Affair At The Girl’s Hostel

Dev: Are you sure we wouldn’t get caught?

Kartik: Of course, bro, there is nothing to worry about.

Dev: You said we could peek inside the girl’s hostel from the top of this tree.

Kartik: Yeah, bro, I checked it myself. Now keep quiet and climb. Think about those sexy chicks in tight shorts with fabric sticking to their soft butt cheeks. Imagine their boobs peeking out from their loose t-shirts. A thin layer of clothing is the only thing preventing them from your eyes.

Dev got hard just from listening to his friend.

Kartik: I see you are ready to blow off a load. So now take the binoculars and climb up.

Dev took the binoculars and climbed up to the tree. When he put the binoculars to watch the view, he lost his balance and fell inside the girl’s hostel.

Dev: Ah, shit!

He fell to the ground and became unconscious. Kartik panicked.

Kartik: Fuck. If I get caught, it will have bizarre consequences. Sorry, Dev.

Without much thinking, Kartik ran away.

Inside the dorm:

Amaira: Wow, look what we caught. A pervert is peeking from the outside of our hostel.

Mina: There is a scratch on his forehead. I think we should give him first-aid.

Amaira: Huh? Perverts don’t deserve any care.

Sana: So what should we do with him now?

Amidst their conversation, Dev woke up.

Amaira: Look, who’s awake now?

Dev: Wha- Shit, my head hurts. Where am I?

Dev found his hands tied behind his back and sat on the dorm floor. Dev took a look at his surroundings. He saw 3 girls.

Amaira was wearing a black tank top with tight shorts showing half of her ass. She was giving badass bitch vibes with her faux undercut hairstyle. She also had a lip ring piercing on the left side of her lip. But even his bad chick vibes. She had a pretty sexy body with a round ass and slim figure.

Standing to the left side of Amaira, there was Mina. Mina stood there with her eyes, not making eye contact with Dev. She seemed like a shy person. She wore a yellow one-piece skirt covering her knee with flower prints.

She had low pigtails with ribbons and curls at the bottom. Her whole attire was giving cute, must-protect vibes.

And last, Sana was sitting on the bed reading a book. Sana seemed like a calm person. She was wearing a fashionable synthetic night suit. She had short wavy hair till her neck. Had a mole on her lower lip. She was also wearing a bracelet on her left hand. She gave cool chick vibes.

Dev: Wait, this is a misunderstanding.

Amaira: What misunderstanding? You were gawking at us, then trip and fall.

Dev: But…

Without letting him finish his sentence, Amaira put her foot on his junk through his pants.

Dev: What!!

Amaira: This is your punishment.

Amaira started rubbing his dick with her foot.

Mina: Amaira, What are you doing? Don’t hurt him like that.

Amaira: Hurt? (chuckles). This sicko is enjoying every bit of it.

Mina: What?

Amaira: Don’t believe me? Now see.

Amaira removed her foot, and there was a bulge on Dev’s pants.

Amaira: This bastard got a hard-on from my punishment.

Mina was shocked and diverted her eyes. Amaira laughs. Amaira then unzipped his pants, and the erect dick came out.

Amaira: Holy sex, did you take Viagra or something? Why your dick is so big and hard. You are a degenerate on a whole new level. I like that.

Dev: What…

Sana: Oye Amaira, What are you thinking? Are you crazy or what?

Amaira: Relax, Sana. I have been pent up for a long time. I guess his dong will not disappoint. It’s not like our new guest will disagree with some fun after being teased this much.

Amaira sat in front of Dev and grabbed his cock with her feet, and started stroking it. Dev started panting. His precum started spilling on her feet.

Amaira: You will get my feet dirty with your filthy juices.

Amaira started stroking it rough and faster. Dev also started thrusting his hips.

Amaira: Gosh, you are just like an animal in heat.

With one final thrust, Dev released his load all over Amaira’s feet and thighs.

Amaira: Wow, so much semen.

Amaira took some of the semen from her thigh on her finger and licked it.

Amaira: Hmm, So thick.

As she looked down, she saw Dev still got a boner.

Amaira: Looks like someone will not be satisfied with just feet.

Amaira stood up and removed her shorts. She wasn’t wearing anything under it. Her pussy was clean-shaved, and her ass was firm and round.

Sana: Amaira!

Amaira: Shh. We are adults, dude, chill.

Sana: Fine, do whatever you want. If this causes any bad consequences, I will not take any responsibility.

Amaira: Yeah, whatever!

Amaira came close to Dev and sat on his lap.

Amaira: Hello, perv, You should be grateful that I am in such a good mood today.

Amaira holds his dick and places it below her pussy. Its tip touched her pussy.

Amaira: Man, this thing is hot.

With one go, his whole dick went inside her.

Amaira: Oh God, Yes (She moans)

Dev was about to cum but held himself back.

Amaira: I thought you would cum in one thrust. So you can endure this much. How about this!

Amaira started jumping on his cock. With each thrust, Dev became more and more vulnerable to ejaculating.

Dev: I have to do something (He thought)

He moved a little forward and buried his face in her boobs.

Amaira: Oh, so you want to feel Mama’s tits!

She removed her tank top and pushed his face on her breasts. Dev started sucking her nipples.

Amaira: Ah Fuck, This feels too good.

Dev and Amaira both started moaning loudly. With one last thrust, they both cum. Dev noticed Mina touching herself through her skirt from the corner of his eye. From the looks of it, Mina also cum. When he looked at Sana, she was wearing earphones and was engrossed in her book.

Both were panting hard. Dev’s juices were flowing out from her pussy.
Amaira crashed on his chest. She was a mess. Her kajal was all over her face due to the sweat.

Amaira: (pants) He is my boy toy from now onwards. (pants)

A few minutes later, they both catch their breath. Amaira washed her face. She also untied Dev, and he also cleaned himself. Now all of them have calmed down. Dev sat on Amaira’s bed.

Amaira: After everything, I claim this guy is my boy toy.

Dev: Oye, who are you to decide that?

Amaira: So you mean to say you didn’t like it?

Dev: I didn’t say that, but…

Amaira: See, from now on, you can come to this hostel daily, and we can have a good time.

Dev: But what if we got caught?

Amaira: Don’t worry. Message me, and we will empty that place. Also, you guys can have some fun.

Sana: Don’t joke. I have a boyfriend.

Mina: I also don’t want to get involved in those types of things.

Amaira: (smirk) You say that, but we were enjoying our show. I know you just put on the mask of a shy and cute girl. But inside, you want all those lewd and naughty stuff.

Mina: T-that’s not t-true (she said hesitatingly)

Amaira’s room is near the wall outside, and people rarely roam there. Dev quickly jumped over the wall with the help of a chair and went outside.

In the morning in college, Kartik met Dev in the classroom.

Kartik: Sorry, bro, about yesterday. I was scared. What happened after that?

Dev: Bastard, you just left me. Now you want to act friendly again. Asshole (He thought). Nothing much, bro. No one was around, and I quickly got up and ran away.

Kartik: Oh, thank God.

Dev: I will never tell this fucker I hooked up with a crazy chick yesterday. Damn, I can’t for the night (He thought)

Dev went to the girl’s hostel at night and stood before the wall. He messaged Amaira.

Dev’s text: Hey, Is the path clear?

Amaira’s text: Yeah, everybody is in the Mess for dinner. So the path is clear. We are also in the Mess. But our room is unlocked. So wait there for us.

Dev’s text: Ok.

Dev then found some wooden boxes and climbed over the wall. He sneakily went towards Amaira’s room. As he went close to the room, he found the lights were on. Opening the room, he saw only Mina sitting there, trying to masturbate.

Dev: Oh shit!

Mina was surprised. She quickly covered herself. That day she was wearing a blue skirt.

Dev: I didn’t see anything, I promise.

Mina: I-I wasn’t doing anything, I swear. I didn’t know you were coming today.

Mina pulled herself together and came close to Dev.

Mina: How is your injury? Does it hurt anymore?

She was talking about the scratch on Dev’s forehead during the fall.

Dev: Na, you patched me quite well yesterday.

Mina (blushes): Oh, I only put a band-aid on it.

They both sat on the bed.

Mina: I went for dinner earlier, so I got back fast.

Dev: I see.

There was an awkward silence. A few seconds later.

Mina: Dev?

Dev: Yeah?

Mina: You see, yesterday when you and Amaira were doing that stuff. I unconsciously started touching myself. I don’t know why, but it felt good. I know I shouldn’t have these types of thoughts. But I can’t stop thinking about them. So can you help me with my problem? Can you teach me about…

Mina realized what she was asking for and got embarrassed.

Mina: Sorry. Please forget everything I said.

Mina stood up and was about to leave, but Dev held her hand and hugged her from behind.

Dev: You are cute, Mina.

Dev lifts Mina in his arms.

Mina: Dev, what…

Dev: Shh. Don’t worry. I will make you feel good.

Dev lay her on her bed and went down to her legs. He holds her skirt and lifts it. Dev chuckles as he finds she is wearing a teddy bear print panty. Mina covered her eyes in embarrassment.

Mina: Don’t laugh. These are my favourites. (With an adorable tone)

Her panty was a little wet. Dev also removed the panties. Now her bare pussy was in front of Dev’s face.

Mina: Now he has seen my most personal part. This is so embarrassing, but why does it feel so good? (She thought) Don’t stare too much. Your breath is directed toward my vagina. It’s kind of tickling.

Dev: Don’t worry, dear, it will feel good.

Dev started eating out her pussy.

Mina: Ahh, Wh…

He was licking every part of her pussy, her clit. His licking was making lewd splashing noises.

Mina: No. Oh, stop. Oh man, this is c-crazy. (She moans)

The pleasure was so crazy that Mina didn’t even last 2 minutes and cum. He grabbed her ass cheeks and sucked all her love juices. Mina was breathing heavily. She noticed Dev was undressed, and his penis was erect. Dev comes closer to her.

Mina: Dev, wait!

He came to his senses again.

Dev: Sorry, Mina. I just got horny. I didn’t mean…

Mina: It’s ok, Dev, you can do me.

Dev: But isn’t this your first time?

Mina: Yeah, but I am happy if it’s you.

Dev released a sigh and came closer to her.

Dev: Tell me if it hurts.

Mina nodded. Dev started pushing his cock inside her.

Dev: Oh shit, her pussy is so tight. Damn (He thought)

Mina had an erotic expression on her face. Dev started kneading her breasts. Her nipple becomes hard.

Mina: Ah, Oh, Dev.

Mina was panting hard. Dev started thrusting faster. From the looks of it, it seemed like Mina cum again. As Dev was about to cum, he pulled out his dick and spread all his semen on her body.

Mina was breathing heavily. Dev was also tired but recovered after a few minutes. He got up and started searching for something. A few seconds later, he came to Mina with some tissue paper and cleaned his mess from her body.

Dev: Sorry. I know I shouldn’t have spread it on you.

Mina found his gesture very cute. She spread her arm with a smile inviting him for a hug. He also smiled back and came close to a hug. But as he was about to hug her, the door opened, and there were Amaira and Sana.

They were surprised at first, but seconds later, Amaira had a smirk on her face, and Sana gave a sigh.

A few days later, Dev was having a threesome with Amaira and Mina in the room. Sana went out with her boyfriend on a date. Amaira was sitting on his face, and Mina was sucking his cock.

Amaira: So how does my pussy taste, Mr Pervert?

Dev answered, but his voice was incomprehensible.

Amaira: Huh? Oh right. You got a devil’s tongue. Shit, this feels so good.

Down there, Mina was licking his dick like a cat.

Mina: How is your dick so big? It will never fit in my mouth as a whole. In that case…

Mina stood up and placed his dick below her pussy.

Mina: If my upper mouth can’t fit it. I will use my lower mouth. Ahh!

Mina’s pussy engulfed his dick.

Amaira: Now you sit back and let me take the thrill.

The next moment, Mina was lying down and getting her pussy sucked by Amaira while Dev was pounding Amaira’s pussy from behind.

Amaira: So you like your pussy getting sucked?

Mina: No, that’s not…

Amaira: Keep quiet and feel the orgasm.

Amaira spread her pussy with her finger and started licking deep in her pussy. While Dev grabbed Amaira’s ass firmly and started thrusting faster and faster.
With all three of them getting an orgasm, they crashed on the floor, breathing heavily. Dev’s semen gushed out from Amaira’s pussy.

Amaira: You think my hole is your cum dumpster, don’t you? (pants)

Dev: Sorry. (pants)

Amaira: Well, a creampie doesn’t feel that bad. So I’ll allow it.

After a few minutes of catching their breath,

Amaira: Man I am beat. Hey, Mina, let’s go to eat something. Dev, you stay here. We will be back in 30 minutes and then continue our session.

They both left. After 20 minutes,
Amaira’s text: Sorry, Dev, I think we will be late. I just found out new garment shop. We will do some shopping here. So you can leave. We will continue our session tomorrow.

As he was about to leave, the door opened, and there was Sana.

Dev: Sana?

She was a mess. It looked like she was crying for 2-3 hours and reeked of alcohol.

Sana: This stupid bracelet! (In a drunkard tone)

She removed her bracelet and threw it away. Sana looked at Dev but went to her bed without a word and covered her whole body with a bed sheet. Not even a minute after, she started sniffling. Dev was surprised as Sana always looked calm and composed. She showed little emotion.

Dev: I think something went wrong with her date. What should I do? I don’t think leaving her here in this condition would be good. (He thought) Sana. Are you ok? (He said in a very low voice)

Sana: Please leave. I don’t want to talk to anybody now. (With a cracking voice)

Dev quietly sat beside her putting his hand on her back to console her.

Sana: That bastard was kissing another woman. When I confronted him, he said it was my fault for being unattractive.

Sana broke down in tears. Dev lifted the bed sheet and hugged her.

Dev: That idiot was blind. You are gorgeous, Sana. You might be the coolest person I have ever met.

Sana looked at him with puppy eyes.

Sana: Really?

They both were very close to each other. The atmosphere changed from emotional to romantic very quickly. And before they understood the situation, they were already kissing each other. Her mouth tasted like alcohol but still sweet.

Dev removed his shirt, and Sana lay down on her bed, removing her jeans. She was wearing black panties. Things were happening so fast.  They didn’t have a moment to think about what they were doing.

When Dev finally became conscious of the situation. He found Sana lying on her stomach with her butt facing him.

Dev: Sana, I think we shouldn’t do it on impulse. You are drunk, so you are not thinking straight right now.

Sana: I want to forget about him and his betrayal. This is the only way right now. I might be drunk, but I am fully aware of my actions. It’s not that I am doing it with someone random. It’s you. We didn’t have much conversation before. You might be a pervert, but you aren’t a bad person.

Dev: I don’t understand if that was a compliment, but I take it as a compliment. Now if she is ready, how can I resist this sexy body? (In his mind)

He turned towards her and pulled her panties down. Her pussy was shaved. Dev grabbed her ass with both hands and pushed his dick inside her. Her ass was soft, and her pussy was already wet.

Dev: Ah, shit. She is so wet. Her pussy is so sloppy. (In mind)

Sana grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it. As he started thrusting. It felt like her pussy walls were sucking his whole dick inside. It felt like his dick was melting inside her. Dev pants. Sana’s moans were inaudible due to the pillow.

Dev: Why are you hiding your face? I want to see it.

Sana turned around a little. She appeared to be holding back to not give in to pleasure.

Sana: Shut up and kiss me, bastard. (She said in a yearning tone)

She pulled him close, and as they kissed, they both cum. Her pussy twitched like crazy, and Dev loaded her hole with his love juices. They both got tired, so they slept on the bed.

A few hours later, at the entrance of the hostel:

Amaira: That new store had some good pieces.

Mina: Yeah, we should go to that store again.

Amaira: I bought a pair of jeans for Sana too. And a shirt for our boy toy.

Mina: He has a name, Amaira.

Amaira: Sorry, Sorry I forgot you have a crush on him.

Mina got flustered.

Mina: It’s none of your business.

After walking up to their room, they opened the door. They saw Dev and Sana cuddling naked on the bed.

Amaira: Wow, Now that was unexpected.

Mina got turned on by the view.

Amaira: I think I should click a picture of our lovely couple.

The next day.

Amaira: Now that you have gotten in everyone’s pants. How do you feel, Mr Pervert? Well, you don’t need to answer. Lust is dripping from your mouth.

Amaira, Mina, and Sana were in doggy positions, with Dev fucking Sana in the middle. Amaira and Mina were pleased by his fingers at both sides.

Amaira: Fuck! Do you have magic fingers or what? I never thought fingers could feel this good.

Mina was already in a state of passing out with pleasure. Sana was still holding her moans with a pillow.

Amaira: Why are you holding the pillow?

Amaira snatched the pillow away from her.

Sana: Ah No Ah Ah (pants).

Sana started moaning loudly. Her lewd moans filled the entire room.
Amaira: So slutty for a cool person. As they all cum. All of them were tired.
Dev lay on the bed with Sana on his right arm, Amaira on his left arm, and Mina on top.

Dev: Thank you, God. I am the luckiest person in the world to have a harem with such sexy chicks. (In his mind)

And they all slept.

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