A Slut’s Revenge Fuck With Neighbour’s Husband

Hi everybody. It’s Sonal, the slut again. If you haven’t read my previous stories, click here,

So, this happened a month ago. I moved out of my old apartment recently. Right opposite my block was another block and we can look into each other’s apartments if the curtain was not drawn. The women there were scared of me seducing their husbands because I was a slut. One of them talked bad about me for no reason, I did nothing to her or her husband. She called me a bitch, whore, etc. So, I decided to take revenge before I left.

I remain naked most of the time inside my apartment and sometimes leave the curtain open for people to watch me. Some men from the other block used to watch me and I knew that.

A few weeks later, I saw that she was not at home, she was nowhere to be seen. I observed that her husband exercised on their balcony every morning. He was around 35 years old and tall. He was not very good-looking, but above average looking face with a toned and fit body.

I started to go out and stand on my balcony wearing sexy clothes every day when he exercised. I stood there knowing he was staring at me, but never looked at him directly. I ultimately wanted to make him fuck me and make the woman realize I was being fucked by her husband.

One day, it was raining lightly, so I deliberately wore a transparent white top and stood on my balcony, without a bra inside. I got drenched and my 36C muskmelons got exposed. My neighbour’s husband’s (Amit’s) jaw dropped. I was sure that his dick was saluting me, that was why he quickly got up and ran inside. I knew the day he fucked me was not far away. This way, I managed to gain his attention.

I had not been fucked in many days, so my pussy had become hairy. So I decided to shave the hair, leaving a strip of hair in the middle. I don’t like keeping a completely hairless or bald pussy. So, a few days later, I opened the curtains of my bedroom (which was right opposite their balcony), got on top of a table fully naked while facing their balcony and started shaving my pussy.

Amit came to the balcony and his eyes popped out seeing the bold and erotic scene in front of him. I wanted his dick badly, so I smiled at him while lying naked. He also smiled. I knew I would get fucked very very soon now. I finished shaving, showered and came out. I was extremely horny.

I dressed in a long skirt and crop top, with no bra and panty. Then I started cooking wondering if he will come or not. As expected, about an hour later, the bell rang and it was Amit. He also seemed to have observed the fact that I lived alone.

I opened the door and my neighbour’s husband pounced on me, kissing my lips, and squeezing my boobs! I started reciprocating. He opened the buttons of my top while I was feeling his dick over his track pant. Amit was going crazy over my boobs, licking, sucking and biting them madly. His saliva was all over my neck, lips, boobs and belly.

I lay down on the sofa and Amit got on top of me, eating and licking my body wildly. My boobs became swollen because of the aggressive squeezing and sucking. I was so horny that my pussy started paining. The pussy juice was flowing down my thighs.

Then I said to him, “Suno na, mujhse aur raha nahi jaara, please fuck me, Amit.” (Listen, I can’t control myself any longer, please fuck me).

He looked up at me suddenly, and said, “Say my name again, please. It sounds so sexy when you say it.

I laughed and said, “Please fuck me, Amit.” Hearing that, he took his t-shirt and track pants off.

We started kissing madly. Then he lifted my skirt and started licking my pussy. It started twitching. I was moaning like a dirty roadside prostitute, like, “Aaahhhhh ohhhhh mmmmm aaahhhh fuckkkk..” while holding his head and pushing his face deeper into my pussy. Within 2 minutes, I came hard and shot my juices on his face, he licked everything.

My neighbour’s husband pulled me out of the sofa, lifted my skirt, carried me and inserted his hard cock inside my dripping wet pussy. I didn’t even get to see his cock properly, I don’t know how thick it was because it found my hole, but could not enter it easily. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and finally, his dick entered my pussy, tearing it apart.

I was loving it! He put me to the wall and started banging me, I was still hanging on to him and in the air, I could literally feel his cock somewhere deep inside my womb. The pain was so pleasurable and I was moaning. That was the first time I was being fucked in the standing position. I was looking like a desi prostitute – blouse buttons open, big fleshy boobs moving wildly, a fat black cock inside my pussy with my skirt lifted.

He was kissing my lips and sucking my boobs alternatively while fucking me from below. I had to hold the road above me because he was intoxicated with lust and fucking me wildly. After getting fucked in that position for about 5-6 minutes, I said, “Mere bedroom mein chalte hain” (Let’s go my bedroom).

He carried me in his arms with his dick still inside my swollen pussy and threw me on my bed, and continued fucking me in the missionary position. His face was buried in my neck and my hands were wrapped around his head. I felt extreme pleasure and was moaning with every stroke of his. I love being fucked by raw dicks, without a condom.

After about 5-10 minutes, my neighbour’s husband pulled out his dick and released his cum on my navel, while moaning and groaning loudly. He collapsed next to me and we started kissing. I ate all his cum from my belly. After about 5 minutes, I got horny for another session.

I got up and started licking his hairy balls. I was loving the smelly ball sack. I said, “Now, this dick is mine, you just lie down and let me make love to you” and pressed his head down on the bed. Slowly, I licked his cock from the tip to the base and alternately nibbled on his balls. My mouth turned into a vacuum cleaner and sucked his cock. His cock was erect and hard like a rod in just 5 minutes and he moaned lightly.

Then he said, “Turn around in the doggy position” and spat on his dick, making it ready for another fuck.

It entered my pussy smoothly this time and he began increasing the speed of his stroking rhythmically. He put the whole dick inside my pussy and it was deep inside my body. It was painful as fuck but felt super pleasurable. While fucking my pussy, he started fingering my ass. I was moaning.

5-10 minutes later, he said, “I am cumming.” I was shouting, “I am cumming too, I want your cum in my mouth Amit, I want to drink it…please Amit,” in a sexy voice. It made him turn me around, grab my face wildly, and stuff my neighbour’s husband’s dick inside my mouth. He shot his hot and sticky cum down my throat directly into my food pipe. I drank it like a good slut and licked his dick clean.

All this bedroom scene, I recorded on my phone hiding it behind my clothes pile.

Then we showered together, I gave him a handjob in the shower and drank his cum again. He fingered my pussy roughly and ate my cum. I was extra satisfied because his wife hated me for no reason, but now she had a reason.

Then he kissed me a left, saying he had a very good time. I wanted more of him, but my mission was to just take revenge against her and not do anything else.

4 days after this, I silently vacated the house and moved into my current apartment. Then, I sent this video to her and changed my number and phone.

This was one of the best sexcapades I ever had! I will post more stories of my real sexcapades.

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