The Devil’s Playground – Part 1

14th November 2022, Monday

Her name was Anuja.

Anuja was a 24-year-old girl based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She lived and worked there. At her home were her parents, brother, his wife, and their kid.

At the age of 24, Anuja was still a virgin. While she was indeed from a somewhat conservative family, another factor contributed to this.

She would always say “No” to any guy who tried to enter her life. Why would a girl behave this way? Anuja was a good-looking girl. There were no signs of mental trauma caused to her by a former boyfriend.

Throughout her life, she had had exactly one boyfriend, which she had lost to God. In other words, he passed away. Anuja loved him so much. She was never able to walk past this event. This was the reason why she kept saying, “No.”

She would read sex stories and pleasure herself instead. Poor girl. But this was when she came across many sex stories on the internet written by Rashid Hammad.

She felt thrilled and super horny after reading the stories. She rubbed herself vigorously until she wetted the seat where she was sitting. She thought, “What if this story was about me?”

She sent him a message. “Hi, gone through your stories, and they make me come here.” She went to sleep happily, expecting a positive reply from the writer.

15th November 2022, Tuesday

The next morning, Anuja woke up and prepared to leave home for work. While travelling, she felt her phone vibrating and checked it. It was a reply from the writer.

“Hi, so what do you think about them?”

Anuja smiled. Seeing he was still online, she started chatting with him.

Anuja: Feeling on cloud 7 while reading them. Wish you post a story about us.

The writer took a while to reply to Anuja’s request.

Rashid: Us means?

A: You and me

R: Hmm…okay, let’s see. How old are you?

A: 24, you

R: Almost 29. Where do you live in?

A: Lucknow. You?

R: I’m originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I stay mostly in India, though.

A: Wow! What do you do here in India?

R: you know, business. I’m the representative of my boss, who’s back in Sri Lanka.

By the way, I’m coming to Lucknow this Saturday. What do you say we meet?

A: You’re pretty straightforward, aren’t you?

R: Haha, well, I hear that all the time.

Anuja thought for a while. “Should I do this?”

Then she replied.

A: Okay, let me think and let you know.

R: okay, but be quick. Otherwise, I might get booked with some other fan of my stories. Haha.

Anuja put her phone away. At work, Anuja told her plan to go on a date again with some of her female colleagues. They all approved of her idea. But she didn’t tell them that her “date” was one Rashid.

At the lunch break, Anuja replied to Rashid.

A: Okay, deal. When and where do we meet?

Rashid sent a place and time. Anuja noticed that the place Rashid suggested was far from her home.

“Should I say No?” Anuja thought.

Anuja thought. “What if Rashid stops messaging?”

Anuja replied.

A: Okay, Rashid. See you then.

R: see you then. By the way, here is my number. Give me a call then.

Rashid then sent his number, which Anuja then saved.

19th November 2022, Saturday

Anuja woke up at about 7 am. She wore a light red coloured hoodie, denim leggings and deck shoes for her date with Rashid. She’d never been out on a date with her former boyfriend, so she had no idea what to wear.

She looked at herself in the mirror. “I look ridiculous,” she thought.

She was hesitant before calling Rashid, but she called him anyway. He soon picked up.

“Anu! Is that you?” A deep, happy voice asked.

Anuja felt upset. She didn’t like being called “Anu.” But decided not to highlight this right then as she was afraid of turning Rashid off.

“Yes, Rashid. This is me. I’m leaving home now. Where are you?”

“I’m here. Waiting for you. Hey, don’t keep me waiting, okay?” Rashid said with fake seriousness.

“Haha, okay…bye, Rashid!”

“Bye,” Rashid said as Anuja dropped the call.

It took Anuja about another hour to reach the location. It was already 9 am. It was a cold day. The place was a rather open cafe. It seemed lonely. One man of around 30 years was sitting at the frontmost table, drinking a coffee from a pouch he had ordered.

There was another empty cup in front of him. It was clear that he was waiting for someone. This man was around 30 years old. He had a full beard covering his whole face, around two inches long from his chin.

His hair was short but thick enough to cover his entire skull. He seemed well-built and somewhat darker than an average man in Uttar Pradesh. He was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and denim pants with shoes. Although it was a cold day, he didn’t seem affected.

Could this be Rashid? Anuja kept looking at the man, and the man saw her looking at him. He smiled, and Anuja smiled back.

“Gosh! I need to call Rashid,” Anuja thought, pulling her phone out.

She dialled Rashid’s number, put her phone on her ear, and looked at the man. The man pulled out his phone and answered it.

“Anu?” Rashid said. Anuja saw the man’s lips moving the same way.

“Rashid, I think I see you. I’m coming now,” Anuja said, dropping the call.

As Anuja walked towards the man, he put his phone and teacup away and stood up, smiling at her.

“Hey, Anu,” the man said, raising his right hand. Anuja took his hand, and the two shared a handshake.

“Sit here. I ordered coffee for you, too,” the man said, pointing to the pouch.

In all honesty, Anuja was somewhat scared of Rashid’s look. Still, Anuja sat down and poured herself some coffee.

“So you’re Rashid Hammad?” Anuja asked, starting to sip her coffee.

“Yes, and you’re Anu?”

“Anuja. Rashid, do you mind if I ask you not to call me Anu?” Anu asked.

Rashid looked directly into Anuja’s eyes as if he didn’t expect this from her.

But he soon retracted. “Okay, if you wish.”

The two got to talk. Soon, things seem to start going pretty well for both. Suddenly, Rashid said something unexpected.

“If you’d like, you can come where I stay for a while.”

“Uhmm…I don’t know about that, Rashid.”

“No funny business. I promise you,” Rashid said, sipping in the last sip of his coffee and putting his cup aside.

Rashid was looking at Anuja’s eyes with a piercing look. Anuja felt subdued.

“Hmm…okay,” Anuja said. Rashid smiled, standing up.

“Okay, the place is nearby. We can walk. Come on,” Rashid said, standing up.

As Anuja stood up, Rashid took her left hand in his right hand and took her outside. Rashid’s fist felt mostly smooth. But close to the bases of his long fingers, it was significantly rough.

Anuja had already started turning on. The two started walking.

“So, what kind of business are you involved with, Rashid?”

“Selling goods to Indian consumers, both stocks and retail.”

“What kind of goods?”

“All kinds of things. Typically what you find in supermarkets and electronics shops.”

“Hmm…under what brand?”

“Look,” Rashid said, stopping and looking at Anuja.

“When you ask me so many things while we are still on the road, what are you planning to do when we reach my place? You will be out of questions!”

“Ah, yeah, sorry, Rashid.”

“That’s okay. Let’s go.”

The two entered a hotel. Then, Rashid took Anuja to his room.

“This is where I’m staying these days,” Rashid said, entering his room.

As soon as Anuja entered the room, Rashid quickly closed the door and locked it from the inside. “Rashid, what are you doing?” Anuja asked in astonishment as Rashid held Anuja’s both shoulders and pinned her against a nearby wall.

Rashid then took his face close to Anuja’s as he slid his arms around her. Then, with his left hand behind her neck and his right palm against the right side of her hip. He held her against himself.

Anuja closed her eyes as Rashid took his face close to hers. She could feel his breath.

“Anuja, are you scared?” Rashid asked, to which, Anuja slowly nodded her head up and down.

“Don’t be. I won’t force you to do anything. I won’t force myself on you. Tell me, should I now let go of you?”

Anuja didn’t know what to say. Should she now let him loose? Anuja thought for a second. If she says “No,” Rashid might also completely disappear from her life.

Anuja thought she couldn’t deal with that. Plus, Rashid did say he wouldn’t force himself on her. As Rashid let go of Anuja’s shoulders, Anuja looked into Rashid’s eyes.

Anuja was already too horny to turn back now. Anuja threw her arms around Rashid’s neck and started sharing a passionate kiss with him. As they both closed their eyes, Rashid started kissing her back.

They were sharing their kiss like a couple in an Indian web series. Still kissing Anuja, Rashid grabbed the backs of her thighs and pulled her up. Anuja put her legs tightly around Rashid’s hips. Rashid took her thighs and carried her to the nearby bed.

Rashid slowly sat down by the right side edge of the bed, placing Anuja’s knees against the mattress. He then fell backwards on the bed as Anuja kept kissing him.

Rashid’s boner was trying to rip through his pants, and he was having a really hard time taking it. He broke the kiss, making Anuja fall on her back towards his right hand side.

“Wait,” Rashid said as he stood up and quickly started taking off his pants.

It was the first time Anuja saw a male dick with her naked eyes. It was circumcised and veiny. It was still a little flaccid.

“Wow!” Anuja exclaimed.

“Come on, now,” Rashid said. Lightly holding Anuja’s hair on her head, he pushed her face towards his dick.

“I want to see what that mouth can do.”

Anuja was hesitant. “It must taste like salt,” she thought. But the fear of turning Rashid away took over again.

“Come on, baby doll, it’s hard only the first time,” Rashid said, slowly pushing his dick into Anuja’s mouth. Before it was fully in her mouth, she started choking.

“Come on, love, you can take it all,” Rashid said. He placed both palms against the back of Anuja’s mouth and pushed his dick into her mouth. Then, he started fucking her mouth.

Anuja closed her eyes. Soon, she started gagging as her eyes started watering. Anuja didn’t like the feeling of losing breath, but she was watering in her pants at the same time. Even she was surprised at how her body was reacting to this rough treatment.

Rashid fucked Anuja’s mouth until his dick was fully erect. Then, he pressed her face against his crotch for a few seconds before finally letting go.

“How are you feeling there?” Rashid asked, pointing to Anuja’s pussy as she lay on the bed and started panting heavily.

“Oh my God, that was something,” Anuja said, wiping tears off her face.

Rashid at once came towards Anuja. He then pinned both her wrists against the bed over her head.

“When I ask you a question, I expect you to give me a relevant answer,” Rashid said with fake anger. He slid his hand into Anuja’s pants with his palm towards the side of her pussy.

“Ah,” Anuja moaned, closing her eyes. Rashid started moving his right hand up and down.

“Aah,” Anuja said, opening her eyes wide as Rashid kept moving his hand up and down.

Finally, Rashid let go of Anuja’s wrists and pulled his hand out of her pants at the same time. His hand was fully wet with her juice. “This is you. Taste yourself,” Rashid said, taking his fingers towards Anuja’s face.

Anuja was reluctant. Rashid quickly slid his left hand under Anuja’s head, grabbed her hair, and pushed his four long fingers in his right hand into her mouth.

“Suck it all off my hand,” Rashid commanded. Anuja obeyed hurriedly.

After that, Rashid pulled his hand out as Anuja started taking heavy breaths. Anuja kept laying on the bed. Rashid started unbuttoning her pants. Once done, he pulled it down her panty and off her legs.

Anuja’s pussy was finally exposed. It was well trimmed, with some very short hair on it. Its light rose-coloured lips were tightly closed.

The light rose colour of Anuja’s pussy complimented her light skin tone very well.

“Wow,” Rashid said happily as he sat by the outside of Anuja’s right thigh.

“What a beautiful womanhood you have,” he said, rubbing Anuja’s labia with his right thumb.

“Mmmh,” Anuja moaned.

Rashid started touching up Anuja’s pussy. The more he did that, the more tense Anuja started acting.

“Ahhh,” Anuja moaned, moving about in bed. Soon after, she was close to ejaculation.

“Ahh, yes, I’m going to cum,” Anuja said.

But as soon as she said so, Rashid stopped touching her pussy and moved his hand away. When Anuja tried to tough her pussy, Rashid tightly held her wrists and pinned them against the bed like before.

“Rashid…why?” Anuja asked in a confused tone. Rashid held her wrists with his left hand and, with his right hand, took his gland close to her pussy.

“Do you want this? I won’t do it if you don’t,” he said.

Anuja badly wanted to feel satisfied, but Rashid won’t let her have it with her hands. “Just do it already!” Anuja screamed at Rashid angrily. Her eyes were slightly reddish.

But Rashid didn’t react emotionally. Instead, he slowly pushed himself into her, little by little.

“Ahhh,” Anuja moaned, laying on her back as Rashid started fucking her slowly. “Ahh, yes, yes, fuck!” Anuja moaned and squealed. She arched her back backwards. Right then, she cum on the bed.

Anuja laid back and started panting. Rashid paused and started taking off his top. After getting fully naked, Rashid slowly laid on top of Anuja, pushing her top towards her head.

As her top rolled upwards, her bra was exposed. Rashid quickly slid his palms underneath her back and unhooked it. Then, Rashid slowly pushed Anuja’s top and bra along her arms, fully off her body.

Anuja was now fully naked, like Rashid. Rashid slowly laid on top of her. As Anuja took his face in her hands, he softly kissed her.

“That was so good, Rashid. I thought the first time would be super painful. But because you got me turned on, it didn’t hurt at all.”

Rashid smiled and kissed her lips once more before laying by her left-hand side.

“Wait,” Anuja said, “You didn’t cum.”

“You can help me with that.”

“Sure,” Anuja said, widening her legs.

“No, I want you to use your right hand this time,” Rashid said. He lightly grabbed Anuja’s hair on the back of her head. He slowly pushed her face towards his dick.

Anuja started working on Rashid’s dick expertly, using her right hand and mouth.

“Ahhh…yeah, baby, I love you so much!” Rashid moaned.

Soon, Rashid started coming. Anuja tried to take her face away, but Rashid tightly held her mouth against his dick, making her take all of his load in her mouth.

“Swallow it all, Anuja. Don’t drop anything. If you do, I’ll make you lick it off of me. You understand?” Rashid said as Anuja struggled to swallow all of his load at once.

“Did you swallow?” Rashid asked after a few seconds, letting go of Anuja’s head. Anuja looked at Rashid’s face and nodded her head up and down.

“Show me your tongue,” Rashid said. Anuja opened her mouth and put her tongue out. Her tongue was completely clean of his juice.

“Good girl, come here,” Rashid said, slowly pulling her hair towards himself.

Anuja slid on Rashid’s body and took her face close to his. The two started sharing a kiss. While doing so, Rashid slowly turned towards his left-hand side and put Anuja on the bed.

Once Anuja broke the kiss, Rashid held her right shoulder with his right hand. He slowly guided her to turn the other side. Anuja kept looking at his face.

Rashid placed his right palm against Anuja’s left cheek. “You’re so beautiful,” he said and kissed her lips.

She closed her eyes and smiled.

“Let’s sleep now,” Rashid said, closing his eyes and tightly holding Anuja in the grip of his arms and right leg.

To be continued.

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