With My Watchmen And His Daughter

Now coming to the incident you can expect that its with my watchmen. It took place around 8 years ago where i use to live with my whole family when my husband was still alive. But changed that house after 3 months the incident took place.

Now a little information about the watchmen. He was 6ft 3inch tall, well built like a wrestler and muscular. He was a little bald in the center of his head. And he had a trimmed beard with a mix of black and white hair. He was so strong and weighed around 90 to 100. He was brown in color. If i say he already killed a man then anyone would believe by seeing he appearance. But he was so gentle and kind by his heart. He use to nice with the children too not only mine but the whole locality.

At frist i was scared to see him but i later knew his kindness and felt a little comfortable when i pass through him. Everything was going normally and one day my husband bought sweets to our house and he was a little excited too. I asked for the reason and he told me that he got a promotion i got excited too but didn’t stood long cause the promoted posting was out of town. He had to go chennai for a year. After a year there was a facility to write a letter to high authorities and transfer himself back to the hometown. But i was still sad about the one year. He consoled me all day. We loved each other very much.

He had to leave in 15 days to chennai. And we indulged in the preparation to pack every useful things he needed there and shopping in between. And we made love to each other all 15 nights we had. But the night before he had to leave was memorable which i don’t want to share with anyone but keep it with me forever. Maybe it was so good because we had to wait for a long time to meet again. Thought he visited for every 4 months for a week. And the day came when he left for the promotion by train.

And started my loneliness. Children use to go to school at 8 in the morning and return at 4pm. After coming home they use to go playing with friends and return around 6 or 7. This was the routine. On sundays i use to clean the house and try to keep myself busy watch serials and movies on tv. Life become boring but i was a little happy the 8 months have passed and my husband will return in 2 months. But that happiness didn’t stay long cause the 2 months become 4 as the permission to return to hometown will be granted after completing a year in chennai. And the procedure would take 2 months to permit him to come back. And i was a little frustrated hearing it and use to be moody all the time. But managed with my kids somehow. And i use to do all the useless things to keep myself busy. Like doing the same thing twice or thrice.

Our house was on the top floor of the apartment which is 4th floor, we had a terrace. I use to take the washed clothes to dry them on the terrace. And on the terrace there where a common water tank for the apartment, a motor shed for the lift and one a very corner attached to the tank there was a shelter made for the watchman to stay. And there were strings of aluminium wire tied from motor shed to tank for hanging the wet clothes to dry. I use to dry the washed clothes there. And i was hanging the washed clothes like everyday in the time when i was frustrated by the bad news. And suddenly i heard some sounds from the watchman’s rooms. And later i realised that they were moaning sounds of a lady. I tried to peek from the window which was not locked. I pushed it a little and the moanings became more clear to me. And i was shocked to see the scene. I saw the old watchmen have sex all naked and the women was all naked too.

Their position was spooning style but their back were against me so they couldn’t see me. He was thrusting her like anything. His every thrust was so hard that she couldn’t bear it and was screaming. I saw them like that and suddenly i they were changing the position and i got back so they couln’t see me.

And after some time i again started to peek. This time what i saw gave me even more shock. I saw the old mans penis. The introduction i gave you about the watchmen at the beginning was the information that anyone will know by seeing him. But this introduction i’m giving will be known by only some special people. His penis was 9 inches and may be few inches more. And his age was 57. His penis was so big and it was so thick that my fingers wouldn’t meet if i wrap them around his penis. I saw the women was giving him a mouth sex (blow job) and i see that she was struggling to do that. Her mouth was small to fit that penis in her mouth. She was chocking in between when he thrust his penis to her throat. And then after sometime he climaxed on her face and she was smiling that time. By seeing her she looked like she was young and would be aged around me. Then later i came to know that she was his daughter when we three had sex. That day was not in me. All the time i was thinking of my husband but after seeing that incident i was think of that and i even forgot about my husband.

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