Unlimited Exposure And Delightful Experiences

Hi. I am Manish from Kolhapur and did my Engineering from Pune. I got a placement from a top software company and ironically they placed me at Coimbatore.

I came to Coimbatore and rented a house is Peelamedu. The ground floor was occupied by Saikumar and Priya and they had two children and the first floor by me. There was a huge open space in the first floor and also a separate water tank above my house. On the corner of the first floor near my house, they had special facilities to wash the clothes- a stone on an elevated platform.

My house is a unique one wherein there is no bedroom. It consists of one hall which is also a living room, the corner of which is a kitchen. My house had huge windows in the front which I always keep it open so that the house is well lit and airy. Also my mirror which is use for combing my hair is also hanged on the window bars. I always use it facing the open space. The toilet and bathroom are located outside my house at the other end of the compound.

Being a bachelor and a loner, I am half naked or fully naked at home that is with only my brief or nothing else. Since my ground floor occupants were working couples, and being the owner of the house, they did have a servant maid named Shilpa. Normally she comes and washes clothes in odd hours where I would have gone to office and hardly seen her.

In the mean time I wanted to employ a servant for my house. My house owners said that they know one lady by name Selvi and aged around 35 years. She was living separately from her husband due to some domestic issues. She came to meet me at home one evening and was very fat and had big boobs.

I just came back from office and while discussing the salary and the nature of work with her, I removed my shirt and vest. She demanded Rs.2000/- as salary and said she can’t come on weekends. Even while listening to her, I deliberately removed my pant and started searching for my shorts. Upon seeing me with only my undies, Selvi, gave a shocking look. She suddenly said that she have to think and will come back to me. Finally, she never turned up.

After waiting for couple of days, again after my request, my house owners suggested one more lady. Her name was Nagammai and told me that she is 40 years old and nobody was there to take care of her as her husband is in jail. She came to see me one day early morning.

I was with my skin tight shorts and was beige colour. Nagammai was very fat with big boobs and was very short. While negotiating the salary and working hours, I could really sense that she is having a deep look at my bulge which was very visible. Finally, she agreed to work for a salary of 2000/-.

Nagammai came to work on the next day morning and I was in skin tight shorts. She was sweeping the floor and about to complete sweeping the house. I got ready to take bath and removed my skin tight shorts and was only with my red brief. Nagammai saw me like that and smiled and kept quiet. I slowly moved to my wardrobe and took my clothes and went to bathroom for taking bath.

I finished taking bath and came back to my living room semi wet. I took my hair drier and dried my wet hairs. I removed my wet towel and also my brief and stood naked in front of my mirror. Nagammai entered my living room after washing my clothes and saw me stark naked and was really shocked to see me like that.

My penis was very small and I used the wet towel to wipe my legs and naturally turned to see Nagammai while I was cleaning my penis and the surrounding areas with the wet towel.

Nagammai said she had finished her work and anything else to be done. I told her ok and she can come tomorrow. Nagammai asked me sir, can you give me an advance of 500/- as I have to clear my old debts today. I asked her to bring my pant. By this time I wiped my whole body and stood stark naked and did not try to wear anything. Nagammai brought my pant and I took my wallet and took a 500/- rupees note and gave it to her with a smile.

Nagammai took the currency and with a smile and twitched my small penis with her soft and tender left hand. Immediately it started growing in size and length much to the feasting eyes of Nagammai.

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