Adventures of Mahi – Part 4

Hey. This is Mahi. Hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for showering love on my previous story. Now let’s start the next part of the story.

Ana started walking towards me. Her face was covered with cum. I walked back, asking her to stop, but she kept coming forward. I had my back to the wall, and Ana was just inches away. Ana dropped down on her knees while I was hiding my pussy from my hands.

She licked my hands, trying to get her way to my pussy. The cum from her face slowly rubbed on my hands and thighs. I was screaming at her to stop all of this. But she wrapped her hands around me and kept licking between my finger, trying to pry her tongue in my pussy.

She started pulling out my hand and got my left hand out. I was still covering my pussy with my right hand. She held my left hand tight and suddenly bit my right hand. I was so furious that I raised my right hand and slapped her hard on her cheeks. She was expecting it to happen as she let go of my left hand.

She held me tight and started kissing my pussy. It was only then I realised she bit my hand purposely so she could get access to my pussy. She kissed my pussy lips so passionately that it was getting harder for me to stop her. I tried to pull her hair, but she kept licking.

Suddenly I felt her tongue invading my insides. Oh my god, I was getting out of control. My breath became heavier, and I was caressing Ana’s hair and moaning her name with closed eyes. Ana was eating out my pussy as if she had done it a million times before.

She knew how to make me feel all the pleasure. My orgasm was building up, and I had such an intense orgasm in just a few minutes. My legs were shaking. Ana held me tight. I was catching my breath, but she had other plans. She pushed a finger inside me and started licking my clit.

I was moaning again. She kept at this for a minute, pushed her second finger inside, and started fingering me hard. Her tongue worked beautifully on my clit, and it was something. I felt for the first time in my life. I was moaning her name. In another few minutes, she tried pushing the third finger.

But it didn’t get through, so she started fingering me harder. I couldn’t take it anymore and exploded into another orgasm. This time I literally couldn’t stand up. I fell on the floor cumming. Ana managed to hold me so it didn’t hurt me.

A few minutes later. I finally recovered from two back-to-back orgasms. I saw Ana sitting in front of me. I loved what she did to me, but I was angry too. I slapped her. She started crying and hugged me tight.

A: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know I forced myself on you. I have been wanting to see you naked for so long that when I finally did see your pussy. I had only one thing in mind. I wanted to give you orgasms better than any man could so you could be mine. I love you, Mahi. I do, but you won’t love me back. I want you to. I’m ready for any punishment you give me.

I was melted by her words and hugged her tighter.

M: I would let this slide Ana. I know what you feel for me, and sorry I can’t reciprocate the feelings you want. But you can’t force yourself on me. This should be the first and last time you’ve done this. If you even think of attempting something like this again. I’ll be filing a complaint against you.

Ana broke the hug, pulled herself back, and started apologising.

M: Ana, it’s okay. I’m not mad at you anymore. You gave me the best orgasm to date.

Ana’s expression finally changed. She had tear-filled red eyes along with a smile and remnants of Amit’s cum on her face.

M: BTW, Ana, you still haven’t seen me fully naked yet.

Ana’s eyes widened after hearing my words as I removed my top. I was wearing a bra. Ana desperately looked at me as I unhooked it and teased her before finally sliding it out. Ana’s eyes stuck on me as her dream of seeing me naked was fulfilled.

A: Baby, can I please suck them?

I wasn’t sure if I should allow her to do it. But she sure gave me an amazing orgasm using her tongue and fingers. I thought we’d already come this far. Why don’t we enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime moment? I saw Ana making a puppy face. I can feel all she’s desperately waiting for me to say yes.

I decided not to say anything. I pulled her closer and kissed her lips. She reciprocated, and we were lip locked for a moment. Soon her tongue invaded my mouth, turning into a French kiss. It was a different experience from kissing a guy. Her lips felt soft and delicious.

She brought up her left hand between the kiss and started squeezing my tits. She then started going down. Kissing my chin. Then the neck, and finally, landing on my boobs. She started sucking on my right tit while she squeezed the left one.

She lightly bit my nipples and kept sucking on them. I was leaking again. I had already had 4 orgasms in the last 90 minutes. Here I was, ready for another. At that moment. I started rubbing Ana’s pussy, and she was also super wet. “Finger me, baby,” Ana spoke, and I obliged.

Two fingers went inside her easily as I started fingering her. She was fucked just moments ago. So it was obvious that two fingers might not be enough. So I pushed the third finger inside, and she moaned hard. She kept her mouth over my tit and sucked on it, and I fingered her.

She was moaning in between and switching from one tit to another. She was getting closer to orgasm. So I fingered her as best it was possible by me. She came hard. At that moment, she bit hard on my left tit, muffling all her moans while I screamed hard.

We recovered in a few seconds, and Ana told me she wanted to try something with me. At this point, I was okay with everything. She asked me to come to bed outside, and I followed. Soon, I was lying in bed, legs wide apart. I never thought I’d do this for a girl, but fuck it.

I wanted to do it now. Ana told me to raise one leg and came in between me. She wanted to try scissoring with me. Our pussies kissed, and she started moving her hips slowly. Our fluids started mixing, and it acted like lube. She tried to rub our clits together as much as it.

It was possible, and we both moaned. She picked up the pace, and I grabbed the bedsheet hard. Her thrusts were harder now. I had closed my eyes and moaned, and Ana was moaning. I could feel my orgasm building, and I was twitching my legs.

Ana noticed I’d cum anytime soon, so she told me to hold it and cum together. She kept up the pace and was closing in on orgasm. I was trying to hold back as best as possible. Then Ana commanded me to cum in her count. Three two one. And we both exploded into orgasm.

My legs were shaking from that intense orgasm. Ana, couldn’t hold her position as she just fell on the bed beside me. We were both gasping for air and waiting to recover from the orgasm. We looked at each other, felt like lovers, and went in for a kiss.

We kissed for a couple of minutes and then went to shower together. After the shower, we dressed and sat down for a serious talk.

M: Ana, it was lovely doing all this with you. It’s the first I cum 5 times in such a short span, but we can’t do this. Let’s keep it a one-time thing, alright?

A: I get it, babe. I won’t ever force myself on you. I’m sorry that I did.

M: It’s alright. Let’s keep this a secret.

A: Our dirty little secret

We both laughed and just carried on with the day. Tomorrow the classes will resume, and I have no idea how things will proceed from here.

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