Unexpected Pleasure With Cousin’s Wife – Part 2

Hi everyone, Sameer again. I hope all are ready to hold your weapons. This is the continuation of part 1 of my story. As you know my cousin’s wife Rekha and I had a great session which was “unexpected”. Now I am going to tell you about the sex that happened between us which was “expected”.

After I cummed in my cousin’s wife’s ass, I removed my dick from her and lied down beside her. She was also tired and lied facing her ass upward. I held her ass and pressed it. She didn’t react and laid still. Then I turned toward her and kissed her cheeks and forehead. She held my hands and said –

Rekha: Please don’t tell what happened between us to anyone.

And we both agreed on that. Then she started to get dressed and started to leave, but I put my hands around her waist and hugged her so tightly and landed a kiss on her lips. No reaction was there from her side.

I again gave some smooches and then she too kissed me. I released her from my grip. She went to the penthouse where her husband was sleeping. I slept there, recalling our session.

When I woke up, it was already 7:30 am, and I gathered all the stuff and went to the ground floor. All the family members had gathered and all were having arguments. Some children and ladies wanted to visit the nearest tourist spots and some men didn’t agree. I searched for Rekha, but she was not there. Her hubby, Arun was sitting in the garden area and on call with office staff.

Then Rekha came from the home with coffee for all. I stood at the corner and observed her. I think she had a head bath and towel wrapped around her hair and was wearing a blue color saree. She too saw me but wasn’t able to look into my eyes. I couldn’t look into her eyes too.

She gave everyone coffee, but she didn’t come near me and the coffee was passed on to me! But I said, I would freshen up and drink, so I took the coffee cup to the kitchen where Rekha was there.

When I entered the kitchen, she was facing back and arranging coffee cups. I went from behind and touched her navel and hugged her. She turned back and saw me and her eyes became bigger. She felt a bit tensed and a tray with coffee cups fell on the ground and coffee spilled all over her and me. Then I went near her and held her hands before someone came and told her –

Me: Sorry, it was unintentional what we had. But I don’t regret it. It was a good one in my life and I haven’t had good sex like this before.

Saying this, I started to pick those coffee cups and trays. My cousin’s wife stood there and I touched her feet and saree and cleaned them with a napkin. Then I called the maid and asked her to clean it! And I got fresh and came out. All were getting ready for the tour and I wanted to leave. But my cousins didn’t leave me and so I had to go with them.

At that time, Rekha was there and she was just sitting there and looking down. My cousins scolded me because I was wearing the same clothes. Arun told Rekha to give me his t-shirt and shorts and jeans for me. Because I and Arun were of nearly the same physique.

Rekha went into the house and I followed her. Everyone was outside and only the cousin’s parents were inside. As I told you, Arun and Rekha occupied the penthouse, so I and Rekha went there.

As I entered the room, I took Rekha’s hand and pulled her toward me, and kissed her on the lips. I was kissing her again and again. She pushed first, then I again held her in my hands and kissed her on her neck, and bit her nipples. It was going fast and I placed one hand on her boobs and the other on her face for grip. I pressed my cousin’s wife’s boobs hard and kissed her ears, neck, and cheeks. Her breathing became heavy and she was moaning, “Ahh ahh hmm..”

Then I relaxed a bit and turned her around and kissed her again. This time, I totally placed my tongue in her mouth and kissed her lips and bit them, and she too started to suck my tongue. I then placed her hands on my dick and she started to rub and press it.

I moved to the bed and slowly raised her saree and inserted one finger in her pussy. It was a bit wet. I removed it and again slid 2 fingers into it. We didn’t have much time to do sex. So I just fingered and licked my cousin’s wife’s pussy a bit. She was afraid that someone might come. I too agreed with her and just kissed her again.

Then she gave me Arun’s clothes. I started to undress. She was about to leave, but I requested to stay while I changed. I removed my jeans and shirt and was only in underwear now. There was a hard-on in my underwear and it was a bit wet too, because of the precum. She saw that and smiled.

I removed my underwear and she turned around. I went near her and hugged her from behind. My dick was hitting her ass above the saree. She got released from my grip and pushed me. I took her hand and placed it on my dick and she pressed it hard and stroked it.

Then my cousin’s wife left the room suddenly and gave a kinky look. Nothing could be done, so I just wore it and came out. By the time I got out, everyone had left. Only Arun, the kids, aunty and Rekha were there. We kept the remaining luggage such as food and water in the dikky of the car. Arun got into the car and asked me to sit in the front seat.

When I was getting into the car, his kids didn’t agree and they wanted to sit in the front. So I didn’t have much of a choice. I went back and sat near aunty (Arun’s mom). Rekha sat beside me. Now I was in the middle, Rekha to my right and aunty to my left. I was happy to sit beside her so that I could have a nice time. She was too horny before, so we both were desperate.

It was a 1-hour journey to the reservoir. During the journey, I was leaning to the front so that I could talk with Arun. We were discussing the job, career, etc. While doing that, I placed my hand on Rekha’s thighs. She removed my hand and looked at her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law was enjoying the view from the window. So again, I tried. This time, she didn’t remove and kept quiet. I started pressing and pinching her thighs. In between, I would touch her navel. While on the speed breaker, I would press her boobs. Sometimes, I placed my hands under her ass.

After 1 hour, we reached the reservoir and everyone was taking selfies and enjoying. The fun had already begun. After that, we went to the river for boating. The final place was a mango and lemon farm of our uncle. We settled there once we reached the farm, had food and relaxed a bit.

Then all of us formed groups and began to roam around the farm. I just sat there full of desperation for sex. It was an evening at 6:00 pm and we wanted to return. After packing everything, we started at 6:30. We sat again the same way. We didn’t turn on the lights, and it was dark inside.

Aunty was tired and was having a nap. No one could see anything. So I started to touch my cousin’s wife and pressed her thighs. I held her hands and placed them on my dick. She was resisting, but I was in no way to listen. Finally, she started to rub and press back. Then I pressed her boob within the blouse and pinched the nipples. She was controlling her moans.

I again pressed hard and moved my hands toward her back and inserted my hand in the saree from the back side. It was so tight, and I tried to play my hand inside. But it wasn’t reaching. Then I slowly started to lift her saree from the front. She didn’t like that, as it could expose her thighs. So I asked her in a low tone, just to get up from the seat and then I lifted back of the saree. Her saree was totally lifted from the back and she sat on the seat with underwear!

I didn’t have a way to enter her pussy from the front so I took the back turn. I slowly slid my hand into the underwear, pressing her butts and pinching them. She moved back and bent a little bit front so that I could enter my fingers inside. I started to find the pussy hole and I knew it was an asshole. I intentionally slid my index finger half into her ass and started to move to and fro. Rekha was about to make noise, and then suddenly coughed.

I didn’t move my finger and just placed it there. She pressed my dick hard, but I controlled my voice. After 2 minutes, I removed my index finger and moved my fingers forward, and found my cousin’s wife’s G-spot. It was already wet.

When I placed my middle finger, it went inside freely. I was now fingering her pussy and moving it fully inside. Her liquids were flowing from my finger. Again I inserted another finger in her pussy and rammed her slowly. I placed my thumb near her pussy, and it became wet. Then I started to rub her asshole with my thumb.

Suddenly, we hit a speed breaker and my thumb slid into her asshole! Rekha made a huge noise for that. Hearing the noise, Arun stopped the car and asked, “What happened??”

She just came to her senses and told him to drive slowly. Still, my fingers were in her holes and I started slowly ramming her. She was enjoying rubbing my dick. She was leaning forward and moved backward and sat on my hand. I wasn’t able to move it. In that time, she came near and took my lips in her mouth and sucked them. I just moved my fingers from below but couldn’t move my hand.

This was going well and we realized it was 1 km from our home. So I removed my fingers and we sat properly. My fingers were wet with her juices, so I slowly opened my zip and rubbed her juices all over my dick. Before we reached, we adjusted ourselves and then we reached home.

After dinner, it was 10 pm. Everyone went to their rooms because they should start early in the morning to their cities. My place was also the same. I was sleeping outside of the penthouse. But this time, I wanted to get above the penthouse near the water tank. So I arranged everything and called Rekha. She said it would take another hour. Arun and his kids were going to sleep because he knew Rekha would be late from household work and women talk.

I was just watching porn and rubbing my dick. I knew no one would come to my place and hence, I put on earphones to watch porn in a low tone.

Watching porn and stroking is one way and porn with sounds is damn sexy. I was watching interestingly and 10 minutes later, a flashlight was focused on me. I was frightened and covered my dick and stopped porn. Then I heard a small laugh. It was my cousin’s wife. I was a bit relaxed.

She opened the net and came inside. I caught her and pulled her toward me. She was wearing a nightie, no bra, only panties. I hugged her and kissed her on the lips and we started smooching, licking, and pressing each other.

I then lifted her nightie and inserted my fingers in her pussy. She too took my dick in her hands and started stroking. I was kissing her and pressing her boobs, and making her lay back. I was kissing her badly and licking her cheeks and kissing on her neck, biting on the neck, and sucking her ears.

Then I came to my cousin’s wife’s boobs and took them in my mouth, sucking one and pressing them. Biting her nipples was the best part. She was moaning, “Ahh umm ahh..”

Slowly, I went to the bottom and kissed her navel. After that, I reached her pussy. It was already wet because of the fingering.

I inserted my tongue in Rekha’s pussy and licked the juices. I could feel the warmth inside her pussy and her pussy lips. Kissing vertical lips is also a great pleasure as horizontal lips.

After licking her pussy, I played with her clitoris with my tongue and inserted two fingers. She pressed my head toward her pussy. I was buried in her pussy so deep and gave some big licks to her pussy. My liquids too were releasing. She got hold of my dick and twisted and pressed it.

After that, I laid back and asked her to suck my dick. She held my dick with both hands and bent and licked the precum on the tip of my dick. She just licked the tip and teased me. I couldn’t control it. She held it very tightly and it was painful for me. Yet she licked and took the tip into her mouth.

I felt like I had inserted my dick in some hot thing. My cousin’s wife took half of the dick and sucked it. In between, she stopped and started to circle her tongue on the tip of my dick. I wasn’t able to control and held her head and fucked her mouth for a bit.

Then I told her that I wanted to enter her in a bending position, but she needed something for support to hold on. We came out of the net and went to the back side of it. It was fully dark. There she got a grip to hold on to the water tank. She bent there holding the tank and I was standing behind her to enter inside her.

I entered slowly inside her. My dick entered slowly and smoothly into my cousin’s sexy wife’s pussy walls and she got a tight grip on the wall. Then I removed my dick again and entered fully again. It was fully wet, and I could feel the wetness around it.

In that angle, I couldn’t able to fuck her properly, but didn’t have much grip on her. I was hitting her pussy from down to top. Then I removed my dick and made her come to the reverse cowgirl position. I laid down and she sat on my lap and started to slide my dick in her pussy. It went fully inside and she started to jump on my dick. I was just lying there and enjoying her strokes.

I got hold of her butts and started to spread them, and inserted a finger in her ass. She was double penetrated by my dick and finger. Then I placed my middle finger deep in her ass. She was continuously jumping and her juices were flowing on my dick. Suddenly, she had an orgasm and she stayed a bit in that still and I removed my finger.

She fell backward on me with the dick inside her pussy. I removed my dick from her pussy and told her to stay in a missionary position. She laid back and lifted her legs. Then I moved on to her and held her thighs and slid my dick in her pussy.

I gave a few slow strokes and then increased the ramming speed. Because of the wetness, I couldn’t feel much grip on her pussy and took her panty and cleaned inside the pussy and dick with it. Then I inserted it slowly and gave hard strokes. I crossed her legs and came on her kissing her lips and pressing her boobs and fucking her.

I was sucking her nipples and holding her hands and placing them above her head, and fucking her fast. Then I increased my pace again and again. I was ramming her, and hitting her G-spot hard. My dick fully entered inside her.

After 4 hard strokes, I unloaded my lava in her pussy well.

It was a long one too, but it was worth it for me. I hope you like it.

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