Young Son Tricks Mother To Fuck Her Forever – Part 6

Karan had again tricked Radha into submitting for sex by pretending to lose his memory. But Radha didn’t complain. She also wanted to have sex as much as Karan. She was overwhelmed by her motherly duties.

Radha went to her bedroom to breastfeed her daughter. Her dancing ass gave Karan another plan to fuck her in front of their daughter. He waited for some time for Radha to breastfeed her daughter. He entered after some time only to witness a scene never seen before.

Radha was sitting with her legs crossed in their bed, lowering her massive melons on their daughter’s mouth. The little one was clinging to the nipple and sucking. Karan’s flaccid cock was rock hard again, giving a standing ovation.

Seeing his upright cock, Radha smiled softly, “Some more time, dear. Once she is done, then I will take care of you.”

Karan, “Can I drink milk from your breast?”

Radha irritatingly replied, ” I have often told you the milk is only for our daughter. How many times do I have to repeat this?”

Saying this, she immediately realized that Karan was yet to get his entire memory back. She immediately apologized and said, “Please forgive me. I will never do this again. ”

Karan knew that this was the chance to suck Radha’s breast. He started crying, pretended to leave the room, and said, “It’s ok. Probably, I am a bad husband and son, and you don’t love me. That is why you won’t breastfeed me. It’s ok.”

Radha now had tears, “It’s not that, my swami. I love you the most in the world. Even more than our daughter. You are the one who has given me a whole new lease of life. Please don’t leave. I will do as you say from now onwards. I will breastfeed you. You can drink milk as much as you want. Come to me, please.”

These were the words that Karan wanted to hear. He immediately rushed to Radha and smooched her. Radha reciprocated, and they continued smooching for some time. Radha instructed Karan to lay his head on her lap and then lowered her breast into Karan’s mouth.

Before sucking, Karan promised to leave enough milk for their daughter. Hearing this, Radha smiled and put her giant nipples into Karan’s mouth. Karan was sucking and pressing Radha’s boobs like a hungry dog.

He was biting, licking, sucking, and pressing her nipples to suck before Radha changed her mind. The breast milk was cold, sweet and thick. Even though Karan had sucked from Radha’s breast as a child, he didn’t remember that.

But now, as he was sucking and drying out one of Radha’s breasts of milk, he devoured the moment to the fullest. Though he had sucked Radha’s breast as a husband, there was no milk then. The occasion today made it special. Karan continued like a pro who would have continued till eternity.

All this sucking by Karan had made Radha horny. Her pussy was burning with desire, with pussy fluids oozing out and making the bed wet. As soon as Karan saw this, he let go of the breast and licked Radha’s pussy. He immediately parted the already swollen clitoris and inserted his tongue.

He started licking like a dog that licks milk. Radha couldn’t hold it anymore and started moaning loudly, without caring that their daughter was sleeping nearby. She clenched the bedsheet with her fist and mumbled, “Yes, my Swami, don’t stop.”

She continued in a hushed tone, “Keep sucking it. Bite it, but keep on doing it.” As she neared orgasm, she held Karan’s head tightly. She wrapped her thighs around Karan’s body to not let him escape from the gushing flow of liquids.

And soon, the dam broke. She quivered and lifted her lower back. Simultaneously, Karan’s head and upper body were lifted with a jerk.
He felt a slight pain in the back of his neck. But before he could react, warm pussy liquid hit his face with massive force.

He opened his mouth and tried to drink some. But such was the force that he could drink some, and a lot of it went to his nostrils, eyes and even ears. But Radha didn’t leave him still. Karan thought the orgasm was over and patted Radha’s hands to signal to leave him.

But then, alas, another gushing flow of Radha’s cum filled liquid hit Rohit with such intensity that he even didn’t have time to open his mouth. Radha lifted her lower body even more and thundered, “Fuck yeah, bitch. That’s how you do it,” As if congratulating herself for her massive orgasm.

Karan, who was nearly suffocating, started patting Radha’s hand vigorously. She came to her senses and released Karan from her anaconda-like grip. Karan looked at Radha with bewilderment and wondered whether he played the trick too far.

He had never witnessed such an orgasm and realized what a bitch in heat Radha was. He thought about what more he had to see of Radha and was excited and nervous. Radha apologized profusely, saying she was lost in the process. She never realized that she was hurting her husband.

Her eyes suddenly fell on Karan’s dick. Before he could say anything, she pushed Karan into the bed. She lifted her ass and positioned her burning pussy right over Karan’s dick-head.

She replied, “This is your second favourite position. You always loved this cowgirl pose, especially in the morning. Imagine waking your wife in the morning and making her have sex in a cowgirl position so that you could relive your boner, but I didn’t complain, either. Now it’s time for you to drill me to be slutty cowgirl.”

With this, she sat on Karan’s dick and started riding it immediately as an expert slut rider. Karan was too overwhelmed even to react and continued with the flow. She continued riding and riding. She placed Karan’s hand on her ass and asked him to slap and keep slapping it to make it red.

Karan used to slap Radha’s ass. As he was her son, this strange request perplexed him. He couldn’t react as he enjoyed the busty ass drilling his dick. Radha’s strange request and his still coming to grasp of the massive orgasm some moments ago.

Suddenly she leaned forward and put her breast in Karan’s mouth. She told him to suck it dry. Radha moaned, “Drink all my breast milk. Make it dry, and then proceed to the next one. Now on, the only meal that you will have is my breastmilk.”

Karan was further perplexed. Even today, this morning, Radha used to get angry even when Karan wanted to press her breast. And now, she was ordering him to empty it without even carrying for their daughter.

Radha looked at Karan’s face and replied, “What happened, Swami? You look confused. Did I do something wrong?” Before Karan could reply, she inserted her tongue inside his mouth and started deep smooching him. She increased her pace more, and the thrust of her ass became more intense.

Karan started feeling pain in his dick from such rapid and forceful thrusts of her ass, and he immediately grabbed it to gain more control and lower the pace.
But it wasn’t to be. Radha kept increasing her pace and thrusting, and Karan’s dick couldn’t take it.

Karan thought that his dick might break due to such ass-pounding. He removed it from Radha’s burning pussy and shoved it in her ass. It was the only way to lower her pace and save his dick. He knew that Radha would never be able to match the pace when his dick was inside her ass compared to her pussy.

Radha screamed in ecstasy and again begged her husband to drill her ass.
Karan, now in much control, lifted her ass and started fucking it. It gave him more control and allowed his dick to penetrate her ass easily. Both Karan and Radha were panting from intense sex.

Radha ordered Karan to stop. She quipped, “Our daughter may wake up if we continue to like this. The entire bed is shaking, and we are moaning non-stop. If she wakes up, I will neither be able to get up from your dick or neither be able to enjoy it. We should go some other room.”

Karan agreed. As they got up, Radha told Karan to place his dick between her ass as they walked. Karan was surprised by this request as he had never tried this before. He had only seen this in porn movies. But the sultry smile of Radha encouraged him to go with this move.

He positioned his dick in the butthole and told Radha to walk to the other room. She started walking, but the dick would slip out of the asshole. But even if the dick stayed in the butthole, it was putting pressure on his dick that forced him to remove it.

Still, they continued and smiled at this unique position. She walked around the house and laughed. Karan was more busy adjusting his dick in her asshole than enjoying the sex. Fed up with this, he pushed Radha against the fall and pushed his dick forcefully in her ass and started pounding with no mercy.

He grabbed her boobs from behind and crushed them. Radha was now moaning and enjoying the pain. She egged on Karan not to stop and keep going. As Karan was close to another orgasm, he took it out from the ass and shoved it in her pussy. As he continued to drill it, Radha was also nearing her climax.

Radha moaned, “I am close, swami.”

Karan also panted, “Me too, Radha.”

Radha quipped, “Let’s cum in unison, dear and be one with eternity.”

Saying this, Karan increased his pace and grabbed the boobs more tightly. His finger and arms were printed on Radha’s boobs, and her areolas sprayed milk all over the wall. And then, both groaned simultaneously as they climaxed together.

A pool of warm cum and pussy fluid started dripping from Radha’s pussy and flooded the floor. Both were exhausted and panting. Karan released his grip on Radha’s boobs and placed his hands near her ass. His dick was still hard but was slowly going flaccid.

He wanted to give more strokes but was too exhausted and overwhelmed by the situation. Finally, his dick fell out from the ass as more cum was guzzled out from the butthole. Radha turned around, wrapped her arms around Karan’s neck, and started kissing.

Radha replied, “This was the best sex for some time. I never came so much before.”

Karan replied, “I didn’t see this face of yours ever. You were a royal Bengal tigress, and I was your prey. I hate to admit it, but I was a little scared.”

Radha giggled, “You are going to see this tigress more often. Relax, I will not eat you. But it is good to be afraid of a woman as this will make the society a better place to live in.”

Karan, “Yes, it will.”

Radha, “Has my swami’s memory returned?”

Karan, too exhausted for another round, quickly retorted, “Yes, dear. All thanks to you.”

Radha, “So tell me dear, which was your favourite position before reincarnating in our son’s body.”

Karan, “It’s easy dear. It was a missionary.”

Radha giggled, “Then we are going try that right now.”

Karan got alarmed, and even before he could speak, Radha was already sucking her dong. It wasn’t long before his dick was rock hard again, but it was hurting. Radha held Karan’s hand and took him to the dining table.

She replied, “I always had this kinky thought that you would fuck me on this dining table. I have never asked you anything. Will you fulfil my dream?”

Karan, as if he had any option, “Of course, dear.”

Radha then placed herself at the dining table, with her legs wide open, giving ample glance of the cum soaked pussy. She told Karan to insert in the breeding hole and not stop until they orgasmed together. Though Karan was exhausted, Radha’s words acted as Viagra, and he again started pumping her pussy.

He held her legs in the air for better control and penetration. Radha held her bouncing boobs and started licking the milk that came out. “This milk tastes delicious. I need to feed you more of this so that you get more strength and stamina.” Radha moaned in a horny tone.

“Bend down and drink some milk. You must be feeling thirsty,” Radha quipped. Karan, not requiring a second invitation, immediately left her legs and bent down to suck and drink from her boobies.

Radha, nearing her orgasm, involuntarily wrapped her python-like legs around Karan’s waist and squeezed him. Even before Karan could complain, she wrapped her lips around him and passionately kissed him.

Karan was in a unique position. His mother was squeezing him, which allowed his dick to bury further in the pussy, nearly touching her womb. But it was also making him breathless. And top of that, he was also passionately kissing Radha as if there was no tomorrow.

Their tongues interlocked with each other, refusing to leave. The squeezing was further delaying Karan’s orgasm. He could reach the deepest part of her pussy, which he hadn’t reached before. Radha was now on the verge of climax. She released her liplock and whispered, “I am close.”

Karan, whose orgasm was being delayed, couldn’t hold much further. With one further squeeze, Radha came massively. Karan also climaxed simultaneously. But this time, he could deposit his semen much deeper in the pussy and closer to the womb.

That is why, when Karan’s flaccid dick finally came out from the pussy, very little semen dripped. Radha now finally left her grip on Karan, and he collapsed on Radha’s boobs. They continued in that position until Radha broke the silence, “Are you alright, Swami?”

Karan replied, “Yes, I am.”

Radha, “I am sorry, Swami, that I kept you from sex for so long. I am angry at myself as well for not enjoying this pleasure. I promise to make up for the lost time. I guarantee you that this is just the beginning. More hardcore sex is around the corner.”

Karan now realized why his father couldn’t satisfy this tigress. He wondered whether he would meet the same fate as his father.