Adventures of Mahi – Part 5

This is Mahi Sharma, back with another glimpse of my college experiences. I love reading all the beautiful feedback.

The college started and was pretty much just the usual classes and lectures. The first few days went like that. I used to meet Mac in the evening. We went for walks. He insisted that I sit with Mac during the lectures, as almost everyone in the class knew we were dating. We started sitting together at the last bench.

Meanwhile, Ana sat with Amit on the last bench of another row. One of those days, Ana told me to keep an eye on her throughout the day and sit on her side to get a better view. I didn’t get what she was saying. But that day, I sat on the aisle side of my row, and Ana sat on hers.

We must have been just one or two hands distance apart. Nothing happened during the first two lectures. So I asked her what she was up to during the lunch break. She just told me to wait and watch. We came back and sat in the same places.

After some time, I saw Ana doing something, and she deliberately moved back a bit. I saw her stroking Amit. He had taken it out of his zipper and sat relaxed while Ana stroked him slowly. In the meantime, Amit’s hand reached Ana’s crotch, rubbing her over her jeans. I was getting wet seeing all that.

Ana then unbuttoned her jeans to give Amit better access. In no time, he was inside her jeans. It was getting hotter for me. So I rubbed my crotch over my jeans with my left hand and caressed Mac’s thighs. Mac asked what I was up to. But I wasn’t able to say anything for a moment.

Then I asked him if he could finger me. He was afraid we might get caught and refused to do it. Saying he’ll take me out later tonight and finger me all I wanted. I was looking at Ana getting fingered and getting wetter every second. So I rubbed my crotch. It wasn’t enough. I wanted more.

I again asked Mac, and this time, he agreed to it. But to my bad luck, the lecture ended, and everyone started walking out. Amit and Ana quickly withdrew their hands and were back to normal. Ana stood up and walked past, winking at me, and Amit followed.

Lectures were done for the day. For some reason, I knew Ana won’t be back in the room until later.

Me: Let’s go, Mac. I need to cum.

He was a bit surprised seeing me like that. But like a good boy, he followed. I asked him to sneak into the girl’s hostel from the back corridor window and knock on my door. Ana told me that’s how Amit sneaked inside the last time.

I was quickly back in my room, waiting for Mac to show up any moment. I thought for a second. Why not surprise him? It could be a great idea, so I stripped down to bra and panties. To make it even more amazing, I adjusted my panty so that they formed a camel toe.

I was ready to blow away Mac, and instantly, I heard a knock. I quickly opened the door fully. I was in utter shock. Amit stood there watching me, almost naked. I shut the door in his face. But it was enough for him to ogle me from head to toe. Shit, I was freaking out, and then I heard another knock.

I didn’t open it and heard, “Babe, it’s me, Ana. Open the door.” I partially opened the door to check if it was just her and let her in. Ana was excited to see me like that.

Ana: Someone’s going to get a good treat today.

Me: Shut up, Ana. Amit just saw me like this.

Ana: Haha, it must have been a view for him.

Me: What do I do now?

Ana: Don’t worry, I’ll handle him. I’m going out with him and just came here to take a few things.

We heard yet another knock, and I asked Ana to open it. I was hiding behind the door. Finally, it was Mac, but Ana wanted to tease him a bit.

Mac: Hey Ana, is Mahi here?

Ana: No, she isn’t. She told me to take care of you until she’s back. How would you like it?

Ana moved a bit closer, leaned in to kiss, and put her hand over his crotch. He pushed Ana away.

Mac: What the fuck are you doing, Ana?

Ana: Babe, he’s a good one.

She pulled him in, and he saw me standing behind the door. He was awestruck. Ana broke the silence. “Enjoy! I’ll get going,” and she went out, closing the door for us. We both spoke up at the same time. “You first,” he insisted.

“I wanted to surprise you, so I stripped down. But it didn’t work out as planned.” I didn’t mention the Amit part in front of him.

“It’s alright, Babe, it’s a pretty awesome surprise,” he walked up to me saying this. He pushed me to the wall and started kissing me. In just a few seconds, his lips started to eat mine. We started kissing passionately and deeply. His fingers soon glided between the camel toe, making me wet.

He slowly rubbed my pussy lips over my panties while keeping me pinned to the wall and kissing. He then slid my panty and inserted his finger inside me. “Ahh,” I moaned as the kiss broke. We had lustful eye contact, and he shoved his second finger inside me.

I moaned harder. He choked me with his left hand and fingered me with his right. It was getting harder for me to breathe. But he kept at it. My body was experiencing pain and pleasure. It was the first time I felt it. My body and mind loved this, and his fingering worked as I had an orgasm on his fingers.

I moaned, but it was muffled due to his tight grip on my neck. My body shrieked, and I almost fell on him. He held me, letting go of my neck as I gasped for air. As he held me, he unclipped my bra and let it fall on the floor. My panties were wet with my orgasm, so I slipped out of them.

I stood completely naked before him while he was still fully dressed. I dropped down on my knees and unbuttoned his jeans, and took out his raging hard cock. I kissed the tip of his dick as his body shivered. I slowly kissed the shaft and kept going down till his balls.

I kissed his balls and started stroking him. I started sucking on one of his balls and stroked his dick head gently. He moaned. I did this for a minute before I was back at his tip. I took his dick in my mouth and started giving him a blowjob. His breath got heavier as I did that.

I took his dick as deep as possible and covered it with my saliva. I kept sucking his dick for a few minutes, knowing he wouldn’t last long. So I switched to a handjob, and in a few seconds, he grunted and unloaded his cum on my tits. I finally stood up, and he pounced on my tits, smearing all of his cum on my tits.

He massaged my tits with his cum. My tits glistened, and we laughed at seeing the mess we had just made. He asked me to lie in bed and told me he wanted things to proceed. I did as he told me to. He asked me to come in a doggy position and quickly grabbed a hair oil bottle from nearby.

I had a fair idea of what he was up to. He squeezed the oil all over my ass and rubbed the whole area before spanking it a couple of times. His fingers were now covered in oil as he asked me to widen my legs. It gave him better access to my asshole.

He encircled the finger around my hole and tried to push one inside. But it didn’t go through. He placed the bottle nozzle on my asshole and squeezed it inside. I could feel the oil inside. He asked me to relax as he tried pushing a finger again. Slowly and gently, it worked, and it was in my ass.

He fingered my ass slowly, making me get used to it. For the first few minutes, I had only one finger in me. Then he tried to push another. I screamed a bit and tensed my ass because his finger was pressed hard into my asshole. He spanked me much harder than before.

I moaned and tried to ease up my body. He again tried with a second finger and with much effort and grunting. It was finally inside, widening my hole. For a few minutes, he fingered my ass and tried to widen the hole. Then applied oil over his dick.

He stood behind, rubbing oil all over his dick and then tried pushing it in. As the tip barely entered, I felt sheer pain, screamed and moved ahead. He lay next to me and tried to calm me down. He asked if we could try it again, and I nodded affirmatively.

He rubbed the tip of his dick in my asshole and tried to push it in. But it brought the same results over again. I didn’t want to continue it. He calmed me down again and told me it was alright and we could do it another time. I was lying sideways, and he was behind me.

He said there was something more he’d like to try. I was not sure, but he told me it wouldn’t hurt me. He slid his dick between my thighs and pushed it, rubbing my pussy. Whatever he did felt amazing, and we indulged in a thigh job. His dick constantly rubbed my pussy, making me moan.

He held my tits tight and increased his pace. He kept fucking me like that for 5-7 minutes. We both closed in on orgasm and came together. While cumming he pulled back his dick between my thighs as his cum blasted all over my thighs, pussy and ass. We both lay back, breathing heavily.

I can feel the cum between my legs. We were both too tired and just dozed off, cuddling naked. I don’t know how long we slept, but we woke up when someone knocked on the door.

Let’s end this story here. I’ll be following up with the next part as soon as possible. For any feedback and comments, share them at [email protected] We’ll see you soon. Take care, everyone.