Unsatisfied Mature MILFs Seema And Ruksar – Part 1

Hello everyone, I am Raj. My age is 19 and I am from Mumbai. I used to read stories here and always used to fantasize about a lot of things here. And I too had many friends who too used to talk about unsatisfied married women and their fantasies about them.

I did have a few mature ladies around me who were attractive and typical married bhabhis and aunties who used to get boys and men around our society to go hard by their looks. My mom Seema too was good-looking and pretty. She was not that old (she was just around 43 years old). She had nice curves and figure, as she used to go to the gym regularly.

My mom would often go to the gym with her close friend Ruksar, who was 40 years old and lived in our society. Ruksar used to address mom as ‘Seema bhabhi’. As I used to read stories here, I realized that my mom was a mature and attractive lady. And since my dad too lived in another city, I too thought whether she too was sexually deprived.

It was one day when I had fewer classes in college. That day, I decided to return home early. At around 11 am, I reached home. I was heading toward my room when I heard mom and Ruksar sitting in mom’s room. They had returned from gym and were in their gym suits with a bit of sweat around.

Mom: Ruksar, who was that guy you were talking to within the gym?

Ruksar: He is a new trainer. His name is Kashif.

Mom: Don’t you think he is a bit weird?

Ruksar: Not weird, but horny young guy, hehe.

Mom: Yes, he was looking like one. He was staring at us.

Ruksar: Not us, but especially you.

Mom: Haha, maybe.

Ruksar: I told him that you have a college-going son.

Mom: Haha, but you don’t have any such thing.

Ruksar: But by his talks, he seemed more interested in you. And why not? Just look at your round big boobs and your hot-looking ass in this gym suit. Poor guy must be wanking thinking of you!

Mom: You are so bad.

Ruksar: By the way bhabhi, don’t you miss sex?

Mom: Keep quiet, Ruksar!

Ruksar: I know I am turning you on.

Ruksar jokingly slapped mom’s ass and mom too pecked her back in fun. Ruksar started kissing her on the neck and mom was moaning softly. My mind just blew seeing them both so close. I wanted to run away. But I could not resist watching not for my mom, but I might get to see Ruksar’s body too. Mom turned her face toward Ruksar and said –

Mom: Ruksar, looks like you are horny more than me.

The milf smiled and kissed mom on the lips and they both quickly removed their gym suits and were kissing each other badly. Their undergarments were soaking wet. If I had to describe their figures, I would say mom was 36-30-36. She was wearing a white color bra and black panty and Ruksar was in pink color undies. Soon, they both went inside the shower to take a shower and I could not see much action. I could only hear kissing and soft moans coming out of the shower.

After some time, they both came out wrapped in towels, and then Ruksar left for her place.

I was blown up by what I saw that day. It was sure that mom was sexually deprived too and mom’s friend Ruksar was making me hard. What I had heard about mature women till then was all true! Soon, I started discovering more truths about them.

One night around 1 am, I got up to get some water from the kitchen. Then I saw some light from mom’s room. I was not sure why it was on. When I went near her room, I got another shocker. Mom was lying in bed in her nighty.

She had placed her phone on a stand on her bed and she was having a video call with someone who I later came to know was Kashif, her trainer. The video call was not casual. Mom’s nighty was quite revealing and so were their talks.

Kashif: Seema ji, you have juicy lips.

Seema: I know, that’s why you sucked them hard today in the cabin.

Kashif: Damn! How can your husband stay away from you?

Seema: Don’t know why.

Kashif: Seema ji, please lift your nighty na, once.

Seema: Okay.

Kashif: Wow! You are not wearing any panties.

Seema: Hmmm, I don’t need one.

Kashif: You have few hairs on your pussy. I like that.

Seema: I was not prepared for this.

Kashif: See my cock, it’s hard seeing your pussy.

Seema: Omg, let me finger my pussy

Kashif: Ohh, you are going so deep with your fingers in your pussy. Should I come? You won’t have to do it with your fingers.

Seema: Haha, not now, just masturbate and sleep. We can meet tomorrow. Ruksar was telling me how badly you used to look at me.

Kashif: Who wouldn’t! I used to get hard watching you walk swaying your milf ass.

Seema: My pussy is getting warm.

Kashif: Show me your boobs, please.

Seema: Okay (pulled her nighty off).

Kashif: Your nipples are quite big and look hard too.

Mom had a cucumber and she was riding it on cam to please Kashif. And in return, he was stroking his cock. Mom was really horny and I could see it. Soon, mom squirted and he too cummed and mom disconnected the call.

I was sure now that soon the trainer will have his hands on her. But I didn’t know when. On the other hand, I wanted to see the milf Ruksar too. But I knew I was too young for her. Kashif was lucky. He was 28 years old and was getting what he wanted.

The next day, as usual, mom and Ruksar were hanging out at our flat, and mom was telling her about Kashif. Ruksar was teasing her saying that to tell her how good was he in bed. Mom was telling her that she was taking her time to go ahead with him.

Ruksar: That’s fine Seema, you stay alone with your son. Don’t worry about all this.

Mom: Yes, maybe I am thinking too much.

Ruksar: Yes, just think he has seen everything. So, why shy?

Mom: Yes, I will look into it.

Ruksar: By the way, do you remember the guy we met in the club last week? He is coming to meet me.

Mom: Ohh! That guy is nice.

Ruksar: If you don’t mind, can I bring him to your flat? My daughter is home, so I don’t want her to get the wrong impression. Hope you understand.

Mom: Sure, what time will he be here?

Ruksar: 10 am and leave by 2 pm.

Mom: By the way, are you sure about him? He is 10 years younger than you.

Ruksar: I am not thinking too far and as of now, only casual dating. But look who is saying that! Kashif is 15 years younger than you, hehe.

Mom: Just stop it girl, haha.

Ruksar and mom both were horny mature women who had their needs. On one side, Ruksar was sure what she wanted whereas mom was taking her time and keeping it slow.


Guys, this was just the start. In the upcoming parts, you will see how it all shaped up. Send your feedback at [email protected]