The love of a sister – Part 5

My inquisitive kid brother was thoroughly enjoying what went on in my mind about seeing him fuck another girl and erupt a huge load on her face.

“Tor taja fyada dekhe amar kemon laglo?” (How did I feel when I saw your fresh cum all over that slut’s face and hair?) I pondered for a moment to recollect the exact feelings.

“It was a mixed bag, bro. I was immensely impressed that you came voluminously. I literally felt those spurts were hitting my face. She should have taken all in her mouth and swallowed all that potent protein. That’s what I would do.”

“What did you do after that? How did we remain unaware of your presence?”

“My knees were shaking and felt wobbly. I somehow rushed to my room and locked it to avoid discovery. I clutched on the bed, playing the scenes in my mind. It made me horny as hell. You guys left after fifteen minutes as I heard the front door being shut and locked.”

I took a breath and continued. “ I entered your room, got naked and laid on the same spot as the slut. I parted my legs, inserted fingers in my drenched pussy and stroked away, imagining you fucking me hard. Your jaws will drop if I tell you the utter filthy words I uttered.”

“Ees eto heat kheyechili je gude ungli shuru kore?!” (Damn, you started masturbating?!)

“When a woman gets genuinely horny, it gets out of her control.”

“Hay hay, ami pashe thakteo toke ungli korte holo! Amake much khule bolle ki ami r mana kotam?” (Alas, you had to finger yourself in spite of me near you! If you had asked, I wouldn’t have refused.)

“Ki boltam bhai tor didike chod? Ami ki ar jantam tui amake chodar jonnie ha pittesh korchis?” (Asked you what? So how did you manage the tent?)

“Till then, I hadn’t jerked off to you. That day, the sizzling view of your cleavage and clear contours gave me the hardest erection in my life. I finished the pakodas and went to my room. I locked the door and stroked off to you.”

A wide smile appeared on my face. “My cleavage made you lose control. What exactly did you fantasise about as you beat your meat?”

“Tui amar thatan dhonta dui dodor majhe chepe amake mai chodon dichchish. Dupure Avantika ke chude prochur fyada jhoriyechilam, tao du minute er mathayagneyogirir lavar moton fyada godgodiye chitke berulo.”

(I visualised that you were giving me a boob job. I had cum a lot in the afternoon on Avantika. Yet I erupted like lava from a volcano within two minutes.)

“Hay hay, ekidine du du bar amar ei priyo fyada amar hatchara holo? Keno tui amake chepe dhorish ni sedin?” (Alas, I was denied my favourite cum twice in a day. Why hadn’t you grabbed me that day?)

“Jeno chepe dhorlei tui amake chudte diti?” (As if you wold have fucked me?)

“Ekdom ditam. Amar hath, mukh, gud shob jeno hashpash korchilo tor oi hotka dhoner jonnie. Eeesh shedini kina amay chude lat kortish!” (More than gladly. My hands, mouth and pussy were clamouring for your cock. Damn, you could have fucked the living daylights out of me that very day.)

“Eh he he, je fyada tor gud ba mukhe jhorte parto, ta kina shukno hawate urlo! Ne Didi se diner khamtiaj ekbar tor bra fatano dodor malish diye puro kor dekhi.”

(What a regret that the cum that should have landed in your mouth or pussy flew in the dry air. Now amends for that day by massaging my cock with your bra-bursting boobs.)

I took off my short top in the bat of an eye and threw it into some obscure corner of the room. Even though he has seen, touched, pressed and sucked my boobs innumerable times. His eyes always lit up whenever he saw my naked boobs, and he never missed complimenting them.

“Wow, your boobs are heavenly. They always look so fresh and alluring whenever I see them.”

“Will only looking suffice, or do you want to do other things with them?”

“Of course, I feel like squeezing and sucking them a lot.”

“Then do the needful.”

I leaned over him and offered my boobs. His hungry mouth gobbled them alternatively and administered delicious circular tongue strokes on my areola and nipples. He also kneaded them with passion and energy, making me utter guttural words.

“Ah, bhai re, pran khle tor didir mai chotke sukh ne shala. Chosh shala banchod bonta gulo aro chosh. Ufff tor theke bhalo kore keu amar mai khay ni re. Aah tor jonmoi hoyechilo amar dodo khawar jonnye. Ki dodokhor bhai amar. Kha kha achashe pishe pishe kha, ei dodo sudhu tor r karo noy.”

(Oh, bro, squeeze my boobs and take full pleasure. Suck my nipples hard, you sister fucker. You were born to do this only. What a boob-addicted brother I got. Eat and squeeze my boobs, these are for you only.)

He replied between his throaty, deep moans and incessant slurpy sounds. “ Thik bolechish Didi, amar jonmoi hyecjhe tor dodo chotkate ar khete.erokom kismiser moton bota mukhe diye jibon sarthok hoy. Ah hhah ha ha ki tolbole othocho thasha dodo tor, angulgulo jeno malaier sagore dube jachche.ore Didi r parchi nare, taratari amar fatano dhonta tor dodor sagore dubiye ne.”

(Yes, I was born to squeeze and eat your boobs. Life feels worth it when those raisin nipples fill my mouth. Your boobs are so fluid yet firm. The fingers feel like they are sinking into an ocean of cream. I can’t take it anymore. Let my cock dive into this ocean.)

I got up, took a comfortable position over his raging turgidity and wrapped my ample orbs around it. I locked my fingers firmly on the front so that his hot sausage remained imprisoned between my boobs. I started moving my chest up and down, pressing my boobs firmly over the entire length of his sizzling meat.

Ah, the heat of a throbbing man’s meat radiating on the breasts is a sensation that can only be understood by a woman. His deep, loud moans were evidence of the sheer bliss he was experiencing from my manoeuvres. I decided to make it more enjoyable for him.

Generating a generous amount of saliva in my mouth, I let it drool over his heavy dickhead and slide down the length of his shaft. The movement of his cock became smoother and sloppier. I increased the speed.

The slithery hot sensations of his cock made my pussy churn with the anticipation of it being inside. But I wanted him to reach a point where he would ask for it. Then I applied a new technique which I had never done before. I started moving my boobs up and down in an alternate manner.

I don’t know where I got the idea from. It did have more effect on him. He literally shrieked in unbearable ecstasy.
“Ore Didi re, eki notun keramoti shuru korli re, eki marattok sukh pacchi re. Of ki jat khankir moton dodor malish dichchish re. ore amar sexydidi re, tor dodor ei notun malishe je amar chokh ulte jacche. Of Didi ebar ay amar barata tor gud e dhoka ar amake achchase chod dekhi.”

(Oh, sis, the way you’re massaging with this new technique like a true blue slut, my eyes are rolling back in sheer ecstasy. Come, sis, take my cock in your pussy and fuck me real good.)

His words made me jump up in joy. I got rid of my hot pants and kicked them away. I stood right over his cock and spread my legs wide to give him a delightful view of my watering cut.

“Aha, ki bhagyoban amar ei dui noyon je tor ei bonedi gud er dorshon pay.” (How blessed are my eyes that it gets to watch your aristocratic pussy.) He showered genuine compliments with pure lust smeared over his face. His eyes focused on my moist labia.

He exclaimed. “Eki re Didi tor gud tato bejay lyatlyate hoye bara dhokanor jonnye akupaku korche, ar ami kina sarthoprer moton Sekai aram niye jachchilam.”

(Damn, Didi, your pussy is watering badly and yearning for a cock. I have been rather selfish in seeking all the pleasure for myself.)

I consoled him, “Are na na toke tosukh diye bhalo kore tantachchilam. Janish to tot bara kochlate amar bhishon bhalo lage. Tor hontka barata niye ettokhkhon ghataghati korlam, gud lyatlyate hobe na to ki?”

(I enjoyed making you hot. You know how much I love playing with your cock. I have been toying with it for so long it’s only natural for my pussy to get leaky.)

I kept lowering myself. I spoke and stopped as his enormous dickhead touched my pussy lips, making us both sigh deeply. I lowered myself further. My kid brother’s cock twitched violently as my lubricated pussy lips wrapped around his massive dickhead. His entire body shivered.

He clenched his teeth and hissed out, “Uff, Didi ki jompesh gud tai na peyechish. Ei je dhokanor age tor guder thontjora amar mudotake emon chyaka dey ja r keu dite pare ni, ar keu parbeo na.”

(Damn, Didi, what an exquisite pussy you got. The way your pussy lips make my cock sizzle is unique. No one has ever given me this sensation, nor anyone else will.)
I replied honestly, “Bishash kor bhai, tor age to onek bara gude niyechi. Kintu dhokanor thik age tor barar moton odbut katukutu bbhab ar karo bara dey ni.” (Believe me, bro, I’ve taken a few cocks in my pussy before you, but none tingled me the way you do before entry.)

He proclaimed with philosophical depth, “Ashole tor guer jonnyei amar bara tairi hiyechilo.”(Actually, my cock was made for your pussy only.)

“And my pussy for your cock only.” I agreed with equal sobriety.

“De Didi de dekhi tor mokhkhom tolthape ei dhontake porpor kore amul genthe ne tor chopchope chorbiwala gud er modhdhye.” (Now give that trademark down thrust and immerse my entire cock in your oily, fatty pussy.) He implored me.

I was waiting for him to speak in our mother tongue, Bengali. Usually perceived as profane and obscene, vulgar and filthy words during sex as passionate as ours act as aphrodisiac. My first boyfriend taught me about the necessity of dirty communication during sex.

When Hrik heard me uttering such words for the first time, his jaws almost dropped off. However, it excited him more than it shocked and since then, we have been thoroughly into it.

“Ne tahole dekh tor khanki Didi ki vabe nijer apon bhaier thatan dhonta nijer rosh topkano toitombur gud e dhokay.” (Then watch your slut sister take her own brother’s cock in her juice, dripping ripe pussy.) I uttered in the most brazen manner possible as I heaved down.

In one swift, effortless motion, his thick, throbbing dick rushed through my pussy canal with the ease of a hot knife through butter. The tremendous stiffness, wholesome male heat and the way I filled me up made me gasp and moan overwhelmingly.

“Aah, bhai re tor bara gud e dhokanor theke boro sukh ar kichu nei re!”(Oh, brother, there is no greater pleasure than shoving your cock in my pussy.)

He reciprocated equivocally, “Uff, Didi bara dhokanor shomoy tor mukhchokher obostha ki kamatur hoye jay, dekhe mon bhore jay. Didi tor gud e bara dhokanor theke boro sukh amio ar kichute pai na. Ebar tor marattok tolthape amar bara chude chal chariye de.”

(The sheer lusty look on your face when you take my cock is a sight to cherish. Now ride me damn hard as if to skin my cock.)

I lifted my waist so as to release the cock to the base of the enormous dickhead and lowered myself gently. Within a few gentle strokes, his cock shone with my pussy juices. A sweet, musical, rhythmic, chuckling sound started emitting from my pussy at every down thrust.

Within a minute, I gained a decent speed and felt his dick swell further inside my churning pussy. It was a double delight for him to watch my boobs bounce in tandem with my strokes. The expression of sheer lust on my face added to is excitement. His expressions, gasps and moans added to mine.

“Oh, Didi, shala ki chopchope chorbiwal gud mairi tor. Ore shala re tor guder chrbiwala dewal gulo je jata bhave amar barata kochlachche. Ufff ei sukh ar kono gud amake dite pare ni re. Koto jonmyer punnyo kamala tobe ei swargiyo gud e bara dhokano jay.”

(Oh, elder sister, your pussy is so damn lardy and leaking. Oh god, the fatty walls of your pussy are moving like a whirlpool around my cock. Damn, nobody has given me this much pleasure. It must be the good karma of many lives that my cock is in your pussy.)

I vociferously reciprocated my appreciation of the pleasure his cock was providing me. “ Ore gud er dewal ki ar emni khabi khachche? Tor barata jeno ek jadur dondo. Ei je ami upore utchi tor oi goda mudor khanj jeno guder dewale langol chalachche. Ore bhai re amio onek kopal korechi je tor bara gud e dhokachchi. onnyokono bara amake eto sukh dite pareni. Ohh mone hoy saradin rat tor bara gud e bhore thaki.”

(The walls of my pussy are churning due to your magic wand. The rides at the base of your dickhead are literally ploughing my pussy walls when I move up.  Oh, it’s my lucky stars that I have your cock in my pussy. No other dick gave me this level of pleasure. I feel like having my cunt stuffed with your cock all day and night.)

“Tai thakish re Didi tai thakish. Sudhu bhore thakbi keno?jebhave bolbi, jokhon bolbi tokhoni chudbo. Uff Didi tin mash pore tor gud er chodon khachchi, ki marattok sukh hochche.”

(Why only stuff? Just tell me how to fuck you whenever, wherever. You can ride me or adopt any pose you like. Ah, sis, I’m having your pussy after three months, I just can’t describe how good it feels.)

“Ei tin masher khamti ajkei puro korbo. Ar kalke aro tin masher chodon khabo. Oh ah ah ore tor barar guntoy ami sukher sagore dube jachchi re.”

(I’ll make up for the three-month gap today itself. Tomorrow, you are going to fuck me another three months’ worth. Oh God, your dick is making me drown in an ocean of pleasure.)

“Chod Didi chod., tor bhai er thatanobaray gud guntiye gud er jol khosha. Jol khosle tor gudta aro lyatlyate hoye jay ar aro koshe chudte ichcha kore. Ah, ami bodhoy duniyar sobcheye bhagyoban banchod je tor moto Didi peyechi.”

(Fuck harder, grind your pussy on your brother’s swollen dick and spray out your pussy juice. When you cum, your pussy becomes more oily. Then I feel like fucking you harder. Ah, I must be the luckiest sister fucker on this planet to have a sister like you.)

I replied between my uncountable gasps and shrieks of intense pleasure. “ Amio tahole duniyar sobcheye bhagyoboti bhaichod je tor moton gabda barawala bhai peyechi. Uuuuh babbago, tor barar opor gud chaliye je ami eekebare swargosukh pai. Ne shala ne tor didir chopchope gud erg unto kha.Thapate thapate emon jolkhoshabo je toke tate chan koriye debo. Uff shala banchod, tor barata to ekebare jarayur mukhe giye gontachche re. Bhai re tor bararsukhe je ami thor thor kore kanpchi.”

(Then I’m also the luckiest brother fucker in the world to have a brother who is well equipped. Oh god, I literally feel heaven when I grind hard on your cock. I’ll cum so hard riding you that you’ll get a pussy juice bath. Take some more of your sister’s oily pussy. Damn, your huge dick is nudging at my very womb. Oh, brother, your dick is making me shake all over.)

I was riding his cock with a maniac speed grinding over his crotch with more force than ever before. Obscene squelchy, sloshy sounds of my watering pussy and slapping sounds of my pussy grinding on him spiced up the lust-filled ambience.

Like me, he was also approaching an explosive climax.  I could feel his heavy balls tightening up. His dickhead swelled up prominently. His bestial shouts and shrieks affirmed my assumptions.

“Ore amar barakor Didi re ki jata bhabe guder gunto hakachchish re.ah ah ah amar bichi pet kemo jenokorche. Erokom lyatlyate chorbiwala gud er thap je ar samlate parchi na. Oh didire emon chudchish tor age amar na beriye jay. Tuithamish na, amio jat chodonkhor, tor gud er jol na khoshiye ami jharbo na. Tui prankhule thapiye ja.”

(My cock addicted sister, you’re pounding me real hard. My balls and abdomen feel weird. The lighting-fast riding of your oily lardy pussy is unbearable. The way you’re riding me, I’m getting close. Carry on. I’ll ensure you cum first. That’s the promise of a seasoned fucker. Ride harder.)

I was shrieking and squealing uncontrollably and spewing out the foulest words I knew. “ Ne tahole achcha se tolthap kha. Tor joto keramoti oi uthti khankider sathe. Ebar tui paka chuddokor gud er pallay porechish. Tui jotoi shokto lok hosh na keno amar guder thape gongate gongate fyada jharbi. Ne shala tor didir mokhmoli guder thape ugre de tor dhoner payesh.”

(Then have it. You have only fucked wannabe sluts. Now handle a skilled pussy. You might be a tough guy, but my pussy will make you scream and cum. Bloody sister fucker shoot your cream in your sister’s silky pussy.)

My abdomen trembled uncontrollably, and the pussy walls churned like a berserk whirlpool. Simultaneously the pussy canal whooped and gasped in a vertical motion like a fish out of water. The circular and vertical juggling of my pussy created unbearable pleasure on my brother’s throbbing cock.

Brother and sister were howling in unison. I uttered between those animalistic howls. “Tor hotka barar guntoy tor Didi soshorire swarge jachche re. banchod bhaier barar sukhe amar shob gelo re. Ahh aaahhh dhor dhor dhor tor didir guder jole ebar dube mor banchod.”

(Your huge cock pounding is making your sister visit heaven to live. My sister fucker brother is making me lose everything. Ah, take my pussy juices and get drowned in it.)

The moment I finished the sentence, interspersed with animal howls of prehistoric nature. My pussy convulsed uncontrollably in all directions. I started spraying out jets of cun juices with my entire body shaking like a frail tee caught in a hurricane.

The moment the first jet of hot, dense pussy juice thrashed his fervently throbbing cock, my kid brother yelled out like never before. “Oh, didire tor banchod bhaier bichchi gole shob berochche re.” (Oh, Didi, your sister fucker brother’s balls are melting out.”)

His cock twitched violently and started spurting outbursts of hot, thick. Fierce volleys of man juice hitting the deepest interior of my pussy. This intensified my pleasure a thousand folds making me eject fountains of cum juice with greater volume and ferocity.

Brother and sister were in ecstasy, ejecting volumes of sexual fluids, drenching each other with wanton glee. He kept hitting the deepest interiors of my pussy with his hot, thick cum volleys. Dollops of pussy juice mixed with his spunk spewed from my convulsing cavity.

Each ejection made my body shudder unprecedently, draining out every ounce of strength and energy. Though I was not in a state to count, he splattered my insides with at least fifteen volleys of cum cannon. Every hot splash made me spray a fresh bucket of pussy juice.

Eventually, we were into the last trickles. I fell on his strong, heaving chest like a fallen tree, and he engulfed me tightly in his arms. This was unique that we climaxed together for the first time as I rode him. Ah, the confines of a man’s strong chest and arms after an orgasm is heaven.

The incessant twitching of a cuming cock inside one’s juice-drenched pussy is immensely gratifying for a woman. My breasts were crushed over his hairy chest. We could hear our hearts beat loudly as our breasts heaved frantically. We were born to fuck each other’s brains out.