Stunning Shwetha In Bangalore

Hi everyone, this is a story from my life that happened a few years ago. It was a time when I had just passed out of college and I had a job that most people would envy me for. This brought with it a financial freedom that made me more confident than ever before. Now to a quick discription of me. Im an average looking guy, surely not model material but not ugly. This is an incident that happened with a girl called Shwetha.

One morning I was taking my bike of my home which I lived in along with my parents in JP Nagar, when I saw a family move in to our neighbours house. It was a routine day and I was kick starting my bike on that early winter morning when I heard a sweet voice say “excuse me”. I turned around to see this girl, very cute average height and perfectly shaped body. I said “Hi”. She said she wanted help to open a lock that was a little jammed. I was getting late but I couldnt resist continuing the conversation with this girl and I agreed to help her. It was her and her mom moving in and I helped them unlock. On the way to the office I thought about how I can get closer to this girl.

That evening, I dropped in to their house and asked them whether they need anything to help setup. I started to talk to Shwetha and her mom. It turned out she was in her final year of college. She was very keen on understanding the placement process and how she could land a job like mine. I told her I would be happy to help.

Weeks went by and we used to have conversations in the evening across the compund that separated our houses. One saturday when I was home she came over and said asked me whether I could go over to her place to help her out with some placement stuff. I gladly went and at that point I had no idea what was in store for me.

I stepped into her house and the first thing I noticed that her mother was not home and I asked here where she is. Her response was that she was away at Mysore and wouldnt return until Sunday evening. She started talking about the placements and barely 5 mins later started talking about her personal life. Her dad had passed away when she was 12 and life had been difficult for her family since then. Her mother had been like a rock holding their life together. At this point she got very emotional and started to cry. I patter her head not know whether it would be appropriate to hold her and console her. As soon I patted her head she embraced me. She was now back to her normal self after a while and then started asking me questions whether I had a girlfriend and my personal life. I was single then and told her so. She said that she was single too ! I asked her how she managed to be single with an attractive face like that and a body like a godess ?

She was a little taken aback at my blunt expression. I think that turned her on a little. She then asked me whether I think she is “hot” ? I replied in a second that I did. I noticed at this point she was trying to touch me, hit me, rub against my shoulders, keep her head on my shoulders when listening to music. I thought these were enough signs from here that she wanted to get physical.

When she had her head on my shoulders I put my arms around her and my hands were very close to her breasts. I could peep into her deep neck shirt to see that milky white cleavage. I kissed her on the forehead. She reached out to me and then we had a long and sensual kiss. Our tongues reaching far into each others mouths. My tool was rock hard already. We continued kissing while I reached out to undo her hair and run my fingers in them. I then unlocked our mouths and started to unbutton her shirt. I asked her whether it was ok ? Got no response. I assumed it was a yes. I took off that blue checkered shirt and started to lick her all over. Now she is really in her elements, moaning softly. I got rid of my t-shirt as well. I was now rubbing her body with my hands and with every rub she went crazy. Now I undid her white bra from the sides and sucked on her nipples hard, mikly white breasts and pink nipples.

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