A Month in Incest Heaven – Part 1

The story series involves a lot of incest and some peeing situations. This series mostly involves kinky sexy games (a bit dirty). It later proceeds to steamy fucking sessions. Please prepare for some too-unreal unexpected situations all through the series.

Four mothers planned a month-long vacation with their children in a lonely deserted guest house in a private estate. All the children are above 19 years of age.

Narration mostly by Preetam, along with group conversations. Sorry for not including the members’ looks, weight, and physique. I will include it as the story series progresses.

Characters in the story.

Swati – Kids: Keerti, Prateek

Harita – Kids: Spandan, Sarika

Aishwarya – Kids: Preetam, Sneha

Kavya – Kids: Geeta, Vivek

We all started our journey to the private estate of Swati aunty in a minibus. The seats are at the 4 edges in a rectangular fashion with free space in the middle of the bus. We need to travel more than 12 hours to reach our destination. The guesthouse is already full of daily needs for a month for all of us.

All the kids were excited about this and packed with Cricket kits and Shuttle bats. But, all aunties are laughing and saying there is no use of all these as all have a lot of other games to play. We had no clue then and ignored it. We came to know those games in the kinkiest and most exciting way.

When we started, Harita aunty warned us that vehicles should not be stopped between journeys. Half the distance is a forest area where it is dangerous to get down.

All aunties are wearing sarees. All girls except Sarika were wearing jeans and T-shirts. Sarika was wearing a T-Shirt and a knee-length skirt. All boys were wearing jeans and shirts.

Talking about myself, Preetam, a 19-year-old, completed junior college. Keerti and I are good friends, and I am close to my sister Sneha as well. I have an attraction to Swati aunty because of her slim structure and cute bubble ass draped with a saree.

Like every day, she looks amazing. When I glanced at her, she caught me twice today and smiling. Keerti knows that I like her mother (not in a sexual way, just teenage attraction). She used to tease me and call me Dad sometimes. Mockingly asks me to take care of her mother.

Today she texted me saying she caught me staring at her mom and winked at me. She warned me not to eat her mother in a funny way.

Talking about others, Spandan had an eye on Kavya aunty. He likes her boobs very much. She has the best boobs in this entire group. Vivek was interested in my mom, especially her plump curvy figure. It was told to me once by Spandan.

When we started our journey, we sat in random places. Currently, Prateek is driving the vehicle, and we need to change driving duty among 4 boys after every 1 hour. We all actively chatted and had cool drinks and some chips.

Meanwhile, Swati aunty proposed to shift places if anyone wanted to move. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and went to sit between Swati and her daughter Keerti. Spandan did not waste a second and settled between Kavya’s aunty and my mom. Vivek settles between my sister Sneha and Sarika.

After 3 hours of journey, Geeta got up from her seat, went to her mother, and whispered something to her. Kavya told her to do it here (no one knows what Geeta asked). Geeta asks Kavya how it is possible in front of all.

Kavya aunty is saying it is the only way to do it here as it is dangerous to get down the vehicle. Others have no clue what Geeta wants. We can see Geeta with a very confused and uncomfortable face. Meanwhile, Harita and Swati asked about the problem.

Suddenly we heard something unexpected. Kavya told that Geeta needs to pee. And with that, everyone stared at Geeta. Geeta seems very upset with all staring at her. With this, my mom Aishwarya shouted, “Why are you all making Geeta uncomfortable?”

She loudly said, “Is it abnormal to pee? Mind your business, idiots!” With this, we started to act normally again and try to involve in a chat with others. Meanwhile, Swati aunty pulled out some plastic tubs from below the seats. She told Geeta to pee in that.

Hearing this, everyone again was shocked and looked at each other. There is pin-drop silence now in the group. But, all mothers seem already prepared for this situation with the tub.

Geeta: I can’t understand what you are all saying. How can I pee here in front of all? What will you all do if you need to pee?

Swati: I will answer you, dear. Sorry for this, as we do not have other options. We already told before starting that we can’t get out of the car when travelling in the forest. I also need to pee now, and I will show you what you have to follow after.

We hear a conversation never happened or is expected to happen before. But, internally, I am enjoying these happenings. And my dick started erecting slightly.

Keerti, with a grin, whispered to me, “You are going to have a great show from your darling Swati, it seems. Now please close your mouth, baby.”

Everyone is eager to see what will happen and staring at Swati aunty very keenly. She surprised all of us. She suddenly held the bottom of the saree (along with the petticoat) and lifted till above her ass. She tried to stand up. But, because of the bumpy road, she could not balance and fell on her seat.

With this act, all are dumbfounded and cannot believe what happened. Keerti and I stared at each other in shock. I even had eye contact with Sarika for a few seconds, who was sitting opposite me and in shock.

Meanwhile, Harita and Kavya say, “Easy guys, please act normal. We have only this option now.” My mom Aishwarya said, “Swati dear, continue with your act. They will recover soon,” and smiled.

As Swati Aunty’s back was towards me, I fully looked at her ass cheeks from back for 2 seconds. This made my dick erect like a pole.

Keerti recovered immediately and came to her funny way again. She whispered to me, “Sorry dear, on behalf of my mom, for your cobra. It seems uncomfortable in your pants,” and winked. I think she had an eye on my erection.

Swati asked me to help her as she couldn’t balance the moving bus, and I happily accepted. She asked me to lift her saree from the backside and hold it. From the front side, she is holding the saree with one hand. With another hand, she holding the bus for balance.

I could not believe what I was doing in front of my mother and everyone. I could not control myself and shamelessly watched her ass cheeks (my favourite) now. Swati just squatted over the tub and saw Geeta once and started peeing.

Everyone is just stunned again to see what is happening. And myself holding her saree and my hand touching her milky soft white ass. I have seen Keerti with wide-open eyes, and she is smiling and winking at me. Others are just staring at the scene in front of them.

Meanwhile, I gathered some courage, caressed her ass cheeks and touched her ass hole with my middle finger. No one can see that as her saree covers my hand. But Swati just turned towards me. I was afraid of her reaction as I acted too bold too soon.

But she just smiled and was about to complete her peeing. I was relieved and excited. These 20 to 30 seconds moved slowly, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Swati dropped her saree to her knees. This enjoyment continued when Swati said to me to help her again.

I gleefully asked what to do, and she again surprised all. She asked me to wipe her pussy from pee with wipes. As another surprise, Harita aunty and my mom offered tissues. With a shy face, I took them and started wiping her pussy. (Still, I am thinking, why are all aunties acting too normal?)

But this time, I put my middle finger in her pussy (others still can’t see) while doing that. Believe me, she is pouring wet. When I did that, Swati just gasped and let out an “Aah.” I did something very unusual now. I just put 2 more fingers into her pussy and scooped some pussy juices out.

Again she moaned mildly. All this is only known to Swati and me. The rest cannot see under her saree. This happened almost 10 to 12 seconds. Now Swati turned towards me, and this small conversation started.

Swati: Preetam, Done with your hot wiping acts? Do you mind if I sit now, at least?

With this, everyone is laughing, and I am about to sit but covering my right hand fingers.

Aishwarya: Why do you need my son’s permission, baby?

Swati: Seems your son likes holes, Aishu. (and winked towards Harita)

They all laughed as if they could trace what could have happened. All children are also laughing at this adult joke. But only Swati and I know the actual thing happened.

Swati: Aishu, I like your son, dear. He helped me today well.

Aishwarya: My son never helped me in this way!

Showed mock anger and said, “Idiot,” seeing me. Harita and Kavya added, “Even our children also not helped us till now.” This conversation ended with all kids opening their mouths and gasping.

I am trying to understand if my mom and other aunties are fine with this if it happened with their sons.

Keerti whispered in my ears, “I know the wetness on the right hand fingers, and I know what you do with that. That’s my mom’s treasure.”

Almost 2 minutes passed after this scene. But still, the air smells the slight pee smell of Swati aunty, but strangely no one shows discomfort. Seems everyone is enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

And now Kavya told Geeta to pee. She still feels shy naturally, but everyone is staring at Geeta’s pants now. I can sense the lust in all the boy’s eyes. Even Prateek, who is driving the vehicle, slows it down. Harita was told to remove the pants completely, as squatting in a moving vehicle is difficult.

She is still not opening her pant button. Besides boys, even Keerti, Sarika and my sister Sneha seem eager to see it.

Harita: Geeta baby, don’t feel shy dear, all boys are girls here need to do the same if not now, later as we have yet to travel more than 8 hours.

Hearing that, Geeta was slightly convinced. Meanwhile, Kavya asked Vivek to help his sister like I helped Swati.

I can sense disappointment on Spandan’s face. Keerti again whispered to me, You and Spandan missed this opportunity,” and grinned. I texted her mobile, saying will you give me a chance to me. For this, she showed her fist to beat me and smiled.

That’s all from the first part. Sorry if I disappointed you with the absence of fucking. We will meet in the next part of the series soon.

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