You have to repay the loan if taken!

Hello readers, this is Akhil-a 22-year-old boy from Mumbai. I am around 5’11” tall and weigh around 60 kg, i.e., I am mildly thin but handsome.

Since my father’s business was not going well, my parents had to take a big loan for my higher education from Rashika Aapa, who ran a brothel. Since the loan interest was high, my father was not able to pay those loan installments on time. The loan was to be paid in 6 installments. After missing 2 instalments, Aapa came to warn my parents. I was studying in the room while the discussion and fight about repayment was going outside. After a few minutes, my mom came to call me outside. Then Aapa told me –

Aapa: Sun bachha, agar kal tak mujhe 3 installments jitna paisa nahi mila, to kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Liya hai to chukana padega hi (Listen kid, if I’ll not receive the 3 installment money by tomorrow, then anything can happen. You have taken it, so you have to repay it).

Me: Main karta hu kuch intezaam, par paise zyada hai to kya aap 2-3 din aur de sakti ho? (I’ll arrange something, but the amount is big. Can you give me 2-3 days?)

Aapa: Theek hai chal, tujhe ek aur din diya (Ok fine, I’ll give you one more day).

My parents and I were tense and tried all the means to get money, but were able to collect an amount equal to 1 installment only. After 2 days, Aapa arrived to take the money.

Aapa: Time khatam hua. Kaha hai mere paise (Time is up. Where is my money)?

Me: Aapa, ye rahe aapke paise (Aapa, here is your money).

After counting the amount, Aapa was furious and started abusing.

Aapa: Kyun bhenchod, kaha hai baaki ke paise. Mujhse hoshiyari karta hai. Chal, tu mere sath chal, mujhe pata hai tere se paise kaise nikalwane hai (Why sister-fucker, where is the rest of the money? Trying to be smart with me. Come with me, I know how to extract money from you).

Then she took me to her car. My parents tried their best to convince her but failed. No one from the neighborhood tried to stop Aapa. Aapa thought for sometime in the car and then ordered my mom to get in the car as well. Mom obliged.

Aapa took us to her home. She took us to her room and locked it from inside.

Now, only 3 of us were in her room. Our heart was beating very fast because we didn’t know what was on Aapa’s mind. Aapa sat on the sofa and asked us to kneel. She asked us to come toward her feet and sit on all fours. By then, we were fully willing to do anything she asked for, if that will clear the huge debt. We came and sat near her feet. She then asked me to sit on her lap.

I sat on her lap and she unzipped my jeans. She took my dick out of my underwear and slowly started stroking my dick.

Aapa: Chal Manju, ache se choosne lag ise. Tujhe tere bete ko sikhana hai ki ek aurat ko ache se satisfy kaise karte hai. Jitna jaldi ye seekhega, utna jaldi main isko baaki ladies se chudwaungi aur utna jaldi tumhara loan maaf hoga (Come on Manju, suck it nice. You have to teach your son how to satisfy a woman. The sooner he learns, the sooner I will make him fucked from other ladies and the sooner your loan will be forgiven).

Mom didn’t waste a single moment after hearing Aapa’s words and gave a small gentle kiss on my dick first. A sudden current passed through my body! I never imagined that my dick would salute my mom and she would give me a blowjob.

Mom took my dick in her hand and slowly started engulfing my dick in her mouth. She was licking it like a lollipop. She didn’t even leave my balls and sucked every part of my dick. I was on cloud nine. As it was the first time for me, I was not able to control and shot a load of cum in her mouth in just 2 minutes. Then she spat it out of her mouth.

Aapa: Manju, ye madarchod itni jaldi jhad jayega to clients ko khush kaise karega? Ise ab hame hi sikhana padega (Manju, if this motherfucker will drop so early, then how will he make the clients happy. Now, we have to train him).

Mom nodded in agreement. Aapa called her driver into the room. She asked the driver to fuck my mom in front of me and show me how to satisfy a woman. The driver was very happy to listen to this. He lifted my mom and started kissing her passionately.

Aapa told me to remove her saree seductively. I obliged willingly. Then she asked me to kiss my mom in the same manner as the driver did. I started with a soft smooch and then slowly started sucking my mom’s juicy lips. We exchanged our saliva and rolled our tongues into each other’s mouths.

Then the driver went to Aapa as she ordered him to serve her.

Aapa: Ye jo bhi mere sath karega tum wahi apni maa par karo (Whatever he will do to me, the same you do to your mother).

I nodded and was feeling very excited at that time. So, I had to replicate everything that the driver did to Aapa with my mom. He removed Aapa’s melons from her cage and started playing with them. I must say, even though Aapa was around 40 years old, she had a well-structured body with a nice pair of boobs.

Even my mom was in her early 40s but had a well-maintained figure with her sizes being 34C-32-34. She looked no less than an actress.

I followed and removed my mom’s salwar kameez and started kissing and playing with her boobs over her bra. I then pinned my mom on the wall, removed her bra, and was sucking her erect nipples. Due to this foreplay, my dick again started to rise. I started licking her armpits and my mom was enjoying it and was moaning like hell. She never expected that her son would be that good at foreplay! Slowly and steadily, I started kissing her navel and rolled my tongue on her belly button. She moaned more in joy.

Mom: Bachha, tum acha kar rahe ho (Son, you are doing well). Bas aise hi kha jao apni maa ko (Eat your mother just like that).

On the other side, the driver had removed Aapa’s petticoat and was rubbing his dick over Aapa’s panty. She was moaning as well. Following the driver, I removed my mom’s panty. It was the first time I was seeing my mother nude and she was looking no less than a goddess.

I came down on my knees and started kissing her inner thighs. Then I went near her pussy and was enjoying her intoxicating smell. My breath touching her pussy was making her more wet down there. I kept on licking the inner thighs and then went straight towards her butt hole. It was too much for her to take. She did not expect to be licked there.

Mom: Waha mat chaato, wo ganda hai. Bas meri chut ko shant karo. Mujhe itna mat tadpao abhi (Don’t lick there, it’s dirty. Just give relief to my cunt. Don’t tease me now).

When mom was saying this, I brought my finger to her lips-signaling her to keep quiet. She was so horny that she started licking my fingers as if it was tasty ice cream.

Then I slid those 2 wet fingers into her pussy. She was so wet down there that my fingers slid in easily. Then I started finger fucking her. I even brought my mouth on her pussy. I sucked the glory hole from where I was born.

Mom was on cloud nine. For her, I was giving her the best moment and pleasure of her life. She was lost in a completely different world. It was a new feeling for her. I sucked so hard and passionately that she had a squirt of cum.

On the other side, the driver had rammed his cock in Aapa’s pussy and was fucking her in a missionary position like a whore. After 5 minutes, both of them came and collapsed on the floor. Aapa’s boobs were swaying as she was breathing heavily. She was sitting there watching me fuck my mom and satisfying her to the fullest. Then she came toward me and said –

Aapa: Bachha, aaja idhar, baith ja yaha sofa par (Come here and sit on the sofa).

I followed her. Aapa saw that mom had an angry face because she didn’t get her son’s dick in her cunt!

Then she said: Dekh teri maa ko. Kaise tera lund apne andar lene ke liye taras rahi hai. Ruk main tere lund ko taiyaar karti hu (Look at your mother. How starving she is to take your dick. Let me make your dick ready).

Aapa then placed my cock between her boobs and started stroking it. My dick again started getting hard again. She even bent her face down and touched the tip of my cock with her tongue. This was making my cock throb more. Meanwhile, the driver was sucking my mom’s titties to make her ready. After 5 minutes, I was ready to penetrate my mom.

Aapa: Manju aaja baith aur kar le is ghode ki sawari (Come Manju, ride this horse).

My mom adjusted the cock on her pussy and sat on it. More than half of my dick went in. I could feel my mother’s hotness on my dick. I was fondling her boobs as she was riding my cock. Her loud abusive moaning was giving me more energy to satisfy her to the core. Even I was bound to last long or else Aapa would punish me.

She was tired after 5 minutes so we switched our positions to doggy style. I was pounding her from behind. Mom had cummed twice in the process. I could feel the juices oozing out of her pussy on my dick.

Me: Mera nikalne wala hai (I am gonna cum).

Mom: Daal de apna maal meri chut mein. Aaj apni maa ko randi banaya hai to poori tarah se bana de (Cum in my pussy. You’ve made your mother a slut today, make me a full slut).

Aapa laughed upon hearing this. Then I released my cum in my mom’s pussy and lay on her back with my cock still in her pussy. Aapa congratulated me for my performance and said this was what she was expecting me to do with her clients.

My mom had a different glow on her face after that fuck. She was feeling fresher and more rejuvenated than before. But she also had guilt on her face for fucking her own son.

Mom: Aapa shukriya! Aaj tak mera pati mujhe jitna khush nahi kar paya, wo mere bete ne kar dikhaya. Bas Aapa please hame thoda aur wakt de do. Hum hafta chuka denge (Thank you, Aapa. Till date my husband couldn’t give me that happiness, which my son gave me. But Aapa, please give us some more time. We’ll pay you off).

Aapa: Theek hai. Tum ghar jaa sakti ho. Lekin ye 15 din yahi rahega. Ladkiyon aur auraton ko khush karega, paise kamayega aur usme se mera poora hafta chuka ke jayega (Ok. You can go home. But he will stay here for 15 days. He will make the girls and women happy, earn money, and pay me off fully and then leave).

So I had to stay there and ensure to fuck as many women and girls and satisfy them so that I could repay Aapa’s loan and go back.

What happened next will be continued in the next story.

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