You and Me – Convincing me to fuck your friend

Hi, I am Rahul. I hope a few of you remember me and have visited my pages already. I suggest and request have a look at my earlier posts. All my write-ups are on our love. That is of you and me.

Now, today’s love:
You come up in the room. We have a brief kiss and hug. You filled the water, for you had a few sips, me too. We start undressing ourselves. You stop and check me out while I am undressing. I opened my shirt, and you were happy to see me in the vest you had given me.

I took out my regular vest and then the one you had given me last time to wear for you. You took it from me and smelled it. Perfect, it is, you said. You thanked me, folded it and kept it in your bag. You took out another and asked me to carry this today to wear next time the same way.

I undid all my clothes but the Jockey, and you start undressing yourself. You are in Kurta and Leggings with a long Dupatta. I am in the bed already. You jumped on me upon undressing yourself. You lay on me. I take you in my arms tight, and we kiss. You move your hand on my face and hair, pampering me.

In a while, you roll down by my side, and I get on you. I stretch open your arms. This means your left arm is towards the extreme left of the bed and your right arm to the extreme right. I have my arms over yours and clutch my palms in yours. You move your lips on mine and kiss me.

I participate, and we have a long kiss. I move my body up from you while keeping the palms clutched and bent on your breasts. Move my lips on your nipples, one by one on both. Your hands are tied in a way, and my touches tickle you. You request me to free your hands and lay down by your side.

I smile and lay beside you. I am on your right side. I move and place my chest partly on you, move my right leg in-between your thighs, depart them, pull my right leg, fold my knee and place it on your pussy, push it tendering light pressure. I lean over you, your right breast crushed under my chest.

You like my weight on you. I move both my palms on your left breast. Grip it and upright it. Now bend over it, kiss it, stretch my tongue out, move it on the nipple, circling on and around the nipple. I take all of it deep in my mouth, nipple and all portions around it.

This generates heat in you. You get wet, too much wet. You move your hand down on me, hold my hardened dick and stroke it. I move to the other breast and have it in the same manner as the left one. I move over you. I sit on your waist with my legs on each side and bow down to continue having your breasts.

You raise your chest for me to have you more. I squeeze your breast, suck it tough and eat it. I put my mouth tight shut on it, suck it and chew the nipple. I follow it by chewing the whole breast. I have both boobs in the same way, one by one.

Now, I take it out of my mouth and collect both breasts together. I try to take both nipples together in my mouth. With a little more effort, I have both in my mouth and suck them. I get done with the breasts now and move up and kiss you. You wish me to go down and get in you.

You wait for my further move. I start moving down, kissing and licking you everywhere, neck, cleavage, belly, belly button, lower waist and reach your pussy. I move further down and lick your thighs, inner thighs just adjacent to pussy. Your wetness has flowed down from pussy to inner thighs.

I flick my tongue over it. Open my mouth and eat it all. I suck it with taste and enjoy it, as it is my favourite drink. By the way, even you like my juices. I suck you dry. And put my finger in your pussy. It is already awfully wet, and you get desperate for me to get in.

You ask me again to come up. I get up and settle in between your thighs. Hold my cock and place it on your lips, pussy lips! Gradually, I started moving in. I slide in easily as you are so wet already. It just slips with no effort. I put my body weight on you and make slow moves.

Upon a few moves, whilst you are enjoying it, you think of teasing me. You ask me to wait and release you. You ask me, or to say, throw a challenge on me. You ask me to get in you and move. But any of my body parts shall not touch you except my piston moving in and out of its case.

That is my cock only to move in and out of you. To your surprise, I do it and do it very well. The feelings are awesome. I raise my whole body off you. I straighten my arms, stiffen my body and go on my toes. My body weight is on my palms and toes. This is a posture of push-ups.

So, you are beneath me. I am over you and not touching you at all. All my body parts are away from your body. No touch! I take some time to penetrate as holding the cock also not allowed. Though you offer to guide me in, I refuse and ask you to wait.

Eventually, some knocks here and there in search of the door, I get it. Finally, slid in. It is a battle won. Ha ha ha! Anyways, so further, I start moving, in and out. There is a slight difference. In push-ups, my body needs to be straight, and only my arm will fold up and down.

Here, my arms need to remain straight. I am not supposed to touch you, and my waist only has to come down and rise or, say, sway back and forth.

And you are happy and appreciate me, “You do it marvellously. And honey, how beautiful this feeling is, only your cock in and out of me. It is a different feeling altogether. Never even imagined this before.”

I keep moving like this, speedier and deeper now. You cannot resist and want my body weight on you. You spread your arms around me and pull me with force on you. I fall on you. You kiss and ask. Make it wild now.

I move more deeply and vigorously. Probably my penis grows bigger too. You get into orgasm, start climaxing and wobbling, and within no time, you ooze and get calm. Happy and fulfilled with immense satisfaction. I fell beside you, catching my breath.

You turn to me and put your hand in my hair. Pull my head in your bosom and pat me lovingly. A little later, we got up from bed, freshened ourselves, and I moved out of the washroom. Removed bath robes from the closet, Hotel has provided. One I put on me and the other kept on the bed for you.

Today you have got cup noodles and chips. I start preparing, and you come out of the washroom. You came to my back and hugged me. I turned around and, seeing you, laughed aloud. You gave a broad, naughty smile and asked, “How am I looking?”

You had wrapped your dupatta only. Right from your neck, covering your boobs and down to your pussy. Turned from pussy to up at your back and knotted it to the other end. Wah! You look so sexy!

“How did you manage to do this?” I asked. Where did you get this idea of putting on the dupatta in this style?” You laughed and said. With eye winking, “The way you have great ideas of making love, in so many variety.” We laughed, and you moved to change into the bathrobe.

Further, we go ahead with meals. We started conversing about here and there things. We had a pause, and you started a topic. “Listen, the other day, I had mentioned my friend. Let me tell you something about her. She is a very nice person. Though she is much younger than me, we are best friends.”

“She got married to our neighbour’s family at my Mom’s place in Jaipur. Their bungalow is next to ours. We have close relations with this family. We are sort of one family, living in two houses. I visit my Mom’s place very often, once a month is at least.”

“She also visits Delhi now, and then, they have business here also. We have a strong bond. We share everything in our life with each other. She has the same problem as I was in prior to you. Actually, once she was quite dull and upon my asking, she told me she was in a bad situation.”

“Her husband isn’t interested in her. All he’s interested in is his Business trips, Parties and Social meetings etc. Her husband totally neglects her. When she talked about her loneliness, he would talk about money. She has so much money, and she should keep herself busy and pleased with that.”

“At times, he would transfer more money to her account, saying why crib and enjoy money as if money alone can get you everything in life. As a person, she is very jovial and bubbly. She is always smiling and laughing, but she is so sad within.”

All this while I keep listening patiently. And you kept talking. After some time, you go quiet and look into my eyes. I asked, “What?” You spoke, “You know she is the one who told me of ISS. She is the one who helped me. She is the one because of whom I have you.”

You gave a pause and spoke in a low voice, sheepishly, with your face a little down. “Please help her. You go out with her. Please, please don’t say no. Help her for me. I want to help her. You alone can do this.”

I am stunned to hear this. I totally refuse and also get a little annoyed with your idea. We didn’t talk about this anymore. You then cheered up and changed the topic. You ask, “Why don’t I message you or call you? And why only always call or message me? Why is that so?”

I take a little time and reply, “It is because I don’t want you to land up in any problem. I can manage your messages, etc, but if by any chance my messages land up at some wrong time or someone else’s hands, it can be troublesome. I am taking extra care. After all, certainly, precaution is better than cure. Also, I know as and when you will be comfortable, you will do. That is why.”

You appreciated me for this and kissed me. I spoke, “Let’s wind up and leave.” You agree, though in a dull tone. We dress ourselves and are ready to leave. I took out an envelope and handed it to you. Ask you to open it. I gifted Beauty Salon package vouchers to you. You were happy to have it.

You, in return, had an envelope in your hand too and handed it to me. I was to open it, and you asked me not to open it and to keep it in the pocket. You took out a chocolate, opened the wrapper and put it in my mouth. It is Lindt mint flavour. I loved it. You say you know it’s my favourite.

We planned to move, and you say, do some more. I wish to. I look at you lovingly and say all dressed up, so now? You say yes, figure out something so that we don’t have to dress up again. I paused, and we moved towards bed. We are standing next to bed face to face.

I go on down on you with my knees folded.  Slide your leggings down to your ankles. Slide down your panty to the ankles. Lift your kurta and ask you to hold it up. I push you back, and you sit on the bed. I open your legs wide. Move ahead and kiss your pussy.

You are not wet. I put my finger on your pussy. Open your lips and push it in your pussy.  You start getting wet. You get laid back on the bed and raise your legs, folding your knees. I keep your feet on my shoulder and move more in you. Take my finger out of you and move my mouth over your pussy.

Start sucking it. Gather it in my mouth and pull it more in my mouth.  You have a strong feeling building in you. You want me to get in you. You say, now please put in. I get up and open my pants, slide it up to my thighs. I pull you up from the bed and turn you around.

Your back is on my face. I pull two pillows and place them on the edge of the bed.  I ask you to bend down with pillows under your belly. I lift your kurta from your back. Hold my dick and move ahead, striking in you. I move it first on your hips parting and then bend and move to your pussy.

I start entering. It is wet, and I am also fully swollen. It has grown to its full size.  I penetrate and move in, out and in and out. Go full in. Put my body weight on you. I moved more and more, flowed by large and vigorous moves.

You are crushed under my body weight and enjoying the piston movement in your pussy.  You start having small orgasms. I continued uninterrupted moves. You, in the end, have your full explode. You get tired under me and ask me to get up.

I stand up and get the towel. Wipe you thoroughly and also my penis. You turn around and keep sitting on the bed. So much happiness on your face.  With a tiring expression, you laughed a lot for quite some time. You spoke, “See, I told you, you always have a way out.”

We dress up and proceed to leave. In the same way, first, you and I follow. Upon reaching the car parking, I took out the envelope. There was cash in it with a small handwritten paper, saying my contribution of today.

I got it. Last time, you mentioned sharing expenses. I smiled and placed it back in the pocket, tearing the chit apart. As I was to start the car, a message came on my phone. I opened the message, it was you.

You have written, “ I loved the quickie,” and a wink. I smiled, and the next line was, “Next time, I insist you listen to me about my friend. Please, you will have to hear me out.” I drove the car away.

So, this was today. The next one is coming soon. One more point, please. To the lady readers. Please suggest to me your views. Should I agree with her to go out with her friend? So long, your [email protected].