The Devil’s Playground – Part 2

Previously on ‘The Devil’s Playground.’

Anuja has her 1st sex with Rashid in a rented room where he stays. Then, she falls asleep with him.


Anuja woke up, and Rashid wasn’t on the bed. Anuja checked the time. It was almost 7 pm. She slept throughout the afternoon and much of the evening! Rashid had left a note. Anuja read it. “I went out. I will be back soon with dinner. Love you. Rashid.”

Anuja smiled and put the note away. She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself. She was extra careful in cleaning her pussy. She then dried herself with a towel in the bathroom and put on her panty and bra. Then she rolled into the mattress on the bed and waited.

Minutes later, she heard a knock on the door. Anuja happily went to the door and opened it. It was Rashid, with two lunch packets in his hand. He entered and closed the door behind him. Soon, Anuja and Rashid sat down and started eating.

“So, Rashid.”


“What do we do after we finish our dinner?” Anuja asked.

Rashid looked at her and smiled.

“I was thinking maybe I can pay a visit to your place. What do you say?”

Anuja was hesitant at first, but then she answered.

“Hmm, well, nobody else is there right now. So why not?”

Minutes later, Anuja and Rashid were ready to go to her place and were on the main road outside the hotel.

“So, what are we taking? A bus or a taxi?”

“I’ll take a taxi. Here, let me search for one,” Rashid said, taking his phone out and starting to search. “Okay, done. Now, we wait.”

“Wow, that was surprisingly quick!” Anuja thought. But she didn’t say anything.

The taxi arrived minutes later. “I’m here, sir,” the driver said, putting the widow down. “Get in, Anuja,” Rashid said, opening a door. Anuja got in, and Rashid got in after her. Then he closed the door.

He put his right arm over Anuja’s shoulders and around her neck as the car started moving. Anuja felt weird, but she didn’t say anything. After all, she had seen couples behaving this way, many of whom were her colleagues and other friends.

“So, Arshad, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Rashid, from Sri Lanka. Salam Alaikum!”

“Alaykum Salam! So,you’re just visiting here, sir?”

“Yeah, bro. Business.”

“I hope you’ll like it here.”

“I already love it here, right, Anuja?” Rashid said, pulling Anuja close and kissing her left cheek.

“Mmh, yeah,” Anuja said, smiling.

“Arshad, bro.”


“How often do you get to drop couples?”

“Daily. Why?”

“Good! How often do you get to see their shows?”

“What do you mean by ‘their shows’?”

“I think you know!” Rashid said, with a perverted smile, looking at the mirror. Arshad, looking at the mirror, smiled back in a perverted manner.

“Well, what do you say, bro?”

“Well, if it’s free, it’s me.”

“Good! Come on, Anuja, let’s do this,” Rashid said, pulling Anuja towards his side.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Anuja asked with an uncomfortable face. Rashid started eating the left side of her neck, making a ‘Nom, nom’ sound. Anuja felt Rashid’s teeth, his tongue on her skin, and his saliva’s slimy, wet feeling.

It wasn’t easy for her to keep resisting for much longer. “Oh my god, ahhh,” Anuja started moaning, closing her eyes. Rashid started sliding his right hand into her top and his left hand into her pants at the same time.

Rashid was biting and chewing Anuja’s neck skin alternatively. This hurt Anuja a little, but even to her surprise, she didn’t dislike this. At the same time, Anuja felt Rashid’s palm and fingers on her right boob and his fingertips on her pussy.

Rashid started playing with her nipple and clitoris, nibbling them with his fingertips. Still tasting Anuja’s skin, Rashid moved his mouth towards her ear. He tasted her there for a few seconds and murmured to her ear, “Take my cock out and start rubbing.”

Anuja couldn’t see but felt around Rashid’s pants and located the zip. Then she quickly pulled out his now half-erect cock and rubbed it up and down.

Meanwhile, it was getting increasingly hard for Arshad to keep watching. Although he had seen many such instances at his job before, this was something different. He had to park the car somewhere safe. He quickly managed to find that place in a rather lonely street.

“Oh, god!” Arshad murmured as he quickly parked the car. He had a bulge on his pants about to rip through them. Around the same time, Rashid grabbed her hair and pulled his right hand out of Anuja’s top. He slowly pushed her face towards his now almost fully erect cock.

Anuja took his cock in her mouth, closing her eyes. Rashid held the upper part of her head with his left hand. It was full of her pleasure juice, and she moved her head up and down.

“Gk, gk, gk, gk,” Anuja started gagging as her eyes started watering.

As Arshad parked the car and started pulling out his cock, Rashid called for him. “Don’t do that, Arshad.”

“Sorry, sir, but it’s hard to take anymore.”

“I mean, you don’t have to use your hand.”

“What do you mean?”

Rashid didn’t reply. He pushed down Anuja’s pants, exposing her butt and pussy. Arshad looked at Rashid with astonishment. “S-sir, a-are you sure about this?”

“Come on, man, think of this as extra pay for allowing us to have fun. I’m not joking here.”

Arshad smiled evilly and quickly opened the driving seat door. Soon, Arshad was near the back seat of his car. Anuja still had her pants and her panty on her legs. Her thighs were on the seat, and her knees were directed towards the driving seat.

“Be quick, bro. Once I nut, it’s game over for you,” Rashid said.

Arshad quickly got to work. First, he put away his slippers and took off his pants. Arshad then removed Anuja’s shoes, pulling her pants and panty completely away from her legs.

He then held Anuja’s right ankle with his right hand and straightened her leg upwards, exposing her pussy. He then put his left knee on the seat while his right foot was still on the car floor.  Positioning his cock right above her left thigh.

Anuja felt everything, and she knew what was about to come. But she was too weak to do anything and, really, too horny to refuse Arshad’s advancement. Arshad held onto Anuja’s leg tightly and, in one go, entered her pussy.

“Hmp,” Anuja gasped onto Rashid’s cock. Her right palm almost unconsciously went towards Arshad’s stomach.

“Hey,” Rashid said, holding Anuja’s right wrist and pinning her against her lower back.

He then got Anuja’s face pressed against his crotch, bending towards her. He took his mouth close to her right ear and murmured.

“Let the man have his fun. Did you understand?”

Anuja had to say, “Yes,” but she was too stuck to move. Rashid talked again.

“Oops, I forgot!” he said, pulling Anuja’s hair upwards.

Anuja felt her hair pulled upwards, trying to rip away from her scalp.

“Aah!” Anuja moaned, her eyes shut tight, clinging onto Rashid’s right wrist with her left hand. She then looked at Rashid’s face. Rashid talked.

“Did you understand?”

“Yes, Rashid.”

“Good girl,” Rashid said, pressing her face back against his crotch.

Meanwhile, Arshad was fucking Anuja as fast as possible, tightly gripping her ankle with both hands. In a normal situation, Anuja would have been at least worried about whether she could walk properly after such an assault against her leg, but not at that time. That time, she was way too horny to care.

Minutes later, Arshad grabbed Anuja’s right thigh, close to her pussy, with both hands. He started fucking her with all his energy left in him, growling. At the same time, Rashid was also shaking Anuja’s head up and down on his cock, fucking her mouth.

“Hmmmmmp!” Anuja let out long whimpers as her head violently shook up and down. She shut her eyes tight as they kept watering over Rashid’s crotch.

“Ahhh,” Arshad moaned, starting to cum. Rashid pushed him off Anuja immediately.

“Ah,” Arshad gasped, trying to cling onto somewhere. He could grab onto the car, and as he did so, he started ejaculating all over the place.

“Oh, fuck!” Arshad exclaimed. He held his cock with his hand and directed his juice towards Anuja’s body.

At the same time, Rashid pressed Anuja’s face against his crotch, releasing his load into her throat. “Gggggggk,” Anuja gagged, swallowing his load while being showered with Arshad’s juice.

After both men were done, they allowed Anuja to sit. Anuja was wet with saliva, semen, sweat, and tears. The two men sat on either side of the woman. After Arshad closed the car door behind him, he and Rashid hugged Anuja from both sides, and all three started to pant.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I just did this,” Anuja moaned.

To be continued.

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