Wild cuckold of Vijayanagar-live-in couple – Part 2

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Continuing the story of the Punjabi milky hottie Niharika. She let out a relieved breath after the orgasm. I pulled her pant, which was messily stuck under her thighs. With the pant, I wiped clean the juice of her pussy.

Akhil used the same pant to wipe clean his cum off the blue bra of Niharika. With all the window blinds closed, the room was suffocative and hot. Niharika’s soft milky body was covered with sweat drops. I turned on the fan and rotated the speed to level 3.

I walked to the kitchen and drank water from the bottle in the refrigerator. I got another water bottle for Akhil and Niharika. After gulping some water, Akhil handed the bottle to Niharika. Niharika drank the water.

My eyes followed the flow of icy water from her juicy thick lips through her neck, reaching her belly. I stared at her boobs, which were still tightly caged inside her blue bra.

She was drinking the water with the bottle raised slightly above her lips. I intentionally pushed her slightly, causing the cold water to spill and drench her blue bra. As the water fell, her bra tightened firmly around her milky tank boobs.

My eyes stared at the part of the fair skin of her heavy boobs revealed from her bra. Niharika caught my eyes, enjoying the view of her lips and boobs. Niharika was still in a turned-on state. She blushed at me, ignoring the presence of her live-in boyfriend, Akhil.

Akhil noticed the messages exchanged through our eyes between us. His cock became rock hard again. Akhil walked to the kitchen with an erect dick covered in his underwear and with an empty water bottle.

I followed him and pulled the jar of ice cubes from the freezer. Akhil asked. “Why ice cubes?” I winked at Akhil and hurried back to the bedroom. Before Akhil reached the bedroom, I grabbed the ice jar beside Niharika and grabbed her neck.

Niharika moaned as I placed an ice cube over her juicy lips and moved the cube around her lips. Nikhil entered the bedroom as my lips hungrily jumped, sucking the cold, thick lips of Niharika.

The kiss went longer, eating and sucking each other’s lips. Believe me, guys, an unforgettable kiss. Akhil watched, sitting next to her. I placed the ice cube in my hand over her belly button.

Niharika continued kissing more wildly upon placing the ice cube. She held my ice cube holding hand and pushed away from her belly button. I gently forced the ice cube to touch her navel, just gracing the skin.

She broke the kiss with a moan. I pulled the ice cube away and pulled her onto me with her soft boobs squeezed against my chest. I grabbed her head by the hair and continued kissing again with her nose pressed against mine.

I touched her navel gently with the ice cube again. She did not break the kiss but pushed her tongue into my mouth to suck. She kissed passionately. The kiss went one step onto the wilder side.

While rubbing the ice cube, which was melting with the body heat of Niharika, my eyes met Akhil. I signalled him to kiss her. Akhil pulled her, stopped our kiss, and made her kiss him. Her body was tilted towards Akhil, with her back facing me.

I parted the hair from the back of the neck and started sucking. I moved to suck the side of her neck with my cock pushed onto her soft ass cheeks. I sucked long, making her sensitive milky white skin turn red.

Niharika continued kissing Akhil. I removed her dangling earring, and my lips caught her big ears. Niharika felt tingling while my lips started sucking the ends of her ear. She softly moaned, blushed, and stopped kissing Akhil.

She tilted her body towards me. She grabbed my head to push away from sucking her ear lobes. Niharika giggled when I forced my lips to suck her ears. Oh god, Niharika tasted great. My dick was tearing out of my underwear.

I grabbed her hands which were trying to push me away. I raised her shoulders high. Oh, sweet, what an armpit. With her soft fleshy shoulders and armpits, any man will go crazy. It was milky.

I dug my face into her damp armpit, and my nose smelt her sweat. I teased by moving the tip of my tongue over her armpit. While licking, my hand moved over her soft fluffy pussy and massaged them. I continued to lick and finally locked my lips to suck her armpit.

My hand then moved to her yummy soft spongy boobs. Akhil pushed his hand around the back of Niharika. Niharika lifted her body. I quickly moved from sucking her armpit upon realizing that Akhil was undoing the bra hook.

I blocked him before he pulled away, the only cloth sticking tightly onto her body. I took another ice cube and tickled the bare skin of her boobs, which popped out of her bra. The ice melted quickly with her body heat. Niharika let out heavy breaths and soft moans as the ice moved over her skin.

Niharika moved her hand moved to her pussy and started rubbing her clit. As the ice cube melted, drenching the top part of her bra. I told Akhil to undo the bra. Akhil slowly removed the sweat and ice water-drenched blue bra from her yummy milky boobs.

To my eyes, the view of her boobs was much awaited. Guys, I can promise that her boobs were the prime part of why men/guys ogle at her. She had two perfect big-sized milky white tank boobs. Each boob had thick greyish nipples with a pointy erect end. I instantly jumped to grab those boobs with another ice cube.

I very slowly rubbed the ice covering every bit of milky boobs. Niharika turned vocal, “Ahhh,” with an arched back. To her loud moans, I became horny and pulled my underwear away to the ground. I placed her small hand over my erect cock. With the touch, my cock became firmer and longer.

Oh, she started jerking my cock slowly by moving the foreskin up and down. Akhil quickly moved between her heavy thighs and pushed his hard cock into her. Niharika jerked her body. Akhil called out, “Ahh, Niharika, I love you. I love your warm pussy.”

The room was noisy with the sounds of Akhil, Niharika, and me. Akhil continued, “How many men stare at you? You slut. What a body you have got.” Saying this, he was driving his cock crazily into Niharika.

Akhil uttered, “Isn’t my dick sufficient for your hungry pussy.” With this word, he thumped his cock with a huge force that shook the cot. Niharika was moaning, “Ah, Akhil.” She had only pleasured moans.

I spoke to describe her boobs, “Oh, what shape, size, and colour of boobs you got. Uffffffff no man can miss seeing them. Ufff, Niharika.”

Akhil said, “Ya, she has boobs like this, then all men will surely stare at her. Slut Niharika.” He was banging her devilishly. Niharika was deep into pleasure. On the other side, I had my hands filled with her huge boobs, and my hands crushed them.

While crushing, I spoke, “These milky boobs, right Akhil.” Akhil went wilder, staring at his girlfriend’s huge boobs that a stranger insufficiently squeezed. Akhil lifted the thighs of Niharika and drove his cock, stroking her harder and harder.

Akhil, “You want another guy eating you? How horny you are, Niharika?” Niharika spoke, “Akhil, your cock was like never before. Am going to cum Akhil,” Niharika orgasmed.

Akhil banged her like a bull. I did not want Akhil to release cum, so I tried to stop and relax him. But he was in no mood to stop. He continued to pump her hard with forced thrusts. I shouted, “I don’t want you to shoot up soon.” After hearing my shout, he stopped.

I asked him to get oil from the kitchen to divert his mood. Akhil walked out of the bedroom to get the oil. I pressed my face onto the soft milky giant boobs. I rubbed my face all over her boobs. Niharika held my head by running her fingers into my hair.

My face was running on the cushiony boobs. My nose smelled the aroma of her body. Akhil returned with the oil bottle and placed them over the side table. I dragged Akhil, making him suck one of her boobs while I sucked the other.

After kissing and sucking one of her boobs, I moved to the other boobs pushing Akhil away. I climbed over her body while sucking the nipple of her left boob. Niharika pushed my head into her boobs as my tongue teased her nipples before finally sucking them.

Akhil moved to suck her navel. While Akhil sucked Niharika’s navel, my fingers reached her belly button. I fingerfucked her belly button with my lips continuing to suck the small erect nipples. I then climbed over her, kneeling around her belly.

I opened the oil bottle and poured some oil, drenching my hands. I poured slowly, drop by drop, some oil over the white boobs of Niharika. As oil fell on the flesh of her boobs, the milky skin became shiny.

My oil-drenched hands grabbed those huge boobs together, spreading the oil all around. I massaged her boobs, pressing the flesh and gently pinching her nipples. I applied more oil to drench her boobs completely. I applied some oil over my erect cock.

I grabbed her two tank boobs and clashed them together. I pushed my rock-hard cock into a small cleavage opening of those huge boobs.

I started titfucking her. As she started moaning, I pushed my finger into her mouth. I loved playing with her juicy body.

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