Son’s desire to sleep with mother’s sister – Part 1

Hi, Ram again with another story! This is about how I made my mom plan to make me sleep with her younger sister while sleeping with her.

Once in my room, I was reading an incest story on my system with my mom’s sister’s picture, suddenly a call came. I went out without closing the PC. When I returned home, I noticed my system was off and the room was cleaned. I realized my mom was there earlier!

Thinking I shut down the system, I went downstairs and asked my mom to make me tea. After a few minutes, she handed it to me and went to attend to my father. As soon as my father’s car left, she came to me and asked, “What the hell were you doing on your PC?” Then it flashed, I hadn’t shut down the computer. I was embarrassed and was about to leave. She pulled me back and said, “Answer me first!”

Me: Mom, I was reading a dirty story!

Mom: You are not just reading them, you also have mom-son porn videos.

I was a bit taken back, and was mad that she went through my personal stuff. Realizing that she didn’t rat me out to my father, I thought of explaining it to her and said, “Mom, it is not what you think. I just read them to relieve stress.”

She seemed to understand and said, “What about the videos?”

Me: They are also part of stress relief, but they are definitely not about you and me. It is just a fantasy.

My mom was relieved to hear that and said, “It is about you and Pinni. You fantasize about my sister.”

She figured it out from the picture. Since I cannot deny it, I nodded saying yes!

There was a moment of silence. Noticing that I was ashamed of the revelation, she said, “For how long have you been fantasizing about your aunty?”

Me: Since puberty.

She was taken back and said, “You know it can never happen! Also, she is older now than in the picture.”

Me: I know, but this thing never goes away. God knows how many things I have tried to get rid of this feeling. But whenever I see her smile, all the bottled up feelings come back. And all I think of is ways to pin her down and relieve myself in her.

My mom genuinely believed me, hugged me and said, “Don’t worry son, we will get through this.”

I hugged her back and felt an erection. I quickly pulled myself back and went to my room feeling ashamed!

It was night and my mom called for dinner. I went downstairs and pretended nothing had happened! She informed me my father will be late and she wants to talk to me after dinner. I agreed!

It was 9 and I turned on the TV. My mom came after a few minutes and said, “I researched on how to get you the help, some suggested therapy if it is in early stages and others suggested having sex with an older woman with the same physical features. I noticed from your bills and medical files, you already tried therapy. Then you are left with option 2.”

Me: Do you think I was lying when I told you that I tried everything?

Mom: No, but..I don’t know what to make out of it.. I was just not sure..

Me: Anyways mom, I don’t care what you think of me or trust me. By the way, I didn’t try option 2 because I am not interested in sleeping with random people..

Saying this, I went to my room and closed the door. I felt sad that my mom didn’t trust me even though I told everything.

The next morning, I packed my bag and thought of going on a long bike ride to get some space. As soon as I came down, my father noticed my bag and said, “Where are you going?”

Me: I am planning to go on a long ride.

Dad: Is it important?

I cannot say why I was going on a trip all of sudden. It would open another can of worms and I said, “Nothing important. Just like that.”

Dad: Okay then! I am going on a business trip. I want you to stay at the house and take care of things here and the office. As soon as I get back, you can go enjoy the trip. Is that okay with you?

Half heartedly, I said, “Okay.”

After an hour, my father got ready and left for the airport. I went into my room and laid down thinking about the awkward conversations I needed to have with my mother.

After a few minutes, my mom knocked on the door and came in. I woke up and looked at her. She said, “Ram, sorry for not trusting you. I promise I will never do that again.”

Me: It is okay mom. I think I have overreacted too.

She smiled and said, “There is a way, we can try option 2 if you are open to it.”

I was a bit annoyed as she was not leaving the topic alone. I said, “If it makes you happy, then we will try it. What do you suggest?”

Mom looked worried and murmured.

Me: Mom, I didn’t hear you..

Mom: Dry humping!!

We kept silent for a while and I said, “Mom, are you sure about it?”

Mom: I am not sure about anything, but I want to help you however I can so that you can get over my sister and move on with your life..

I sighed and said, “Mom, if the feelings do not go, we are both scarred for life. Do you know that?”

She was taken back and said, “If the feelings don’t go, then it’s okay. I will think of a way where you have her until you are bored of her. Let’s try this first. Thrust me this is not going to scar us because you are going to love your mother and relive it thinking of my sister while I blind my eyes and believe you are my little one playing with me.

She convinced me and I said, “Mom, when do you want to try it?”

She looked at the watch and said, “How about tonight after dinner?”

I agreed and went to the office.

When I finished work at the office, it was 8 pm and started my journey to the house. I arrived at 8:30 pm. My mom opened the door and was wearing a saree. She was anxious.

I went to my room, freshened up and came downstairs. My mom was talking to my dad over the phone. As soon as she saw me, she cut the call short and asked how my day was. I said it was nice. She smiled and said, “Have your dinner! I will lock the house.” I said, “Okay.”

I finished dinner in 15 minutes and went to the TV. My mom came back and said, “Son, are you okay with it?”

I said, “I am okay. If you are not, then we can stop now.”

She smiled and said, “Wait in your room. I will be there.”

I turned off the TV and waited in my room. After 15 minutes or so, she came in a saree along with a sleeping mask. She took a deep breath and said, “Remember, dry humping only.” I nodded saying yes.

She removed the safety pin that was clipping the saree to the blouse. She laid on the bed and removed the pallu, allowing me to see the blouse and wore the sleeping mask. She adjusted herself and pulled the saree up along with the petticoat until the knees. I could clearly see her clean shaven fair legs. She stopped and laid her arms to the sides.

I was not sure on how to proceed. So, I pulled her saree along with the petticoat further until her black panty was in sight. My mom was motionless signaling that she was okay with it. Then I touched mom’s panty for which she said no. I was a bit disappointed, but not lost hope. So, I asked my mom to remove her blouse.

She resisted saying we agreed only to dry humping to which I said, “Mom, I am asking you because I want to feel the love you gave me as a child one more time. So, I can relive and feel it. Also, it shows me how much I mean to you.”

Hearing it without any second thought, she removed her blouse and bra, which revealed her breasts. I quickly took and threw them away. Realizing what happened, she covered her breasts with her palms.

I pulled the saree off of her. Next, I pulled the petticoat while leaving her with only panties. She didn’t say a word since the panties are still on. Now, I made myself naked and hopped on top of her. She felt the heat of my naked body,

I started kissing on her cheeks and slowly, I started licking her. This made her uncomfortable, but didn’t say a word. I squeezed both the cheeks and she opened her mouth. I kissed the lips and inserted my tongue in her. She quickly took her hands off her breasts and tried to stop me. Before she could do that, I locked her palms with mine and started kissing her ferociously. I did that for 10 minutes until she stopped resisting and started accepting.

I pulled myself back and removed my grip on her palms to see whether she was okay. Then I kissed again and this time, she caressed me and started kissing me back! Again, I pulled back and locked her palms with mine and tied her hands over her head with the saree that was lying around. Now, I could see my mom’s hairy armpits. I went close to them, started poking them with my nose. She seemed to make her feel aroused, so I took my tongue and started licking them. This made her body hot. I stopped and looked at my mom’s face and she bit her lip.

Now I kissed her neck and came down to the breasts. I noticed that my mom’s nipples were stiff as she was around. I started licking them and my mom said, “Son, please get on with the humping. I cannot take this anymore.”

Then I said, “Mom, this is helping me. Please bear with me for sometime.” She sighed.

I continued the same with the other breast, but this time, I started sucking too. At the same time, my dick started rubbing her against the vagina. This made my mom’s panties wet and she realized that her body was not under her control anymore. Realizing what was going to happen next, I stopped.

I put on my pants and untied her. She took the mask off and looked at me and said, “You didn’t hump.”

I said, “No.”

She sighed and gave her back her clothes, but she threw them away. Then she removed her panty and said, “Son, let’s mate and show me how much I mean to you like I showed you.”

Hearing this, without any second thought, I pushed her onto the bed. My mother spread her legs, exposing her hairy vagina and for me to enter. She was expecting my dick, but I gave her my tongue and fingers. I started pulling and licking her vagina while fingering her clitoris. This made her drive crazy. She started pulling me out, but I didn’t stop until I had my mom’s juice.

Once she orgasmed, I inserted my dick inside her and started fucking her while seeing her face making sure that she knows that she was being fucked by her own son. This continued for another 15 minutes and finally I cummed inside my mom.

Later we both hugged and slept. I woke up at 7 and my mom had already left. I had my bath and went downstairs. She greeted me with a smile and asked me to stay so we could talk. I agreed.

Once the maid left, my mom came to me and asked how I was feeling. I said, “Great!” and she said, “Me too. By the way, my younger sister is coming to you.”


This is part 1 of the story. If you guys like it, I would like to continue with part 2. Please send your views to [email protected]

Thank you.