Submitting to my Nephew – Part 1 (The Submission)

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I am Sarah, and this is a story of how I submitted myself to my distant 20-year-old nephew, Alan.

Alan was my third cousin’s son. He lived with his family on the upper side of the city, around six hours away from my house in the suburbs. I was only close to his father, Paul. Paul often visited me and helped me with many things.

I am a 36-year-old, single, working woman with a lot of submissive traits. I always had a high sex drive since I was young. It led me to lose my virginity at 19 to my History Professor. He was no less than 40 years old. I did that to get some good grades, and it paid dividends.

I used the same trick discretely throughout my college life, and I was always in the top 5 students throughout my academia. This trick was also handy when it came to my corporate job. It is the very reason I climbed to the top of the corporate food chain and retired at the early age of 35.

I earned more than sufficient to spend the next 20 years in peace. The investments I made with my hard-earned money would ensure I never fall short, even if I manage to survive after 60 years.

So, coming back to the story. Alan just graduated from high school and managed to get into an Ivy League college near my house. The distance was too much, and the hostel fees were even higher. So Paul asked whether Alan could live with me during his tenure at college.

I lived alone in my 5 BHK penthouse, so I immediately agreed. I would love some company at my place.

Initially, I never had any sexual feelings for Alan, as my sex life was going great. But after he moved into my house, my nightouts reduced gradually, and my sex life started to take a hit. I was too shy to bring guys to my home, knowing that my nephew would hear me moan from the next room.

Alan felt comfortable immediately once he settled in my house and we Aunt-Nephew duo enjoyed our time together. Quickly enough, 3 months went by.

One day, I was doing some household chores. I noticed Alan’s room door a bit ajar and I sensed something going on in there. I peeked in to see my nephew’s room. I noticed him on his bed, naked. He was massaging his 8.5-inch tool in his left hand.

He was scrolling through a video on his laptop that was lying on his right. My attention moved towards the laptop screen. It was a video of BDSM porn. The woman in the video was wearing a collar around her neck that had a leash to it. Her Master was dragging her around like a bitch.

I noticed Alan’s dick getting stiffer and stiffer as the movie progressed. Now, I could hear him murmur something. “Sarah, my slut, submit to your nephew Master and I will take good care of you,” saying this, he increased the speed of his dick. He started getting close to the explosion.

“Oh, Sarah, my bitch, suck your Master’s dick,” he moaned.

Looking at all this for the last 20 minutes, I started getting wet between my legs. My nightdress made it easier for me to access my pussy as it ended just above my thighs. Unconsciously I started rubbing my pussy, looking at my nephew’s dick.

For some reason, my filthy mind wanted this to happen. My mind wanted me to submit to my nephew and be his whore. I imagined all of it in my kinky mind and rubbed my cunt faster. Within the next 5 minutes, I could see a stream of cum shooting out of my nephew’s dick as it landed on his stomach.

Looking at this, my pussy gave up. I had one of the best orgasms of my entire life. It was so satisfying that I lost count of the time that I took to recover myself. I stood at the door of my nephew with my hand between my legs.

After recovering, when I opened my eyes, my nephew was not on his bed. I looked around in his room but he was nowhere to be found. Just when I thought he must’ve gone to clean himself, Alan whispered something in my left ear from behind. It almost took my soul out of my body.

“Liked what you just saw, Aunt?” He whispered like a devil in my ear

I was completely surprised, standing there with hands still between my naked pussy, covered completely in my sex juice. I turned back and saw Alan standing so close to me that one small lean onto him and our lips would’ve been on top of each other. I was so scared that I was shaking in fear.

Alan knew that this was the moment to show his authority over me. What he did next was something I never imagined in my wildest of dreams. Alan came one step closer to me as I went one step back. He grabbed my neck with his neck. My hand was now nowhere close between my legs.

As I stepped back, my back hit the wall as I realised there was nowhere to go now. Alan came close to me. As he tightened his grip on my neck, he placed his lips over mine, and I melted right over there. As soon as he started kissing me, I kissed him back almost instinctively. He kept his grip tight on my neck.

After a few minutes of kissing, he pulled back, and that’s when I realised he was naked. His monster was now completely awake and poking me between my legs.

“I always wanted to do that since the day I moved in here,” he said in a very dominating tone.

I looked up in his eyes, and as soon as I did that, he slapped me right across my face. The force of his slap was so strong that I fell on the floor.

“How dare you look into your Master’s eyes, bitch?” He barked loudly.

The fact that I just got slapped down by my nephew, who was 16 years younger than me, made me feel humiliated yet horny at the same time. The next words that came out of my mouth surprised both me and Alan.

“I’m sorry, Master, please forgive this whore,” I said in a submissive tone. I looked straight to avoid eye contact. His huge dick was right in front of my eyes now. It looked so delicious. It still had traces of his cum over it, as Alan must not have cleaned it in a hurry.

“I forgive you this time, slut, but you will face severe consequences next time,” he said, cupping my chin, “You are allowed to look in my eyes only when I tell you to do so, understand?” He asked

“Yes, Master,” I said with a head nod like a slave submitting to its Master.

He moved a step closer to me, and his dick was now hanging right in front of my lips. I composed myself on my knees and stared at my nephew’s juicy dick. It looked so delicious that I wanted to suck it down my throat immediately. It had been months since I had a dick which had made me this horny.

“Do you like your nephew’s dick, Slut?” He asked me as he tightened his grip on my face

“Yes, Master, it looks so inviting,” I exclaimed in excitement

“Don’t you think it is a sin to salivate at your nephew’s dick?” As he said this, he landed one more slap on the same cheek. This time, he showed me some mercy

“Even if it is a sin, I don’t care at this moment. My mind is pretty clear on what I want,” I said like a cocksucking slut.

“And what do you want, whore?”

“I want to become your submissive Slut, Master. Dominate me like the guy dominated that slut in that video you were just watching. Make your whore aunt your cumbucket. Fuck your slut aunt and humiliate her. Stretch her holes to its limit. Do things that your slut wouldn’t have even thought of in her worst nightmares,” I said and submitted myself to my nephew.

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