Tales of Two Sisters – Part 1

Hi Guys. This is a real story from a long time, and I would love to share it here. I am a normal guy(25) living in Bangalore with a huge interest in women. Always mesmerized by their intricate curves and bulging boobs inviting us to bite them and suck them whole at once.

I wrote the story in detail. Girls, trust me, you will love it. It would seem like a love story, but trust me. It is wild. You won’t believe this.

Coming to the story, from childhood, my family and I used to live in a friendly colony. Many neighbours always would keep an eye on each other. I used to play with my neighbouring kids as usual.

There was a house beside mine where two sisters, Sharon and Saritha, lived. Names were given according to their personality. Sharon was a wild one, and Saritha was a homely girl. We were 8 kids in our colony in the same age group. We were 5 boys and 3 girls.

As time passed, we became best friends, and life went smoothly.  I used to be close to Saritha, helping and studying with her. As we were in the same class, it added up. But, as typical Indian children, my gang started seeing us as a couple. They constantly used to taunt us using the words gf, terewali, etc.

Sometimes I did notice a smile on her face, just a little one, but it was there. I used to mind my work as it looked normal, nothing unusual. Till our junior college, it went like this. I never thought of her in a bad way, but still, we were beside each other all the time.

By reaching junior college, I had summoned knowledge of porn. I used to look at it whenever I got some time and master-bated. By this time, we all used to go to the same tuition in the colony. One day one of my gang mates came to me and sat by me in the tuition.

They asked me if I had any intentions on Saritha. Casually, I said no, I have a crush on this other girl, “xxx”, in our tuition [one of the friends of Saritha]. So, he said he was happy and asked me if I had any problems if he dated Saritha. I sent him off with my full blessings.

One day, Saritha and I were sitting in her home, doing homework and stuff. Suddenly, she says.

Saritha: Do you know that Guru was hitting on me? He said he wanted to go on a date with me.

She said, laughing.

Me: Yeah, he asked me if I had any problem beforehand. Why would I have a problem? I gave him some courage and sent him to you. So, what did you say?

Saritha: Nothing. Just thought you had to know. [her laughing turned into a smile by now].

Me: I know I should not have hidden it from you. But I thought he would be a nice partner for you. Anyway, I have my eyes on another girl anyway.

Saritha: Hmmm, who is it?

Me: That girl only da. “xxx”.

Her eyes grew wider (she was angry with me).

Saritha: Are you joking?

Me: No, da, I thought you would help me once I establish communication with her.

Saritha: Ok, anything you ask for, I will do.

This went like this. Nothing changed. I went to college with my gang of 8 in the same group. We completed junior college, and it was the holidays. I never noticed Saritha with anyone or dared to ask “xxx” out. She was out of our lives just like that.

I just wanted to make sure she was ok but never did. We grew apart slowly. I started concentrating on BDSM. Pain with Pleasure and showing a girl her sex place. I grew dominant.

Saritha was still the same girl. Shy, blushing, but developed perfect body (28 -24 -26). Her boobs were perfect. Little did I notice that time.

Just 10 days before my college re-opens, our gang went to a restaurant and had a blast. We ate food, chatted, and told stories. They teased me with Saritha’s name as we sat side by side. So I said

Me: Hey Guys, did you know our Guru has a crush on Saritha? Please stop relating me to her. Guru will get hurt. What Guru?

Guru: What? Are you joking? When I asked her out, she said she was in love with you. She could never imagine anyone else but you as her husband.

I was shocked. I looked at Saritha. She was embarrassed. Suddenly, she put her head down, lips shut, and shivered a little. It was pin-drop silence in our booth. Sharon (Sarita’s sister) shook her and asked.

Sharon: Is this true? Do you love him?

Saritha was silent. She did not say a word. She was always like this. She couldn’t face anything and just shut down. I know this. I was with her my entire childhood. So, I just stood up and said, “Let’s go, Sari. I’ll leave you home.” Her sister said, “No, we will go together.”

I said, “No worries, you guys complete the party and come home. She just needs some peace.” Sharon completely trusts me. I paid our share, and we were out of the restaurant.

While walking back home, it was completely silent. I know I have become a Hardcore sex lover. But she was like a flower, a small girl with a beautiful smile. I gathered some courage and asked her.

Me: Hey, how are you feeling?

Saritha: ——————

Me: Saari, it’s ok. I get it. We were friends from the beginning, and it’s common to get feelings like this….

She started crying by this point. I stopped, took her in my arms, and tried to console her. We were close to our home, and I was worried someone would notice us. But she did not care. She tucked her head into my chest by the roadside and said nothing. She just cried for 2-3 minutes, and finally, she said

Saritha: It’s not that I am ashamed or anything. (still sobbing) I loved you, and I still love you. But when you told me you wanted her instead, I thought I was not good enough for you. But that’s ok. I thought you would at least love me once you understood how much I love you.

Saritha: I went to the gym, maintained my diet, and did everything I could so that someday you would come to me on your own. Not because someone mistakenly told my feelings out loud.

I was shocked listening to all this from a sweet, innocent girl. She would feel happy upon just offering a cone of ice cream. I gathered my thoughts and said.

Me: Do you love me? You know nothing about me. I am still your friend, but all this. I have to sit and re-think what happened.

Saritha: No worries, I am ok as long as you are happy. Don’t think about all this. Anyway, within a year, we will continue in engineering. So, never mind. And she walked home from there.

I took the cigarette and started smoking. While all the thoughts ran through my mind, the main one was, here is a beautiful girl who loves me and listens to what I say. Then it hit me how lucky I am and how blind I was all these years, not noticing it beforehand.

A plan started to take shape in my mind. I want sex. She will do anything for me. Here is my answer. Still, I felt bad about thinking all this about my best friend. I went home and took a shower, wet to bed after masturbating, looking at Saritha’s recent pictures.

The next Friday, I went to Saritha’s house and asked Aunt where she was. She directed me to her room. She was sitting there looking at her phone. She seems to have just finished her Pooja (prayer). She was in a red-black saree, facing opposite me.

From behind, her saree was slow dancing with the wind showing her navel occasionally. Her back was smooth like a snow stream in winter. I slowly walked towards her. In the meantime, her mom shouted, “Saritha, your friend is here. Where are you?”

She stopped what she was doing and turned around with a slight innocence on her face. God, I loved that face. I want to wipe off all that innocence and make her mine. I stopped thinking. I walked towards her. She was still sitting and looking at me, wondering why my face was looking at her slightly differently.

I know she will not say a word about whatever I do. I went near her and grabbed her hand, and pulled. She jumped from the bed and stood. I slowly pushed her to the wall, walking with her facing each other. Once she was pinned to the wall, she could go nowhere.

But I did not stop. I went near her and kissed on her lips. It was magical, more magical than rainfall in summer. I started slowly kissing her, but she did not respond. Just in 10 seconds, she pushed me away. I said, “What? What happened?”

She silently walked towards the door, closed and locked it. I am in full form. Nothing is stopping me now, I thought. I ran to her and smooched again on her lips. This time she was uncontrollable. Her breathing increased. She was kissing back like there was no tomorrow.

I inserted my tongue, and she closed her eyes and let me do whatever I wanted with her. Slowly I took one of my hands and put it on her forehead. From there, I guided my hand slowly down. I could feel the breath increase. By the time I reached her neck, she was completely lost.

Her eyes were looking up, slightly open. I started to open my mouth and put a little teeth on her skin. She jumped a little. I held her to the wall and slid my hand on her saree. When I reached her bobs, she was completely in a submission pose.

I squeezed them, and she responded by moaning slightly. That’s all I needed. I lifted her catching her hips, while still sucking each other faces off. We made out for almost 15-20 minutes. I took her to the bed in the same pose and slowly put her on the bed.

We stopped kissing. I looked at her from top to bottom, thinking how stupid I was to waste all this time. She was directly looking at me, wanting more. I did not want to waste the opportunity. I started from the bottom. I kissed her feet, ankles, knees, and thighs.

I paused for a minute, teasing her, asking if this ok. She replies, saying, “This is all yours. You want to take it. No one will ask you any questions.” I was happy hearing this and dug deep into her pussy, licking all the juices. God, she was wet. It still boosted me.

I made circles with my hands on her pussy, kissed it, sucked it, tongue fucked her, and drank her cum. She did cum twice, and not a single drop was wasted. She was lying on the bed, hands by her side, breathing deeply. With every breath, her chest rose and fell.

It was a beauty to withhold. I could not hold it much longer. I removed her sorry pallu and kissed her chest with her blouse still on. She was again getting into the mood. Every touch was passing shivers through our bodies.

Me: Now, come and kneel here. (I said authoritatively).

She, very politely, did what I said. I was in no mood to go slow now. I caught her by her hair and started exploring her mouth. She was gagging perfectly, yet not taking the cock out of her mouth. She tries to take the whole cock on the 1st time. But her reflexes kicked in, and her gagging was heaven.

I put her hands behind her back and asked her to suck my cock. I looked down at her in that pose, sucking on my cock with passion. I removed her jacket and petcock while she was sucking. She is now in a bra and panty on her knees with my cock completely in her mouth.

I could not control it any longer. I caught her head by her hair and gave long, Hard strokes in her mouth for about 5 minutes. I exploded with so much cum in her mouth. It was dripping from her mouth to her boobs, into her bra, and sliding to her pussy.

I got back to my senses, but the sight was too good. I bent down, caught her by the neck, pulled her towards me, and said. “If you waste a single drop of cum, you will never have my dick again. She was stunned, but she stood up, drank all the cum in her mouth, showed me for proof, and with her fingers.

She swept off the cum on her body and drank it to the last drop. I was almost satisfied, but not completely. My dick was still hard. She noticed this and started stroking my cock again slowly. I went behind her and kissed her ears and neck while removing her bra.

WOW, guys, trust me, you should see these boobs. These are the most beautiful, stiff, and white, like milk. I wasted no time. I started squeezing them from behind, pinching them while biting her neck. With my other hand, I started to finger her again. In no time, she was in full swing again.

My dick was still oozing with some cum. So, she bent down and took it again in her mouth and cleaned it, wiping off the cum with her mouth. I put her on the bed completely naked and occupied her bit by bit. We were looking at each other while I put my dick near the pussy entrance.

In one go, I pierced her pussy with my dick completely. She closed her eyes and shooked her body with pain. When I stopped and looked at her, tears rolled down her cheeks. I was sure she had saved herself for me. Slowly I took the dick out and put it all again. This time I hugged her in a missionary position.

She hugged me back tightly. I started to fuck her in her bedroom while her parents and sister were outside. We were exploring each other with our tongues while I was pounding her pussy. With one hand, I put both her hands above her head. With my other hand, I was squeezing her boobs and pinching them.

While my dick was fucking her mercilessly. I was about to explode. But I was sure there was no need to ask her where I should cum. This thought made me even more excited, and I started giving her deeper strokes while she was crying and holding her voice back.

Her boobs shake while I fuck. Her body moved accordingly. Me kissing her. All this I felt once, and I exploded into her womb with running emotions. We slept there for a few minutes, and I looked at her. She was happy. So much happy. She giggled, put her head on my chest, and asked, “Do you love me?”

Me: I…know it will be hard, but I had to be truthful. I like your body. As far as love goes, I am still in junior college. I need to enjoy other girls and see the world. I cannot be tied down. Hope you understand.

She was so understanding.

Saritha: So, you want to have sex with other girls too? No problem, I guess (she said, not looking at me). You should do what you want. So, your wish. But please don’t leave me. I will be beside you. You can have sex with anyone. I will be there to do whatever you say.

I got a little angry upon listening to her constant revilement around this relationship. So, I said, “I am not a good guy Saari. I was planning to fuck your sister, not you. Now tell me, how can I have feelings for her and…

Saritha: You can have her. [I was shocked] You can have anyone. I will help you, stay beside you, and after all your fantasy. If I am still with you, will you marry me?

I don’t know what to say. On the one hand, I have everything a man could hope for. On the other there is nothing. But if I am too quick, it might seem like I am using her. I had to be precise. So, I told her to let’s think about this, and we will discuss it later. First, put on the clothes.

We had lunch together in her home, and I returned with a happy face and a full tummy.

Any girl who likes this story and wants to have fun,  I am accepting messages now at [email protected]. I live in Bangalore.