Taking Advantage Of Young, Vulnerable Sister – Part 2

Akash’s and Rhea’s parents were off to the UK for a work trip. Akash hadn’t realized that they had left with their bags in the morning. He enquired how long the trip would last. A few minutes later a reply came, “Son, we will be gone for a month.”

Akash was in shock. He had just received news that would change his and his sister Rhea’s life forever. He knew that there was no time to waste. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes and walked over to the balcony.

His balcony was directly opposite his sister’s room. He sat down and lit his smoke as he looked into her room. She sat on the bed, nervous and shivering. He knew she was getting desperate. So he grabbed his phone and sent Rhea a message.

Message: We need to talk. I need you to have a clear head. Go take a shower and come meet me in my room.

Akash hit send and watched from his seat, still smoking his cigarette. Rhea jumped at her phone as soon as the notification sounded. She read the message and frantically got up and headed to close her room curtains. Then she noticed Akash looking at her from his balcony. She quickly closed the curtain and turned around. Then her phone pinged again. It was a message from her brother Akash.

Message: Keep the curtains open, I don’t trust you yet.

Rhea thought for a second. It was a strange request.

Then she replied to the message: Bhaiya, I need to change. I can’t leave the curtains open.

Akash was prepared for this. He responded –

Akash: Don’t test me.

Rhea walked back to the window and opened its blinds. She stood as far away from the window as possible and began to undress. She couldn’t see Akash from that angle and she felt safe. But her beautiful body was on display in the mirror.

Akash sat back as he smoked and watch his sister strip. He saw her beautiful tight body. Her ample breasts, with soft pink nipples. Her round curvy pear shaped ass, and her bob-cut hair sitting just above her shoulders. She took care of her pussy, clean and shaved. Not a strand of hair on her body.

Akash was ready, the last bit of brotherly feelings had left his mind, Rhea, his younger sister was going to be his toy. The decision was made.

Rhea walked in to take a shower. Akash snapped back to reality. He walked over to the hall and sat down on the big sofa and waited. He didn’t have to wait long, his eager sister came into the hall 10 minutes later. She was dressed in a shorts and crop top, her regular attire.

Then she walked over to Akash and sat in the chair on the opposite side of the hall.

Akash took a deep breath and began –

Akash: Mom and dad are gone for a month. They have a work trip and have already reached the airport.

Akash continued: They have left me in charge. I have not mentioned anything to them yet, what happens next will depend on how you respond to my questions. Do you understand?

Rhea nodded: Yes, bhaiya.

Then Akash began his interrogation.

Akash: Who gives you your stash?

Rhea: Bhaiya, it depends, I get it from wherever I can.

Akash: How do you pay for it?

Rhea: Bhaiya, I can’t explain that.

Just then Akash reached for his phone. Rhea quickly realized not answering was not an option.

Rhea: Bhaiya, Bhaiya.. It depends. Sometimes, my boyfriend would buy it for me. Other times, I go to the peddler’s house and do what he wants for a few hours willingly.

Akash: Rhea, tell me what he asks you to do.

She exclaimed: Bhaiya, I do sexual things.

Akash: What things? I won’t ask again, Rhea. Tell me everything.

Rhea continued: Whenever my boyfriend doesn’t have money, I go to his house so that I can get stuff for the both of us. Usually when I go to his apartment, Victor, he’s the peddler, will be alone. Sometimes, he will have some friends over. (Rhea took a deep breath) Bhaiya, do you really want to know the details?

Akash nodded: Yes.

Rhea continued: He makes me wear a black thong and bra and only a coat above. As soon as I enter the house, regardless of who is there, he makes me take off the coat and get on my knees and crawl toward him.

Akash again asked: Rhea, tell me every single thing you’ve done.

Rhea continued: When he is alone, he makes me crawl to him and bark. He usually sits down to watch something and smoke stuff and I would crawl to the sofa and suck his cock. I always push my head down all the way. I usually suck his cock for a long time. He never cuts from it. When he gets bored, he tells me to go get ready. Then I would crawl to the bathroom.

Akash had no idea his sister was such a whore, selling her body. He knew everything he wanted just got a lot easier.

Then he asked: What about when there are other people?

Rhea replies: Bhaiya, sometimes it’s only 2 people sometimes there’s 5, even 7. But he gives me a lot of stuff when there are more people, so I never say no. They do all kinds of things with me. They get me high and pass me around like a toy.

Rhea: I would suck them all off and lick their cum off the floor. Sometimes, they put it in all my holes, my ass, my mouth, my pussy and they just do whatever they want. One time these guys kept me for the whole night.

Rhea: Do you remember that day in October, when I didn’t come home and I told you I was with Kriti? Actually, I was at Victor’s place at that time. There were 7 guys and they enjoyed me all night bhaiya. And I willingly let them do whatever they wanted with me.

Rhea: I had two cocks in my ass, one in my pussy, one in my mouth, and one cock in each hand. It feels nice also.

Akash had heard enough of Rhea. Then he asked –

Akadh: Is this what you will do for these substances?

Rhea responded: I don’t have a choice, bhaiya. I need it. My boyfriend will also leave me otherwise.

Akash responded to Rhea: From today, you are not allowed to leave home. I’ll make sure your boyfriend never bothers you again. And you won’t have to go searching for these substances. I’ll make sure you get it and I will help you slowly get off them.

Rhea jumped with joy: Thank you so much, bhaiya! This is unbelievable. I’m so happy.

Akash interrupted: But you are going to have to earn it.


Stay tuned for Part 3. We’re just getting started, folks!