A Wife’s Satisfaction – Part 3

Day 9

By Friday evening, my periods were over. Nikhil was excited so was I. I knew today I was going to be fucked. As we have waited for 5 days, today we will do a lot of foreplay. Not a long session of fucking due to Nikhil’s situation, but I love foreplay as well.

After dinner, I made my son sleep early. I bathed and wore a sexy saree with a small blouse. Now my boobs are bigger, so I tied them with very difficulty. The last time I wore it, it showed my underboobs when I raised my hands. But now my cleavage, as well as underboobs, are both visible all the time.

Then I went to Nikhil, who was in the living room. Nikhil looked at me and said, “Wow, you are looking excited already.” I went and sat next to Nikhil, removed my pallu, and started climbing on top of Nikhil.

I put my cleavage in front of Nikhil’s face. Nikhil caught my boobs with both hands and put his face in my cleavage. He started licking inside my cleavage with his tongue. My fingers were caressing his hair. I had a lot of fun.

Then the doorbell rang. When I looked at the clock, it was 9 o’clock.

“Who could come by now?” I said to Nikhil.

“Surprise,” Nikhil said with a mischievous smile and went to open the door.

I went inside and adjusted my saree properly so my blouse would not be visible. After a few minutes, Nikhil called me. I went to the living room while setting the saree.

I was shocked as soon as I entered the room. My heart was pounding high. The Jaisalmer guy was sitting there with Nikhil. I was clueless about how he reached here. The first thing that came to my mind was blackmailing. I thought he came here for blackmailing.

Then Nikhil said, “I told you, surprise.” Now I understand that Nikhil had called him. I called Nikhil to the other room and said, “Why you called him?”

“For you, you wanted to do it again,” Nikhil said.

“But not so frequently. I don’t want to do. You do with him yourself,” I said angrily to Nikhil. I knew he could do what Nikhil couldn’t, but I still said it.

“If we start doing this so frequently, then all the excitement will end,” I explained.

“You are right, but such an opportunity will not come again and again,” Nikhil explained.

Nikhil was right about this. We will not get this opportunity again easily, I agree. We went to the living room.

“Let me take you to the guest room,” Nikhil said.

He and Nikhil started going to the guestroom. “What is your name?” I asked. I had not even asked him the name last time.

“Robin, ma’am,” he said and then went to the guestroom with Nikhil.

I also came to my room. I was a bit confused. Tonight wasn’t going the way I planned. I was disappointed about that, but I was about to enjoy tonight. My stomach was tickling with this thought. But what about Nikhil? His enjoyment will vanish to satisfy my desire. A lot was going on in my head.

Then Nikhil came into the room. “I told him to shower and freshen up,” Nikhil said, “Meanwhile, let’s complete what we started.”

“We will do it in the guest room after a while. What is the hurry?” I said monotonously.

“I am not joining you there, do me here only,” Nikhil said with an argumentative smile.

“What do you mean not joining?” I asked with shock.

“I will finish in 2 minutes. After that, I will watch you two awkwardly,” Nikhil said.

I didn’t understand what was happening. Last time Nikhil was there when it started, but this time he denies it. I took off Nikhil’s clothes without much thought. As soon as I removed my saree pallu to remove my clothes, Nikhil said, “Leave your clothes. Just give me a blowjob.”

I didn’t like Nikhil saying that. As if I was someone else’s wife and I was secretly doing it with him. But I did not say anything then and asked Nikhil to sit. When he sat down, I got down on my knees. I took his dick in my mouth, and after that, I kept thrusting his dick in and out of my mouth.

Nikhil said, “I am cumming,” but I kept thrusting. At this time, I had no excitement. I was doing it, and then Nikhil released it in my mouth. I got up, went to the bathroom, and washed my mouth with mouthwash liquid.

When I came out of the bathroom, I said, “Now I am going to guestroom.”

“Ok, enjoy,” he said and kissed my lips gently.

After that, I left my bedroom and went to the guestroom. There Robin was sitting in a vest and wrapped in a towel. I went in and locked the door.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked Robin monotonously.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

“Only one or more?” I asked more intensely.

“I have come for two days’ ma’am. But don’t you worry, I have stock for the whole month. This is my job,” he explained, “By the way would you like me to call you ma’am, or should I call you by name?”

“You can call me Nisha,” I didn’t know who Nisha was, but I told him to call me Nisha. “Do not kiss on the lips, and do not bring your dick near my face. I am telling you this first, do not spoil the mood later,” I said with little anger.

He probably understood my mood by my tone by now.“No issue Nisha, if you are not in the mood, then we can sit and talk only for tonight,” he said to calm me down. Then he took my hand and made me sit on the bed and sat next to me.

“What’s the matter, Nisha? You are not in the mood tonight,” he said while caressing my hand.

I didn’t say anything. After hearing that, I smiled and started looking at the other side. He gently put his other hand on my shoulder where my saree pallu was. Then he gently slid it with his finger. My pallu fell. Now my cleavage and underboobs were visible to him.

I understood what he was doing. But still, there was something else in my mind that I did not say anything.

“No issues. Sometimes we don’t feel like doing anything,” he said while caressing my underboobs with one finger.

He was very professional. Now I was slowly getting excited.

“Right now, you said that we would only talk, and now you are slowly taking off my clothes,” I said with a smile.

“This is my job, the ladies who come to me are mostly upset with their husbands. They take my service to make their husband look inferior. Not everyone is like you, whose husband arranges all this for her. The mood of those ladies is always bad when they come to me. I have to fix their mood. I tell them to forget everything and enjoy as long as they are with me,” he explained.

I felt he was right, “I should enjoy. I will talk to Nikhil later. I have to enjoy it now,” I thought.

“You are good at your job,” I said with a smile.

“Shall we start now?” he asked.

I nodded yes. He stood holding my hand, and he made me stand too. Then he hugged me. I also hugged him. He started kissing my neck, sometimes licking it, sometimes scratching it with his teeth. His hand was caressing my underboobs, and the other was on my waist.

Then he moved his hand further down and grabbed my ass. He was gently pressing my ass with his fingers. I was feeling good; it was like a massage. Then he started licking my chest and slowly started moving towards my cleavage.

Now I was enjoying myself completely. I didn’t even realize when the anger on Nikhil disappeared from my mind. He stuck his face in my cleavage, put his tongue inside, and started licking it. He was squeezing my underboobs too. Then going down further, he reached my underboobs.

He slowly started licking them with a soft touch. Starting at one end of my blouse, he would move his tongue down my breasts to the other and bring it back like that. It was awesome. I felt goosebumps when he did this. I was having fun with my eyes closed and my hands in his hair.

Then he went down further and very softly, taking from the side of my navel, started licking my belly from petticoat to breasts. He was repeatedly licking both sides of the navel from bottom to top. I was having a different kind of fun. My stomach was shaking very fast.

I was writhing like life was leaving my legs. I was feeling euphoric. Then he got up and pulled my pallu. The pleats of my saree came out at once. Then, after pulling one more time, the saree separated. I stepped forward and pulled Robin’s towel off.

As I expected, he was wearing nothing underneath. His dick was erected. After this, I pulled the cord of my petticoat and dropped it down. I was also not wearing anything under it. There was no hair on my pussy. It was smooth.

Robin came to me, and he hugged me. His dick was trying to enter my navel. He started licking my neck. His hands first went through my butt and reached my blouse, the hooks of my blouse were behind. He unbuttoned my blouse and then, stepping back, took off my blouse.

I was naked now. He removed his vest as well. I went behind him and hugged him from behind. I started rubbing my nipples up and down on his waist. He held my hand and made me lie on the bed. Now he started kissing my whole body. He kept me between his legs.

Then he kissed my neck, stomach, breast, and thighs. He was doing this again and again. In all this, his cock was touching my pussy, and I felt like electrocution. Then he went down near my pussy and started licking my pussy. He spread my pussy with his hands and started sticking his tongue inside.

“Mmmm,” I started moaning. I enjoyed it. I was sobbing. I lifted my ass. My body was starting to stiffen. “Do it with your dick,” I said.

He got up and wore the condom. My pussy was filled with his saliva. He put his dick on the opening of my pussy and then inserted it inside. His dick was bigger and thicker than Nikhil’s. It went inside with a little more friction. I wrap my legs around his waist so that he can go deeper.

“Now start fucking, nonstop, full speed,” I instructed him. He started fucking me. I was moaning. “Faster,” I tried to say. I felt so good. I held Robin in my arms. I had one hand on his waist and was scratching him from his buttocks to his waist with the other.

Today after Jaisalmer, there was some dick in my pussy for so long. I also started moving my waist back and forth. I wanted to drown in the intoxication of fuck.

Robin increased the speed. I started feeling an orgasm. My body started getting stiff. Robin understood it, too. He started licking my neck. I dug my nails into Robin’s waist and held him tight. And I felt the orgasm. Robin had stopped. His dick was still in my pussy.

I was holding him tightly. I was shivering. My ass was still jumping like a fish out of water. I couldn’t control it. After a while, I loosened my grip on Robin when I calmed down. Robin took out his dick and lay down on my side. I continued to do the same, my breathing still heavy.

I don’t know when I fell asleep after that.

Day 10

I woke up early in the morning. Robin was sleeping next to me. I got up, went to the bathroom, and went to my room. I slowly opened the door not to wake Nikhil and my son. I took out my makeup box and some artificial jewellery. After that, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I was not wearing any clothes. I was roaming around the house naked as if I had no shame of anyone. Whom should I be ashamed of? Nikhil, who has a society-approved license to strip me and fuck me? Or Robin, to whom a few hours ago was saying to fuck me hard.

I prepared breakfast and lunch as well. I took my makeup kit and went to my in-laws’ bathroom. I applied makeup, red lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, and compact, put on some jewellery, a necklace, bangles, a waistband ornament (tagadi), pajeb. I prepared like I was going for any marriage.

Then I headed toward the guestroom. Nikhil was coming out of the room when I went to the guest room. I ignored him, and I entered the guestroom before he could say something.

Robin was still asleep. His dick was very erect. Nikhil’s dick was also like this in the morning. I caressed Robin’s testicles. His eyes pop open.

“Shall we start now?” I asked Robin.

“Condom is in the front pocket,” he said, pointing to his bag.

His last night’s condom was also lying empty on the side of the bed. I took out the condom and gave it to him. Then I lay down on the bed. He put on a condom and came on top of me. My pussy was not as wet as last night, so he put some of his spit on the dick and some on my pussy.

He pushed his cock on my pussy. Now I was having more pain while his dick was going inside. “Aah,” I shouted and hit Robin’s waist very hard. My bangles started ringing.

I wanted Nikhil to hear all these sounds in the corridor. That’s why I wore anklets and bangles. Robin started fucking me. I was making noises with every thrust.

“FUCK ME HARDER,” I nearly shouted.

Robin increased his speed. My anklet was making a khan-khan sound. I was scratching Robin’s back with my nail. The motion of his dick going in and out makes me crazy with every thrust.

“Fuck me faster, take your cock to the depths of my pussy where no cock has gone, destroy my pussy,” I kept talking for Nikhil to hear. “Chhan chhan chhan chhan chhan chhan chhan,” my anklet was making lot of noise.

“Khan khan khan khan khan,” for the sound of bangles. I took my hands off Robin’s waist and put them on his hips to make it louder. The sound of my body and Robin’s body colliding.

Robin’s dick was rubbing my pussy walls. I could feel his dick muscles. I was enjoying this time even more than night. It was a feeling that I had been missing for some time. A hard, long, continuous fucking session was all I needed. I closed my eyes and imagined that he was Nikhil.

I covered my mouth with my hands, but still, the sound was coming. Then I started shivering, but Robin was still thrusting. After a while, he released, took out his dick, and lay on the bed.

I kept lying beside him. I don’t know when I fell asleep again. When I woke up, Robin was asleep. I saw my phone, which had a message from Nikhil. He and my son had gone to another amusement park and were supposed to come in the evening. I slept for a while.

I woke up to the sound of the TV. Robin was sitting on the bed watching TV, and I was lying naked next to him. It was late afternoon. I got up and told Robin, “I’ll bring lunch now. Don’t you come out?”

Afterwards, I went to my room and put on my short satin gown with a front opening. Then I brought lunch for Robin and me. I served him lunch in the guest room and myself at the dining table.

Day 10 – To be continued.