Aayush And Sanjana

It was 6 pm on a Friday when Sanjana sat anticipating in the corner of the cafe just a few blocks from her office.

Anyone who looked at her could say that she got to be waiting for her date.  The scarlet red dress with straps to hold her dress fitted her body, exhibiting all her curves with defined boobs. The black fishnet just barely covered her long legs. Her high heels and her natural-looking makeup, made her exude a sense of confidence, sexiness, and playfulness, making a bold statement and turning heads wherever she went.

Just moments later, Aayush arrived, and when he saw Sanjana, he was surprised and couldn’t take his eyes off his blind date.

He was in a black suit that fitted his body with a hint of sandalwood coming from him. One could assume that Aayush would sit across the table from her, but he sat beside her.

They greeted each other and ordered some wine. Sanjana felt quite uneasy with him beside her as they did not see eye to eye over a dispute that occurred a few years ago. However, today they were facing each other again. But this time, things were different. Their past variance did not let them ruin what could be next, and just as their wine arrived, Aayush put his hand on her thighs, which caused her to blush.

Her face grew a soft shade of red, adding more beauty to her, which Aayush noticed instantly. As they talked over the wine and the dinner, Sanjana seemed really into him.

To give some context, after Sanjana broke up with her boyfriend a year ago, she hadn’t been with any other guy since then. Hence, she was sex deprived. All she wanted was to get fucked by someone and to note that her kinks included BDSM, especially submission, getting tied up, and following her master’s words.

While they were eating, Sanjana accidentally spilled her wine onto Aayush’s pants right where his dick was, and in panic, she grabbed a tissue and started to wipe the wine. As she was doing so, she could feel her ex-boyfriend Aayush’s dick getting hard and rising, and Aayush knew that she could feel it.

Aayush grabbed her hand and held it tighter over his dick while leaning in for a kiss. They kissed passionately, sucking over each other’s lips. During this, Aayush slowly started stroking Sanjana’s inner thighs and reached for her pussy. He found out that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, and as he inserted his fingers in her, he could feel the wetness flowing between her thighs.

Just then, Sanjana whispered a moan and suggested that they should take this to the bedroom. Aayush had come in a car, so he was driving them back to his house, which was 45 minutes away.

The tension between them was high, and while they were just 10 minutes into the drive, Sanjana opened her past lover’s pants, pulled out his dick, and started sucking on it while he was still driving!

After a drive that felt like forever, they finally reached Aayush’s home, which was no less than a bungalow with a huge garden in front. Walking toward his house, they kissed and felt each other while arriving at the door.

Aayush opened the door and went to get some wine. Then they moved upstairs towards his bedroom and upon entering, Aayush was embarrassed as he had his sex toys all laid out from quite a few nights ago.

There were many toys, but the ones that caught Sanjana’s eyes were the handcuffs, the blinds, and the gag, which Aayush saw her looking at. With an instant embarrassment, he said they did not have to use them if she was uncomfortable with them.

Sanjana looked toward him and whispered, “But darling, I want to use them.” Hearing those words from her mouth put a grin on his face, and he instantly picked up the blindfold and blindfolded his ex-girlfriend. Then he guided her toward the bed and started undressing her as he laid her on the bed. He then got undressed and picked up the cuffs. He cuffed both her hands upwards toward the head of his bed and her legs at the end of his bed.

For Sanjana, this was all that she had wanted for a while. She wanted to be tied and fucked and wanted to beg to get pleased. And as she was blindfolded, she waited for what was next. Suddenly, she felt the big hard dick in her mouth which she started to suck upon. Then she felt a slight pain from Aayush pinching her nipples and squeezing her boobs, and she stopped sucking him and started moaning, to which he pinched her nipples even harder and asked, “Did I ask you to stop?”

Shyly she said, “No, Aayush.” And he asked her to call him “Master” “I am your master. Do you get that?” And she replied, “Yes, Master.” And then she continued to suck him. She sucked him until he came all over her face.

Slowly, Aayush started sucking her nipples while teasing the lips of her pussy, teasing her clit, and then there, Sanjana was begging for him to put his dick into her pussy. She was requesting, “Please, Master, please fuck me.”

Hearing the word “Master” from her excited him, and then he teased her pussy with the tip of his dick. At this point, Sanjana just wanted the dick and was begging even more, and then he stroked his dick inside her wet pussy and fucked her till she was screaming with pleasure.

He kept on going while playing with and sucking her boobs. The harder she screamed, the harder he squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples. Her nipples turned red, and she was about to come.

Sanjana asked Aayush, “Master, can I come?” And Aayush wanted her to beg harder, refused her request and gagged her mouth, and started fucking her even harder to the point that he came and filled her pussy with his hot cum, and then he finally permitted her to come.

Sanjana was filled with pleasure and thought that the sex was about to end, but little did she know that Aayush had something else on his mind. He uncuffed her, turned her around and tied her hands behind her back.

Her ass was facing him, and he was ready to fuck her from behind. He brought out the nipple clamps and clamped them to her nipples and started fucking her hard from behind while pulling her hair and choking her. He ungagged her and let her moan as loud as she could.

Sanjana was screaming, “Yes, Master! More, keep going.” Then Aayush brought an anal plug and inserted it in her ass, to which she screamed louder than she had all night while still fucking her, and then Sanjana came without the permission of her master.

Aayush said to her, “Now you’re going to get punished”. He made her sit on her knees and made her suck him deep while he was choking her and teasing her pussy. He made her suck him while slapping her face till he came inside her mouth and made her swallow his cum.

Then he unclamped her nipples and started sucking and biting on them till she was screaming loud in pain. He inserted his fingers into her wet pussy and then made her suck on those fingers.

To be continued.