Unexpected Sex with my sister – Part 2

This is the continuation of 1st part. If anyone is new, please read the 1st part for a better understanding.

Let’s come to the story. After we had oral sex, as explained in the previous story, my sister went to her place. Nothing much happened. After 3 years of the incident, my sister got married.

I could not attend the wedding as I had exams on the date of her marriage. After I completed the exams, I was at my home. I have 2 months to get results, so no work or no study full leisure.

Spending my days watching TV, eating and sleeping. Then the surprise came to me again.

As my sister is newly married, she is enjoying her newly married life. She planned to go to her parent’s home for 1st time after marriage.

My place is between her in-law’s place and her parent’s place. So my mother asked her to stay in our home for a day or a few days before leaving for her parent’s home.

She readily accepted and came to our home in the evening. We had a chit-chat. She is a bit serious about me as I didn’t attend her wedding. But she understood I couldn’t as I had my exam on the day of her marriage.

My dad, mom, me and my sister were at home then. We all had dinner. All four of us watched TV. Then my parents told us to sleep and went to the master bedroom.

We watched Tv for some time and decided to sleep. We decided to sleep on the floor in the hall. We spread mats and bed sheets and started to sleep. I am not getting sleep with my beautiful sister beside me.

My sister slept on her right side. I slept exactly in the same way behind her. If I go closer, my dick will touch my sister’s ass. So I think about whether to proceed to have sex or not. As she is married now, she may be serious if she doesn’t like it.

Finally, I decided to proceed, and if she opposed, I should stop. So the game starts now. I slowly placed my hand on her left shoulder, but there was no response. Then I placed my hand on her waist above the dress.

She suddenly turned to my side, sleeping on her back and her boobs facing the ceiling. I withdrew my hand from her and stopped the act for some time. After 5 minutes, I moved close to my sister’s face. I placed a small peck on her cheeks, and she showed no restriction.

I sensed this would work out today. I came closer and planted a kiss on her lips. This continued for some time. Slowly my sister started to respond. And the pace generated, we are in full form, kissing each other deeply.

Meanwhile, I placed my hand on her stomach, able to touch the belly button, and she seemed to enjoy it. I rubbed the entire stomach area and then slowly moved my hands over her boobs.

Then I moved her dress till her neck and boobs got exposed. They were very smooth and spongy. And started sucking them, my sister holding my hair and pressing my head deep into her boobs. I took the maximum size of the boobs in my mouth and chewed them hard.

This act went on for some minutes. In between, I was changing the boobs from left to right. I doubt whether she will allow me to go to lower body parts. She had restricted me in our previous session.

Slowly I placed my hand inside her pyjamas. She didn’t restrict me. I rubbed my hand for some time over her underwear. I slowly placed my hand inside her panty, and she felt very pleased.

Now I placed my hands in between her thighs. Those are the beautiful parts of my sister. I came near her thighs and started licking and chewing the thighs, my sister moving like a fish.

I sucked and bit from thighs to pussy bone (near the V shape) but not the pussy. I rubbed over her pussy with my fingers for some time. Have small hair on the top, i.e. on the abdomen area. But the pussy doesn’t have any hair.

I went into a missionary position and brought my dick near her pussy. I slowly started to insert it into her pussy. After 2 or 3 pushes, it went in. I was in heaven.

She was married 20 days back. I think she had some sessions with her husband, and she has no objection to fucking her now.

I was enjoying the body from top to bottom. We cuddled very tight while fucking. When I was about to cum I slowed down and pressed and sucked the boobs.

I again started ramming my sister’s pussy. All this time, it became more lubricant by the juices of her pussy and my pre-cum. My dick went smooth, like inserting in jelly.

I was about to cum, and my sister was also on the verge of cum. Her clit muscles are holding my dick tight. I am feeling like a hand is milking my dick.

We both cum one after the other. After some time, my dick became soft, and we lay like that. We again started smooching each other and cuddling. I again took her breast and started sucking.

I kissed her face, nose, eyelids, and ears everywhere, and our tongues started fighting. We had one more session. After that, she went out to piss and came back.

And again, we had another round. I kept sucking her boobs till my jaws started hurting. We slept at 4 in the morning.

The twist is that in the whole fuck session, we didn’t talk to each other for a single word. Only romance has taken place.

This is my story. Later my sister went to her parent’s home. We didn’t bring up the topic between us till now. She had 2 school-going children, aged 8 and 6 years.

We have a good sister and brother relationship. Whenever we meet, we stay normal and behave like nothing has happened between us.

Thank you for reading my story.

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