The Devil Inside Me – Part 2

Hello everyone, this is Priya with the second part of the story.

While I was quietly lying on the bed, wrapping my head around what was transcribed moments ago, I urgently felt the need to masturbate. I picked up the black panty filled with my brother’s and his friend Sachin’s cum and started licking it. I closed my eyes and recalled the conversations that happened in the room. It was unbearable and I came twice. But still, there was this emptiness that only the real thing could fill.

I went to the bathroom and started to piss on the panty which had dried cum from my brother and his friend. I then started to scrub the panty on my body with my right hand and had my left index finger in pussy and middle finger in my ass. I then removed the fingers. The one that was in my ass had a little brown smooth shit which I sniffed deeply and sucked on. Once I had orgasmed for the third time, I pulled myself together and took a shower.

It was 10:30 pm and daddy was home. Mom came soon after. We all had our dinner and went to our rooms. I could not stop thinking and wanted to confront my brother Arjun. As our rooms were next to each other with thin walls, I could hear the gaming noise from his Xbox. I wore my gym bra and shorts, massaged my nipples to ensure they were hard and could be seen easily, and finally mustered the courage to confront Arjun.

I knocked at Arjun’s room slowly. He did not respond. So I messaged him on WhatsApp that I was at his door. I could see the blue tick that he had read my message, but he replied after 5 minutes asking what I wanted and could it wait until morning. I replied with, “500 bucks, guys” and he immediately rushed to the door and opened it. He was in his boxers and wore his vest upside down. I guessed he was lying naked and stroking his big dick.

The room was dark with dim blue LED lights and it was giving a gothic feel. The room was screaming, “Boys only” right from the untidy organization of clothes to the tissue papers on the floor and the snacks falling on the bed.

He pretended to not have understood the message and asked me what the hell was “500 bucks, guys.”

I pushed him aside and sat on his bed. He switched on the lights in the room and I asked him to close the door as there was something very important that I wanted to discuss with him and did not want to wake our parents if things got emotional or animated. Arjun knew he was in trouble and quietly followed my instructions.

Priya: So, since when has this been going around?

Arjun: I am not sure what you are talking about, didi.

Priya: Listen Arjun, I was there when you and your friends came to my room and messed around with my stuff. And YES, I heard everything! So, drop this innocent boy act and tell me the truth.

Arjun: I don’t know what to say, didi, I am really sorry and it will never happen again. Please don’t tell mom and dad, they will kill me.

Priya: I won’t. Just be honest with me and tell me the truth. Do you like me?

Arjun: I have always loved you, didi. I know it is wrong, but it is not just me. Everyone at college talks about you and even my friends have a crush on you. Thanks to your beauty, everyone treats me well with the hopes that I will help them hook up with you.

Priya: Oh! What do they talk about me?

Arjun: It’s a bit dirty, didi. I don’t want to repeat.

Priya: But I want to hear it all or do you want me to call daddy?

Arjun: OK, OK, chill! They said you have nice chuchey.

Priya: And..

Arjun: Your gaand is bubbly and they would give any price to squeeze it and ride it.

Priya: And what do you think?

Arjun: Can you please leave, didi? I already apologized and promised not to repeat it, So! Please go.

Priya: Right, you said you want your sister to sit on your face so that you can lick her ass and drink her piss. You came to my room and unload your jizz in my undergarments, you invited your friends and took money from them to sniff my panty. But me coming to your room for 5 minutes is annoying you so much that you want me to leave. Do you really think an apology is enough to settle this?

Arjun: Tell me how can I fix this, didi?

Priya: Well, I have a feeling that you did not finish your fantasy in front of your friends. I want you to tell me exactly what your fantasy is and I will leave you alone.

Arjun: Promise me that you won’t think lowly of me if I tell you my real fantasy. No judging!

Priya: Cross my heart.

Arjun: Ok, what I said to Sachin and Paul about licking your ass and drinking, your piss that is only the beginning. I want to taste your shit too, Every morning, I wish you called me to your room and instead of pissing in the commode, I want you to use my mouth. I want to see you take a crap and clean your asshole with my mouth.

The moment I heard my brother’s fantasy, I had shivers running down my spine out of excitement! I pulled myself together and stood up. Arjun was terrified. I stared at him for a minute and removed my panty which was sticky and wet. I stuffed it in Arjun’s mouth and whispered in his ears, “Call Paul and Sachin, let’s make your fantasy real soon” and left the room.

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