The Devil In Me – Part 3

It was Monday Morning. I woke up with a feeling of massive guilt. I guess that’s what happens when one thinks from their pussy. Things that made me so horny yesterday were suddenly gross and ugly. I was disgusted with myself. I felt this breathlessness due to the anger that was building within me.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was an evil bitch. The only way for me to feel better was to blame the genetics. In my defence, Mom did role-play sex with Dad, thinking about Arjun and me.

I got ready and started to leave for college. Mom shouted, “Nashta kar ke ja, Priya.” (Have breakfast before you leave, girl!) I gave her a cold look and left without saying a word. I met my friends Simran and Anju near the college. The three of us decided to bunk.

Simran started driving, and there was an awkward silence. Both of them knew something was wrong with me and kept asking me if I was “OK.” I quietly nodded my head. But they could see the grief and frustration on my face.

Anju is my childhood friend from Bangalore. We attended the same school and chose the same subjects in college. We often joked about choosing the same husband. Anju’s Dad had a pharmacy store, and her Mom was a housewife. Anju did not have any siblings.

She would often manage the counter on weekends at the store, giving her Dad a break when she could. You see, Anju had this classic good girl compassionate smile. She always preferred tradition over Western. (At least when she is in public)

Only Simran and I knew how kinky she was. We’ve had the craziest sex talks during exam sleepovers at Simran’s place. However, our pride as straight women never allowed us to explore each other or even think that way.

Simran was from Punjab. She had relocated to Bangalore as her old man worked in a bank. Both Anju and I knew her only from our first year. Simran is the coolest among us. She is always carefree and does not give a shit about anyone or anything.

She is often selfish, Rowdy, and so cringy that, at times, you don’t want to associate with her. You see, Bangalore has become a very funny place for those who don’t speak the local language. (I’m sure it’s the same in other states). There was this one time a lad tried to talk to her.

She caught his balls in front of everyone poor guy felt so embarrassed. Ever since, no one messes with her. A lot of people call Simran a Slut, Whore, Hindi pussy, and Northern Bitch. However, those bastards keep their distance. Both Anju and I were approached by this group many times.

We were told that since we are Kannadigas (natives of Karnataka or people who speak Kannada), we should honour the culture and dress properly. We should stay away from filthy women like Simran, or we will be judged too. But the three of us shared a bond.

So a phoney hypocritic, self-proclaimed moral police was not breaking that. Anyways, Simran had got us back to her home. Her Mom, Amanpreet, was a sweet lady. A classic Indian mom with a nighty and motherly smile. While hugging her and greeting her, there was no malice in my heart.

It was so natural. I wondered if I would have been a better person if my Mom was ordinary-looking like Aman Aunty. My Mom, Sarita, as I said before, is in no way close to her boring name. If one does not notice her wrinkles closely they would easily mistake her for my sister.

All of us went straight to Simran’s bedroom. Anju removed her ordinary clothes and flung herself on Simran’s bed. Anju started to search for the remote to switch on the AC. She covered herself in a blanket. She looked like a turtle with that small bindiya on her forehead and a cute face.

I quietly sat in a corner, watching Simran’s Big white milky ass as she was changing. Simran changed and sat at the corner of the bed.

Simran: Priya Yaar, tuhanu ki hoia hai? (My Friend Priya, what’s wrong with you?)

Anju: Yes, Priya, you’ve been unusually quiet today, Enaytu? (What happened?)

Simran got up and put her hand around my shoulder. She got me to the bed and made me sit next to her. Anju got up and sat next to me on the other side.

Me: Girls, I’ve done something really stupid! I can’t find words to say what I’ve done.

Simran: Bol na kya hua? (Tell us we are your friends.)

Anju nodded in agreement.

Me: Just forget it, Simran. Can you drop me back to college? I don’t feel well. I’ll pick up my bike and go home.

Simran: Don’t do this, Priya. This is like insulting our friendship. Did someone do something to you? Tell me, I swear I’ll chop that bastard’s balls.

Anju: Priya, we’ve never hidden anything from each other. You and I go a long way, so what’s with all this?

Knowing that I had someone who could stand by me warmed my heart. I started crying. Simran tightly hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry, girl, it’s just us. Did you hurt yourself while laying with your butt?” I pushed her away, and we all started laughing.

Anju: Seriously, Simran!? (laughing shyly)

Simran: Shut up and leave that good girl act. I know who the real Anju is and what all you do

Anju: Shushh! It’s not about me. It’s about Priya. Don’t get distracted, Madam Big Boobs.

Me: Anju and Simran, I know both of you well, But the thing is, I’ve crossed the line this time

Simran: Don’t tell me you fucked Arjun! Did you?

This silence could be sliced with a knife. I stared at both of them with blurry vision. There was a second wave of tears on its way. All I wanted from them was a non-condescending look which does not judge me as an evil slut. Those few seconds waiting for them to respond were like an eternity.

I cursed myself for falling into the emotional trap and letting the cat out. Suddenly, Simran got up and walked towards her vanity in the bedroom.

Anju: So, was it good?

Simran: Toh kya hua? Mere bhaiyon ne maino kai vara chuda hai. (So what? My brothers have fucked me too.)

Me: Are you fucking serious, Simran?

Simran: I’ll tell you about my story later. First, tell us in detail. What, How, When, and who initiated it? We want every single second detailed out to us.

I pulled the chair, which was in the corner. I sat in front of Anju and Simran, who were on the bed. I spoke at length, detailing every single thing right from the time I overheard the conversations with Arjun and his friends. Playing with my Piss to teasing Arjun and making him my slave.

I finally made his fantasy come true. I noticed Simran biting her lips when I was sharing my experience. Anju had her hand inside her panty. Simran stood up and suddenly spat on my face. Anju pulled her hand out of her pussy like she got an electric shock. I looked up at Simran with disgust.

Me: What the Fuck, Simran!

Simran: You whore! Dirty Bitch that’s how you deserve to be treated!

All the guilt and shame that had disappeared suddenly. I was confused. Simran then asked me to open my mouth. I tried to ignore her. She pulled my hair from my back and raised my head. She said, “Bitch Open your dirty little mouth, which sucks on her little brother’s dick.”

As I opened my mouth, Simran asked Anju to stand next to her. I saw Anju smile and knew what was happening. I complied and opened my mouth, and Anju spat in my mouth. Simran did the same. I was now ordered to swallow it, which I did. The devil in me was now once again awake!

Me: Yes, I’m a dirty whore who lusts on her brother and parents. I want to be punished. Slap me, Simran! Please spit on me. Treat me like a slut that I am.

Anju: Priya, will that make you happy?

Simran: Look, this bitch is enjoying it.

Anju then asked me to lie on the floor instead of the bed. She sat on my face to suffocate me. Simran pinched my nipples so hard that tears rolled from my eyes. The mixed feeling of pain, breathlessness, and lust all together, no drug in this world can beat this ecstasy.

Anju finally got up. I could still smell her ass as she was on my face for so long. I started coughing, and the snot from my nose was leaking. When I was about to wipe my face, Simran sat on me. Anju now was pinching my pussy. Simran quickly stood up and licked my face.

She even put her tongue in my nostrils and wiped me clean. I was now licking Anju’s pussy. Damn, it was just like a schoolgirl’s pussy, not a speck of hair. Her pussy had such a strong smell it was mesmerizing. Meanwhile, Simran was sucking my ass.

I realized she had gone to her vanity unit again. I was now curious. This is the second time that Simran walked away when something important was happening in this room. A moment later, I felt a cold tingling feeling on my asshole and a vibrator being slowly pushed.

That’s when it all came together. I played along as if I had not caught on to their plan. We rubbed our pussies, went to the bathroom, peed on each other, made a fucking mess. Finally, when we all sat down, Simran said.

Simran: Priya, I hope you feel better now.

Me: Thanks, girls. I needed this. Don’t you think for a second that I’m oblivious to what happened today?

Anju: What do you mean, Priya? I had no fucking idea this day would be like this.

Me: No, you don’t, but this bitch does.

Anju and I looked at Simran for answers.

Simran: OK, Full Disclosure, I fucked Paul last night. Arjun sent a message that he did it with you, So Yes! I knew. I planned this day. You see, the first time I went to the vanity unit was because I wanted to charge the vibrator. And you know the rest.

Me: Did you lie about your brothers fucking you too?

Simran: No, that’s true.

It was time for Simran to take the chair. Simran narrated her story. Anju sucked on my perky tits biting them slowly now and then.

A week passed, and I continued to behave like a bitch with my Mom. Every time I looked at her, it reminded me of the video Arjun and I saw together. Her slutty face pretending to be me popped into my head. For some reason, I could not imagine my Dad.

I fantasized about a threesome with my parents. But I blocked out my Dad’s face. You see, my Dad genuinely cared for me. He has always supported me and prioritized me over Arjun. I was his princess. But he participated in the role-play with Mom. As much as it turned me on, deep down, it hurt me.

It was that time of the month again. I had my period accompanied by the usual lower back pain. I still remember my first period. It was at home, and my Grandma (may her soul rest in peace) taught me the Dos and Don’ts.

I don’t know how it is in other parts of the country. But in South traditional houses, women are considered unclean. They are asked to avoid certain cultural traditions and Social engagement. My Mom never cared about it, and I have memories of Grandma and Mom arguing.

Anyway, this meant no masturbating for a few days. So, I spent most of my time reading books, watching Korean dramas, and sleeping. I only came out of the room when I was hungry. My Mom noticed the change in my behaviour. But I think she decided to give me some space.

The routine continued until it was Saturday morning. The bleeding had stopped. I took my bath after 5 days and finally came out. I was in my shorts and wearing a loose T-shirt without a bra. I wanted to eat my bowl of cereal quietly and alone. Then, Mom walked into the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and did not even bother to greet her. Mom always wore tight clothes. She was a fitness freak. She must have just returned from her Yoga session as she was wearing a tight sports top. I could smell the sweat. The top she was wearing was all wet from the workout.

I wanted to go behind and lick her neck, smell her armpits and have a wild sexual experience in the kitchen. I shook my head and went back to eating.

This was now a battle of who breaks first. I wanted my Mom to ask me what had happened to me and why I was upset. But she was just quiet as if everything was normal.

I finally broke the silence. I can never win the battle of wits with her.

Me: Where’s Dad?

Mom: Oh! Look who decided to talk.

Me: Mom, answer the darn question. Where’s Dad?

Mom: He never came last night. Your Dad and his colleagues from the Office decided to go on a trip. But you would have known that if you were not lost in depression, locking yourself for the entire week.

Me: Ah, right. So you knew that your daughter was upset and did not even bother to ask her. Wow, you deserve the ‘Mom of the Year’ award.

My Mom was making her beetroot and carrot juice. She grabbed the glass and settled herself next to me with her arm wrapping around my neck and pulling me towards her chest. My cheek was pushing her right boob, and the smell of sweat was making me crazy.

Mom: Honey, enough of this nonsense. I know what’s going on with you.

Me: (Pretending like I have no idea released myself from her arm and asked curiously) What do you mean?

Mom: Priya, I know it’s confusing and upsetting, so listen carefully.

With my mouth dried from fear, confusion, and curiosity, I looked at Mom for an explanation.

Mom: The camera you and Arjun found was not the only one in the room. Rahul (Dad) and I have multiple cameras in the room. We enjoyed filming ourselves, and we saw what you and Arjun did in our room last week.

Mom Continues: I did not want to embarrass you or Arjun but confronted you. I was waiting for either of you to come and talk to me. Your Dad was very upset, and the reason he is not at home is because he is taking time to sort his emotions.

Mom Continues:  I’ve also noticed how Arjun has started to stare at me, and sometimes you are looking at my ass. Listen carefully. Priya Fantasy is a realm of the impossible. There is no fear of judgment. There is no law and no morality. One is completely free to do as one wishes.

Mom Continues:  You and Arjun have invaded our privacy and have hurt us by getting intimate with each other. I may not be the ‘Mom of the Year’, but I’m still your Mom, and I care about you both. Now Priya, do you have something to say?

Me: I’m sorry, Mom! I really am. This will never happen again. I will not have intimacy with Arjun anymore.

I started crying, and Mom hugged me. I pushed her away and said, “Mom, Please! You know how I already feel about you. So please, let’s keep some distance.”

Mom: Now you make me feel like I’m the bad person, Priya. It’s OK. You can feel however you want, but don’t allow your feelings to translate into action. As you have in the video, I have fantasized about both of you, too. But you are my children I would never do anything like that in real life.

Me: Mom, can I talk to you about my Fantasies sometimes?

Mom: Of course, honey, I’d love that.

Me: Even if they are dirty?

Mom: Absolutely, dear.

Me: You know, Mom. Moments ago, while you were making the juice, I imagined licking your sweat and sniffing your armpits and then licking them.

Mom: You are definitely my daughter! I have a sweat fetish, too. I think there’s no harm with a little sniff. Would you like to do that to your mommy now?

I did not even respond to that question. I raised her arm, took a deep sniff, and started licking her armpits hysterically. Mom was moaning, and I licked every area from neck to shoulders and mustered the courage to wrap my hands around her breasts.

Mom: Priya!No! Please, this is not what we agreed.

Mom enjoyed it, and I was going crazy. I lifted her sports tee, pressed my boobs on her back, and squeezed her breast.

Me: Mom, Can I lay on your lap and suck your nipples?

Mom: Well, you are my daughter. After all, this is the first source of food for my little angel, so why not?

Mom sat on the couch. I was on her lap, thinking what a whore my mother was. She just gave me a big lecture on fantasy and reality, and here she was with her stiff boobs waiting for my mouth to wrap them. We were in this position for a few minutes, and then Mom pushed me away.

Mom: Priya, sorry I had a moment of weakness. We can’t do this.

Me: But Mom….

Mom: If you are a good girl, I’ll treat you with a better gift.

Me: Will you allow me to lick your pussy?

Mom: Priya, enough! That’s not what I meant.

Me: Then what, Mom? I don’t think else will classify as a gift to me.

Mom: How about I give you live access to the camera when your Dad and I are doing it?

Me: Mom? That would be awesome. Can Arjun and I see that together?

Mom: OK, but I don’t want Arjun to find out about today. You make up whatever story you want if he asks how you got access to the link.

Me: Deal, But Mom, where is Arjun? I have not seen him for a couple of days.

Mom: He should be here any moment. He called me last night and said he will stay at Paul’s house. But Priya, you have to tell me everything. How did you get Arjun involved in all this?

Me: Here it is again! Mom, why do you think I’m the one who started it? You always do this. Your Arjun is not a pure, good, innocent boy.

I then narrated the entire story to Mom and included the adventures afternoon with Simran and Anju.

Mom: I can’t believe this, Girl! Did Arjun really do all that dirty stuff? Did he enjoy it? Are you sure he said “Mom” instead of Mam while you made him his slave?

Me: Yes Mom! He even confessed that he thinks about you and me when he is jerking off.

Mom: Priya, this is making me excited. Wow, what a week you had. First Arjun and his liking towards Dirty sex, then Anju and Simran together!? And I could have never guessed Anju to be so horny.

A few hours later, Mom went out for some work. I was all alone. My pussy was itching after a week’s break. I had enough content in my head to satisfy the rest of the day.

[email protected]. To be Continued.