Trophy – The Game Begins

Hello all horny people. It’s Ronak here once again with a brand new story. To make you all the guys shag and all the ladies finger their pussies to your heart’s content.

This story is a work of fiction based on a fantasy shared by one of the female readers. Writing this one in the first person from her perspective. Let’s go.

If anyone entered the house at that moment, what a spectacle they would have witnessed, I thought. I could feel the moistness building up between my legs. Who would be the next one? I was wondering and also excited about what was next for me on the cards.

It had gone much better than what I had expected till now. I was certain that the climax was going to be much more than I had ever imagined. Seated on a chair, I looked at the 5 men seated around the round table, sipping their drinks leisurely and playing cards. My heart was beating faster in anticipation.

My father-in-law had kept his promise. I sat there recalling the day when I shared my fantasy with him after a steamy sex session. I would like him to invite his friends and share me with all of them like a pleasure toy.

Within the first six months of my marriage, I had fallen for my father-in-law who was quite a fit man of 57. He had been a loner since his wife passed away well before marriage. We developed a good bond over a few months. We spent a lot of time together when my husband would go to work.

One thing led to the other. Very soon, I had my father-in-law between my legs, pumping my ever-thirsty pussy hard. Initially, the sex between us was normal. But over time, we start getting kinkier. We indulged in many kinks like fucking at different places, BDSM, role plays etc.

After one such kinky session, he asked me about my extreme fantasy. I told her that I’d share only if he promised that he wouldn’t feel bad or angry about it. He promised. Then I shared my fantasy of him sharing me with his friends in a gangbang.

He was stunned when he listened to it first. But then told me that he was extremely delighted. Each one of them glanced at me once in a while. I could see the lust filled in their eyes. And why not? Here I was, sitting in a chair half naked.

The pallu of my saree was already on the ground. My upper body was half-covered only with a bra. The bra strap was already down from my left shoulder, resulting in the cup falling off, putting my full 34C size left breast on display.

My nipple was rock hard. It was still glistening with the saliva that my father-in-law left on it after sucking it really hard. I’m sure my blue-coloured panties were also visible through my netted patterned, almost transparent saree. My petticoat was already lying on the floor near the table.

5 pairs of eyes were ogling at me. Sparks appeared in those eyes whenever they looked at me. The spark was similar to a sportsman participating in a competition in his eyes looking at the winner’s trophy. And why should it have been any other way?

That was what I was for them today. A trophy! That was what they were playing for. A trophy in rotation. The winner of the game got to do whatever he wanted with me or he could ask me to do whatever he wanted to.

I had put on a netted transparent black saree. A matching sleeveless blouse with a deep neck revealing the deep valley between my breasts. Inside I had put on a fluorescent light blue coloured pair of undergarments. I had used a nice imported perfume as well.

I welcomed all the guests at the door. When they arrived, none of them could resist checking me out. I felt excited from inside as their eyes scanned my figure of 34-26-36 all along my feet to head. 5 ft. 7 in all in all.

They settled on the table, and I served them their drinks and snacks. My father-in-law introduced me to them. He also introduced each one of them by his name, occupation, how they got acquainted with each other, etc. All of them, barring one guy named Arif Kadri, were either close to 50 or were past 50.

But none of them were older than my father-in-law. Arif looked much younger. Maybe somewhere between 35 and 40. These were all well-settled, matured guys, fit and healthy, good looking, well behaved. They knew how to treat a woman.

I had a special interest in Arif. Though I had many sex adventures before my marriage, I had never tasted a Muslim cock. So when my father-in-law introduced him to me, my excitement increased manifold. The gathering was organized on account of my father-in-law’s birthday.

Fortunately my husband had been away for a two-week long business trip. He was not expected to return for another 4-d days. All the guests had brought one or the other gift as well. I took the gifts and stacked them away in his room.

Then, my father-in-law dropped the bomb at the table. On the special occasion of his birthday, this very special card party was organized. I was the rotating trophy of the game. The winner of every game could ask me to do whatever he wanted me to do, or he could do whatever he wished to do with me.

Three games were already over, and the fourth one was underway. I was getting more and more restless. My cock hungry mouth was flooded with water in anticipation of a Muslim cock entering it for the first time.

Mr. Diwakar Mehta won the first game. Mr. Mehta is one of the leading share brokers and also manages the portfolio of my father’s investments. He is a thorough gentleman. He was asked what he expected me to do. He hesitantly asked me to do a ramp walk like those fashion models do at fashion shows.

So, I played a suitable soundtrack and did a ramp walk, like models. I went all the way to his seat and displayed my vital assets from very close. I turned on my heels fully 360 degrees so that everyone could look at my sexy body thoroughly.

I turned around and bent forward to push my ass back, getting it very close to his face. Then I walked back to my seat, swaying my hips sexily for them. They were onto the next game, and the next round of drinks also began. Earlier, they were chitchatting about the things generally guys of that age discuss.

Mainly markets and politics. But once the announcement of the prize for the winner of the game was made, all the talks stopped. Now, everyone was focused on the game, as no one wanted to miss the trophy.

Mr Vikrant Sharma won the second game. Sharmaji works for the same company for which my father-in-law used to work. My FIL called me, telling me Mr. Sharma had won the game. So I went and stood near him. He stretched his hand and took my hand in his hand.

He slowly kissed on the back of my hand, saying, “You are really very beautiful, sweetheart. This friend of ours is one lucky bastard! I would like to see you without your blouse and petticoat. Please go and remove them, and then put your saree back over your bra and panties.”

I gave a mischievous smile and said, “Naughty uncle.” Then I took his hand in my hand and planted a wet kiss on his palm before walking back to the bedroom. I removed my saree. Then I removed my blouse and skirt. Then I wrapped my saree again and stopped to look at my reflection in the mirror.

My reflection turned me on. I am quite a horny woman. But in that combination of saree over my undergarments, I looked sexier than ever. I fell in love with myself all over again.

I’m stopping here for now. I will return with the next part soon. Awaiting your feedback in my mailbox, [email protected] or in the comments section. Signing off, yours truly, Ronak.