Adventures With College Girlfriend Rashi – Part 1

Hello to all readers of ISS. This is my first story here. Let me give a brief introduction of myself. My name is Harsh, 29 years old and I have been married for 2 years now. I am born and brought up in Delhi and have an average-built body. I am an engineer and a software developer by profession. I have done both my schooling and graduated from Delhi itself. Enough about me, let’s get to the story.

This will be the first of many parts and this would be a bit slow as we need to set the base first. Be patient and enjoy!

This story is about my college girlfriend Rashi. So Rashi and I met in college. She was in my class. Actually, we were in ECE and there was a total of 4 girls only in our class. Rashi was a bit extroverted and I was an introvert, so we were a perfect couple.

It was around 2nd year (2012) when we both started talking. I was the CR for all four years and she being an extrovert girl was a favorite among the teachers. So, teachers mostly contacted her for any query and she in turn used to ask me. Her home was also around 5 km from my home so that was also a reason that we started talking and traveling together in the metro.

We started with normal talks and things related to college and studies. Later we started spending more time due to metro travel. It used to take around 3 hours for us to travel in the metro daily and we started going and coming together from college. I used to even drop her at her home sometime during the evening and her mom also knew about me.

She was also getting comfortable with me and things started to get a bit physical. It started with holding hands and hugging.

Talking about her physique, she had a cute face with a very fair complexion and a figure of 34C-30-34. She did not have a boyfriend but was approached by many seniors due to her extroverted nature.

So, it was a normal day in college and we were returning home and we planned that I will drop Rashi home and then go to my home. When we got off the metro, it suddenly started raining heavily. We were not able to find any bus/auto to her home. So, we waited at the metro station itself.

We sat down on its stairs and started looking at the rain. Soon, she put her head on my shoulder and we got more close. She was sitting on my right and my right hand was across her shoulder. I wanted this closeness between us but this was the first time for us. So I decided to proceed very cautiously.

I slowly started taking my hand from her shoulder toward her waist while feeling her. She was wearing a t-shirt and capri and I could feel how soft her body was. I reached her waist and stopped there for a while to see her reaction. She did not react at all. This was my green light!

I gathered more courage and started to move my hand on her waist while pressing it more and feeling her softness in my hands. I wanted to feel her soft skin so badly now. I was getting mad for it now. This was when she gave another signal.

She moved even more closer and held my left hand tightly. I was feeling so good now. This continued for a while when the rain stopped. We reluctantly stood up from there and proceeded to get a bus. I could see the disappointment on her face. That was when I knew she wanted a lot more.

I decided to give her something more upon reaching her place. So she lived in a housing society on the 2nd floor. I used to drop her to her tower inside the complex. And we generally spent around 5 minutes talking there near the stairs. That day when we reached her tower, I started asking her.

Me: We got very late today due to rain.

Rashi: Yeah. And now you will get even more late. You should have gone home directly instead of coming here.

Me: Dropping you is not a problem. I like spending time with you. And today was the best.

Rashi: Haha. You are so naughty. I know what was best for you.

Me: You are acting as if you did not like it.

Rashi tried to avoid this topic and looked at her watch. It was 7 pm already and it started getting dark too.

Rashi: Look at the time. It’s very late and you should go home now. I will see you tomorrow.

Me: Yeah, okay. Bye.

Just as she was turning back, I held her hand and hugged her very tightly. Her boobs were pressed against my chest and I was feeling great. I was feeling the whole of her soft body on me. We were like this for around a minute or so.

As we were breaking the hug, I took her face and went for a kiss. As soon as our lips touched, she let out a soft moan, “Aahhhhh..”

This was the best feeling for me. I started eating her soft juicy lips and sucked her lower lip very hard. She got hurt a little bit and wanted to break the kiss. But I went soft immediately and started licking her lips to make her comfortable.

Soon she also started responding and was trying to force me inside her mouth by holding my head. She also opened her mouth giving way to my tongue. I reached directly inside her mouth and started exploring inside.

Just as we were getting wild, we heard somebody’s door open on the floor above. We immediately broke the kiss and I started walking away toward the exit. We both were so disappointed at that moment and cursed the person who opened the door.

As soon as I exited the complex, I received an SMS from Rashi which said, “Reached home safely.” This was to ensure that nobody noticed what we were doing a little while back. I did not reply to it.

When I reached home, I replied, “Just reached home.” She did not reply. But around 11 pm, I received a message from her, “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow :* ”

I replied with a kiss emoji. This was the start of wonderful 2.5 years in which we did everything and at all possible places like college corridors, movie theatre, her house terrace and finally in her bedroom.

In the next part, I will tell you guys what happened the next day and how we started getting more physical in college and her society complex.

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Stay tuned for the next story. Cheers!