10 Best Indian Sex Stories of February 2023

Hi Readers, you can become listeners, too! We have started adding audio options to some of our stories from February 2023. Now, you can read and hear while jerking your dicks or fingering your pussies.

And here are the 10 best stories of February 2023.

1) Story of an Indian Mom and Son

By: rohan1806

I wanted to suck my mom’s hot sexy breasts for milk. I slowly convinced her and started sucking them. Then we went on to do other erotic things as well!

‘One day, she wore a sleeveless black t-shirt that was transparent and thin. It was a tight t-shirt for her. Boobs are looking very sexy in this. The nipple was also clearly visible that day. I jerked off 2 times from morning to afternoon, and even after that, my dick was hard.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Start of Incest with my mom – Part 3

By: vijay2

I convinced my mom that we would masturbate together to enjoy each other without the actual sex. But she didn’t agree to the same thing. So what was next?

‘I saw that her right hand was rubbing her pussy. And she was holding her phone with her left hand, for name’s sake. She was hiding her view from me and asked me to clean up if done and switch off the pc. My mind played a bit, and I got the idea of showing my dick to her.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Fucked My Busty Mom Shilpa At A Hotel

By: Thisthat

Read about one of the best sex experiences with my sexy and busty mom Shilpa. Read how I fucked my mother in a hotel room and that, too, a whole night.

‘At the same time, I was caressing my mom’s body. It was damn hot. Then I stripped her saree as well as her panty. Her panty was completely wet with her juices. It smelled great. Then she removed my clothes.’ Read the entire story here.

4) Slut Wife fucks her Brother-In-Law

By: Swatijaiswal

Aditi was a happily married housewife with amazing sex life. She recently became a mom. Then an unexpected guest came into her life, and everything changed.

‘Amit looked quite horny and was in no mood to stop. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass and his rough hands squeezing my boobs and pussy. My towel fell, and I was completely naked in Amit’s arms.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Young Son Tricks Mother To Fuck Her Forever – Part 3

By: rahul86

Karan comes up with a wicked plan to fuck his mother forever. He convinces her to marry him & live as husband & wife at home while being mom & son outside.

‘He got to know that his mother was not a sweet, god-fearing lady. But a woman who cuckolded her husband to satisfy her carnal desires. Moreover, he realized that his father was a willing cuckold who loved to see his wife getting fucked.’ Read the entire story here.

6) Honeymoon Gone Wrong – Part 1 (My Mistake)

By: vineet.p

While on our honeymoon, a little mistake caused my wife to lose her modesty, for which I was solely responsible. My wife got fucked by three strangers.

‘My hands were trembling, and I opened the door and got inside. The shock was waiting for me, and I felt the same inside. The moment I saw the bed, it was a nightmare. Chaitali was sleeping all naked but not alone. Three more guys were sleeping naked around her.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Unexpectedly Caught By Girlfriend’s Sister – Part 2

By: prudhvi4indian

Find out what happened after my sex with girlfriend was interrupted by her sister Shruti. I had to hide under the bed and saw my GF’s sister naked!

‘I just pinned her to the wall and tried to take the mobile from her. All this time, both of us didn’t realize that we were touching each other’s naked bodies! My chest was pressing her boobs and my still erect dick was touching her pussy.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Love Thy Mother – Part 1

By: GrayWizard

This incest story is one of many. This is the first part of the first series. Read how a son wakes up early in the morning and makes his mother cum for him.

‘Her eyes, I believed, were the most beautiful, the sexiest part of her. I couldn’t stand her beauty. I walked up to her pussy feet and bent down on my knees. I raised her nightie. Mom was startled and looked back.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Heavenly Sex With Friend’s Big Butt Mom – Part 1

By: rajraka09

Hot story of how I fucked my friend’s mom Seema in her flat after I had started getting attracted to her and her big ass despite she being in her late 40s.

‘She was a bit shocked and kept quiet. I then kissed her neck quietly and was moving my hand on her chubby belly. She turned and pushed me back saying, “What are you doing, Raj?! Have you lost your senses!”’ Read the entire story here.

10) Incest Journey – Part 6 (Birthday gift of a threesome)

By: areincest

Read how my wife returned to me. She accepted my mom and mine relationship by asking her mother. Intense sex between my wife and me after a long time.

‘This time she moaned loudly. “Ahhh, lick me, deeper, lick me more.” My mom also moaned. Within 5 minutes, we three cum. I tasted both milfs cums. My mom’s pussy is filled with my cum, and drops are coming one by one. She said she already took a pill.’ Read the entire story here.

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