussy but she locked her legs and didn’t let me access the treasure. So I returned my hand, carefully massaging her milky white thighs. I stopped that shortly since she wasn’t ready to let me explore and it wasn’t right to do anything without her permission.

I apologized to her after the dinner and our conversation went down like this:

Me: I am sorry for touching your thighs like that without your permission, I just did it in the heat of the moment.

Cousin: Okay, okay.. (I smiled a little)

Me: Also, I am sorry about the incident in the morning, I didn’t know that you would come in.

Cousin: Well, there is a mistake on my part also, I didn’t knock before coming in.

Me: Did you like what you saw? (giving a grin)

Cousin: Chii poda, I only saw a glimpse of it and didn’t see it clearly.

Then Shilpa came to us for playing cards and we had to end our conversation short. We played Uno cards with her while my uncle and aunt went to sleep and told us not to be late. Throughout the game, we looked at each other with lustful eyes. I wanted to kiss to sexy lips of her but I controlled my emotions.

After the game, we went to our respective bedrooms wishing each other good night. I masturbated hard thinking about her before I fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up early and saw my uncle leaving for the rubber plantation. I knew that Alice will come to my room to wake me up for breakfast. I undressed and got nude under the blanket waiting for her. As I expected, she came up to wake me and saw me already up sitting on the bed.

Alice: Ooh, you are up early. Come down for breakfast, Amma is calling you.

Me: Yeah, I woke up just now and I am lazy to get out.

Alice: Is that so? Let me try waking you up.

She came beside me and started tickling me. I tried to shake my cousin and the blanket moved away from my body. She saw my semi-erect cock again and kept staring at it.

Me: So now, you got a clear view of my snake, right?

Alice: Poda, I have never seen it before in real life.

Me: Do you want to touch and feel it?

I started stroking my dick and it sprung to life and started to grow in size. She started biting her lower lip while looking at it. I took her hand and slowly guided her hand toward my growing cock. I got an electrifying feel throughout my body the second her cold finger touched my dick. She caressed it around with her fingers and pulled the foreskin down.

My cousin started stroking my cock slowly. My cousin’s small hand started to work up and down my shaft from the head till the base of the cock. I pulled her to my bed and our lips met for a sensational kiss. I was chewing and biting on her lips like a hungry lion. We started making out like hungry bunnies.

Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths in loops and twirls. My hands started exploring her assets, my left hand was massaging her soft breast outside her top while my other hand was at the back of her head pulling her hair and controlling the intensity of the kiss.

Alice continued stroking my fully erect penis which started leaking out precum and was rock hard by that time.

After a few minutes, we broke out of the kiss to catch our breath but didn’t let go of my dick and continued to give me a handjob. Her small hand could barely hold the length of the monster.

My hands were exploring every inch of her body. I grabbed her by the ass and started squeezing her fleshy ass cheeks above her skirt. My sexy cousin let out a small moan. I put my hands inside her skirt and started playing with her bare ass, pressing and squeezing them hard for a while while she kissing and licking her neck and face.

Alice continued to stroke my dick all this while giving me an intense handjob and stimulating my throbbing cock. I reciprocated by inserting my forefinger inside her asshole and started to finger her dry asshole.

Since her asshole was dry, I had to spit on my hand and apply it over her asshole to lubricate her asshole and continued to finger her asshole.

At this time, her mother called out to her, “Aliceeee.. Did Vipin wake up? Where are you? Come to the kitchen and help me finish the morning chores.”

I am ending this part here. There will be a second part coming in shortly. Kindly send your feedback, reviews, and criticism to this email address – [email protected]